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"It's In His Kiss"

by Stoneygem

Chapter I: Girl's Talk

"I can't believe it. How can two intelligent people be so dense?" Helena Hooch screeched while pacing. "They could set the school afire with the love that burns in their eyes. How can they not see it?"

"Lena calm down. Your ranting won't change a thing. It will only make us dizzy."

Hooch whipped around. "I can't Poppy. That whole situation drives me up the bloody wall."

A third woman chuckled "Honestly Lena, one could think it's you, who is in love but unable to do anything about it. But Poppy is right – stop pacing. You are making us go mad."

The Flying instructor shot the Astronomy teacher a dark look, which Sinistra merely commented with a raised eyebrow, but sat down nevertheless.

Poppy Pomfrey handed her a jug with pumpkin juice and sat down too. "Lena is right, you know," she told Sinistra, "I can't stand that either. Their behaviour is so ridiculous. They are basically in flames every time they see each other. But when it comes to acting on their attraction, they shy away."

"Shy away? Shy away?" Hooch asked incredulously, "They don't 'shy away'! They deny it! – You know, if I had any say in it, I would lock them into a room together and not let them out until they have confessed their undying love for each other."

The two other witches chuckled. As ridiculous as it Helena's idea sounded, they had to admit Helena's idea had it's merit. Knowing the people involved that would probably be the only way to get those two to admit their feelings.

The three of them looked at each other, silently picturing that scene, and suddenly burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Another voice asked.

Three heads shot around in surprise and embarrassment. Pomfrey was the first to relax again. "Nothing really, Minerva. We were just toying with ideas on what silly pranks the students might come up for this years' Yule ball."

If McGonagall saw through the bold lie, she didn't show, as she sat down and poured herself a glass of pumpkin juice. Taking a swig from the glass she made herself comfortable in the fourth armchair.

For some minutes the room was caught in a somewhat tense silence, then Minerva muttered more to herself "The Yule ball. Everybody gets so worked up about it. Half of the students is in shambles, because they are nervous about asking somebody to go with them."

Serena Sinistra grinned "And they other half is all worked up, because they hope to be asked to go." She sighed "Some things never change." The last words were accompanied by a pointed look towards the Transfigurations teacher.

Pomfrey took up on her hint. "And it's not only the students, who are nervous about the ball. Some of the teachers are too. Hoping to be asked, that is. Aren't they, Minerva?"

McGonagall's head shot up. "What is that supposed to mean?" she asked in a somewhat dangerous tone.

Sinistra took up on the lead "It means that certain members of the staff might hope to be asked on a date by another certain member of the staff."

"More to the point, a certain Transfiguration teacher hopes to asked by a certain headmaster." Helena Hooch finished with a sly grin.

"This is absolutely not true. I do not hope, Albus will ask me." Minerva exploded. "How dare you to imply such a thing. I never thought, he would ask me. We are friends. Just friends."

The others merely grinned broadly.

"And besides, he would never do it. He told me that actually he dislikes such festivities and only schedules them for the students' sake." McGonagall added, somewhat disappointed.

Poppy got up, went over and put a calming hand on her friend's shoulder. "No need to go ballistic on us, Tabby." Minerva flinched slightly at that old nickname. "But it seems, we were right after all. You hope, Professor Dumbledore will ask you to the ball."

The other woman lowered her head in embarrassment and defeat. "Yes," came the barely audible answer, " I wish he would ask. But he won't. Not even as a colleague and friend."

Serena took her hand. "You mean, not even as a friend, much less than as a man interested in you?"

Minerva merely nodded. The other three women shared a look that consisted of rolling their eyes.

Suddenly Minerva was on her feet again and started pacing. "This man is so frustrating. Every time I think I have finally figured him out, he does something that will take me by surprise. Every time I think that yes, there is something between us, he becomes completely distant. And then, when I have convinced myself that there is nothing and will never be anything, he wants me to spend extra-time with him, like having tea or playing chess in his chambers or visiting Hogsmeade. – How am I supposed to know what he wants?"

"Are you in love with him, Minerva?" Poppy asked gently. "Do you love Professor Dumbledore?"

The woman hesitated before answering. Finally, she admitted "Yes, I am. Very much so."

"So what is the problem then?" Helena Hooch piped up.

Minerva grew exasperated "I thought, I just told you Lena. I don't know how he feels. What if he doesn't feel the same? What if he really is not interested? I would destroy our friendship, even make it impossible for us to work together, if I confessed my love for him and he doesn't feel the same." She slumped down in the chair and buried her face in her hands.

Hooch was about to respond, but both, Serena and Poppy, held up a warning hand to stop her.

Minerva sadly whispered. "What shall I do? How could I ever find out?"

So, while the two others laid a comforting hand on Minerva's shoulder, Helena said "Men, who did ever understand them? It would be so much easier, if women were able to read their minds… But then again, that would only add to the confusion."

Despite herself Minerva chuckled along with the others. Then she got up "Sorry ladies, I have another class to teach." At the door of Pomfrey's office she turned around, "Thank you for listening. I really appreciate it." And was gone.          

As soon as she was out of earshot, Poppy turned to the remaining witches with a conspiratory  smile. "I have an idea, what we can do about it. It might be a bit embarrassing for us, but I think it will work."

The other two looked at her curiously. "What is it?"

Pomfrey sat down and motioned the others closer. "Okay, here is what I have in mind…"

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