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ChapterIII: "Outside"

"Albus? What are you doing out here?" Minerva asked.

He shot around, apparently broken out of deep thought. "Oh Minerva? I, oh well I could ask you the same."

She grinned at his stalling "Well, the noise in there became too much for me. And…,"she added slyly, "since everybody is now celebrating the new singing stars of the Wizarding world, I thought I could sneak out to have a little peace."

He nodded "That was quite a performance in there. I never thought those three would pull off such a show." Then he muttered more to himself "At least, I thought they would never do such a thing without you."

Minerva had heard him anyway. "I would never participate in such an idiotic stunt – certainly not in front of all students." Mentally she added: 'And never not without being under the Imperius Curse. I just can't believe they did that.'

After some seconds of silence, she said "Besides, if they had wanted me to participate, they would have been forced to tell me in the first place. And that was the one thing they absolutely did not want."

Dumbledore was surprised. "You are saying that you didn't know of this…this performance?"

She smiled: "Of course not. That would have destroyed their…." Stopping in mid-sentence, Minerva mentally slapped herself. That was just the right thing to do. After being publicly embarrassed by her best friends, she was about to confess the whole thing to Albus.

"Their what?" he naturally questioned, his interest peaked.

Minerva blushed deeply "Their plan," she whispered embarrassedly.

Now, Dumbledore caught up on the full dimension of the show inside. He also had a sneaking suspicion on the content of this plan. Thus, he asked carefully "What was the plan? Or better asked, who is that friend they were talking about?"

She groaned inwardly. Why her? What had she done to deserve that? Who needed enemies if one had such friends. And why – of all people – did Albus have to ask?

His curiosity now burning, Albus prodded her gently "Do you know, who this friend is?"

'It's now or never, Minerva. He'll find out anyway. You can just as well confess and hope for the best.' Her inner voice nudged her. Therefore, she took a deep breath and uttered the one word: "Me."

His eyes widened. "You? They were doing that show for you? They were singing that song as an advice for you?" He couldn't believe his ears. Minerva was in love with someone and didn't know if he loved her back? How could any man be so stupid? How could any man see this beautiful, smart, talented, witty, perfect, wonderful creature and not love her. How could any man not constantly show his love for her, Dumbledore thought incredulously.

Then the full force of her confession hit him. She was in love with somebody. Somebody else. He had lost her. He was such a stupid man, such an idiot. He was attracted to her, but never acted on it. He was in love with her, but had never told her. And now, he had lost her. Correction, his mind told him, he never had had her. And now, she would maybe take her friend's advice and go to that man and she would kiss him and he would kiss her back and they would live happily ever after. That was, at least, how he had dreamt of it, Dumbledore thought bitterly.

Trying to keep the jealousy out of his voice he asked: "And who is the lucky man, you shall kiss to find out, if he loves you?"

Minerva stared at him incredulously. He had no idea. She didn't know, how he could miss the signs when they were as clear as the day. So she did they only thing, she could think of – she kissed him. Long. Hard.

If that didn't give him an idea, nothing would.

Albus was completely shocked, when she suddenly kissed him, but it took only a second, before he gathered his wits and kissed her back with equal passion.

Some time later they broke off their kiss, but only to suck in desperately needed gasps of air.

And kissed again. After a while the couple reluctantly parted. "Do I still need to answer your question?" Minerva asked smiling.

He smiled too. "No, I think I have finally not only received the message, but also understood it." He gently caressed her cheek "But in case you are still in doubt: I love you, Minerva. I love you very much."

Her smile only grew as she answered: "I love you too, Albus."

And they kissed again.

Several feet away, three witches silently high-fived each other. Serena Sinistra muttered "I can't believe, we really had to go that far to bring them together."

Helena Hooch agreed: "Yes, it's unbelievable. The most powerful wizard of modern times and one of most talented witches ever – but too blind to see what is right in front of them." She turned to her companions "You know, I think they owe us one. A big one. What should we take as pay-up?"

Before Serena had the chance to answer, Poppy hushed them: "Quiet you two. We have reached our goal. Let them have their peace – and us the worship of our fans."

The other witches grinned and went back to the cheering crowd inside.  

The End