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The air outside was hot and felt good on Lucy's skin as she left the cold lobby behind her. She pulled her sunglasses down onto her nose as Cana exited and walked with her towards the parking lot.

"So what do you say?" Cana asked, pulling down her own sunglasses. "Are you coming tonight?"

"You do know it's only Wednesday, right?"

"So?" Cana lifted her heavy hair off her neck for a moment before pulling it all behind her shoulders. "Who says it has to be a weekend to blow off some steam with a drink after work?"

"Says the hangover you gave me last week," Lucy said with a grin. "You always get me to drink too much, so I refuse to go on a weekday."

"Aw, come on Lucy," Cana whined. "Even Juvia is going tonight!"

"Only because Gray's band is going to be there tonight."

"She's still coming! Don't be a spoil sport, come join us. Please?" Cana hugged Lucy's arm to her as she continued to beg. Lucy shook her off as they made it to Cana's car.

"I'm not coming, Cana, not tonight. I wanna get more of my article done before tomorrow. You know how Mira gets if you fall behind on a project."

Cana shuddered slightly. "I hope I never have to go through that again. It's no wonder they call her the She-Devil." Cana leaned in to start her car. "And she's so sweet, otherwise."

"You know what they say about the nice ones," Lucy said as she waved.

Cana laughed. "See you tomorrow."

"Later!" Lucy stepped up onto the sideway and started her walk home. She only lived a mile and a half from the magazine's headquarters, so she generally walked to and from work, especially when it was such a nice day. As she weaved through the other people on the sidewalk, she thought about the spread she was putting together for the magazine. Juvia had come in late and been busy with meetings all day, so she'd been unable to talk to her about the pictures she needed. Cana had also been busy with her own article, even working through lunch, so Lucy had been unable to bounce ideas off of her.

As she contemplated the work that still needed to be done, she passed by the fish shop in the middle of the block and turned towards the alley next to it. As usual, the owner hollered at her to be careful walking through the dark space.

She followed the same steps every day: Walk on the right side of the alley to avoid the smelly dumpster behind the fish stop. Skirt the puddle under the broken air conditioner that ran too high. Hop over the crack that was approximately knee height- which she'd learned the hard way. Avoid looking down the left alley as she passed the dirty movie rental place. Hold her breath at the end as she passed over the sewer grate.

As she made it into the sunlight again, she sighed and her shoulders slumped a little. Taking the sketchy back alley used to be the most exciting part of her day. Now, she had the walk down to a science and it was boring. Just like the rest of her life had become.

Lucy loved her job; it was a dream come true being able to write for a fashion magazine, but it had been so long since anything exciting had happened in Magnolia. She worked the same shift five days a week, with occasional overtime if they were in a pinch. After work she either read or wrote at home, made herself some supper and went to bed at a reasonable time. Friday nights, her friends would drag her out to the bar to drink and she'd try to relax between the same random men hitting on her. Saturday she'd sleep in, have breakfast, read for a few hours and then clean up the apartment. Sunday she'd clean up any work she had to have ready for Monday, then do her grocery shopping and laundry.

It was all so boring.

Lucy wondered when her life had become so dull. In college, despite being an honor roll student, she had been so much more wild. She'd thrown parties, initiated drinking contests, gone skinny dipping, been a pro beer pong player, and had so much fun every day. When had she become this reasonable, sensible, quiet, straight laced adult? She hadn't realized before how much she had changed. They still had fun on Fridays, once the men finished hitting on her, but it was planned fun and it just wasn't the same.

She thought about Cana's offer to go drink. Lucy always said no when she asked to go out on a weekday, which she had very good reasons for, but maybe she should try suggesting they go somewhere else. Juvia and Levy had shown interest more than once in doing something with Lucy outside of work, but they never made suggestions except for going to the bar. She knew they both did things with their non-work friends, but perhaps they just didn't know what she would be interested in doing, so they didn't know what kind of plans to make with her. Maybe she needed to be the one to plan something and invite them for a change. Levy would probably be more than happy to go to the bookstore or the library, and she knew Juvia enjoyed going to the park to take pictures, so maybe she could suggest a picnic.

Lucy paused, causing someone behind her to curse as they barely avoided running into her. Really Lucy, that's what you got? A bookstore or a picnic? Lucy groaned out loud as she continued on her way home.

After a quick stop at the bakery on the corner, Lucy entered her apartment, the piece of cheesecake she'd purchased held firmly in her hand. After taking off her shoes and storing her purse, she took her work folder and treat into the kitchen.

Lucy paused next to the window and pet Plue as he rolled over on his perch, blinking sleep from his eyes. He purred as she rubbed his back, her practiced fingers finding just the right spots.

"Hey, Plue," Lucy cooed, running her hands over his white fur. "How was your day?" He purred in response as she rubbed the spot just above his eyes that he liked so much. "Sleeping and eating again, huh? Sounds to me like a perfect day."

She moved away to put her cheesecake in the fridge and walked towards her room. After changing into a pair of sleep shorts and a tank top, she went to her desk, grabbing a blanket for her legs on the way. Plue followed, jumping into her lap once she was situated in her chair.

"Alright little guy, you ready? I need some input on this project." Plue meowed in response before rubbing his nose on her hand. "Then here we go." Lucy opened up her work documents and then leaned back as she started to read out loud.

An hour later, Lucy's hair was sticking up at odd angles from running her hands through it so much, her ponytail having been flung away at some point. She was sprawled out, all her limbs hanging as she stared at the ceiling in defeat.

Plue had abandoned her about ten minutes into the reading, when she'd started moving around too much for him to be comfortable. The container from her cheesecake sat on the floor nearby, licked clean. Lucy grumbled again as she reread the last line of her article for the umpteenth time. Seconds after, she tossed her hands up, groaned loudly into the silence and threw herself out of her chair. Plue continued to sleep, used to her sudden outbursts.

"I hate this assignment," she told Plue as she passed him, heading for the kitchen. "I don't even do anything special with my hair. Why did Mira have to assign me this part of the magazine this month? She knows I do so much better with clothes or accessories."

Lucy pulled out the fixings for a salad, feeling bad about having already eaten her cheesecake. "Cana gets the same things all the time- food and booze. Why did she have to switch things up on me?"

After she ripped up the lettuce, she took it to the sink to rinse and spin it. "It takes me so freaking long to grow the stuff out, I can't really do anything special with it. Don't get me wrong, I've been blessed with really manageable hair, but I just don't care to do anything with it like other people do."

She pulled out the chopped carrots and a couple little tomatoes before digging around in the cupboard. "Maybe I can go back and ask Mira to let me switch. I don't know who got to do the article about dressing for Thanksgiving, but I could do that one no problem. I even did research in anticipation for Thanksgiving appropriate attire! I wasted a whole weekend shopping and didn't even get anything…"

Lucy threw her lettuce into a bowl, added the stuff she'd pulled out and stared at it thoughtfully. "Something's missing… Oh! Cheese!" She grabbed a new bag out of the fridge and set it on the counter to open it. "I wonder if I can just go check out a few of the salons in the mall to get an- oops." Lucy jerked back as the top of the shredded cheese bag ripped, tossing pieces all over the counter and onto the floor. "Damn it," she muttered, "I should clean that up before Plue gets a whiff. I don't want a repeat of last time."

Lucy quickly pushed the cheese on the counter into a pile before she went to the entryway to grab the broom. She heard a meow and quickly shut the door as some of her shoes tried to fall out of the closet. "Plue, don't you even think about it." As she rounded the corner back into the kitchen, Lucy froze, her fist tightening around her room. "Who are you?"

A man stood in her kitchen, his back to her, while Plue lazily rubbing himself around the man's ankles. That surprised her first. Plue was usually very wary of new people in the apartment. The man appeared to be wearing some sort of long black robe and he had a head of shocking pink hair. When he turned, Lucy lost all sensation in her body as shock took hold of her.

Rising up from the wild pink tangle on his head were two large black horns that curled back over his head, ending in deadly looking points. She couldn't see his skin; instead, he appeared to be completely covered in small red scales. She could see his hands ended in black points, but she wasn't sure if they were nails or the whole end of the fingers. She saw his feet were uncovered and his toes ended in the same black points. His chest was bare, and she could see a noticeable scar halfway up his right side.

His eyes held hers when she finally looked at his face, after noticing the extended fangs in his grinning mouth. They were dark, completely black with no discernable iris or pupil. They seemed to draw her in, beckon her to come closer, but she couldn't seem to move. He looked away eventually, breaking the spell and her emotions finally caught up with her.

"Alright, I'll ask again, who are you?" she demanded, the fear barely suppressed in her voice. "What are you doing in my house?"

The painted man- it had to be paint, was there some sort of convention in town she wasn't aware of?- opened his mouth and spoke, but she didn't understand the strange garbled language he used. "Alright, I don't know what you're saying, but you need to get out. Now, before I call the police." He spoke again, the same sounds coming out.

He scoffed, then held his hand to his throat. After a few moments, he spoke again, and the words weren't as strange sounding, but they were still harsh. Was it German? Another few moments of silence passed and he spoke again. She could tell it was Spanish this time, but she didn't know what the words meant. "I speak English, not whatever else you're trying to use. Can you just get out, please?" Lucy squeezed the broom in her hand again as she realized her phone was still on her desk. She needed to get this crazy man out of her house before he realized she only a broom to defend herself with.

The man seemed to still be trying to find the right language, so while he was distracted, Lucy slowly moved forward. When she was close enough, she pulled her leg back and threw all her weight into a kick to his head.

"Is this it? Hey, I think I- OOF!" The man flew across her apartment, landing hard against the living room wall before he slumped to the floor. "Ow, what the hell, that hurt! What'd you do that for?!"

Lucy wasted no time getting to her desk to get her phone. "You are trespassing. This is my apartment and you need to get out. Go back to whatever freak show you wandered away from."

"I didn't wander away from anything. I was summoned here," he corrected her, rubbing his head where it had hit the wall.

"What do you mean you were summoned?"

"I mean, the summoning symbol that is used to call me was drawn by someone and I was pulled here by the magic. And," he looked around, "since I don't see anyone else here, I assume it was you."

Lucy stared, her phone held limply in her hands as the man bowed towards her, one arm held against his stomach and the other held away from his body. One of his legs crossed the other as he leaned over, his foot expertly avoiding the white cat who had moved to rub against him again. "Natsu Dragneel, at your service."

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