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This story tale place after Transformers Prime Beast Hunters:Predaking Rising and before the First season of RWBY.

There will be a lot of OC characters in this story and a lot of different types of Grimms that are not shown in RWBY

Their will be Energon in Remnant, but rarely, that will also include Dark Energon AND Optimus will have Aura. Optimus will have half his strength of his cybertronian form but his I.Q. and speed will remain.

(Warning) Rated-M Bloody graphics/ Angst/ Horror scene.

Who inspired me to do this are:

SilverXScythe66 Author of RWBY: Prime Huntsman

Vector Convey Author of RWBY: The Cybertron Battles

RyuJudge6614 Author of Transformers RWBY: The Flames of Redemption

twilightnite13 Author of Transformers RWBY: The Light of Hope

KtyouVsWriting Author of Professor Shockwave and The Bringer of Hope

Agent Erick Author of Transforming Remnant

You guys should read them.. they are awesome. Ya love them.

And I don't own RWBY or Transformer Prime. The Belong to there respective owner. Enjoy.

Chapter I: A new Beginning

The night has come to it's end as Cybertron's sun takes it places of the two moons. Optimus Prime stands on the edge of the Well Of AllSpark.

"In order to both protect the AllSpark and secure Unicron defeat, it was necessary for me to empty the vessel's context." Optimus says as he looks down to his fellow friends and comrades.

"Into where?" Bumblebee asked with a confused look on his face.

"The Matrix Of Leadership." Optimus answered as he looks down to his chest where the Matrix is being kept than back to his bots, he continued, "As such my spark can no longer be separated from the multitude of other within me."

WheelJack averted his optics away from Prime, remembering how Optimus merged the AllSpark with the Matrix in order to protect it from Unicron. Now understanding the consequence of doing it so.

Ratchet optics widen in shock of what Optimus is implying. "Are you telling us that your are now... one with the AllSpark?" he ask in shock.

Arcee turn her gaze at Ratchet the back at Optimus. The expression on her face change from confusion to realization.

Smokescreen lightly laughs as he says "That what you say when someone... kicks the..." his expression grows sad when he comprehends the mean of the Optimus words.

Ultra Magnus ,who's laying on a berth resting from the damages he have receive by battling against the predacons, listens mournfully as he was about to lose his leader, his teacher, his friend.

"Optimus," Pain was heard in Ratchet voice, "I didn't return to save a life only to loose the one I care most about." Ratchet says with a mournful expression.

Bulkhead place his servo on red Mech shoulders, comforting him. "Ratchet restored planets, he'll find a way to save you." he said.

"We can turn to Vector Sigma just like we did before!" Arcee quickly suggested, not wanting to lose their leader.

"Because the Matrix must now be relinquished, the AllSpark... it cannot be restored or passed by to another." Optimus turn away for a moment and spoke softly, "but while this may be very well mark the end of the age of Primes, leadership can be earned with or without the Matrix." he turn back and eyeing each of his bots, "And in my view you each acted as a Prime." Optimus explains.

"Well-" Knockout sheepishly look down with both his arm wrap around his back, "I've never really had the best role models." he says has he looks up at him.

Optimus turn and face the well. "As even Megatron has demonstrated on thus day, every sentient being posses the capacity for change." he says as he activated his jet pack. Optimus pause then turn back and gave them one last look and said, "I ask only this of you fellow Autobots; keep fighting the noblest of fights."

"You can count on us to keep the peace." Bee say confidently, but gave him a sad smile.

A warm smile emerges from his face as he looks down to his Autobots before facing the Well Of Allspark, 'It is time,' he thought, slightly bending through his knees while his jet pack hum with energon before blasting towards the sky with a big Boom!

He took flight in the air then turn downward to the center of the well. It took him a few minutes to find the planet's core as he put up more speed. Optimus open up his chest which reveals the Matrix as it grows bright blue by the minute.

"Above all, do not lament my absence, for in my spark, I know that this is not the end, but merely a new beginning. Simply put, another transformation." Optimus say through his comlink before he enters the core, intense heat surrounded him as his body evaporates in blue flames. He close his optic and embracing the light that being shown in the core.

"Your mission is not done"

'It is done... Cybertron is now restored.' Optimus thought. After millions years of fighting against the decepticons, fight for survival day after day... night after night... and now its all finally over. He remember what it's like, its not something you forget. Theirs a lot of things he couldn't forget. Things he regret to do. Things he wish he could to fix or to amend.

...But now after all these years, he can finally rest in peace.



… 'Something is wrong.' Optimus thought to himself, knowing that he should think anymore, much less feel like moving his back from discomfort... wait... he can move? Optimus immediately open his optics but regretting to do it due to the fact that sun light blinding him.

"Urgh" Optimus mumbled has he slowly sat up and rub his sore optics with his... hands?

"W-What" his skin... its feels soft and squishy... something has gone terribly wrong. Slowly opening his optics, his vision was little blurry but was able to see clearly through time. And what he saw shock him. He has human hands... he has human hands!

Optimus looked around his surrounding and found out he was in a middle of a forest. There's a small pond ahead, that where he'll go to take a look at his refection. He got up standing on his both legs, only to fall on his knees, his legs turn out wobbly.

"Urrr, this isn't getting nowhere." he mumbled to himself, only to find himself flinching of the sound of his voice, he sound a lot... younger and husky, it was no longer deep and authoritative.

Not wanting to wait any longer he took one more stand, he slowly walk toward to pond. He stands on the edge of the pond as he looks on his reflection, while it may not be clear enough to see his exact image, he can make out the most of it.

His reflection shocks him to his very core. The image before him shows not of cybertronian, but a human... a human suited with a cybertronian amour. Everything in his amour is the same and yet different. His once upgraded bulky amour is replaced with a more slim design... more human size. While most of his automobile parts are all gone missing, such as his wheels and exhaust stack. His windshield on his chest is also gone and replaced with a black metal plate that has the same size and shape as his windshield. Everything has changed, his bulky figure is gone to more slim from his chest to his legs, and yet it felt the same. Oddly enough, the only thing that appeared to be more human design is his now new black metallic military boots which suits him nicely. His helm has not changed but it felt loose. Slightly.

Optimus pull off his helmet to reveal his face. His hair is silver with blue highlight from the top of his hair to the end of the tips. His eyes is same color as before. The color of his face is tan. Judging his new look he should be at least 16 or 17 years old, his height must be a perfect 6'. He could see the Star Saber stealth in his back.

Optimus stood their in what felt like hours, staring at his reflection...



"...GAHHHH!" He uncharacteristicly shout-out in shock and disbelieved, quickly backing away from the pond, he fell on his back for tripping over his own foot. Crashing in the ground with a heavy thud. He sat up while he gawked at the pond, still in shock, he could feel himself beating rapidly in his chest.

Ten klicks later = Ten minutes later

Optimus leaned against a tree, calming himself after this shocking discovering. Thinking of what he has done wrong that brought him into this state. He wasn't sure if he should be grateful that he is somehow alive, even if his body has been... transmuted.

"Why am I brought back here?" He asked, not being bothered by his new voice, it did, however, add some new questionable topic of his new body. But those can wait for later, for now...he wants to know why he alive. He should have been dead after entering to the core of Cybertron. It doesn't make much sense. Again, he was not sure if he should be grateful that he's somewhat alive. Part of him felt... pain that he was not one with the Allspark.

After millions of years, fighting to survive and to save his home, this is what he gets? He wasn't the one to greed but... he wanted peace... for so long he wanted peace. He as seen the horrors of war, the brutal of battles. It all becomes a sick nature for him,he could walk without gagging, flinching, or being disturbed over the dead bodies scattered across the road, bodies that been stabbed or been ripped apart, the organ inside out, covered in a pooled of their own blood. A gruesome sight that is. One wish he no longer want to see even if it doesn't bothered him. And his wish might come true.

The war is over, there will be no more death to this world, he did what must be done, he fulfilled an oath that was a burden to him. He restored his home, that cost him his own life, yet he doesn't regret it. If he was rewarded for his deed, the only thing he wants...

… is peace.

He felt something running down his cheeks, he touched it, and it felt wet. He let out air through his mouth and looked over his back and took out the Star Saber, and stared at it, "I wonder," he grasps the sword with both hands and raised the sword in the air. He was brought back here on Earth for a purpose, but he doesn't know what that purpose is. If he could somehow contact the Primes with this sword, then he might get the answers he needs.

Optimus stared intensely at the sword, trying to find a connection, but found nothing...
"Hmm," Optimus hummed in confusion, deciding to try again, all his focus was at the sword, trying to find a mystical power to connect himself with... but found nothing.

"It didn't work," he muttered disappointedly, "Without the power of the Matrix, my attempt is all but futile."

"And I doubt that I have that within me anymore," he added as he looked down to his chest. He finds it physically impossible to have the Matrix in him with this form and to add up the impossibilities, not only will the Matrix connect to his body physically, but it also connects to his very spark! Which is impractical to have in a human.

But even in human, he felt something within him, he felt the Matrix, but it was faint. Very Faint... Which add up some more questions.

He sighs, shaking his head as he gently settles the six feet sword down to his side. "I doubt this is the Primes doing, and certainly not without a purpose."

Looking over his shoulders, he took out his mini-gun and placed it in front of him, examining it from top to bottom. He hummed as he lift it up higher, it was exactly the same gun except... smaller. He gripped the handle and pressed the button on the side. Click... A small hologram appears and the words are written in cybertronian text.

"Energon levels: 100%" Optimus read out loud before sighing, his possession are sill intact. Which made him wonder if his jetpack is with him. He settled the mini-gun down and stood up on his feet. Hoping to activate his jetpack. Even if he is human, he must have some sort of connection with is armor which should be activated immediately once he calls it through his mind.

He waited...

and waited...

and waited...

and got nothing.

"Perhaps I'm doing it wrong," he said uncertainly, he doubts he would have to do it manually, his armor is new and jetpack would activate itself once its needed.

"I'll figure it out some other time," he said, staring at the forest, forgetting how beautiful it was on earth. He listens to the sounds of nature that being heard around him. The sound of the wind blowing against the trees, the sound of the birds chirping and singing as they flew one tree to another, the sound of chipmunks and squirrels as they crack nuts and jumping to one tree to another. Taking a deep breath of the fresh air around him then exhale it. It felt...so Peaceful. He feels...so relaxed. He missed this feeling, and he hope he would never lose it.

Believing that his time is being wasted, he gathered his belonging and placed them on his back. He stood tall, his armor glints brightly by the sun light as Optimus set his gazing into the distance with a determined expression, "I was brought back to this world for a reason, I want to know why."

He softly closed his eyes as he took a silent deep breath, inhaling the fresh air of the ocean bliss through his body. His composer relaxed for me a mere second before tensing, his eye opened with pure determination as he knelt down. Positioning his leg further apart as he leans his body down to a runner position. He tilted his head forward and tense his legs. The ground beneath his foot burst into foot size crater with a shockwave as he took off running at an incredible speed.

It took nearly a minute for Optimus Eyes to widen in great shock to which he ended up stumbling in his running till he ended up crashing hard against the ground. And through his great velocity, his body bounce off the ground and crashed through a tree in which it splintered to pieces.

Which ended up crashing to the next tree with a Thunderous Crack.

"Ah... Oww," Optimus groaned out lightly, feeling heat and pain stretch throughout his face. Slowly, pushing himself off and crashing his behind against the ground with his legs spread apart.

The feeling of intense heat spreading around his face along with pain was something he had felt before. It was something never new, however, the feeling now was different. The feeling now was the same and different. With a quick swoop, he placed both his hand against his face, trying to find any blood or scraps, and rapes across his smooth and soft skin. His body relaxed along with a sigh of relief once finding no feeling of damaged skin or blood on his hands.


Little by little, stacks of crack began to spread around the tree as it tilted back. As Optimus simply watch the life cycle of a tree has ended once it hits the ground leaving behind a stump. He blinked, looking behind his shoulders to find more of his earthly works... Recycling!


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