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Chapter III: No longer in Earth, but in Remnant

Somewhere on Remnant in a barren wasteland with dreadful rocky terrain and enormous purple crystal spikes could be seen all over coming out of the land. The shattered moon could be seen in a stained dark red sky with a dusty clouds flowing across the fields. A red pool of a viscous, tar-like substance, scattered around the land as grimms coming out of the pool in a zombie-like manner. A loud ferocious and aggressive roars and growl could be heard as grimms roam all over the land.

The land as no light, not even a fragment of light

The land as no source of life, there is no system of nature, there is no... beauty.

The land itself gives a dreadful feeling of lifelessness, helplessness, hopelessness, and... death.

A dark realm stood in the center, and in that dark realm, a mysterious figure sits on an throne made of an unknown stone. Her hands clasped together and her elbows sit on the edges of a dark purple stone-like table.

"Oh, what was that I felt," the figure asked to herself with her eyes closed. "Light... Pure light. Where did it come from?

Her name is Salem. A few minutes ago she felt something that troubled her. Whenever her children (Grimms) have been slayed or slaughter by huntsmen and huntresses, they would evaporate in dark smoke. But for some reason, someone had engulfed them into light. This have never happen before, and it will surely will not continued to happen now.

Salem opens her eyes, made herself to stand up from her seat and moved to one of the open windows. She stared at the shatter moon.

Salem's skin is a deathly pallor, covered with deep red and purple veins that run up her arms and face. The sclerae of her eyes are jet black and her irises glow red. She has a black diamond-shaped marking in the center of her forehead.

She wears a very long black robe with red designs resembling eyes. She also wears a ring resembling an insect on her right index finger. She has white hair formed into a bun with six offshoots from which ornaments are suspended.

"Interesting," she said to herself as she stares at the shattered moon. "Nobody on Remnant processes to the power of pure light. Let's see how long this mysterious person lasts on Remnant."

Her children know the enemy who far more powerful than Huntsmen. Hopefully this person won't messes with her plans.

"Something is wrong," Optimus thought with hesitation as he turns his head back for a while then move forward with confusion, "Could I have made a wrong turn?' he shifted uncomfortably.

The feeling nagging his mind made him unease as he sat right on top of the back of a donkey, just behind a man who never gave his name, singing a song that was completely off-tone. Instead of continuing the route, the route in which he took, the cowboy dragged him right back at the forest from which he came from. Traveling the opposite direction from which Optimus took. Why?

Then there was something else, Kuo Kuana. The man has mentioned that before, which confuses him, he doesn't recall a certain area Nevada named Kuo Kuana.

He dismissed such thought, 'Must be a town that I was not familiar with,' he mused, shifting.

"OHH! Come home~ come home~ NO! You don't have ta~ Be Alone~ Just Come on Home~ OH!" Sang the mystery man

"Ngg!" He covered his ear to stop the ringing pain, 'It's amazing to know that my eyes do not process the same ability as an Optic lens and yet my ears truly function as a receptor' he thought is disbelief. He shook his head, shift left to the right every now and then to just try to get a comfortable sitting position.

"Ya know, Optimus is a strange name, don't ya think?"

Optimus blinked, "Pardon?"

"I mean no offense but nowadays folks just call their young-un a color." the horned man confirmed, he continued, "And Optimus isn't a color. Is it?"

The man looks over his shoulder to see the boy respond, Optimus shook his head no.

"Huh, that what I thought." He looked back.

'Folks just call their young-un a color,' Optimus question strangely, it was not uncommon for people on earth to call their child a name that represents a color like; Amber, Amethyst, Ash/Ashley, Boyd, Carmine, Gwen... and many other. But it's kind of rare to hear those names, either way, it's not uncommon. But for Optimus, he found it strange the way the horned man said it, "'nowadays folks just call their young-un a color'" it just... doesn't sound right.

Maybe he just overthinking, after all, he's been a lot through lately...


… but still.

He couldn't help but question it. Optimus sigh in relief, he is grateful the man have not questioned his name further. Which reminds him... the man has not introduced himself yet. Maybe it's the good time to ask.

The man reach down his sacks and pull out a bottled filled with an orange liquid. He pulls off a cork with his teeth and blows it away. He was about to take a sip but stop and looked over his shoulder and shows Optimus the bottle. "Want some?" He asked.

Optimus took the bottle...

and next thing you know it...

The bottle exploded...

glass shards and liqueur erupted everywhere...

Everything has gone silent, both Optimus and the man turn their attention down and stare at Optimus hand who had it curled in a holding manner, slowly opening his palm and revealed glass shards in the palm with an orange liquid dripping off of the side.

Optimus shifted his attention to the man with a sweatdrop presented in the back of his head, "My apologies sir,"

The man barely said a word and remain silent which another sweatdrop appeared in Optimus head, 'I must have upset him,' he grimaces as he about to apologize again only to hear laughter erupted the horned man, earning a perplex expression from the young Prime.

A few minutes past and the Horned man ceased his laughter and grin at the young prime, "Na need ta apologized sony! I away carried extra, see?" He pulled out another bottle from his sack and presented it to Optimus.

"Here!" He shoved it into Optimus hand, "Try it!"

Optimus blinked, shaking off the shards from his hand and carefully grasp the bottle and stare at it, "What is it?"

"That right there sonny is one of the best whiskey known in Menagerie!" He said excitedly "I have sold ma best fur just ta buy this baby."

Optimus looked over the label. "GatorAid?" He read out loud, "Isn't GatorAid the drink that Jack brings to the base for Miko and Raphael to drink whenever their on a mission or when they snacked?" he thought to himself.

"Yep! Now don't stare it down. Drink! And tell ma how it is!" The man urged him to do.

Optimus stared at the bottle for a moment then obliged, he was a bit curious about what the human beverage and food taste like. He remembered when Miko would tease Ratchet and the bots of how they couldn't eat human food like hers vanilla Ice cream. The words Miko describe it is 'Heavenly Awesome!'. Ratchet normally would denied and said energon is all he ever need. But he bet that Ratchet tends to wonder what it like eating human food. After all, Energon taste like bland, it has no flavor, if the energon is well-filtered it would be sweet but still has no flavor.

He is now... human... so he could eat some of the vanilla Ice cream Miko would bragged about, and other foods that human eats. And Jack did say the Gatorade is somewhat good for your body whenever your working out. And the flavors were okay.

He took sniff first, which smell good "This does not have the smell of an Orange... it different and strong" While Optimus may not have the sense to taste in is old form, his sense of smell is and always functional. Optimus took a sip from the bottle, his eyes widen, he coughed and took another sip, "It a bit strong yet sweet... the flavors... I can't describe it... it taste amazing... even though there is a burning sensation down my... throat " He took another sip. Optimus notice that the man is staring at him as if he was expecting something, he coughed, "Ahem, is something wrong?"

"Naa... is this yar first time drinking?"

Optimus paused for a moment before answering, "If this is my first time drinking whiskey? Yes, it is."

"Heh," he looked suprise, he wonders why, "Haha, so is it good?"

Optimus nodded his head as he coughed and took a fourth sip, he thank the man as he handed the bottle back to him.

"Haha! That's what I thought" The horned man takes a huge gulp of whiskey, "ahh~ that's good. (Burp!) Hehe excuse me."

There was a moment of silence after that. Optimus watched the horned man take gulps of Whiskey, 1/4 of whiskey is left in the bottle. Optimus waited till it was a good time to ask the man something, which seem now is a good time.

"May I ask for your name, sir?" Optimus asks the man, who's gulping down the bottle dry.

"(Burp!) I didn't give ya my name?" the man asked to himself, "Hmm, I guess I didn't. Well where's ma manners? Names Festus, Festus Haggen."

"..." Optimus tilted his head, 'Humans sure do have some odd names' Optimus question before shaking his head, "Well, it please to meet you Mister Haggen,"

"Oh fiddle flack, No need to call me mister, just call Festus. I reckon that what everyone else calls ma," he said as he throw an empty bottle away.

"Very well," Optimus said as he watches the empty bottle flew past him, before looking back at the road towards civilization, hopefully Jasper. A sad frown grow on his face, remembering the young boy he couldn't save from what Festus called, "'Grimm'" which made him wonder if that's what their actually called.


Optimus remain frozen over the sight of a large beast that resembles the face of a saber-tooth cat, the tail of the beast as a cobra face snake. The face has a bone-like armor and the eyes are yellow that glow red.

He watches as the beast took a bite of the bloody human body, eating the body whole, at the side is a half eaten horse covered in a pool of blood.

*Crunch* Crunch* *Crunch*

Optimus fists tighten as his red bracers on his wrist transform into Gauntlet that covers his hands. He looks down to his arms then back to the giant beast. His body is vibrating in rage as he gave a dark glare at the monster.

RRRAAAWWWHHH! Optimus roar out in rage as he run towards the beast with incredible speed.

[Flashback End]

His frown saddens before he remembers something else.


"I'm looking for a kid in which by the way, ya haven't seen him have ya?" the man look at him hopefully, "The kid is about... well, yer age and has...umm... light orange hair with light brown eyes and foxy ears."

[Flashback End]


"It's him alright," the man said sadly, "Gherha would not be happy, oh boy...neither will Kali ."

Optimus blinked... and blinked again, "Pardon," he spoke softly, wasn't sure if he had heard it right.

"Damn those beasts!" Horned Man said, "She will be so heart-broken."

[Flashback End]

'Gherha... Kali?' Optimus question if they are the boy parents and if they are... what in the world is the boy doing out here?! He needs to know. "Festus," Call the attention of the horned man, "If it's not a bother... may I ask you another question?" he asked politely

"Well," Festus begin while scratching his head, "I reckon ya can, but I won't guarantee to give ya a good answer."

"That quite alright,"

"Well then... shoot."

"Thank you," Optimus hummed for a bit before asking, "The boy... what is his name?"

"Jen... Jennifer Cullen's and he-," Festus paused for a second before blurting out correctly, "No wait... Brian! Brian Cullen's... Ya, that's his name! Brian Cullen's!"

Optimus blinked at Festus outburst, okay, it clearly shows that this man isn't the boy father... which brought up another question.

"Okay... is Gherha and Kali, Brian's parent's?"

"Whaaat?" Festus voice trails off, snorting, "Of course not, what gave ya that sort of idea?"

Okay... not the response he was hoping, "You said a little while ago that Gherha won't be please... neither the less, Kali?" Optimus reminded, surprising the man.

"I-oh, I guess I did?" Festus said, still surprise at Optimus for remembering that, "Well no, their not Brian Folks."

"Then may I asked you, what were your attention to do to the boy if he was found unharmed and well?" Optimus narrowed his eyes suspiciously, "And what does Gherha and Kali has to align with this." Optimus need to make sure that Festus has no attention to harm the boy... the last thing he want's is to deal a human smuggler... or whatever he smuggles. He was hoping that was not the case because of this man... unique behavior... thus not represent a smuggler... than again he could be wrong... looks can be deceiving.

"First of all, Gherha and Mrs. Kali may not be his parent, but they are his Legal Guardian," Festus began, gaining a relief sigh from Optimus but Festus failed to notice, "And second, they sent me to find the boy and bring him back home before he does something stupid."

"I-I see," Optimus nod in understanding, that answer both his questions, but still left out one question. Festus knows the danger of being out here, Gherha and Kali must have known too. Then... that means the boy must have know the danger of being out here... the question is if he know his life would be at a jeopardy for just staying here, why would he risk it... why is he here?

Before Optimus could ask, Festus spoke, "The reason why he's was out here out thee open is to avenge his family death... the big Grimm that ya killed is the same one that killed his family."

Optimus gasp in shock and horror, "W-what!" he choked

"Ya, poor fella," Festus said sadly, "Personally, I may not know him or his folk, but from what I gather... they must have been good ol' folks. I mean, after all, Gherha and ... especially Kali, love him like if he was a son to them."

Optimus stood or in this case, sat still from all the information he grasps. If the 'Grimm' had killed his family and Brian survived, he must have seen it... and yet he foolishly came out here to fight the impossible fight! What of U.S Government, they should have taken action without a second thought!

"How long ago did this Grimm killed his parents," Optimus desperately asked all while grasping Festus shoulder, by Optimus great strength, he nearly pushed Festus off from his saddle.

"Woah! Woah! Easy!" Festus cry out, wrapping his arm around his donkey neck tightly.

"Ah, forgive me," Instantly, Optimus grabbed Festus by the back of his shirt and lift him up... literally. Forgetting his own strength, Optimus effortlessly lift Festus up in the air, scaring him as he waves his arms up and down like crazy.

"Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah!"

Festus donkey must have been startled by the sudden shift of weight that it began to jump up and down with a kick in the air, like those cowboys rodeo. Sending both Optimus and Festus in the air, Optimus immediately detect that Festus was only a few seconds away of being kicked by the startled donkey, with a hit like that could cause a allot of serious damage to the body... if not... the hit might become fatal.

Acting quickly, Optimus shoots his arm forward to snatch Festus arm, throwing him over his shoulder. Sending the Faunus flying away with a loud YEE-HAA! Taking a hit, Optimus felt a force impact him from his back, sending him harshly to the ground, groaning.

"Ugh," He pulls himself up as the sound of galloping slow fades away.

"Festus?" He called, looking around to find the horned cowboy, "Festus!"


Optimus looked up, watching Festus flying over him, crashing into the ground with a thud and tremor as Festus Head landed in the ground comedian style.

"...…mow," Festus muffled in the ground, Optimus came running toward him.

"Festus!" he stood by Festus side, unsure what to do next, "Are you alright?"

"Memlie!" Festus muffled, confusing Optimus.

"I'm sorry, what?" he asked, only to receive another shout 'Memlie!' from Festus. So Optimus grabbed Festus by the shoulders and pluck him off the ground and pulling him back on his feet.

"Pfffft! Thank you, " Festus said/spat as he shook off some dirt on his cloths, "Now I was saying, NELLIE!" cried out of the top of his lungs, running wildly, chasing after the runaway Burro, "Get back right here ya stupid jackass! Don't ya dare run off on ma! I bringin' Ruth next time!" Leaving behind a stunned Prime.

"What an odd human," he staggerd, he quickly run, following Festus.

Question. How do humans get so comfortable while riding this thing? How do the cowboys do it? Optimus would mentally question if it wasn't so busy shifting his behind left to right. Trying with all his might to get comfortable awhile risking not to be caught by Festus. He really doesn't want to get a question about what he's doing. Weird things have been happening, and this doesn't need to be added on the list.

"I'm mighty thankful Optimus for finding ma mule," Festus said happily.

"No... thanks... is... necessary," Optimus uttered between pause of discomfort, shifting

"... Ya okay back there," Festus asked, glancing over his shoulder.

"Yes!" Optimus immediately and uncharacteristically answered, sitting very still.

"...Okay," Festus said uncertainly, fixing his gaze back on the road, getting a relief sigh from Optimus before glaring at his seat.

'A walk would do,' he thought, it's already frustrating to gain a comfortable position without causing disturbance to the driver, and besides, it would be easier to carry the Star Saber on his back then on his hands. Hopefully, Festus wouldn't mind or be offended.

Just at a brink of a moment for Optimus to slid off the donkey, Festus asked something that startled him, "I'm sorry... my what?"

"What yer Faunus feature?" Festus asked for the second time, "I know its a bit personal but, I'ma curious."

Before Optimus could question, Festus asked, "It ain't personal is it? If it is, I would talk none."

"No, I'm just merely surprised by the question," he said, unsure what to say next, "but... why asked?" 'And why would it consider to be personal?'

"I'ma curious, that all," Festus started, laughing, "Ya gave me quite a scare when ya lift me off from ma saddle that I figure with such strength, that ya maybe a bull Faunus."

Before Optimus could open his mouth, Festus beat him to it with a laugh, "Ha! Which remind me of this young-un I met in ma prime days, By golly, that boy can lift his weight ten-time his size!"

Optimus blinked, unsure if the man is exaggerating, a man to lift ten-time his weight sound... impossible, "And what happens to him?"

"He became a White Fang lieutenant," Festus shrugged, "That what I'v heard nowaday,"

'Lieutenant of the White Fang?' Optimus question, 'White Fang? I'm beginning to have some concerns," he sweatdropped, concerning himself to believe if he really is in Nevada... or United States. The forest and the desert... it all felt foreign to him... the 'Grimm's' which Festus mention a couple of time, he felt something dark within those unnatural creatures. And let's not forget the horns on Festus forehead that looked so real! He thought it was cosplay, and how does he know that... don't ask.

The point of behind all this, there is a hint of doubt inking in Optimus mind, telling him he is no longer on earth in which he hopes it isn't the case, this all must be a strange phenomenon.

Maybe he should go straight the point and ask 'where am I' and worry about the question he'll receive later.
Or maybe not... considering to the fact that Festus never question or asked anything related about his weapon and armor... or the color of his hair.

Before Optimus could open his mouth and asked, he was interrupted by Festus, "So are ya a bull Faunus?"

Optimus frown, he unsure if his theory is correct, but if it is, what he could sum up is a Faunus is a human being with an extra limb related to an animal. Eyeing on Festus horns, Optimus assumed that he must be a goat Faunus. He also remembers the description of the boy that Festus gave, Fox ears, so the boy is a Fox Faunus.

Again... the doubt of his mind grew, there was no being that he has seen that had an animal limb attached in a human body on Earth.


Optimus blinked, realizing that he was deep in thought, ignoring the question he was given.

"Forgive me Festus, my mind drifted," he said, frowning, "And to answer your question, no... I am not a Bull Faunus," ' And besides, how will I be able to attain long horns in in the sides of my head?'

"Ah," Festus seemed surprised, "Then, umm... well, what kinda Faunus are ya?"

"... Let me rephrase that, I am not a Faunus." that seems to gain Festus attention as he glances over his shoulder, staring at Optimus in shock.

"Ya ain't?" Festus asked in disbelief, " But yar... I- could sen-... how? By golly-" Optimus raised a brow as he watched Festus stumble over his words.

"I have no reason to lie to you Festus, I'm really a human," Optimus paused in thought, ' Well... not completely human'

"I-I see," Festus mumbled, almost disappointedly, after that it became silent. No word or noise came through Festus mouth anymore.

Optimus gave a questionable expression, curious of how silent Festus is before he shrugged it off, now it's his turn to ask a question. And right before he could ask, he was interrupted... again.

"So, I assume yar from Atlas," Festus uttered quite distastefully, gaining a surprise and a confuse looking from Optimus.

"Atlas?" Optimus muttered quietly, 'I don't recognize a region name Atlas,' This frightens him, he already had ideas that the ground he stands isn't from earth, Atlas... he doesn't recognize a region name Atlas. Believe me... he knows. He studied the global map. He knows every earth Continents, countries, states, oceans, seas, and kingdoms... Atlas isn't mentioned on the map.

He unconsciously gulped the saliva down his throat which he didn't know he could do, nervous about the answer he'll give, but he really must know, "I'm... not from Atlas."

"Yar not!" Festus shout as he spun his head over his shoulder, staring at Optimus in shock!

Optimus blinked in surprise as he slowly shook his head NO.

Well Golly Bill," Why does Festus seem soo surprised? "Then wher ya from? I know that yar not aroun' here. I mean I would have spotted ya aroun' Menagerie. Maybe yar from Anima... Mistral perhaps?"

Optimus shook his head No, his face paled.

"Okay," Festus said in surprise, " Well the only place left is Saunus... yar from Vale... Vacuo?" Festus receive a no from a very pale Prime in which Festus failed to notice.

"Hmm," Festus put his index finger under his chin, thinking as he looked back on the road ahead, "By Golly Optimus, if yar not from those places, the only places I think of his those isolated islands, which in my opinion, yar not."

Optimus paled by the minute, "Festus, you said we're heading to Kuo Kuana, what's Menagerie?"

Festus paused before laughed, "Hah! Now ya must hit yar head hard battling over that Grimm. But If ya want ta know Menagerie is a continent! And Kuo Kuana is-"


"Huh?" Festus looked over his shoulder and found a missing Prime, "Optimus?" He could see a fallen figure in the ground, "Optimus!" Festus quickly jump off his Donkey and run towards the Fallen Prime. "Optimus! Sonny! Can ya hear me?"

Optimus laid on his back, staring at the familiar blue beautiful sky, frozen and shocked and quite pale from what he had gathered. From his perception, from everything that he has witnessed, it begin to make sense. The trees, their palm trees not Pine, these black so-called Grimms, a human with an extra limb! He's no longer in Nevada... No longer in Earth. He laid in the ground.. of... an... Unknown world. A world not of Earth, but an Alien world...His new home. And his vision darkens, everything went black.

"Hmm, guess he couldn't hold his liqueur," Festus said as he scratched his head, he looked around the area and found a pond, smirking "Hey look! A pond, now don't ya worry none for I know a perfect cure for drunker. Come on Nellie!" he shouted to his donkey as he dragged Optimus by the arm.

Optimus groaned.

Ten klick later = 10 earth minutes

"That was completely unnecessary Festus," Optimus said frown, a bit irritated while sitting on the same tree he leaned on earlier, his entire face soak in water which he tries to dry with a towel that Festus gave him.

"Hey! It worked didn't it!" He laughed, "And still I can't believe ya toss me into that pond," Festus said amusingly as he sat next to Optimus with his entire body soaked with water. All of his clothes hanging by a tree branch, drying up by the heat of the sun, leaving the man in his old scruffy pink suit that covered up most his body from neck to ankle, the buttons from the top was unbutton leaving the hairy chest to expose.

Festus chortled with a whistle, "That was one fine throw to that pond that I couldn't duck." Festus paused in thought before bursting into laughter. Optimus rose a brow before shaking his head and said a quiet thank you while handling the towel to Festus which he happily obliges; laughing between pauses while drying his hair.

Optimus grimace in thought, "Thank goodness it was just a pond, if not," he shudders, "I don't desire to imagine it," He sighed as he ran his hand through his hair before pausing. Slowly running his hair before reaching the tip and rub it between his fingers, "Smooth as silk, how odd but pleasant." brushing his hair.

"Hey," disrupting Optimus thought as he turns his attention to Festus who stood in front of him, all dressed back to his outfit, "When did he-"

"I've forgot to ask ya something Optimus... are ya a huntsmen?" The cowboy asked as he returned back to his spot

" A Huntsman?" Optimus question, receiving a shock and an incredulous from the Faunus.

"Ya don't know what's a Huntsman? Festus asked incredulously, his voiced pitched high, "Ya must hit yar head pretty hard of not knowing what's a huntsmen is. We better ta take ya ta ol' Doc just ta git yar head fix. Now a Huntsmen are people who dedicated themselves ta protect other people from Grimms. And I assume that since ya killed Byyako Khan Grimm, yar were a huntsman."

Optimus remained silent after that, hearing the information about Huntsmen and Grimms got him thinking of situation he is in.

"So Huntsmen protects the people from those creatures I have faced, interesting." Optimus has to admit, even if he's in another world similar yet deferent from Earth, human courage never seems to amaze him, "I wonder If they wore body armor to fight against these... Grimms?"

"No... I'm no huntsman," he muttered softly, closing his eyes as he leans against the tree.

"Really?" Festus asked in surprise, "Well where did ya learn all those fancy move and punches and kicken?"

Optimus hummed, thinking of what to say before saying two words, "Self-taught,"

"Really?" Festus grinned, "Well I'll be darn, ya dang good fighter ta be a huntsmen Optimus! Why I wouldn't be surprised if ya came outta be a famous Hunter!"
Festus jumped back on his feet, "And this ma friend calls for another bottle!" he cheered as he walks towards his donkey.

"You have another bottle?" Optimus curiously asked, another sip would be nice.

Festus snorted, "Of course I have another bottle! It right in ma- Uh oh," Donkey gone, "Not again! Nellie," Festus quickly run before he swiftly turns and pointed his finger at Optimus, "Stay right there, I'll be back!" he said, he runs wildly, finding his Burro.

Optimus blink owlishly, slowing sitting back down, he hummed as he looked down to his forearms, covered with a red/black metal bracer, "Never would I thought to wield theses again." The design of the bracer is the exact design than his previous form, only less bulky. And the side window is replaced with Black metal plates, and it had a glowing blue highlight that proves its power by Energon, which it didn't have before. He commands it to transform the bracer into gauntlets, which never really transform completely. The bracer that ended in his wrist began to shift and cover Optimus knuckles with red gauntlets, a black substance begin to cover Optimus hand and tighten into a black glove. Optimus looked amazed, he moved his finger... wiggling them, and found no problem with the glove, while the glove looked tight that make it looks like a second skin, it was actually comfortable.

He soon discovers that transform is the incorrect word, still, in forearm-gauntlets, the upper forearm began to shift and split open, a three-foot blade thrust forward and the upper forearm closed. The Blade is view together with his gauntlets. Optimus hummed, this isn't what he had expected...He was unaware of processing these blades before. It's odd but not unpleasant. He brought his blades up close, examine them. Strangely, they feel lighter than the sword he usually wields. He drew his sword up and slash the air at a blinding speed before bringing them up close again. There seems to be thinner than before and...

"Their vibrating," He muttered silently in surprise, "Ultra-High Frequency Blade," he concluded while examing such beautiful blade, "I haven't seen these since the beginning of the war." Optimus bought the blade to his face again, examing it. It was quite beautiful... the design is the exact same as before, except for the glowing blue highlight. Before his upgradation, his whole arm would transform only to a blade, and yet now... still in gauntlets, the blade can be in use. What else did the Hammer of Solus Prime gave him?

The next transformation is his Energon cannon, his whole bracer began to shift piece by piece. Once done, his entire hand has been covered by his Energon cannon, the same as before... with (acting) metal bracer.

"Fascinating," Optimus whispered, admiring his weapon even though he had seen and wielded it before, but then something hit him, "If my weapon is powered by energon... How will I refuel it?" He frowns, "That is not the question I should be asking. What am I to do in this new world?"


Out of instinct, Optimus swiftly pointed both his Energon cannon toward the sudden noise, both blasters humming with life.

"Wait! I come in Peace!" Festus shrilled with both his hand in the air... with a bottle of whiskey.

"Festus," in an instant, Optimus weapons were called off, pushing himself up as he walked toward his friend, "Forgive me Festus, sudden instinct, I see you found your mule unharmed."

"First of, she ain't my mule," Festus seemed startled before shrugging it off, " And She was heading- Ya can not believe what we found! Over there where tree and rock and such, it all been wiped out! Like a whoosh!" Festus gesture with a swing of his arm, "Mile of Mile! WIPED OUT! And I'ma a terrified what have caused it!"

Optimus cough and sweatdropped, hoping Festus wouldn't figure out it was him who cause such great destruction. He then froze when Festus was staring at him as if he was to explain for the crisis. Lucky that if he did... he got a good explanation what might have to happen and it doesn't involve him with a sword of Prima.

"A Grimm perhaps?"

Festus shivered, clearly terrified, "I hope not because if it is... Kuo Kuana is in trouble!"

Optimus hummed, satisfied that he mislead Festus of thinking a Grimm could cause the destruction instead of him, even though he felt its wrong for him to do so, he doesn't want him to know how strong he really is... not until he could trust him.

"We should get going Festus, it would be safer-" Battle instinct took over which Optimus snap his neck harshly to the side with his body twisted and Festus could have sworn that a electric blue glowing trail left Optimus eyes from such action, staring intensely at the forest as he slowly raises his right hand to transform into Energon cannon. He ignores the call or shouts he received from Faunus, staring harshly at the forest, trying to find a sudden movement as he moves his sight left to right. Optimus was quite disappointed that he no longer carries an optic lens as he did before, it would be easier to use to find just a small movement or to lock-on enemies.

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It took a few seconds for Festus to realize what's going on, gulping, "Grimms?" Festus asked frightfully, his hand down to his holster, twitching.

"Perhaps, be ready for anything Festus," Optimus said with seriousness, his eyes harden. He will not allow harm to come to Festus, not while he stands.


The two turns there heads to follow that sound and found a Grimm, an Alpha beowolf grimm. The Alpha charge toward Festus who yelp in fear and surprise while pulling out his gun and fired at the Grimm, but misses. The Alpha lunge at Festus, who cried out of fear as he closed his eyes preparing for death, but it did not came.

"Festus! Are you alright?"

Festus flinched when he heard the voice of Optimus and slowly open his eyes. He saw Optimus kneeling down in a crater with his left hand pushing down on the back of the Alpha Beowolf neck against the ground, the Alpha struggled to get up as it violently growls at him.

"Guh," Festus said dumbfounded while staring at Optimus with shock.

Optimus eyes narrowed at the Alpha who's struggles to get out of his grip. *RRRIIIPPPEEE!* Optimus place his right hand on top of the Alpha head and yank the head off its body and dropped it from his side. White flames engulfed the Grimm then disappeared in sparkles which left Festus totally flabbergasted.

"By Golly," he said in awe, "That was the most gruesome yet amazing thing ya did right there."

"... Thank you...I think, are you al-!" Optimus begin but paused as he swiftly turns his head away from a sudden claw that aims to his head, dodging it. He quickly reaches out his arm, the red bracer swiftly transform to gauntlet and grabbed the black claw. Twisted it, making it attacker howl in pain, Optimus then elbow the Grimm by the face and punch it directly under the jaw. Sending the beowolf into the air. He lashes his hand and grabbed the beowolf from one of it's legs and swing it down... hard to the ground, creating a crater which proves to be fatal and effective move.

Optimus swiftly turn and reach out his palm to grab the muzzle of his 'suppose ' surprise attacker. And thrust his left sword through the beowolf chest, bringing it up in the air and down to the ground, slamming the beowolf hard, creating a crater... ending its life.

He heard the sound of roars and howls as several black figures could be seen running towards them "... More are coming, we need to leave now!"

"R-right!" Festus quickly pull the cork of the bottle and took a large gulp of whiskey and ended it with a satisfying sighing before jumping on the back of his donkey with Optimus do the same. "Giddy Up Nellie!"

The Donkey didn't respond and starting to chew some of the weeds it as on its mouth. "Golly Bill Nellie, git movin'!" Festus shouted but got no respond. Optimus catch a glimpse of Grimm and transform both his bracers to Energon Cannon and aim at the forest. "Festus?!"

"Come on ya stupid mule! Get Goin'!" he shout angrily while jumping up and down in his spot as Optimus shot down three Grimms.

"Why isn't Nellie responding? Is it not afraid of the Grimms? Optimus thought to himself as he listens to Festus who is shouting and swearing at his donkey promising to sell her to a butcher if it doesn't move. Optimus let out an audible sigh and transform his right Energon blaster into a double-edge short swords.

'Forgive me Nellie' Optimus thought as he pointed the tip of the sword into the donkey's buttlock.


Nellie's eyes widen, *HEE-HAW!* The donkey cried out as it kick the air and run full speed ahead.

"YEE-HAA! Don't ya worry Optimus, We'll be at thee border wall of Kuo Kuana any minute now." Festus exclaimed

"G-good," Optimus groaned as he felt pain in his lower part due to the fact of how bumpy it is to ride a running donkey on it's back.

Optimus watched as some of the smaller beowolves weren't able to catch up with them, except the Alpha's. Optimus deliver a few rounds of energon laser to the wolves, hitting them right between the eyes, killing 4 Alpha's. But more are coming.

"More are coming," Optimus said while shooting several rounds of energon at them.

"Well give them everything you got dammit!" Festus shout, "I can see the border wall!"

"Give them everything I got," Optimus thought, "Very well."

Optimus call off his weapons and reach out to his behind his back, and took out his Gatling gun. He also ending up hitting the back of Festus head in the process.

*Bang* "OW! Hit them not me!"

"I apologize" Optimus said as he fired a stream of energon bullets.

"Wow!" Festus exclaim as he look over his shoulder to see Optimus slaying a huge amount of grimms with his Gatling gun.

"Festus, how far to our designation?" Optimus asked, firing 6 beowolves.

"'Ehhh, just a bit more road- Uh oh,"

"What is it?"

"There's a Ursa in the middle of the road... a Ursa Major." Festus whimpered.

"What?" Optimus looked over his shoulder to examine his new foe. This Ursa Major appear much like the Beowolf but... bear-like, with black fur and bony spikes on their backs and arms, as well as white, bone-like masks with red detailing, but are much larger and stockier. But unlike the Beowolf it possesses many bony plates on its back and limbs. And the Ursa are slight larger and lack the large spikes on their backs. It also have a half bone-like mask and feline ears. And its big... really.. really. big.

"The jaw are unprotected," Optimus thought to himself, " Perhaps I could break its."

Optimus eyes met Festus as he stated "Festus, whatever you do, don't stop." with a stern expression.

"WHAT!" Festus shout in disbelieved as he stared at Optimus as if he was crazy.

"Trust me," Optimus said, Festus hesitated for a moment but nodded. Optimus gave him an encouraging smile as he jumped off the donkey and run toward the Ursa Grimm at incredible speed.

"Woah," Festus exclaim as he watch Optimus running towards the Grimm, "He's even faster than you Nellie."


Optimus legs began to tense as he runs as hard and as fast as he can with his fists clutch together tightly, for the sake of Festus's life, he must end the life of this Grimm as quickly as possible. The Grimm itself also took charge at him, it's red eye glaring at him full of hate, rage, and death while growling and roaring at him so loud that it would deafen a human being... and if not... scaring a human to death. But for Optimus, it doesn't intimidate him, he runs toward the Grimm nonstop with no fear in his eyes. The only thing he fears is not able to protect Festus.

As the two closely distant to each other, the Ursa awfully roared as it swings its massive claws towards him to a speed no regular human can dodge or block. But Optimus is no regular human being, he simply slides in the ground through his knees while bending his body back at the waist. Optimus simply watch the giant claw swing past above him, his left bracer transforms to gauntlets as he slams the ground to stop him from sliding, his position change to a crouch. His leg tense causing a small crater and shockwave in the earth as his right bracer transforms to gauntlets, fist tighten as he launches himself in the air, delivering a devastating punch into the jaw of the Ursa.

RRRRIIIIPPPPEEEE! Optimus punched created a powerful shockwave that ripped and explode the Ursa Major head of its body, the body slump against the ground engulfed into white flames.

Optimus stumbles as landed on his feet, crouching, his hair flow in front of his eye as he looks over his shoulder, "That was... unexpected," he stood up, "I was expecting it to be more of a challenge," he said, he quickly shifted from the side to dodge an incoming attack and jump back.

"Another one?" Optimus asked as he stared at an Ursa Grimm... only smaller and less armor.

The Ursa charge at him, and to his surprise, it is a lot faster than the big one. The Ursa jumped and brought its claw up, swing down toward Optimus Head only to strike the air. The Ursa growls in confusion and turns its head to see him stand from the side, arm raised, fist clutch.

Optimus eyes narrow as throws a punch toward Grimm's face as a sickening crack can be heard, with enough strength to send it crashing in the ground a few feet away from him, splitting the ground and creating a fog of dust. He pointed his cannon at the fog in case the Grimm survives the punch, a glimpse of light can be seen through the fog making Optimus call off his weapons.

"Well... that's that," he turns only to meet a few small Ursa running towards him, growling, "Or not," His mouth-plate closed and he charged.

"WOW!" Festus said in amazement as he watch Optimus delivered a series of aggressively intense punches and kicks to each and ever Grimm that come to his path, devastatingly destroying them.

After Optimus finished destroying the last Ursa, he waited for Festus.

"Optimus!" Festus shout as he's coming close to him, Optimus preform a backflip and landed directly behind Festus.

"That wuz Amazing Optimus!" Festus exclaim in excitement, "I never been so horrified and excited in ma whole life! Ya practically destroy them with yar fancy punches!"

"... I shouldn't have done that," Optimus groan as he felt pain in his lower part again.

"There's the Wall! HEY! Fellas, open up!" Festus shout trying to get the border guards attention, which he succeeded.


"It's Festus Haggen! Quick open the gate!" one of the guard's shout

"Wait! There's Grimms following him. Prepare to fire!" the other shout out, the guards took aim and fired at the Grimms while the others slide open a metal sliding door.

"Just a bit more" Festus said anxiously.

"Gah!" Optimus cried out as he was caught off guard by a beowolf who tackled him into the ground. The Beowolf lunge its mouth into Optimus head, but he was quicker to attack as he impaled the mouth with his right sword and kick the body off from him. Optimus quickly got up and looked to see another group Ursa and beowolves coming towards him.


Optimus turn in response to seeing Festus waving his hands in the air with a couple of armed guards. "We can't allow them through the border! We'll help cover ya!" Optimus nodded and he walked calmly towards the group of Grimms with both of his energon cannon. Optimus took a few shots at the Grimm while Festus and the Guards did the same.

Optimus transformed his walk into a jog and then to a sprint as he quickly closed the distance between him and the Grimms.

*Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash* *Slash*

Optimus delivered a series of swings with his double-edged short swords, he either stab or slices each Grimm that come to his path.

An Ursa delivered a single strike followed by another into Optimus, but he blocks them and repeatedly stabs the belly than the throat for precaution.

Another Ursa came and threw its paws towards Optimus head, however, Optimus was quick to respond as he fell to his knees to dodge and delivered an Uppercut Punch into the beast jaw. *SSSNNNAAAPPP!* Optimus punch manages to dislocate the Ursa jaw. Optimus grabs the Ursa's head and slam it to the ground and stab the head.

Optimus pull off his sword and quickly sprint toward the other Ursa who charge towards him, before the Ursa could prepare to attack, Optimus perform a Backflip kick into the jaws of the Grimm, sending it flying in the air. While Optimus was in the air, he transforms his swords into Energon cannon as he aims and fired several rounds of energon into the flying Ursa in the chest, leaving a big hole.

As Optimus landed back on his feet, an Alpha beowolf strikes him from the back but as Optimus duck and gave a high Reverse Roundhouse Kicks, sending the Alpha crashing against the tree hard as it made a load *Crack!*

Optimus transform his cannons into gauntlets and sprint to another Alpha Beowolf who charge at him, before the Alpha could attack Optimus quickly performed a Grimlock Grapple. ( A/N: That move was from Transformers Devastation, IT'S Grimlock move.) Optimus place his right hand into the Alpha Face and slamming it hard to the ground, nearly buried the head, then move his hand to its neck, he then runs towards the other beowolves while dragging the Alpha into the ground leaving a deep trench, Optimus jumps in the air while spinning the Alpha in circles motion and throw's the Alpha in the center of a small group of beowolves with such force that tore the ground with a mighty BOOM! Creating a large crater in the ground while sending beowolves spiraling in the air.

"F-Festus where did you find him?" One of the Guards asked as he stared at Optimus frightfully for brutally killing Alpha Beowolves and Ursa Major. The rest of the guards asked the same question while staring at Optimus with Amazement and Fear.

Amazement for each Grimm that Optimus killed engulf into white flames and disappeared in sparkles instead vaporizing into black smoke.

Fear for Optimus brutal attacks.

Festus ignore the question as he stares at Optimus in excitement while recording the fight in his scroll.


Optimus his panting heavily as his shakey body is getting a bit tired...no... really tired... or worn out. Feeling like he was so close to collapse in exhaustion, he never felt like this in a long time, if he was in his Cybertronian form he wouldn't be this tired this fast and he would already finished the fight long ago. He was lucky that he didn't get a single hit from those Grimms, since he's human he doesn't have the durability of a metal body, or so he thought. He is stronger and faster than a regular human... perhaps more durable too. Then again... those claws looks sharp!

He just had killed 11 Ursa Major and 26 small Ursa and 15 Alpha Beowolves and 55 small beowolves. Yet there's still a few Ursa left to kill, but for some reason, they're attacking him... only him... not Festus and the Guards... only him.

Another strange thing is that when he killed a Grimm, they engulf with white flames, yet when Festus and the guards kill them with their guns... the Grimms vaporizes into black smoke. Strange... really strange.

Optimus wheeze out air from his mouth as he blocks an attack from an Ursa Major, he slides underneath the Ursa and jumped on its back, he wraps his arm around the neck and SSSNNNAAAPPP! The Ursa slump against the ground while Optimus roll off the back and charge to a small Ursa.

The small Ursa delivered a single strike into Optimus head but failed as Optimus caught it and twisted the arm, push down, and knee the Ursa on the face, causing the Ursa to fall on its back. Optimus jumped on top of the Ursa and slam his foot on its face, destroying it.

The last Ursa came charging at him, but Optimus pull out the Star Saber and throw it that it went right through the Grimm head as the tip of the sword is buried in the ground . The Ursa slowly fall on its back while white flames engulf it. The body never touched the ground as it disappears.

Optimus body trembled, shaking as he falls on his knee and on his hands, his eyes wide open as braid of sweat roll down his face, gasping desperately for air, "I-I-I never h-h-hope to ex-x-xperience this a-again," Festus quickly run towards him and shouted, "YEE-HAAA~! Optimus! In all ma life I've never seen such a fight in all ma life!"

"My... sword" Optimus gasped for air as he reached out his hand toward the star saber.

Festus could see that Optimus is completely worn out, so he decides to help him. He runs towards the sword, wraps his hand around the large sword handle and pulls... Festus blink, pulling it again only to discover to be proven difficult, "Dang... gun... this... wait... like... a ton!" He gritted his teeth, whole face red as he drags the sword, walking backward to Optimus.

"Just... a... bit...more... there!" He dropped the sword, wiping off the sweat from his face, "Whoo, there yar sword Optimus!"

Thank you, Festus," Optimus sigh tiredly, recovering a lot quickly than normal as he stealth the sword on his back.

"Now come on! We need to tell this to Gherha!" Festus said as he grabs Optimus by the wrist and pulls him up, only for Optimus to fall forward, Festus immediately caught him, but barely sustain him, "Waaa, ya weight heavier than the sword! Optimus! Optimus!"

"I... apologize... Festus... I'm a bit... drained," Optimus breathe out as he knelt down

"I can see that! Yar Aura must be too!"

Optimus would be confuse and probably asked what's Aura but he's to tired to bother asking as Festus help him walk towards the Entrance of the Border Gate. It took awhile but Optimus could feel himself strong enough, "I believe I could walk on my own Festus,"

"Yar sure?"

"Yes, thank you" he said as he let go of Festus,

The Guards follow them but distance themselves away from the Prime for they feared him. Optimus could hear them whispering and mumbling to each other.

"Is he a... Human?" One spoken uncertainly

"No, I can sense that he's a Faunus... he just might be hiding his Faunus Trait underneath his Helmet."

"What?" Optimus mentally question the man's declaration, "He can sense that I'm a Faunus?" the subject of him being a Faunus is peculiar, and there must be an error to that. While he may be a cybertronian before all of this, he is reborn 'in his belief' as a human, and he has no Faunus trait in his body... that he knows of. But that's all irrelevant to the question he asks to himself; he wants to understand how can the man sense that he's a Faunus? What is a Faunus to begin with, he lacks the information about it... Correction... They. Can a Faunus mean more than just having an animal trait in the human body?

"No... I can't be true," Optimus immediately took notice of the hatred tone, it confuses him but chose to remain silent and listen, "No Faunus would be able to afford such weaponry! Especially one as advance as this!"

"He's right, his weapons... are beyond anything I've ever seen, he must be using pure High quality dust if he was able to penetrate through the Ursa armor. With such power ... Atlas would not allow it!"

"Oh?" Optimus hummed questionable

"So he's human!"

"No," One of the feminine guard argued, "That's impossible, what would Atlas mech would be doing here?"

"We must inform the High Leader immediately!"

"Yes, if he is really a Faunus then the High Leader could easily recruit him to join our cause. He may very well shift the balance to end this war!"

That last comment made Optimus halt with a heavy step stomping against the ground with a thud. The commotion had triggered a certain reaction from the guards, most of them immediately stiffen and took a step back with a frightened expression. Including one who seems to have a negative feeling towards him, seems to take his action as a threat and stood his guard with his weapon pointing at him. Though he looks shaken...afraid perhaps as he began to sweat... It makes no sense. He'll figure that out later, now what did the man say? About the war?

He felt something wrapping around his shoulder, snapping out his thoughts, "Just ignore them, Oh! And keep yar helmet on, I'll explain later, Okay?" Festus asked which Optimus respond with a single nod. Automatically, Optimus mouthplate opened.

He heard all the guards sigh in relief and continuing on whispering.

"By the gods, that scared the heck out of me!"

"Tell me about it," One of the female guards groaned out, "I thought we had to take him down,"

"We must inform the High Leader and the Elders immediately! Steffany go!, We'll keep watch... Steffany?

Optimus took a glance from the corner of his eye to see one of the feminine's seems to have taken great interest in him with that stare of hers. Once her eyes met with his, he notices the redness form in her cheeks. One of her companions flicked her on the side of her head, snapping her thought out of her and immediately dropping her weapon and cover her now deep red face with both her hands. While one of her companions stood in front of her and scolding her for being distracted. He chuckled, finding it quite amusing... and similiar.

"Now," Festus began, snapping Optimus gaze, " have ya ever been here before?" Festus asked

He blinked, "No"

"Well," Festus smirked as he wave his arm" Welcome to Kuo Kuana."

Optimus eyes widen from such sight.



CCCUUUTTT! That a Rap!

The Man is Festus Haggen! Recognize Him?

Optimus kills:

Alpha Beowolves


Ursa Major

Ursa Minor

Anyway I want to thank you all who volunteer to help with me pick up some cybertronian weapon, vehicles, and relices. I was thinking to add a cybertronian in Remnant but not now.

Optimus has caught Salem attention! oh no!

The Grimlock Grapple was from the video game just to let you know, I think it was a Dino toss or throw. But I like Grimlock Grapple, it sounds better.

Another thing, Optimus is human but I don't want him to be exactly human. He's stronger, faster, smarter and durable than a merely human. Optimus will have the Power of the Primes, HOWEVER, it won't be his semblance. Optimus doesn't realize that he has the Matrix in him yet. And he will have Aura and if he does there will be stuff he could do with Aura like

Power Slam


and others. So do you have any request on special attack Optimus could do with or without Aura? Whether its from video game or movies, or anime action TV Shows. It would be helpful.

Another thing is... Optimus red metal bracer or arm guards will stay the same in all transformation which is: Gauntlets, short double edge sword, and Energon blaster. The Bracer will transform completely when Optimus calls for his blaster. But as for the Gauntlets... only the tip to the wrist. And for the sword... the bracer split open and a sword sticks out while the bracer closes. Which I call 'Triple Changer' Okay?

Optimus confuse himself from GATORAID TO GATORADE

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