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Chapter IV: The Discovery

"Wow," Optimus breathe in amazement as a warm smile begin to form in his mouth of the sight he sees. While it was quite different from what he'd expected it to be, it was nevertheless beautiful. The architecture and the landscaping design of this inhabitable area are astounding. It was interesting to see how similar Earth and this world, both are different and unique but both have beauty and hope.

"Ha! Just to see ya in that expression is worth it," Festus grinning ear to ear, "Nevertheless ta a Human! Haha! Now come on!" Festus exclaimed as he walks on ahead. Optimus quickly followed, but after a few steps he stops, feeling a bit uncertain or hesitates to enters, reason? His weapons.

Reaching a peaceful town or city, civilized with a vast majority of human or rather 'Faunus' while your being armed with a weapon capable of mass destruction isn't really the best of ideas. It might get the wrong impression.

But what can he do, the Star Saber is quite visible to the human eye. He doesn't have to worry about his Mini or Gatling Gun and his other weapons of being exposed, for they quite well hidden in disguised. But the Star Saber... what must be done? The sword can be seen as clear as day, with the six-foot blade attached to his back, all shiny and glossy ere of its advanced-design. Together with its unique-architectural design hilt that is high in the air, upon the side of his shoulder. What cannot be seen?

Festus took notice of his missing companion and look around only to find Optimus standing at the same spot as before, a few feet away from the gate. He could see that Optimus looked distressed which confuse him, "Hey," he called out, gain Optimus attention, "Ya alright?" he asked as he walks up towards him.

Optimus looked at him for a moment, he seemed to be distracted of something, "I'm just... unsettled, Festus."

"Heh?" Festus scratches his head in confusion, this boy is an odd one, "Unsettled?"

"Yes, is there any law that restricts carrying weapons such as mine?"

Festus blinked for a moment in confusion before squinting his eyes, "Yar an outlaw?"

Optimus raised a brow, he wasn't expecting Festus to say so bluntly, "No... why would you assume that?"

"Meh," Festus shrugged his shoulders, not giving an explanations, "But na, ya won't git trouble for carrin' a gun, lookin mine," he pointed his revolver, "I'm armed!"


"Now come on! Time is dyin'!" Festus drag Optimus by the arm. Optimus sigh, shooked his head as he been dragged, he isn't satisfied with the answers he received, frowning.

As they pass by Optimus couldn't help but worry, "Just... remain calm," he breathed slowly, staring ahead, viewing groups of Faunus, "Don't provoke anything that will cause a commotion, " he said to himself.

Festus smirked to himself.


How long ago could you say that Optimus enjoy his freedom to do as he pleases even before he became Optimus Prime, and a middle-class citizen in Cybertron? It's been long... in fact so long that he's beginning to have mixed emotion in his stomach all while having his heart to beat faster than usual. And one of those emotions is excitement and fear even though he expresses it a little. He was excited and nervous that when he walked(or limp due to his exhaustion) across a crowd of Faunus, very crowded, he ends up stumbling from time to time as he accidentally pushes people off or bumping into them. He tries so hard not to stammer when owning an apology. But other than that, he felt happy and in peace. Oh, how long he missed these feeling... the feeling of being free from the war, and it felt amazing. It's was not like he had no freedom on earth... or in United States Ground. It was a blessing that the U.S Government and the United States Armed Forces would allow him and his Autobots freely be on their ground awhile obeying their law and legislation. But in those times... it was different, he was at war... which you could understand.

He was always on guard during the war, ready to fight to survive, and very strict and authoritative too. But that's going to all going to change, he gonna learn and adapt very quickly if he's going to stay in this world; and... as a human would say... well what Miko would say 'loosen up' He would need to soften his expression and smile every now and then when to greeting someone or having a conversation while being polite and respectful just to make his acquaintance comfortable. He would need to blend in, so starting soon he would need a lot to learn to be a human.

The last thing he wants is getting attention. We'll unc

And right now, he's getting a lot of attention, every Faunus eventually stopped of the things they're doing and gawked at him. After what guard said they could detect him as a Faunus got him thinking. Can they detect other Faunus? Can they detect him? He doesn't know. But that can't be the reason why he's being gawked at... it can't be... can it?

Perhaps the Star Saber? At first, he was worried he might frighten the civilians away, but he was proven wrong. Several Faunus ending up staring at him and his sword in awe, he even heard one of the Faunus compliment the Star Saber, saying its the most beautiful sword he ever saw. Which brought a smile on his face, "Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all," his smile dropped when he noticed the majority of Faunus distance themselves away from him, staring at him with confusion and...


Not all of them, Optimus could see that most were eyeing on him perplex expression, no doubt confused, but a few... very few... fear him... while others mosttly glared at him with disgust and hatred. He could see it, they glared, sneered, scowl, and frown at him by just looking at his appearance. He caught a few itching to reach their weapons.


They looked completely offended by his appearances.

"Just ignore them," Festus said, snapping Optimus out of his thoughts "It would be all over soon."

Optimus frowned a bit, then he realizes something, he's still wearing his helmet, he wanted to take it off be he remembered that he was told not to, reason? He doesn't know, but he has a feeling that it as to do with his face... or his hair, "Festus, why must I keep my Helmet on?"

"I'll explain later."

"Could you perhaps explain to me now?" Optimus asked, " Because I believed it would be best to explain to me why I must not reveal my face to everyone, I doubt it could cause any harm."

"Well, that were ya wrong there," Festus said quietly but not quiet enough as Optimus caught what he had said, "... I reckon we got time ta spare... Okay! I'll explain ta ya right in a few minutes." he said

Optimus nodded. As the two walked, Optimus would take the time to look around. Most of the people had different Animal traits which looked familiar to Optimus, other were unknown.

Also the design of most of the houses looks similar from the ones from earth, a traditional china house. Which was strange.

The two walked through a market area that has Food stand, café shop, mobile kiosk, mercantile, and hardware stores. They continued walking till Optimus came to a halt when something caught his attention, a strange yet delicious aroma that seems to have a great effect on him.

"Festus... what's it that amazing smell." Optimus asked as he follows the trail of that delicious smell.

"That is-HEY Optimus wait up!" Optimus ignore him as he sprint to find where the smell was coming from. He became so attracted to that smell that he lost control of himself, his stomach begin to growl aggressively. He felt that nothing will stop him until he succeeded is search.

It took him a while, but finally, Optimus had stopped in his track when finding where the amazing aroma was coming from. He found himself staring at... a food market...where hundreds of food stand and food booth are at, in rows... left to right... aline in different places. People-err... Faunus everywhere, ordering carry-out, on tables, standing... enjoy their meals and laughing as the talk to there fellow Faunus in mirth.

Insight, Optimus would smile at the peaceful presence radiating around here, but the aroma! By Primus! Optimus could smell a lot of a different kind of food being cooked from various styles! It was all so alluring that Optimus tries to control himself from preventing... whatever human do in this type of situation.

Taking a deep breath of the delicious smell, he turns to the first food stamp he sees and deciding to go there. He stood in front of the food stand, leaning forward to see what cooking. His mouth watered as he stared at the meat that been cooked by flames as been seasoning. There's a line of chopped vegetables, various spices, and different salsa on the sides of countertop while the other is a stack of mouth-watering grilled meat-sticks with a yellow melted substance on top.

'Is it me or the food seems to be... sparkling?' Optimus mentally asked, his expression dazed for just looking at the food in front of him. His mouth dried as he unconsciously lick his lips.

"U-Umm," a shy and timid voice called out

Optimus blinked in control again, looking up to see a young pink hair girl with... black pointy ears? Fox perhaps? No, this looks more like a wolf... he doesn't know for sure. Fox ear and wolf ears looked the same.

"M-may I have y-your order, p-please?" Optimus blinked, again. The girl seems to be shaken a little as she looks at him with uncertain and perhaps... unsettle? Was it him that causes her to be like this?

"Are you alright?" He asked in concern as he stared a the poor girl. The girl seems surprised and must have worked up enough courage to look at him, and when she did, she froze as she stared at Optimus... eye?

Now Optimus looked confused, first, the girl seems to be frightened to his presence and now she looked relaxed and... enchanted? Was it his eyes?

He coughed, snapping the girl out of her thoughts, her eyes widen and averted her gaze elsewhere, her cheek puffed pinked. Before he could ask the girl if she okay, a shrilled cry erupted, startled the girl with a cute 'eppp!'

"Optimus! Ya-ya," Festus panted as he tries to catch his breath, " Boy ya sure run fast, I still can't believe ya out run Nellie, yar even faster than those Grimm we took down." He said as he bend down to his knee.

Optimus quickly check on him and place his hand on his back "Are you alright?" He asked with a concern expression.

"Course I'm Alright! Now whatz is it ta ya ta run of like that, huh?"

"Forgive me Festus, I was... exploring," he lied, this foreign feeling is new to him and he doesn't know what it is. If he had told Festus about it and found out that it's normal for a human being, then it would be certain that Festus would question him.

Festus snorted "Ya right, ya just took of as if ya were- (GROWL)

"-hungry?" Festus finish stating as he realize why the boy run off, he stared at Optimus who quickly turn his battle stance when he heard a growl, not knowing it was him who's growling.

"Oh so that why ya run off" Festus lightly laughs as he says "You're hungry"

"Hungry?" That word entered Optimus head, he came to realize he had frightened a few Faunus and quickly changes his took a few steps back trying to ignore the delicious smell of steak that's being grilled combine with other food that being cooked, grilled, boiled.

He begins to walk toward a water fountain, his hand clutching his stomach trying to stop the growling noise it makes but fail. Optimus understand that his body trying to tell him that he needs to eat, the problem was he doesn't have money to pay for a meal.

He let out a sigh as he took a seat from a near by table, he need to find a job in order to survive in this word. His first priorities are to find out why he's back on earth and why his body transform into a human. The first thing he would have done by now is to contact Agent Fowler to see if he could help with this situation. But now discovering that he's in a world not of earth, proven the difficulty matter at hand. Now the plan has change. He's going to need money in order to take care of this body but what can he do? How will he sustain himself?

'I was once an archivist in the Iacon Hall of record, perhaps I would do it again if such job exist here,' he said in thought, thinking of a job that's best suitable for him. His thought was interrupted by small gasps, his gaze shifted, now staring at a little group of-

"Children," Optimus whispered, a smile grow in his face, ignoring the growl of his stomach as he leans close down, eye leveling the children, "Hello."

The children looked startled as they took a few steps back, Optimus frown a bit, everyone around finds him... frightening? Why is everyone so cautious around him? He did it notices before entering this place, those who are armed seems to be on their guards around him, itching to grab their weapon as if he was planning to provoke harm to the citizens of this place. Hopefully in time... that would change.

"Do not be alarm Little ones, I will not harm you," He spoke softly with a reassuring smile. It seems to work... a little. The little children cautiously took a step or more forward, looking at Optimus with curiosity eyes. One Faunus boy took the courage to walk closer to Optimus despite the cries from his little comrades, begging him to come back.

The boy stood in front of Optimus, gasping in awe as he stared at Optimus who glint from the sun, "Are you a huntsman?" he asked curiously with his head tilt, watching Optimus armor with his innocent big eyes.

Optimus chuckled before reply, "No, I'm no Huntsmen,"

The boy big eyes widen, which Optimus finds it cute, "Really?"

"Yes, I'm no huntsman," he said softly with a small smile.

A girl took a step away from the group and stood next to the boy, pointing at him as her long pointy ears on top of her head turn to him, "If your no Huntsman, why are you wearing armor and carry a sword like that? Are you a soldier?"

"In a way, yes." the children cooed as they walked closer to Optimus. Surrounding him.

"Are you from Atlas?" one boy asked

"No... I never set foot to that kingdom," Optimus said with a nod, gaining a gasp from the group, they lean closer.

"Where did you get your Armor? It soo cool!" another boy asked in amazement

"It was... given to me," he said uncertainly.

"With the sword?"



Another girl bashfully walked up to him, "Y-you have pretty eyes," She said, blushing

"... Thank you," Optimus smiled, the girl blushed hard, turning away shyly.

Another girl with white fluffy round ears on top of her head asked with her puppy eye, "Can we see the sword? Please?"

'Cute' He smiled warmly as he stared at the girl cute puppy eye expression, he reached his hand out and brought the six-foot blade and placed it in front of him, stabbing the ground as it hum in the air. He receives a lot a 'woo' and 'awe' and couldn't help but smile, watching the young children as they say one thing to another like, "Amazing!" or "So cool!" and "Soo pretty!"

"... Well now, if this isn't such a sight," A voice a called out, everyone shifted their gaze to see Festus stand with a plate in his hand.

"Festus!" the children cheered as they run to the goat Faunus, hugging him, "You came back!"

"Well Of course I came back, Ya think I git lost out there?" the children giggle at Festus outburst. Optimus chuckled, finding it amusing.

"Did you find the big Grimm, Festus?"

"How big was it?"

"Did you bring back a souvenir?"

"Are you dead?"

"Who's the red guy?"

"Is he your son?"

"Now Hold On There!" Festus semi-shout, "One question at a time! Now as for the big Grimm, Yes I saw it,"

The children gasped as they huddle together, asking a series of questions, "Was it scary?" "How Big was it?" "Was it Ugly," "Did you killed it?" "Is it dead?"

"Now Hold on! Hold on! Calm down," Festus tries to calm the children, getting attention from everybody, "Ta answer the question, Yes! It was big, scary, ugly lookin' Grimm I ever saw! And the one who killed... is him!"

Optimus blinked as Festus pointed his finger at him, and nearly jumped when the children surrounded him in a blink of an eye, staring at him in awe and amazement as they question him with a series of question. He couldn't make out most of the question since they all asked at the same time. Festus manage to help him out a bit.

"Now settle down, young-en, I bet ya all want ta know how it happen," Festus commented, receiving a big 'Yes' from the children, "And I'll tell ya! But now ain't the time so ya all should scoot along!"

"Awww," the children whined, giving him a puppy eye expression.

"Now none of that! I bet yar Ma and Pa are wondering where ya at? So git skedaddling before I chase ya!" Festus said playfully, making every child laughing as they runaway playfully.

Optimus chuckled, "You certainly have a way with children,"

"Meh," Festus shrugged before grinning, " And there'z no doubt that they love ma." He sat down the on the chair, sitting in front of Optimus as he slides the plate of meat in front of him.

"What?" Optimus stared at the plate in confusion, he look up to see Festus sitting on the other side of the table.

"Its the least I could do," Festus smiled, "And I don't know if ya like seasoning or salsa on it, so I bought it the way I git it. You can go and choose for ya self if ya like."

Optimus stared at him for awhile then smiled back, "Thank you Festus, I really appreciated."

"Thank nothin', now eat before it git cold!"

Optimus chuckled a bit, looking down to his plate ready to eat, "Wait, how do humans eat?" Optimus paused in thought, realizing his mistake, "How do human eat this," corrected. Do they eat this while holding a stick or do they use some sort of cutlery?

"Something wrong Optimus?"

"Huh," Optimus realized that Festus is eyeing on him, no doubt wondering why he hasn't touched his plate. He can't tell him how to eat this, it would bring up questions. Question that he hopes not to answer, "It's nothing Festus I just-" Optimus quickly side-glance, trying to find something to use for an excuse, but what?


"I-" quickly looking to around without moving his head, trying to find something, "I-" He found it. Looking at Festus in the eye, "I would like to have a face towelette please," he asked with confidence.

"... What?

"I would like a face towelette"

"... Heh," Festus staggered a bit, seems to be... bewilder, "Ya mean a napkin?"

Whoops, Optimus sweat-drop, "... Yes, a napkin."

"...Okay," Festus said slowly and uncertainly as he stood up, "All git ya it, be right back."

Optimus watched him leave for a few seconds before eyeing on his food with a curious brow, "Now... how to eat this?" He again side-glance, try to find someone eating a meal exactly like his, and learn how to eat it properly.

Target Locked. Operation: Observed.

Staring intensely, he watches an old man slowly making his way towards an empty table with a plate in his hand and a walking stick in another. After that, he sat down, ready to dine, Optimus carefully watch as the Old man picks up the steak from the... stick!

"Of course," Optimus then follow closely at the plate and found no cutlery on either side of it, "I should have known better," he muttered, he wishes he had something to write down his observations, a note pad would be very helpful.

"I'm back," Optimus shifted his gaze and found Festus walking towards the table and placed the napkin in front of him, "There ya go,"

He stared at the napkin for a few seconds then back at Festus with an approving nod, "Thank you Festus,"

Now with confidence, he took the first cheesesteak he spotted and slowly took a bite. His eyes widen the, closed as he starting to chew the food slowly while savoring the taste of the steak, he moan in pleasure while taking another bite of the juicy steak, and the grilled vegetables combine with the steak gives it an excellent taste. Savoring and enjoying the taste with his newly required taste-buds.

"PFFFFTTT!" Festus took a sip of water and when he heard Optimus moan, he immediately spat out his drink and begin to cough uncontrollably as the water went down the wrong hole in his throat.

"Your alright Festus?"

Festus hold his hand out, signaling him to wait as he try to regain his gesture. After he manage to return to normal he turn to Prime with a wide eyes, "Optimus! Ya can't just make noise... like... that... when ya-" Festus paused as he stares at Optimus plate which was now empty, "Optimus... where's yore cheesesteak? The plate was just full seconds ago, now there only sticks."

"I eat it."

"Ya ate it." Festus gave Optimus an impressive expression, " Golly Bill, ya eat faster than my third cousin Haggy Haggen from my pa side when she visited me couple mouths ago. Ya must have Haggen blood on ya."

"... Thank you, I think... Now what is it you wanted to tell me?"

"Huh? Oh! I was goin' to say-" Festus paused in thought, he open his mouth then closed it, "Hmm, I forgot."

"Umm, Well... Thank you again Festus, I'll find a way to repay you" Optimus said, determined to pay back Festus for his act of kindness.

"Oh shoot, ya don't need to repay me, It's the least I could do since ya save ma life. Now we should get goin' and I guess I've got some explainin' to do." Festus said as he stood up, but stop as he turns to Optimus with a mischievous grin, "Before we git goin', have ya ever try Suicide Chicken Wings?"

Optimus Blink in confusion, tilting his head from the side, "What's Suicide Chicken Wings?"

Festus grin widen.

"Haha! If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe it!" Festus grin in triumph, count his liens, "750, 760, 770, 780, 790, 800! 800 Liens I won Optimus!" Festus slapped Optimus back, but regretted to do so as he slapped Optimus cold hard armor, "OWW! Golly Bill, what is yar armor made out of? Optimus? Optimus!"

Festus quickly run ahead to see Optimus face and found him still covering his mouth with his hands. And when their eyes met, Festus could see the annoyance radiating in his eyes.

"Now don't tell me yar still annoyed?"

Optimus glared at him as he removes his hand from his mouth, his lips plump pink... and not a healthy type of pink, plump pink. Oh boy, ya should have seen him awhile ago, his whole mouth was plump red as red apple-Sause.

"Well... at least their not plum red like before, yar aura help as much?"

Optimus simply glared at him as he said "A warning would be appreciated," receiving an 'ehh' from the goat Faunus, "Those wings have earned a quite reputation and recognition which you acknowledge immediately with no mistakes, and yet you fail to mention the great quality of spices it bears."

"Hey, there'z a reason why they called those wings 'Suicide Chicken Wings'" Festus retorted, more like defended, which doesn't seem to help, "And besides, ya did fine. Ya ate a large plate in which ya finished! And it was two servin'! Not to mention four big bucks of beer!"

"Yes, in which two you took,"

"Hey! Ya can't leave a good beer go ta waste! And looked at the bright side! Ya wuz reward 400 liens for eating yall chicken wings! And this shirt!" He pulled out a shirt, which written in big bold letter 'I SURVIVED FROM ONE HELL OF SUICIDE CHICKEN WINGS!'

Optimus simply roll his eyes and continued walking, Festus quickly followed "And let'z not forget a picture on the wall," Festus chirped, putting away the shirt, "Two picture!"

Optimus remain silent as he simply stared at Festus, who shifted uncomfortably at Optimus gazed. Optimus broke out with a sigh as he walks past Festus, who quickly follow.

"Hey! If it makes ya feel better, I'll bye ya a drink'," Optimus paused and looked at Festus with curiosity.

"... what?"

"A Drink! From the Long Branch!"

Optimus hummed in thought before walking ahead, Festus quickly followed, "Hey! Is that a yes?"

"Perhaps," Optimus muttered quietly, still annoyed. At first, Optimus was curious about what the chicken wings Festus was talking about, and he was told that there the most famous Wing ever in Menagerie. So... he was excited to try it out, even though he found the name odd.
He patiently waited, sitting at a table, waiting for Festus to return with the chicken wing. As he waited, he received several stares, he watched people walked by, eyeing on him with a wary eye.

He frown a bit, remembering that he's been asked several times if he was from Atlas. Why though? Why do they ask him that?

His thought was interrupted when a bowl full of Chicken wings was slammed to the table, one or two chicken wings fell off as Optimus blinked in surprise, staring at the Bowl then back to Festus, who was still grinning. A waitress follows Festus with two large beer mug, full with beer and had white foam on the top. Optimus, again, blinked in surprise as he stared at the beer then back to the waitress, who looked at him nervously while placing the mugs at his table.

At first, Optimus shrugged and decided to wing it, enjoying the flavor of the dressing mixed with the chicken wing, but after a while... he felt his mouth burning. After his finishing his third chicken wing, his whole mouth felt like it was burning with acid, and the feeling was very unpleasant. Optimus had to eat before he eats his fourth as he gulped down his first beer mug. He slams his clear mug at the table and ready to shot a menacing glare to Festus, only blinked in surprise when he was crowded with Faunus around him, gawking him, muttering to each other 'how he ate three chicken wings without screaming' or 'throwing up'. He also heard other bidding each other on whether or not he would finish eating all the chicken wings.

He spotted Festus with a handful of... cards? Why are most of the Faunus around him handing those cards over to Festus? And then he realizes... Festus his betting on him.

Optimus eyes twitches, annoyed... very annoyed. Optimus had the right mind to get up and dragged Festus out and have a good personal talk with him. But it would be proven difficult than he thought.

Festus burst out chanting his name, creating a reaction as others begin to follow, and Optimus finding himself stuck while being chanted 'Beat the wing! Beat the wing', Optimus sigh as he reached for his fourth chicken wing. At least the people here aren't afraid of him anymore.

He finished the fourth and start with the fifth.

Now the sixth, his mouth burning.

Now the eight, the Faunus cheering.

Now the ninth, Optimus corner eyes tearing down his cheek.

And now... the tenth! Optimus finished his last chicken wing. He sighs in relief as he cleans his mouth with a napkin while listening to the crowd cheering his name, he couldn't help but smile as Optimus looked down to his plate, finished eating all those chicken wings that burn his mouth like acid. He had to admit It was kind of fun and hopefully... he will never do it again.

Before Optimus could stand up, another plate of the Suicide Chicken Wings slammed at his table, receiving a large gasp from the crowd as Optimus Prime stare at the fresh plate of chicken wings in horror. He looked up to see Festus grinning ear to ear like an idiot. And... you know the rest.

Optimus groan from the memory, flinching after touching his lips, "It still stings... Why did I agree to do this?" he pulls out cards or what he heard people called 'Liens' that he had won.

"So this is the world currency... odd," he said as he examined it, this looks way different than earth money... or rather the U.S.A. currency. This 'lien' looks more like credit cards then paper money, "No matter," he put away the 400 liens back in his pocket and mentally note to himself to learn the values if these cards.

The two walked by a donut shop when Optimus stopped when he picked up a another pleasant scent. It was different than the cheesesteak, and it was definitely different than those Spicy Suicide Chicken Wing. Bye Primus, for just smelling those wing... just burn his nostril. No, this aroma smells different, it smell doughy and sweet. When Festus saw the expression Optimus was giving he asked if he had ever eaten a donut before which Optimus simply replied no.

Festus didn't know what to say after that, meeting someone with incredible strength and skill and haven't eaten anything so simple like a donut, it doesn't sound right. He wanted to ask a couple of more question but he decided to keep it to himself until Optimus feels comfortable to talk about his past. And besides he didn't want to bother the young Prime whom seems to enjoy munching a donut.

"So correct me if I'm wrong," Optimus said as he took a bite out of a chocolate glaze donut that Festus bought him, " The reason to which why I must keep my helmet on is because I resemble to someone known as a Schnee who own the Schnee Dust Company which is also known as the SDC and it is one of the largest producers, and exporters of Dust in the world, and not to mention very powerful association" Optimus paused as he took another bite of his donut, he continued, "and the man who inherit the Company is Jacques Schnee."


"And under his leadership, the Schnee Dust Company's made a huge profit by the use of cheap labor, allowing Faunus to work in a dangerous working conditions, possible monopolies, and having shady, discreditable, and dishonorable business partners?"

"Uhhhh… ya?"

"And now Faunus are facing discrimination from human because their... Faunus?"

"Well, that's one of the reason and discrimination isn't the only thin' we suffer from... we Faunus are victim of abuse, harassment, violence, sexual assault, rape, murder, I could go on and on and on."

"I see," Optimus said with his eyes narrowed, rather dangerously "Have there been a civil war?"

"Umm, ya but that was years before that, ya really ain't from around here are ya?"

"No, as I said before I'm not from the four kingdoms," Optimus stated, he quickly changes the subject, not wanting to answer any question about where's he from, "Festus, I must asked, do you believe the people here would physically harm me because of my... resemblance to a Schnee?"

"What? No!... Not all of them," Festus chuckles nervously before clearing his throat and asked, "Have ya heard of the White Fangs?"

Festus received a deadpan look from Optimus, "Okay, stupid question. Hmm... How should I explain this?" he said as he put up his thinking pose. "Alright, The war ya asked is called the Faunus Rights Revolution which also referred to as the Faunus War and it wuz a revolution staged by the Faunus in retaliation 'gainst Humans tryin' to centralize our species in Menagerie. As a result of winnin' the war, Faunus are now allowed to live in the four Kingdoms. Got that?"


"Good, now after that war an organization called the White Fang wuz initially a peaceful activist organization created to improve relations between Humans and Faunus, and improve the civil rights. And guess who wuz the Leader."

"..." Optimus gave him a Blank expression.

"Okay! Okay, I get it, I get it. Ya aren't from around here?" Festus cried out sarcastically, " And I said guessed."

"How am I suppose to know who the leader is when I have no intimate knowledge of this land and the history it holds."



"... As I wuz saying," Festus begin, " The former Leader wuz Gherha Belladonna."

"Gherha Belladonna, Gherha?" Optimus repeated, "Is he the same one that orders you to find the boy?"

"Yep! The same one." Festus grinned, "He's also the Chieftain leader of Menagerie!"

Optimus blinked in surprise, impress.

"Anyway he leaded the organization and work very hard with nothin' but sweat, pain, and blood. He tried his best to show that Humans and Faunus could live in peace and uhhh…" Festus paused in thought, trying to find a word to finish the his sentence.

"... Harmony?" Optimus asked with a raised brow

"That word sounds girlish if ya asked me," Festus said with a sour expression, "Theirs another word I prefer to use but I forgot what wuz it."


"Ha! That It!" Festus shout as he snapped his fingers, "It's Unity! Haha! What I tell ya, this head is as solid as a rock," He expressed while tapping his head, "It one of the perks of bein' a Faunus, we never forget."

Optimus has not commented, blinking once or twice has he stared at his companion, Festus noticed it and quickly added, "And also it runs in the Haggens family!" Festus smirked while Optimus simply stared at him with utter silence.

Festus coughed, "Anyway the White Fang did everythin' in the book, nonviolent political protests, mass rallies, boycotting organization that discriminates against Faunus..."

Optimus had a concern look in his face as he watches Festus trembling a bit while his fists tighten together that made his knuckles white.

"But after all of that humans refuse to see us as equal," Festus scowled.


"Do ya know what it's like?" Festus turned to Optimus, he spat, "It was not fun I tell ya that. We did nothin' but protest peacefully... want nothin' but to be treated as equal and to live peacefully, never harmed a soul. But Human refuse the idea, they view us as animals that need to be caged. They assaulted us, abuse us, curse us, torture us, and for what? Because of our Animal traits?"

Optimus remained silence as he stared at Festus, then looked down. He felt sympathy for him and many others who have suffered greatly. He also felt angry for the human in this world for treating them badly and not allowing to treat the Faunus as equals, this is all similar from what he had face in Cybertron. And he doesn't like it.

Optimus narrowed his eyes, if he's going to stay in this world, he's going to need to change it, It will take time but he's could be patient... very patient. He did wait for the war to be over, millions of years is how long he waited and now it is over. If he can wait that long he can certainly wait now.

"Er- sorry 'bout that Optimus," The young Prime look back at Festus who's rubbing his neck and gave a sheepish smile, "Didn't mean to act that way, I'm just frustrated that's all."

Optimus gave him a sympathetic smile, "It's quite alright Festus, I'm sorry you had to suffer that way."

"Eh, it wasn't ya who done it," Festus shrugged, "Besides I'm used to it or rather we used to it."

"Regardless of whether you're used to it or not. Nobody should have ever suffered such way or in anyway Festus... And in time, I believe you and all will accomplish in what was the very first foundation of the White Fang... to fight for peace and equality... it is a noble fight... and I do not know when but I can identify at the end, peace and equality will prevail and you and all will enjoy the peace you long for." Optimus spoke softly, yet his voice trace with seriousness, as small smile grows on his face, "After all, freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

Festus gave a surprise looked, finding new respect for the Prime, laughing, "Hehe, By golly! Ya almost sound like Gherha!"

"... Thank you?" Optimus said puzzling, Festus laughed as he swung his arm around Optimus' neck. Optimus nearly stumbled on his feet as Festus pull him to walk.


"So were you a member of the White Fang." Optimus asked curiously

"I wuz, not anymore."

Optimus blinked in confusion "Why is that? You said that the White Fang is a peaceful organization."

"Wuz a peaceful organization," Festus smiled sheepishly, "I forgot to 'xplain the other part. Ahem. Gherha believed that their wuz a peaceful way to earn equality. But after that fails, he stepped down his leadership for some reason, and the next successor is a hot tiger Faunus name Sienna Khan."



"... I fail to understand...why is she hot?"

Festus gasped while planting his hand in his chest as if he was having a heart attack, "Why do ya mean why she hot! Have ya seen her! She gorgeous!"

"...Festus, must I need to remind you again that I'm not from around here or from four kingdoms?" Optimus responded while crossing his arms and a raised an eyebrow, "You should have remember that by now."

"Well of course I remember!" Festus retorted back, "I'm just havin' a hard time undertandin' ya."

"I am sorry for the complication, Festus. But all I asked is why she's hot as you would say, and your reaction is questionable." he answered with a confuse expression on his face, "But seeing you to say that she is 'gorgeous' do you not mean that she is physically attractive?"

Festus remained silence and stared at Optimus, studying his face to see if was some sort of a joke but found nothing, he let out a tired sigh and said, "Ya know what? Forget it. Ya obviously aren't like a normal teenage boy."

No such reaction was shown from his face, knowing well that he is not an ordinary boy. Though, no reaction will certainly bring question so he responded dumbly "... I'll take that as a complement."

"Hehe," Festus chuckled a bit, "Let's get to the topic shall we?" he said as they continued walking.

"So now that spicy tiger became the next high leader, her belief were... different than Gherha," Festus paused for a second then continued, "So they took a new direction, and the White Fang evolved to violent and more aggressive behavior."

Optimus eyes widen in realization, this is all similar to his story. Not close but... similar.

"Just seeing ya with that expression makes me think ya get the idea, am I right?" Festus Asked.

"Y-yes," Optimus stammered

"... Ya alright Optimus? Ya seem a bit pale." Festus asked in concern.

"I'm fine Festus, Thank you for your concern," Optimus answered, the color of his face went back to normal.

Festus stared at him for a few second then shrugged, "Anyway ya get the idea, The White Fang is no longer a peaceful organization like it wuz before! Now its a terrorist organization, so ya can imagen how much were hated now."

Festus sigh, " We pretty much made a lot of enemies... human governments, militaries, schools, Huntsmen,... the Schnee Dust Company...ya. But hey, a least were treated as equal now."

Optimus stared at him a bit than says, "But Faunus are treated equal by fear, not by respect."

Festus gave a surprise looked then smile sadly, "Yeah," he sighs, "It's sad to see a peaceful group turn violent, few of us left but the rest remained."

Optimus place his hand on Festus shoulder, comforting him, "I'm sorry Festus, I know it must be hard for you."

Festus chuckled lightly, wanting to rough up Optimus hair a bit but remembered that he's wearing a helmet, so he wraps his arm around Optimus shoulders instead. "Ya know, I'm starting to like ya more and more, ya may be a bit strange for a human but I can tell who's the bad apple. And certainly ya aren't a bad apple."

"... That's... good?"

"Haha! it is," Festus smirked, "So... Anyway, this continent, Menagerie, is the home to every Faunus... there are a few human that live here but we don't mind that." Festus smirk dropped and whispered, "But there also spies sent by the Fangs, they come every now and then and If they find out that there's a Schnee around here... things won't be pretty."

"But I'm not a Schnee," Optimus silently muttered

"I know that but they don't know that," Festus respond through a whisper, he continued back in is regular voice, "That why we must see Gherha, so he can help ya ta leave Menagerie into whatever ya want ta go."

"... what if I don want to leave?"

"Well that will just make things complicated for ya," Festus said as a smirk beginning to grow on his face, "but I don't mind ya stayin' here... say have ya ever been fishing?"

Optimus answer by shaking his head.

"Well look at this," Festus pulls out a small black rectangular object out of his pocket, Optimus thought it was communication devices like a iPhone or a smartphone that he seen on Earth. He immediately jump back in surprise when Festus device shot out a hologram form into the air.

"Whoops, sorry 'bout that Optimus, now umm... Oh! there it is, look." Festus hologram device seem to show a projection of a map. "Now this is the continent of Menagerie and this is Kuo Kuana," Festus pointed at

While Optimus expression is stoic, he was in fact in shocked, "It appears that this world technology is more advanced than the one from Earth," he thought to himself, he was clearly impressed even though it was just one device, and he was quite excited to see what this world have to offer. If this World device process the ability to create a hologram with that small device, that got him to wonder just how advance their technology is, hopefully its not advanced as Cybertron.

"Now that river right there as one of the best and biggest catfish and carps in all over Remnant! I caught a carp this big last week," Festus said as he shot out his arms showing the length of the fish he caught.

Optimus, however, is ignore everything of what Festus said, not to disrespect him but he notices something wrong with the map. Something that worries him.

"Festus... is that the border wall we just entered through," Optimus asked while pointing to the map.

"Huh?" Festus track down to where Optimus was pointing at, "Yeah?"

"... Why is the border wall covering only that area of this town?" Optimus asked in concern, "While the rest is open."

"Umm... Budget problem?" Festus said uncertain

Optimus raised a brow, "Budget problems?"

"I think," Festus smiled sheepishly as he scratch his neck from his back

"... forgive me Festus, but I very much doubt that is the problem," Optimus turn back to the map, "How long ago was the wall built?"

"Months ago... I think." Festus chuckled nervously, Optimus eyes at him.

"... You don't know?"

"Well, of course, I know! I'm just... don't know the exact date that all," Festus grumble, quietly "And been travelin' doesn't help much."

Optimus hummed, "Let me see the map." Festus comply as Optimus took a long look..

"Correct me if I'm wrong, where that wall located at is where most Grimm are seen... is that correct?"


"Then," Optimus pointed the several areas on the map, "the rest of the borderline is unprotected... those that mean no Grimm enter from there?"

"Well... not exactly," Festus admitted, "Grimm has been spotted basically everywhere... includin' the ocean!"

Optimus exhale the air he breathes in, watching and listening from what Festus is saying, "But most of the Grimm usually go through the wall."

'I wonder why,' Optimus thought questionably, 'What attracts Grimm to come to that certain area?' He gasped, turning to Goat Faunus, "Festus, the Grimm that... that lead to the boy's death... how many lives has it killed other than him and his parents?"

"Umm," Festus voice trail off, scratching his head, "None, I reckon."

"... None?" Optimus choked in disbelief, after spending some time in the forest, and by the looks of it... Grimms doesn't seem to leave the job half-way. From his view, Grimms are vigorously energetic that display a very aggressive, combative attitude. He doesn't know how many types of species of Grimm are in this world but after encountering three: Beowolf, Ursa, and... whatever the big cat is named. They all carry the same primary intention... To Seek and Destroy.

He should know; after pulling or cutting off some limb, the Grimm consciously continue to fight with nothing but a killing intent. Meaning if he would die... the Grimm would go on killing... humans and/or Faunus. As for Animals... he wasn't so sure. Festus mule doesn't seem to be fazed about it... So much to learn!

"Umm... I think there wuz," Festus said with a nod, "If I can recall Gherha mention, several Huntsmen and Guards were hurt fighting the Big Grimm."

Optimus couldn't figure it out, the Grimm... left? Was it injured? That doesn't sound right, "Are there any critical injury?"

"Well," Festus scratched his head, "I think ya should asked Gherha that."

"If that's the case then I must see him immediately," Optimus announced stoically, as he turned and walked away, Festus quickly followed by his side, "Festus, I must ask... how bad are the Grimm actively hostility levels?"

"Well, I guess ya can say bad enough," Festus replied, " I reckon worse than years ago."

"I see," Optimus said stoically, "If dealing with Grimms proof to be somewhat a problematic situation, do you not have Huntsmen you speak of?"

"We do have some Huntsmen, but most them are no good, double-crosser, scallywag, lazy human!"

Optimus paused from his walk as he turns to face Festus with interest, "Human?"

"Ya!" Festus grumbled hotly, "We sent someone from our community to the four Kingdoms and asked for help! Atlas, obviously, refuses!"

Optimus frown... rather darkly, "... And what of the others?"

"Well ya can say that we're so darn lucky that they came over to help," Festus said, his expression sadden, "Not many came back though."

Optimus frown dissolved, his gaze shifted, "What?"

Festus paused before explaining, "Ya can say several huntsmen and huntresses came from the other three kingdoms... Vale, Vacuo, and Mistral. They began years ago, fighting off those buzzards just ta keep up safe. The White Fang left Menagerie to the four kingdoms so they couldn't help much. Now Huntsmen came, humans and Faunus," Festus laughs slightly, "there have been a few fights between them, but Ol' Gherha took care all that."

Optimus stood quietly, his gaze staring at Festus, blinking as he listens to the story.

"But after all the fighting and stuff they really helped out a lot! Not only do they fight Grimm off or helping ta protect farms and people homes and stuff. They also help to expand our territory! Kuo Kuana has been growin' bigger and bigger during those years," Festus sigh sadly, "The wall wuz built there because before there wuz a rampage of Grimm that wiped outbuildin'... not ta mention ma shelter," Festus grumble quietly, Optimus blinked in confusion, "The Huntsmen all fought and won, but not many returns home... after that nobody was darn brave enough ta come and fight... Ol' Sienna and the White Fang came back with dust, equipment, food, and materials ta help rebuild what wuz broken. And the wall wuz a project that wuz created ta protect us... but after that, no huntsmen want ta work anymore... not for a Faunus anyway"

Festus wheezed, "Well Golly Bill, that wuz the longest explanation I ever said, how bout we go ta the Long Branch and bye a drink Optimus?... Optimus?...Optimus!"

"Huh, what?" Optimus dazed out, rubbing his eye, "Forgive me Festus, my mind drifted,"

"Now don't tell me ya gonna start crying now," Festus joked playfully

"Cry? Can I cry?" No I'm- I'm just... troubled after hearing your story," Optimus side-glance, "It pains me to hear how much this town... the people have to suffer from the past."

Festus smile gratefully while patting Optimus shoulders, "Now don't let it go ta ya head Optimus, everything is fine now."

Optimus remain stoic before asking, "What's of the other huntsmen you speak of?"

"Huh?" Festus question before snapping his finger of realization, scoffed, "Ah, why those no good desperados! They came in a little while ago in a group, they call themselves... I can't recall their name, but I tell ya that they are cheatin', drunkers, abuser, no good Huntsman!"

Festus fumed caused Optimus to tilt his head in confusion. His confusion increase when Festus began to laugh, "One of the desperado starten ta flirt Gherha wife, Kali! Haha, and Gherha gave him the best whopping I have ever saw!" Festus said as he wipe off a tear,

Optimus blinked in confusement "Flirt?" Optimus was about to ask what flirt but decided to just remain silent.

"Haha! I tell ya it almost kill ma" Festus remain silence for a few second then burst out in Laughter, "PFFFFTTT! HAHAHAHAHA!," Festus laughed so hard he fell on his back clutching is stomach, launching a box donut in the air, Optimus immediately snatches the box of donut in mid-air before it could fall in the ground, Optimus sigh in relief for save his heavenly treats from the forbidden ground as he took another donut, eating it pleasantly as he stared at the laughing Goat Faunus. He look around and notice several Faunus staring at them weirdly.

"... Festus?" Optimus called but only receive more laughter from the Horned Man, 'There is so much to learn from this world, after all I see... all I heard... it troubles me greatly. The Grimms… where did they come from? And the conflict between Man and Faunus... The four Kingdoms...what kind of government do they regulate?' Optimus eyes narrowed darkly, his electrical blue began to glow 'And more importantly... why did Atlas refuse to help?' the glow of his eyes abated for being stared at, he frown as he watched the people of this land are staring at him. While they should be staring at Festus who is uncontrollably laughing in the ground, there not. There staring at him. 'There debating whether I truly am a Faunus. If I was to take off my helmet... their view may be modify.' His thoughts deepen, 'But if I'm truly a Faunus, why are they afraid of me? They don't now the color of my hair, so what do they fear?... I failed to asked Festus why do they believe I'm from Atlas?'


"Is he a... Human?"

"No, I can sense that he's a Faunus... he just might be hiding his Faunus Trait underneath his Helmet."

"No... I can't be true. No Faunus would be able to afford such weaponry! Especially one as advance as this!"

"He's right, his weapons... are beyond anything I've ever seen, he must be using pure High quality dust if he was able to penetrate through the Ursa armor. With such power ... Atlas would not allow it!"

[Flashback End]

Optimus slightly gasp for realizing why the Faunus are eyeing him cautiously, Atlas is known for carrying the largest producers of dust and technology than any other kingdoms, not to mention a very powerful military organization... from what he heard of. And they believe that whether he's or his armor are from Atlas. 'Just how advance?' Optimus thought to himself, he notices before entering this place, the lack of technology. The only thing that advances... advancer than earth... is the communication devices or... their phone. And if Atlas is truly advance as they say... just how advanced? Hopefully... not as advance as Cybertron.

But besides that, the people... they actually believe he's Faunus, which he obviously isn't. He doesn't consist of having any extra limbs in his body... that he knows of. 'Am I really am a Faunus? Optimus question to himself, he already knows that he's no ordinary human being. He froze, it was only a matter of time for him to finally realized what he is, 'Is... Is it possible that I s-'

"Ahh~" Optimus thoughts were interrupt as he turn to see Festus slowly getting up with a smirk on his face, "Now does memory will be cherished forever." he chuckled happily before noticing something, "Oh look, there's Gherha house," Festus pointed at the large house that seem to be the middle around other houses.

"Wow," Optimus simply said with a small smile on his face, "That's certainly is impressive."

"E-yup, so let's git goin' and-" Festus paused as he spotted a certain black short hair cat Faunus up head, " Before we do, their someone I want ya ta meet, come on." Festus said as he drags Optimus by the arm once again.

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