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Time Traveling Mishap
Chapter One: Apology of the Time Guardian/The Beginning
By: Tomoe (Saturn Angels)

"Setsuna-mama! You never let me do anything I want to do!"

That had been Hotaru's first foolish sentence, now of course Hotaru understood that Setsuna had reasons for everything she made Hotaru do and for the things she didn't let Hotaru do, but sometimes it all seemed so pointless to her. Pointless and so very frustrating.

After the argument Hotaru had ran upstairs to her room and slammed her door so roughly that anyone in the large mansion could hear it shut. Angered by her loss in the discussion she had sat on her bed holding her pale lavender pillow tightly to her chest fuming silently as she glared at the dark walls that were faintly illuminated by the lamps, of different sizes and shapes, she had put all over the room.

She knew by now that throwing a temper tantrum never did anyone any good unless that someone were a spoiled child begging for a piece of candy before dinner.

But even then, it only works when that someone is a child.

It was her fifteenth birthday, this being one of the few times she made it to fifteen before being reborn, and Usagi and Chibiusa wanted to celebrate with her. They had gotten tickets to a concert that was in town. Her favorite bands were going to be there.

There were never concerts in Juuban unless you count the Starlights concerts, but she never counted those as part of the statistics of bands traveling to their little city.

She had begged Setsuna for hours, trying to gain permission to go to this concert.

Usually she never begged, she was always well mannered and very respectful but today the circumstances were different. She was turning fifteen, her favorite band was in town, and Setsuna still treated her as if she was too young to take care of herself at a rock concert!

She could always sneak out…

Hotaru paused and shook her head, 'No, I've been raised too well to do something so foolish. I'd probably only get caught and get in more trouble and I would be treated even more as an incompetent child. Perhaps I could prove to them that I'm mature enough…?' Hotaru frowned and lowered her gaze to her bed spread, tracing the sewn patterns on it lazily with her index finger, 'No, I've already gone and proved Setsuna right by losing my temper over something so trivial.'

For a few moments the thought of apologizing crossed her mind, but even though Hotaru was raised well by her adoptive parents, she was still too stubborn and prideful to apologize and admit to Setsuna that she was wrong.

She supposed she was acting immature by not being able to do such an simple thing, but if that was being immature then she'd rather not be mature about the whole matter.

She still was a teenager after all, and teenagers were often thought to be spontaneous and heedless of rules and restrictions set by their parents or guardians.

Then again she couldn't use that as an excuse seeing as she was a fifteen year old who had saved the world at least once, who had helped save the world more then twice, who had lived at least four times, and was at least two thousand years old.

She gently placed the pillow she was holding back among the other pillows, she had calmed down greatly after sulking in her room for however long it had been. She guessed it had been no less then half an hour since she could hear the sounds of Michiru cooking while telling Haruka not to touch the desert, with a playful warning tone added to her voice.

There was a knock at the door, and Hotaru didn't even have to ask to know who it was. Seeing that Michiru and Haruka were busy in the kitchen then that only left Setsuna.

"Come in." Hotaru said, loud enough for Setsuna to hear on the other side of the door.

Setsuna opened the door and walked in slowly, eyes adjusting to the dim light, "Hi," was all she said at first as she took a seat at the edge of Hotaru's bed.

"Hi." Hotaru replied somewhat awkwardly.

"You really should get a window in your room, or some brighter lights. It's quite a difference here then it is in the hallway, how do you read so much in such poor lighting?" Setsuna asked breaking the silence before getting down to business.

"If you just came to comment on my eccentric tastes then please just leave me be for the time being." Hotaru whispered quietly, she hated telling older people to go away…it always seemed so rude, as though if you said it in the wrong tone it would hurt their feelings.

Setsuna smiled softly, "No, I didn't come just to pick on your odd style of living. But, I did come to apologize."

Hotaru looked down, unwilling to meet Setsuna's gaze. Yes, Setsuna could apologize and act so calm even though her voice held sincerity…yes, Setsuna was mature. Hotaru shook her head, "You shouldn't be the one apologizing, Setsuna-mama."

It was Setsuna's turn to shake her head this time, "No, Hotaru. I should've let you go to that concert. I know you've been dying to go for ages, but if I had let you go something terrible would've happened to you. Though, under the strict rules of being Time Guardian I'm not supposed to tell you what would have happened, but I don't think I would have been able to bear it if it had come to be." Setsuna quickly wiped at her eyes, Hotaru wondered if she were crying and felt as if she should say something to comfort the senshi of time.

"They didn't have very good seats anyway."

Setsuna chuckled and sniffled some before clearing her throat and continuing her speech as if it hadn't been interrupted, "At any rate, I am trusting you with something very special. I believe you've reached an age where I can rest assured that you're trustworthy."

Hotaru stayed silent, half because she didn't want to say anything stupid and the other half because she was, well, flattered that Setsuna had placed confidence; which is always earned not given, in her.

"Hold out your hand Hotaru," Setsuna said after taking something out of her coat pocket.

Hotaru did as she was told and closed her eyes to make it more of a surprise even though that hadn't been requested of her.

But she might as well have had her eyes open, she knew exactly what it was when Setsuna placed it in her hand. She could see it even with her eyes closed, she could feel its cold hard texture.

It was a small object, though fairly heavy for one of its size. Hotaru opened her eyes and wasn't at all surprised when she saw with her own eyes what it was, though it was prettier then what she had seen it to look like in her mind's eye.

"A key?" Hotaru asked, though she wasn't asking as if she were surprised that it was indeed a key, she was asking what the point was of giving her one. It had to be a special key of some sort, perhaps one of Setsuna's time keys.

Setsuna nodded, "During the Silver Millennium I had my father craft that one especially for you. You may not remember but you and I were fairly close back then. Best friends, you could say. A bit like Rei-san is to Usagi-hime, though we would never quarrel."

"But…does it have any special powers? Like yours do?" Hotaru asked turning the key over in her palm a few times, it was a silver key that seemed to glow palely violet whenever the light would shine on it. At the top there was an upside down semi-circle and in the middle of it was the symbol of Saturn.

Setsuna smiled, "You could say that."

"What does that mean, Setsuna-mama? It was a yes or no question…"

Setsuna smiled mysteriously as she got off of the bed, "Yes…and no."

"Setsuna! Stop being so cryptic!" Hotaru said, a light whining undertone in her voice.

Setsuna smiled, "Now, come on. We'll be late for dinner."

Hotaru stuck her tongue out and watched as Setsuna left her room. Hotaru's smile faded slowly and she looked at Setsuna's gift. She ran her thumb along it and blinked when she had felt a part of it that wasn't so smooth. Under closer inspection she saw that there was some form of writing on the key; an inscription of sorts. Though it wasn't in any language she could read, it wasn't in Japanese, Chinese, Korean or English. And the writing was in symbols so she knew it must be some form of ancient writing.

"Hota-chan! Time for dinner!" Haruka called impatiently from downstairs.

"Coming!" Hotaru shouted back though it was more out of habit then truth. She set down the key next to her jewelry box, which Chibiusa had given her as a thirteenth birthday gift, glanced at it one last time and sprinted out her bedroom door and downstairs to where her family was waiting for her.


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