This will be interesting. My first fanfiction, I will be learning as much as I will be writing. So, hopefully a lot.

I decided to rewrite it today, for Valentine's day.


A Valentine Reunion

Love was in the air, as they say, for the couples in Alto mare. Everywhere, people were holding hands and giggling as they enjoyed Valentine's day. Restaurants were serving red and pink desserts; shops selling many varieties of pendants and rings and other such items. Flowers hung from every basket, swaying in the gentle breeze, kisses shared underneath. No one was lonely on this special day.

Well, almost no one. For one red dragoness, this felt like the loneliest time in her life.

As per her daily ritual, Latias was making her rounds, keeping her eyes out for any trouble-makers and low-lifes. Overall, it wasn't too much of a hassle. But today…. today was different. Every Valentine's day was different, and not in a good way. Three years of loneliness. Three years of sorrow. Three years since he left…

Her brother, she knew, always sympathized for her. Every day, the dull ache was kept back, at least temporarily, by the knowledge her brother was safe. Mew also popped in occasionally to keep her company. But every year, on Valentine's Day, that dull ache was multiplied for every happy couple she saw.

This sorrow she felt, this misery, was only brought about because she allowed herself to fall for a human. A trainer, and a young one at that.

But seeing his cheerful face, his positive outlook, and complete and utter concern in all things living… was just too much to resist. It certainly didn't help that he saved not only her life and her brother's, but also all of Altomare. He was, in her eyes, the perfect mate.

But having to see him leave nearly tore her asunder. She knew she couldn't have kept him here. His journey wouldn't allow it; her brother wouldn't have allowed it; and her desire to make him happy wouldn't allow it, for Latias knew he couldn't be happy unless he was journeying.

As she soared between buildings and through canals, Latias eyed any kissing couples she saw. A light blush developed as she remembered the kiss she gave him when he left. While not on the lips, it was close enough. It had taken all of her willpower not to climb into the boat with him.

Invisible, she shot out of a canal, spinning to get the water droplets off her feathers. As she climbed higher, she gave a mental sigh. Latias was determined to make this a better day. She sped off towards the docks, keen on finishing her rounds.


"Alright, class! All aboard now, with Extreme Speed!" Professor Kukui exclaimed as everyone eagerly did as he asked. Kiawe and Sophocles were chatting as they approached the front of the mini yacht. Lana and Popplio, who was sitting comfortably in her arms, were at the railing, peering out at their destination over the stretch of water. Lille and Snowy drifted towards the back of the boat, with Professor Burnet following them. Ash, with Pikachu on his shoulder as always, immediately joined Kiawe and Sophocles. Pikachu was knocked off Ash's shoulder as Togedemaru tackled him and nuzzled him. Pikachu sweatdropped and Ash laughed, before turning his attention back to his two companions. Mallow kept her eyes on the raven haired trainer, before joining Lana. She kept discreetly shooting glances at Ash, with Tsareena lightly snickering behind her.

Finally, Professor Kukui boarded, nodding in satisfaction as he observed his class. They had all been doing very well. So well, in fact, he decided a trip to observe the Johto region would be an excellent reward. As was expected, nearly everyone was besides themselves with excitement, except for Ash, who had already traveled through that region.
They had spent practically a week in Johto, longer than they had in Kanto. Their final destination in Johto before leaving would be somewhere Ash visited once before. Someplace he promised to visit again.

Or so he said. Kukui was on board with going to Alto mare, as it wasn't too much of a hassle. Not to mention the rumors of it being guarded by Legendary pokemon. The chance was too good to miss.

As the lines were pulled on board and wrapped around their respective cleats, the boat pulled away from harbor. The students cheered, before the Professor called them together. While the class drew near, Mallow had other plans. She was looking at Ash every now and then, stealing glances whenever she could at him while casually drifting closer to him instead. She couldn't keep still as she rocked back and forth on her toes and heels. It was obvious she had developed some sort of amorous feelings for the raven haired trainer; and everybody had noticed.

'That girl couldn't keep her eyes off of him even if she wanted to,' Kukui thought, smirking at the adorable scene unfolding in front of his eyes.

''Hey,'' Kiawe whispered to Sophocles as he nudged him, ''do you think Ash will ever notice Mallow's affections?''

''Not in a million years,'' he hissed back with a chuckle. ''Even if she kissed him straight on the lips he would pass it off as something completely normal.''

Lana and Lillie just looked at each other and giggled, both thinking the same thing while Burnet shook her head. 'How can he be denser than a pack of rocks?' she thought incredulously.

Pikachu just sweatdropped at his trainer. 'Really, Ash?' he thought. 'How many girls will it take before you finally notice one?' He was about to give his trainer some help when Togedemaru decided it was a good time to hug-tackle him once more." Ash, of course, was oblivious to all this as he eagerly turned his attention to the professor. Noticing this, Kukui cleared his throat before speaking. "Alright, class. We'll spend a night or so in Altomare. Ash, that should give you plenty of time to reunite with whoever it was you made your promise to."

At that, everyone shot a glance at Ash, mildly surprised. Mallow had a slight frown on her face, as everyone looked back at the professor.

"This happens to be a perfect time to visit Altomare, as a matter of fact. The city has a very rich history, Valentine's Day being one of the most deep-rooted. They take romance quite seriously there, especially today. All in all, a good learning experience." At the last part, almost everyone looked at Mallow, whose cheeks burned.

Ash just nodded, a thoughtful look on his face.

Professor Burnet looked at Kukui and winked, before saying, "Are you finished, Professor? I'm sure the class would like to get back to talking. And I'm sure Lana would like to look at the water pokemon some more." Professor Kukui chuckled and nodded, before dismissing them.

As they drifted away again, Burnet looked at him and asked, "Think you'll see those legendaries?"
He replied, "I hope so. It would be a great opportunity to learn something. However, they are just rumors. Chances are, this will be just a simple visit."


Latias floated invisible above the docks, observing the mainland in the distance. She could see a good sized boat leaving it's harbor, before turning and… heading here? While it wasn't a rare event to see tourists, it wasn't very common either, especially with boats of that size. Typically, every few days, they would get smaller boats that delivered produce and such before leaving again, with one or two others containing tourists. But to see a boat that sized was a new one.

She observed it for a minute, before sighing and heading back towards the gardens and her brother. With any luck, Mew would be there as well. Since the flying pink menace had taken it upon herself to make Latias her playmate, she was rarely bored for too long. Bianca wouldn't be available until a little bit later, and Lorenzo was taking care of business at the museum. Seems like another lonely day, another lonely Valentine's Day.

Had she stayed, she might have noticed a cure for her loneliness on the boat, a pikachu on his shoulder.

Softly humming to herself, she sped through the invisible barrier and into the Secret Garden. With a loud coo, she announced her arrival to Latios. Shedding her invisibility, she looked around for her brother…. Before her eyesight cut out as a small shape glomped on to it.

She panicked for a moment, before she realized what, or rather who, it was.

Mew giggled as she peeled herself off, blue eyes shining with mirth. "Hey, Lati! Has it been a boring week without me?"

Latias rolled her eyes good-naturedly before replying dryly, "Yes Mew, it certainly has. I thought I asked you not to do that."

The little feline nodded, smiling. "You did! I just chose it. At least for today, anyway."
Latias laughed softly, until Mew spoke again. "Anything happen while you were flying around today, Lati?"

The red dragoness sighed and nodded. "Yes. I noticed a lot of kissing couples. Like I do everytime Valentine's Day comes around."

She paused, before continuing thoughtfully, "I did see a fairly-large boat leave Johto. It seems to be coming here, which is quite unusual. Did you notice that at any time?"

Mew instantly got a wicked smirk on her face. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. I got right up close and personal with it, too. I was invisible, so they couldn't see me, but oh, I could see them." At that, the smirk on her face got larger.

Lati paused, wondering at the expression, and then asking "What's so funny?"

Mew shook her head quickly. "That's for you to find out, dear. I wouldn't want to spoil it."
Latias huffed. "I'm guessing you teleported back here in time to annoy me?"

The cat nodded as her tail flicked around. "I did. Normally I wouldn't have, but…" The smirk came back. "You know what I think we should do, Lati?"

She mentally groaned. This had better not be something stupid-

"I think we should wait by the docks and see who comes off that boat."

Latias blinked. That….actually wasn't a bad idea. She slowly nodded, before realizing. "Wait, shouldn't I check on Latios first?" Mew shook her head. "Nah, that grump is still asleep. He'll be fine."

Latias hesitated. "Are you sure? You know he can still be a touch over protective."

The pink feline rolled her eyes, before replying. "Please. Should he make a fuss, I'll just remind him that if I hadn't have been there to help, he would have died with the tsunami." And with the, she shimmered with light, before a teen-aged girl appeared, with long and vibrant pink hair. Latias (mentally) shrugged, before light surrounded her as well.

She had been working on a form of her own, as one time she had accidentally gotten Bianca into trouble by using her form. She did keep the same clothing, but now, her hair was long and very red, to match her natural form's feathers.

Mew took her hand and led her out of the garden. "Let's hurry up, I wanna get there before the boat gets here." The pink haired girl turned back to her red haired companion with another smirk, before dragging her off.


As they drew closer to the island city of Alto mare, Ash got more eager. He remembered his previous adventure here. He remembered his promise, which he finally got to fulfill. A promise made at 11 years of age, a promise kept at 14.

The raven haired strainer rubbed Pikachu's cheeks as he observed the city. "Hope everyone is doing okay, buddy."

After about 10 minutes, they finally reached the docks. As the helmsman tied the boat to the docks, everyone was waiting for the go-ahead. Ash and Pikachu were a bit antsy, the trainer most of all. Their patience was rewarded a few minutes later, and the class quickly got off the boat and onto the sturdy wood dock. Ash looked around the area, seeing the city again. Close by were a few shops that weren't there before, including a coffee house. Two of the customers there seemed to draw his eye, although he couldn't really put a finger on why. One of them, who had deep, long red hair, had her back towards them. The other was facing towards the sea, with vibrant pink hair. As Ash's classmates huddled around, looking at everything they could, he and the pink-haired girl's eyes met and locked. She seemed to have an enormous smirk on her face, as she nudged her companion and nodded towards him.

He watched as the red haired girl turn around, seemingly slightly curious, before her eyes met his. There seemed to be something familiar about her….
He shook the thought as her mouth opened slightly, her eyes wondering, and she slowly got up… and sort of stumbled towards him.

By now, Ash was severely confused. Did he know this girl? He didn't think he would forget a pretty face like that.

When the girl got with 15 feet, she just stopped, before whispering, "...Ash?"

Author's note:

I must thank ARCEUS-Master for inspiration to write, for without him, this never would have happened.

Syrup-Waffle must also be recognized, because he guided me into the proper way to write, and without him, my story would grow into a mess. Not to mention he helped with this chapter. The dialogue on the boat would have been lacking without him.

And finally, thank to the Warmongers of Simora, for inspiration of the timeline. while that might not seem like much, as it was an accident, their story helped me when I needed to figure out when my story would take place.

With the thanks out of the way...

Criticism, helpful criticism, is welcomed. I cannot grow without it, But I will ignore the trolls and whatnot out there. Here's what I have to say; If you feel the story has potential, feel free to give insight. If you don't, then don't be a dickhead about it.

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