"Burrito , what you want to become in future ?" an old lady asked a five year old girl who was her grandchild. "A Cosmonaut!". She replied with her twinkling eyes just like the night sky above them. Though it was not specific if the latter could understand what it meant to be, still a wrinkled smile formed on her face followed by a reply " you will be a great person my child. A legend". Somewhere , a shooting star , probably a meteor , came in collision with the earth's atmospheric surface , burning itself to fulfill the wish of the ladies from two distinct generations.

15 years later from that day

" Sara , are you sure you want to pursue your next researches in JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)? You can continue over here in Harvard ." Michio Kaku – her mentor ,the world renowned theoretical physicist , who tends to share same origin with her , looked anxiously over the young lady in front of him. "Thank you very much sir , but it was my childhood wish to be a successful researcher while staying at my own land. I miss my home , my family and everything . And I feel I can achieve what exactly I want by being there. " The 20 year old Harvard graduate in theoretical physics , named Sara Igarashi , with a height of 5'7'' , ivory skin , black hip-length wavy hair . Her heart shaped face featuring large sapphire blue eyes surrounded by curly lashes , turned up nose and plumpy scarlet lips covering happy-dent white teeth. The man in front of her chuckled and replied "as expected from a nation topper and a sushi lover. Okay, here you go ." Handing over her testimonials he said " make sure you keep in contact and conduct a joint research with me". "With pleasure" Sara pleasantry replied. By further completion of her transfer process paper-works , finally she was going to start a brand new journey of her life. An adventurous one she imagined. An unexpected adventure.

That night at her farewell party , she bid her goodbye to all her friends , took lots of token of appreciations from her professors, had many emotional breakdown moments with gifts and of course, a lot of proposals and heartbreaks from her male admirers. It's rare to see a beauty with brain. The very next day , before the sunrise, Sara boarded her flight for The Land of Rising Sun aka her home. The adobe of her childhood.

By the time she reached Narita International Airport ,it was already an early winter sunset there, but it didn't bother the warm sunny side feeling she was having and her bright charismatic smile along with the high luminous aura she was emitting like a super nova. "Konichiwa Nippon " she said to herself and giggled like a maniac when something caught her eyes.

In the VIP lounge of the same airport , which wasn't very far from where she was standing , were some paparazzi , enticing the rest crowd nearby by their infamous 'camera clicking pose'. Before her brain could subject to the matter or she could ask anyone what was going on, flashes of light blinded her irises with shrill sounds of clicking and multiple amplitude- varying frequencies of sound waves vibrating her eardrum while creating acute shortage of breathing by people squishing her to look at the sight . Luckily the advantage of being in the terms of tall , she moved away from the whirlpool at some distance and focused to see a bunch of studs clad in black suits wearing black goggles picturing men in black, escorting a young man nearly her age , seems filthy rich and famous cosmopolitan or you can call a celebrity as he had well formed body with finely chiseled face and an unnatural height of nearly 6-point something feet. Sara, was however oddly awed by his facial features , not like an average Japanese but a hybrid of Welsh and the previous one. His eyes were the most mesmerizing as they were of the rarest colour – reddish- violet which also complemented with the hair he dyed of the same shade. Lips with a rounded cupid's bow beneath a roman nose , yep, the guy could be called charming and handsome.

As I said earlier , she was out of the deadly whirlpool but wasn't hidden from that guy to catch a glimpse of her. Demerits of being tall. And clumsy. Shouldn't he walk straight with his men out of that humanoid center of mass while keeping his heads down? The visual field of human eye spans approximately 120 degrees of arc. And when you are standing out of the crowd with a pretty face, you are sure to get captured in the peripheral visions of men. Facts.

Realizing she had clash of eyes with him, Sara did what most of us will do- panic out , run away and get bumped. Ouch!

Author's note- Hello there everyone! This is my very first story that's being uploaded on such a large platform and seriously speaking , I'm really nervous.I'ma huge La corda d'oro fan , especially the first season (primo passo). But here I took the male protagonist from the 2nd season(blue sky). That's a secret and it will be revealed in the next chapter who is he , well most of you can figure it out "ha ha ha ". The oc (other character) i.e the female protagonist basically a masterpiece of my own imagination and slightly from my own personal life. Anyways, I will vehemently appreciate any kind of reviews as I am a novice in this field and would be extremely pleasured if you give some moments of your precious time to read it.

Thank you very much and have a great day ahead.