HELLO its me your host Alexey Joy From FilmedIt Studios on youtube YES I have gotten into writing and I am new to this stuff so please if I spell things wrong do inform me about it, this is my first story, and I chose to do it on Rio, Rio is my favorite film, and I love the franchise, I hope they make a third film AND I HOPE IT'S GOOD LIKE THE FIRST not the second, because the second seemed….rushed like it didn't have a perfect story to it, it didn't have the ending it deserved, so enough talk LET'S JUMP THE F*CK IN.

It was a typical day in the Amazon, all the birds were sleeping peacefully with nothing to disturb them, the only two bird's awake were Blu and Jewel, they were cuddling inside their new hollow, they were happy nothing would bother them...that was until a faint scream of agony was heard in the distance, Blu and Jewel immediately got startled and went to go see what was up, as the screaming got louder they knew they were getting close, but then the screaming stop, as if someone had silenced him or her.

Once they found the source of the screaming they were in immediate shock, the bird's chest was burst open, as if something had dug its way out of his body, blood was spilling out of his chest, there was a trail of blood heading into the bush, Blu and Jewel immediately went to go wake up Edoardo to tell him about this incident.

Once we got to Eduardo's hollow, they told him about what we had seen, He didn't believe them at first, but once he saw it, he immediately got Roberto to keep an eye out for something potentially life-threatening.

Once Blu and Jewel went back to their hollow they became very protective towards their children afraid about what could happen to them.

Roberto was extremely cautious about wandering around the jungle now, he wouldn't stop unti the thing that did this was found.

One day Blu and Jewel went out of the hollow to find food until they saw it, they both dropped the brazil nuts both of them had got, and they looked at the creature with a petrified expression on their faces, the beast had an extremely sharp tail with spikes running down it, elongated, cylindrical skulls, but possess no visible eyes, long tube-like spikes coming out of its back, and terrifying bone like hands and legs.

Blu and Jewel immediately flew off never looking back, "What was that thing!?" Yelled Jewel with a confused yet terrified expression on her face "I have no idea, do you think that is what could have killed that bird!?" Blu yelled with the same expression on his face, they kept flying until they got back to the tribe.

When they found Roberto they immediately told him about what had just happened, Roberto told them he needed to see it, but they refused and told him it was too dangerous.

Roberto didn't care though he just went to the area it was in, once he saw it he flew back and told Eduardo to evacuate the tribe, and never to return.

So what did you think about my first chapter of this story, I know it's short but it is my first story so don't hate on it, please.

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