Um, well… this is the fault of the question, "If you could be anyone you wanted to be in the RK universe,
who would you be?" Most people took the time to come up with original characters for the purpose. All I
did was volunteer to be Enishi's bathrobe.

Gochan's reply : "Enishi's Bathrobe Writes a Fanfic"... Dear *gods*, save us. The most deserving fanfic of
a NC-17 rating if I ever saw one!, not that I have really seen one... *whistles innocently* Oh my. I
hope I didn't just inspire something. (hilarious as it would be...)

And so this was born. I'm very sorry. --wombat

Day 1: Finally liberated from Bed Bath and Beyond-- v. relieved that crime-syndicate managed to avoid
splattering blood on my nice clean terrycloth in the process. Perhaps now they will remove that sleeve-
piercing which BBB forced onto me-- looks cool, but chafes.

Day 2: Stuffed into a gift-box and presented to syndicate boss. Idiots didn't even remember to clip the price
off my sleeve-piercing, which is still there.

Day 3: Syndicate boss is named "Enishi". Feel strange kinship to him, as his hair is just as white and floofy
as terrycloth. The stuff on his head, too. He also has a piercing on one side, though it has no price or size
info on it-- perhaps an anti-theft device?

Day 4: He feels a kinship to me, too! Or at least he's started to call me "nee-san" while talking to me. Wd
like to reassure him that I am not really dead, but unfortunately cannot talk or move. Have not been washed
yet, either-- maybe my new-cloth fumes are getting to him.

Day 5: Have been brought to island retreat! Oh, happy day. Enishi seems to only own one set of clothing,
so will be spending most of his time with me!

Day 6: Not washed.

Day 7: Still not washed.

Day 8: E. was gone for two days and brought back a girl with him! V. cross about the rivalry until he came
straight back to me. Briefly worried when he stripped her clothes off, but then he put a new bathrobe onto
her and left her alone again. The new bathrobe is kind of cute.

Day 12: Finally washed, due to abominable miso stain on left sleeve.

Day 17: Not much time to meet other bathrobe until today-- E. thoughtfully went to the girl's room and
dumped her bathrobe onto the floor next to me. Became close friends with other bathrobe while E. and girl
evidently found other things to do up on the bed. Much fun had by all, was sorry to leave. E promised both
me and the girl that we'll do this again tomorrow, though.


(Thanks to Oryo for letting me know that ff.n munged the linebreaks on my first upload attempt; hopefully
the format is a bit more readable now, though who knows about the content....)