What happens when you die? Do you go to heaven or is it just a black abyss? For one skeleton however, he continues not only to exist in the living world but can move through time. It isn't as simple as it seems, after all this guy does age lives in the future yet uses technology from the past. Archie is a skeleton who pokes his head in throughout time. Whether travelling on the Apollo 11 moon landing or a landmark football game, it makes you think when and where he is now. Is he still alive in the year 2021 watching the derby on his flat screen and lastly, why watch a show on a videocassette tape? Simply put, that's where his power comes from, he rewinds and fast forwards through time. You can see his house stay the same, but his plant grows from nothing to being fully grown. He can control night and day with his 80's brick TV remote. His animal companions, a fish and a parrot can only watch in confusion. Moving from house to house and able to dispatch his head, singing and dancing across the room celebrating consumerism and trying to sell his product that never fades away and lasts forever. I mean why does a skeleton even need glasses, he keeps his eyes but all his other organs aren't there. At least he wears something, his iconic tie and slippers which tells us he's ready for a formal dinner date yet also enjoys nights in with a glass of hot coco.

Now let's stop rambling and get into the actual story or at least the basic backstory of Archie. It all started in 1985. The recent dead man Archie died after being electrocuted by trying to fix his TV. An electronics man who spent most of his spare time watching TV leaving his job, family and friends behind only paying attention to a television screen or a pet. Now that he's dead, he can only be seen a waste of a human who never done anything. That's where Scotch came in with its lifetime guarantee and it did a lot more than stop videocassettes fading, it takes over and keeps the soul stuck in a decaying body leaving nothing but a husk skeleton. Too bad during all the commotion, his bird and fish died leaving him no choice but to give them the guarantee too. Only problem is your stuck watching Scotch forever. Even in the future with flat screens you must connect a VCR and watch recording's off that. He's stuck indoors, being educated of the world outdoors through television. So, does that mean he wasn't on the moon and is only kidding himself? I believe he was, only stays there long enough so that he pops up then disappears again through time. Such an amazing gift yet stuck isolated from the rest of society. He has companions but how long can he keep himself sane, does his lifetime guarantee still work. Where is he now? You'll find out in due timeā€¦