"Someone who just helped you to speak evil about another person can later help another person to speak evil about you."

~ Israelmore Ayivor


I see a running behemoth being chased by a group of soldiers. It looks like Berserker. Oh, what did Illya do? Tracing Caladbolg II and Archer's bow, I fire it at the cluster of soldiers. Berserker had already dodged out of the way as the explosion lights in the sky like a nuke.

"Shirou!" Illya yells as she reaches me, "Honest actually declared you and Esdeath as traitors to the Empire."

"He did WHAT NOW?!" Esdeath says with a deadly expression as her face contorts into hatred. "What happened to the Jaegers?"

"They were disbanded and their teigus were to be confiscated for being associated with you. Only Bors and Seryu did so." Illya says casually.

"So what about the rest?" I ask. I had listened to Run's story and if he left, I doubt that the village where he lived at will last very long.

"Run and his village managed to disappear. Presumably to the Revolutionary Army. Kurome and Wave also disappeared." Illya said, "I punched Honest in the face!"

"Oh, so what was he like?" Esdeath asks with a gleeful expression on her face.

"He screamed like a little girl and fell off his chair, that fat pig." Illya gleefully answers as she claps her hand.

"Okay. Okay." I say, "But what do we do now?"

"We can be Danger Beast Hunters in the North. That's where most of the dangerous beasts are." Esdeath eagerly requests as she sports a slowly widening grin.

"But didn't you brutally conquer that region?" I say, "I doubt that the natives will take it so kindly."

"Right." Esdeath brushes her chin in thought, "Then I guess we can go south?"

"The Revolutionary Army are in the other directions," Illya responds with a deadpan face. Even Berserker agreed that it was a bad idea.

"Fine. Then what next?" Esdeath asks as she looks at me.

"Sigh. Can Alteration affect people?" I ask Illya.

"Yes, technically." Illya says with a frown, "Alteration works on technically the same principle of Reinforcement, but no one has ever gone so in depth into those two spells. Except you."

"Except me." I echo her response, "Welp. Can Berserker change forms?"

"No." came the reply.

"Then no. We can't hide in the Capital." I respond with a sigh. "Can we meet with Night Raid?"

"There is an extremely low probability seeing that, well, they are part of the Revolutionary army," Esdeath responds as she looks awkwardly away. " Even then, Najenda, the leader of Night Raid, and I have bad memories together."

"How bad?" I ask with a bit of concern as I realize that Esdeath may have sunk our chances.

"I sliced off Najenda's arm after years of being comrades," Esdeath responds with a sheepish expression. Even with her lust for death, she knows that she messed up.

"Great… So, we're done for." Illya says, "Want to blow up the Empire before we die a horrendous death?"

"Yes! I need to get back on that pig." Esdeath darkly mutters as she stares off at the capital.

"What about the people?" I ask, "Don't they deserve an advanced warning? Especially for the poor and those who committed no wrongdoing?"

"And?" Esdeath's eyebrow quirked up, "They sinned for being there!"

"You technically did as well." I say, "And we're not executing you for that."

"Right." Esdeath says, "It's not like you'll kill me. Right, Shirou?" She looks up at me and pouts. What? I-I- Why can't I deny it?

"Fine," I say after an attempt of trying to resist Esdeath and also Illya, who is making the same exact face. "But we're saving that idea for last."

"That's okay." Esdeath says, "As long as I can fucking slaughter those fools... He he he."

Oh no. Esdeath is becoming more and more sadistic. How do I deal with this? I kiss her.

"Wha." Esdeath breathes out in confusion as I sigh in relief. Okay, I got her raging self down. Why I stay with her, I have no idea.

"Yes. yes." I grumble, "Let's go meet up with the revolutionary army. It'll be a whole lot easier to get rid of the Empire with Allies. Or we can ask Path of Peace for aid."

"Sigh. I guess you're right, Shirou." Esdeath sighs before she holds her hand up to me. "Can I see what Alteration does?"

"Illya," I look at my sister, "Will you be okay waiting for us or just leaving Berserker behind?"

"I'll come with you." She chirps before also grasping my hands. Sigh. I did give her a choice. Trace On

Esdeath's hair turns black and her eyes become aqua blue. Illya's hair becomes a more dirty blonde while she has green eyes. My hair turns into white as my eyes turn steel grey. My skin gains a dark tan. Did I?… I did.

"Archer-onee-san?" Illya blinks at me in confusion before she projects a mirror and looks at herself. "Did you really make look like a younger version of Saber?"

She then looks at Esdeath. "You made her look like Rin!"

I'm not the best at disguises.

"This is interesting." Esdeath muses as she picks her now black hair. "This can make infiltration so much easier. And also, who is this… Rin?"

"Oh shit." I whisper, "She was the first thing that I thought up as for a disguise. Rin was an… acquaintance." Probably not best to tell Esdeath that we had a tantric ritual.

Her eyes narrow as she stares at me. Turning away, Esdeath starts to walk away. "You're telling me later."

"Berserker, stay here," Illya instructs her teigu as it nods before standing stock still in the forest.

"Before we head to the city, here." I trace and throw the two of them a brown cloak. I have one in my hand. "This'll help improve our ability to hide."

"Thanks." Both of the girls respond before wearing it. The three of us swiftly leave the mountain and start to walk towards the capital. I trace a rucksack for me to carry as we enter the checkpoint. There are guards lazily standing.

"Hey, Walter. You heard about Esdeath." one guard says.

"Yeah, Patrick. Apparently, she has been secretly communicating with the Revolutionary Army. I'll call bullshit, but you never know who is listening." Walter says as he wrinkles his nose.

"Those imbeciles. I get denounced for not even a day, and everyone just decided to forget me." Esdeath seethes as she clenches her fist tightly. Honestly, she does look like Rin, which is a weird thought. The two then noticed us and places their hands on their swords.

"Halt! Who goes there?" Richard says as he looks at our group.

"We're just travelers," I respond. "I was hunting Danger Beasts with my wife."

"Okay…." He looks intently at our faces before nodding. "Then what about the little girl?"

"Errr, we saved her from a huge Danger Beast attacking her village." I continued with a nonchalant tone as if I was just filing paperwork.

"Interesting. Do you want to leave her with us and we can find her an appropriate household?" He asks with a devilish grin.

"No, that's fine." I lightly say.

"By the way," his friend roles out a freaking message board, "Have you seen any of these people during your travels?"

"No," I respond. Kurome, Run, Wave, Esdeath, Illya, and I were all on it. Damn, the capital has already printed out Wanted posters that fast. We really need to go into hiding. The guards let us in.

"So, Are we going to meet with somebody? Because I doubt that you'll settle with just laying low for the rest of our life." I ask as we walk out of their hearing range.

"You're right. This city is going to be ice under my heel when I'm done with it." Esdeath growls as ice starts to grow under her feet.

"You should probably calm down," I say as I warm up my hand with fire and then touch her shoulder. Immediately, she relaxes.

"When were you practicing?" She asks as she lightly moans and leans into my touch.

"Just now?" I respond, "I just wanted you to calm down. I can stop if it's making you feel uncomfortable."

"Uncomfortable?" Esdeath asks, "No no no. It feels wonderful."

"Good," I reply as we continue to walk. I rub her back. "You know, I know a disgruntled book owner that may introduce us to the Revolutionary Army. He hinted at it quite a bit with his book recommendations."

"Oh? Where is it?" she asks as we finally pass through the capital gates.

"This way." I drag Illya and Esdeath as we skirt the crowds and come face to face to a dark green bookstore. There is a sign on it.

"Closed." I pick up the piece of paper and look at it in confusion. "Where could he have gone?"

"The Empire could've discovered his connection and have him executed." Esdeath muses, "If only I had access to the Imperial Records."

"So we can go to the castle?" Illya bounces up and down as I sigh.

"Fine. It's not like we have many options if you two are getting so cagey. Even then, it seems that there have been some incidents." I say as I look down at a newspaper.

Local Bookstore Keeper Found to be Traitor

"I guess that we found our bookkeeper." Esdeath remarks as she reads the article.

"Yes," I simply reply. What cruelty is this? His head is to be spiked as a warning sign and his body burned. "We're going."

We wander through the city before coming up against the imposing walls of the castle. In front of the gates, there is Lubbock's shocked head impaled on a spear. Sigh, how many people must die? Heck, there is very little ways to save people in this country. Join the Empire, be forced to kill. Join the Revolutionary Army, be forced to kill. Join Night Raid, be forced to kill. Hide away, then I'll never be able to confront the bad guys. This is… an impossible situation.

"We should leave." I absently remark as I notice guards looking at us suspiciously.

"We probably should," Illya responds as she starts to fake whining to Esdeath's annoyance. I can see the wicked gleam in her eyes as she continues to pester Esdeath.

"Fine, dear." Esdeath's face spells doom for Illya's antics as she tightly grips Illya's hand, almost crushing Illya's seemingly-delicate hands.

An explosion from the castle sounds as its walls start to shake. Citizens outside to cry out in fear and run away from the sight. The guards all look at each other and run inside.

"Let's go," I whisper to Esdeath, who grins as she is already one step before me.

"Too late." She sings as a surprised guard gets eviscerated by an icicle.

"Esdeath is HERE!" one of them shouts in fear before his head gets destroyed by a blast of fire.

"I'm sorry." I murmur, even if it is totally not going to excuse that death before following my girlfriend.

I see a blonde haired girl dodging General Budo's lightning strikes. She is not winning.

"Stop desecrating the castle grounds!" he yells as more bursts of lightning narrowly miss the girl.

"Then don't have an ass of a prime minister!" the girl yells as Esdeath humorously chortles at the stupid retort, causing both of the combatants to look at us.

"Esdeath?" Budo quirks his head as he tries to puzzle out Esdeath's different appearance.

"Yes." She smirks evilly as ice starts to crawl up the walls, "I see that you have already forgotten me."

"Your disguise is still on," I whisper to her.

"...Oh." Esdeath awkwardly pauses before she launches an ice missile at Budo, who casually flicks out a lightning bolt.

"Now, you're also desecrating this place?" Budo yells as he starts to produce blue lightning bolts and launching them at us.

Trace On.

"Inheritance of the Thunder Beast's Wrath, Raikiri!" I yell as I trace the blade fabled to cut through lightning and hit the god inside it. Using the skill traced from the blade, I cut straight through the lightning, almost taking off Budo's arm. Such was the case of reinforcing to an insane amount in order to accompany the dexterity required to cut lightning.

"You!" the general shouts out as he deflects my Raikiri through some electromagnetic manipulation. I create a lance made of flames and jab it into his sides, which only singe against his armor.

"Why are you here?" he demands as lightning starts to jitter around his body.

"Same as the blondie." I retort as a bird whacks him in the face. "Illya!"

The wire birds that Illya controls are zipping around, conducting the lightning charge, until they just evaporated from the ionic discharge. Fun. He can deflect any of my weapons except fire, but fire doesn't protect against lightning. I guess that I can use that. Summoning my wings of fire, I fly near him and we have what amounts to a slugging contest. The electricity causes my body to spasm, but my fire is slowly reducing his armor to slag, causing massive burns. I trace Gae Bolg, seeing that I'm close enough to him.

"Barbed Spear that Pierces Death, Gáe Bolg!" I yell as the red spear starts to wiggle, but Budo had already sensed the danger and quickly fly backward. In his place, he left an explosion of lightning to my face. I throw Gáe Bolg towards the floor in order to conduct the charge away from me. It sort of worked.

I make a bow of fire and nock Hrunting to it.

"Soar, Hound of the Red Plains, Hrunting!" I release the arrow and it chases Budo, who twists its path, but the blade-arrow only flew unerringly at him.

Using the momentary distraction, I start to throw fireballs at him and trace more copies of Raikiri.

"Barrels Loaded. Fire!" Copies of Raikiri starts to launch, interrupting and cutting through the lightning bolts that Budo is releasing at me while also dodging Hrunting. Finally, the swords reach Budo and start to cut into him. Their lightning-nullifying abilities channeling and cutting off his ability to throw lightning. Budo, in desperation, lifts up his arm to block the red projectile, but his gauntlet is in shambles. His teigu cracking.

The blade goes straight through his arm, amputating it, and into his heart.

"But, the Emperor." Budo chokes out as his dying body is suspended for a few moments. Then, it collapses from the air, crumpling against the floor.

"So." the blonde looks at us, "My name is Leone." She looks at us with a slight grin, as if expecting us to answer her with our names. Esdeath does it anyway.

"Esdeath." Sigh, let's just give away our names. Why not?



The four of us looks at each other before Leone awkwardly clasps her hands together. "We fighting or not?"

"No." I say as I grasp Esdeath's shoulder, "We're here to… execute the Prime Minister."

"Well, wait for your turn." Leone retorts, "The Revolutionary Army has been waiting for years. And your denouncement provided the fuel. Even now, the Revolutionary Army is mobilizing, arriving in 3 days."

"That will be too slow." Esdeath scoffs, "I want to kill him now."

"Well…." Leone looks to behind her, "My comrades are already doing that."

"What are you doing here, Esdeath?" a voice came from behind us.

"Oh, Najenda." Esdeath blandly replies. "How has your arm been?"

Ahem. Behold the final chapters! To be honest, my level of done with this fanfiction hit about chapter 5, but I didn't want my readers to not be bereft of yet another Akame Ga Kill!/FateStay Night crossover fanfic! You know how I was talking about how this fanfiction may last longer. I lied. There's probably going to only be one more chapter and if you guys really want it, an epilogue. Capeesh? Good.