Like I said I would, I'm doing the rescue that I mentioned in Two Worlds, One Family- The Rescue of Team Prime! Warning for a little bit of the context of this story, there is gonna be major injuries, torture, and near death. But there will also be moments that you will remember for the rest of your fanfiction lives.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Also, no flames.

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"Smokescreen! Smokescreen, wake up!"

Smokescreen, the youngest Autobot member of Team Prime, gave a small moan as he opened his optics, coming face-to-face with the faceplates of his friend and team member, Arcee, who gave a sigh of relief when she saw him awake. "You need to stop doing that," she said, gently stroking the side of his helm.

"Stop doing wh- oh," he remembered. The head of the High Council had shot at Arcee and Bulkhead and he had dived into the path of the shot. His chestplate was smarting like crazy and he gave a small moan as he sat up, a servo clutching his chest. Arcee kept a servo on his back as he looked up at her. "Are you okay?"

"I've been worse," she assured him, rubbing her side, which was covered with dried energon. She had numerous dents and cuts dotting her body, with a long scar across her right optic. Her most serious injury was a long slash along the side of her left leg, cutting into the protoform, which she had gotten only yesterday.

Smokescreen examined her for a few seconds, making sure that she didn't have any recent injuries, then gave a sigh of relief when he saw none. Then he realized something. "Where's Bulkhead?"

"Right here." Smokescreen looked to his left, seeing the large green Autobot Wrecker walk forward. He was covered with cuts and dents as well, and he had a few scars on the backs of his arms and a large cut on the front of his chest, but other than that, Bulkhead was the only one in the group that could still walk.

Smokescreen sighed as he looked at himself. Like the other two, his blue-gold body was covered with cuts and dents, although his were more serious. Massive claw-like gourges were cut into his legs, which were smarting horribly, and several scorch marks were on his chest, with a little bit of energon leaking from both his legs and his chest. Out of all three of them, he was the worst.

"You really should stop doing that," said Bulkhead. Smokescreen gave a short, dry laugh and said, "What makes you think I will?"

Arcee shook her head. "Sometimes you remind me way to much of Optimus. He liked jumping in front of people too."

Bulkhead laughed and remarked, "I remember that. Scared Ratchet half to death most of the time." All three of them chuckled at that, Smokescreen's slightly bitter. A few tears of lubricant traced down his faceplates, and he winced as they ran across a few cuts under his optics.

Arcee noticed his tears and gently wiped them away. "We know," she told him gently, "We all miss him."

Smokescreen nodded. Besides Ratchet, who was probably still traveling out among the stars bringing in Decepticons, Smokescreen had been hit the hardest with Optimus Prime's death. Optimus had almost been like a father-figure to him, and he had to wonder how Optimus had seen him before he had died.

He had never told anyone, but he felt slightly responsible for Optimus' death. Like Optimus diving into the Well at the end of the Great War had been his fault...


Optimus examined the computer consel that he was on, rubbing his optics slightly before looking at the screen again. "Anythin'?" asked a familiar voice.

Optimus turned to see Jazz walking into the room. "No," said Optimus, turning back to the screen, "Steeljaw has vanished yet again."

"You don't think he'll be headin' back to Earth, do ya?" asked Jazz.

"If he can get a ship," said Optimus, "He may have approached the High Council already."

"Have you warned 'Bee yet?"

"We've been trying to send a message," responded Optimus, "But we haven't been able to get through to him."

Jazz looked down at the ground before saying, "What about the rest of Team Prime? Seen anythin'?"

Optimus shook his helm. He was starting to get really worried. The team had vanished a couple of months after he had returned from the Realm of the Primes and was on his way towards Cybertron. According to the few people that Windblade had asked, they had just disappeared. A few of the 'Bots had a few suspicions that the High Council was behind it, although they didn't say it out loud.

Even Knock Out, who had become a medic/bartender in Kaon, had told Windblade, "The High Council has something up their sleeves. And it might have something to do with Team Prime. They've had a grudge against them ever since they slipped in."

Jazz then said, "Ratchet says you should get off the computer. Sittin' in a dark room with a screen on is bad for your optics or so he says." Then, he left the room.

Optimus gave a dry chuckle and a wry smile. Besides Ratchet, Jazz was one of the Autobots that had worried about him during the war. The day that he had joined the small team that was being formed was very hard to forget...


:Uh, Optimus?: came the com-message from Windblade, :We've got a small problem.:

"Yes?" asked Optimus, answering his com-link.

:I just met Jazz,: she said, :And when he heard that I came from Earth, he asked about you. So... he knows about you.:

Optimus gave a small smile. Jazz had been something along the lines of an Earth reporter before the war began, so it was easy for him to get the facts in order and for him to uncover a mystery. So that Jazz had found that he was alive was no shock for him.

Ratchet looked towards him and gave a shrug as he said, "Well, no surprise there."

"You might as well bring him," said Optimus, "He will be very welcome."

The Groundbridge opened as Ratchet pulled down a lever, and Windblade and Jazz came through. "Opie!" yelled the Autobot as he saw Optimus, "Glad to see you back!"

"It's good to see you as well, Jazz," said Optimus, happily shaking servo's with his old friend, "I'm not surprised that you figured out that I'm alive."

"Well, you never leave without sayin' goodbye," said Jazz, chuckling.

:End Flashback:

How true that was, Optimus thought to himself as he powered down the computer and turned to leave the room.

"Optimus," suddenly came a familiar voice. Optimus froze before giving a weary sigh as he turned back to the computer screen. "Now I know how Bumblebee felt," he said in a slightly annoyed tone to Micronus' face, which appeared on the darkened computer screen. "What is it?" he asked.

"And here I thought you'd be happy to see me," said Micronus, "Expecially with the news that I have for you. We found your team."

Optimus looked at Micronus as the Minicon Prime continued, "Shockwave had a secret laboratory underneath Kokular. You wish to ask him how to get in, he's currently in his old lab in the Sea of Rust. Wheeljack should know how to get there if you want to go."

Optimus gave a relieved sigh and said, "Thank you Micronus. The team-I... we've been worried ever since we got here."

"You may not have much time," said Micronus, "You need to hurry. But know this- you may not be the one that will fight the final battle to stop the High Council." And with that, he vanished.


[Sea of Rust]

Wheeljack stood at the edge of civilization, looking out at the large shimmering expanse of the Sea of Rust, although it still retained the luster it had when Cybertron was restored. The old Wrecker had heard that Shockwave was in the old lab that was out there, and he needed to ask old One-Eye where his buddies were. He had a feeling the loner 'Con knew where they were.

"Going out there alone was a hazard during the War," came a familiar- and shocking- voice behind him, "It still is from what Jazz has told me."

Wheeljack whirled around to see the figure standing in the shadows, easily recognizing the shape even with the colors different. "Then you obviously haven't heard from Jazz that I've been doing this for a long time," he finally said, grinning, "But I didn't know you had a tendancy for coming back to life, Prime."*

Optimus stepped out of the shadows of the building he was leaning against, his previous red and blue paint scheme switched out for a desert look, his body now a sandy tan with dark brown on his helmet, legs, and arms. His now golden optics had a kind smile as he said, "It's a long story, and we will have time to discuss it later. Right now, I need your help, Wheeljack."

"Shockwave, I'm guessing," said Wheeljack, "You think he knows where the rest of the team is?"

"He doesn't," said Optimus, "But he does know how to get in."

"Don't mind if I join you, do ya?" asked the Wrecker.

"I was hoping you would ask," answered Optimus with a light smile, "Shall we?"

"Let's roll!" Wheeljack leapt off of the ledge they were on, transforming into his Earth-car alt. mode and taking off, Optimus activating his jet-pack and taking off after him.


They finally made it after a few hours. "So, do we knock?" asked Wheeljack, looking at the large front door that was being guarded by a few Decepticons and a few Insecticons.

"If you want to," said Optimus.

Wheeljack looked at Optimus and gave a very terrifying grin. "Want to have the honors, sir?" he asked, holding up one of his custom gernades.

Optimus nodded, smiling himself, and took the gernade, chucking it straight towards the door. It landed a little ways away from it and rolled up to the doorway, where it promptly exploded, causing the guards to turn to look at them.

"Well, that got there attention," said Wheeljack, grinning, "Ladies first."

Optimus cast him a look, then said, "Age before beauty."

Wheeljack's jaw dropped. "Did you just call me old?"

"It's what you get for calling me a femme," said Optimus, "And you're actually younger than me."

Wheeljack stared at him as he rushed from the cover of the ruined buildings that they were hiding behind, drawing his Prime Decepticon Hunter and shooting a few arcs of electricity at the Insecticons that were flying towards him. "Bulk'," he finally said, drawing his electric whip, "You never told me he has a sense of humor. And enough sass to make Magnus keel over."*

He rushed from the cover of the ruins and joined Optimus. The two of them blasted through the Decepticons and Insecticons and made their way towards the main courtyard. When they reached it, the remaining Decepticons stopped firing and lowered their weapons. "Trap?" asked Wheeljack.

"Possibly," said Optimus. The two veterans tensed when the main screen overlooking the main door came to life, showing Shockwave. :I recognize you,: said Shockwave, pointing to Optimus, :Even though your color has changed. That the two of you are approaching me means that you are requesting for help.:

"You gonna give it to us then?" asked Wheeljack, the servo holding his whip twitching slightly.

:It depends on what you wish from me,: said Shockwave, :but I will not fight.:

"Although your service would be valuable to us, Shockwave," said Optimus, stepping forward and deactivating his sword, "We did not come here to enlist you. We came for information."

:And what would Optimus Prime ask of me?: asked Shockwave, his head tilting to one side slightly.

"There is a secret lab underneath the ruins of Kokular," said Optimus as Wheeljack straightened, "The High Council is using it to hold our friends captive. We must know how to gain access to the lab."

Shockwave stayed silent for a few seconds, then asked, :And why should I help you?:

"The High Council is tormenting you," said Optimus, "Do not think I haven't noticed," he said when the fins on Shockwave's face twitched upwards in surprise, "One of the members of my team noticed the attack. I am working to find what the High Council is trying to do. They are the ones that are holding my team captive and if you help us, I will make sure that you are left at peace and away from the main workings of Cybertron."

Shockwave thought over the compromise for a few seconds, then said, :I find you reasoning to be... logical. I will help you, then leave me be. There is a small entrance where my office was. I will send you coordinates.:

"Thank you, Shockwave," said Optimus, nodding.

"Well then," said Wheeljack, "Shall we get going?"

Bidding Shockwave a polite farewell- or mostly polite in Wheeljack's case- the two of them headed back to the Alchemor.


"Let me go!" yelled Smokescreen, kicking out wildly at the guards that were holding him, "Leave me and my friends alone!"

They finally managed to cuff his wrists and ankles and hoist him up into the air and into a small chamber, which began filling with coolant. Smokescreen gagged as the coolant entered his systems.

The head of the High Council, Cyclonus, entered the room then. "I think it's time that we ended this little charade," he told the captive Smokescreen, "Prepare to tell all of the loved ones that you lost hello, Autobot."

Smokescreen's optic's widened as Cyclonus pressed a button. Powering up systems told him to brace himself, and he bit his lip as pain coursed though his body, electricity entering the coolant and into his body.

Finally, he couldn't take it anymore and he started to scream.

*We all know how true that is.

*...I have absolutely no idea why- or how- I added this. I've never even heard of a sassy Optimus Prime! Someone help my poor mind! I'm panicking! HEEELLLLLLPPPPPP-! *SLAP!* Did you just slap me?

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