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Having left the ORC clubroom including the school, Issei began giving Grayfia a tour of the city, showing her all the local attractions, the parks and anywhere Grayfia wanted to see. As they were walking, Issei noticed that Grayfia attracted a lot of attention towards herself and he could see why. She was breathtakingly beautiful and could easily put to shame any supermodel. Many passerby's immediately took notice of her. The men stared with lust filled eyes while the girls were jealous. Some disgusting men tried to secretly cope a feel of Grayfia but they were instantly beaten away by Issei who acted as her guardian knight or guardian dragon, in this case. Despite all that, Grayfia seemed to be having a good time. Issei then felt his stomach growl and decided to invite Grayfia to dinner.

"How about we eat at a restaurant. My treat" he offered.

"Sure, I could use a bite to eat." Replied Grayfia.

(A/N: the following is dedicated to a certain anime that im sure many of you will already know.)

They stopped in front of the closest restaurant. Luckily, it would seem that they didn't need to make any reservations so they simply entered. A bell chimed signaling a new customer. Immediately, a waiter made his way towards them and greeted them with a smile.

"Welcome to our restaurant, a table for two I assume?" the waiter asked seeing as there was only two of them.

"Yes." Confirmed Issei.

"Very well, please follow me to your table." The waiter then took two menus and motioned them to follow him. He lead them to a table and waited for them to take a seat. Issei, being a gentleman pulled out her chair which earned him a smile from Grayfia before she took her seat. Issei then proceeded to take his own seat before the waiter handed them each a menu.

"Here's the menu. Feel free to take your time to look through it to your hearts content. Once you are ready to order, please let me know and I'll be right with you as soon as possible." The waiter said with a smile.

Issei and Grayfia nodded before the waiter left them.

Issei looked at Grayfia. "It kind of skipped my mind but I never asked you if you were okay with eating in a restaurant like this. I'm assuming you are used to more extravagant settings and I just took us the first restaurant that caught my eye. I apologize if that is in fact the case." Issei said. Grayfia shook her head.

"Not at all, Issei. While it's true that I'm used to, as you said, extravagant and fancy restaurants, they tend to get very stuffy and unbearable considering the number of nobles that attend. I would much rather a simple place like this one. Indeed, this place feels warm and comfortable. I should thank you for bringing me to such a place." Grayfia smiled at Issei. She truly had a beautiful smile and it took a lot for Issei to restrain his instincts to claim her.

"In that case, you're welcome" Issei replied. They browsed their menu a bit more and now, ready to order, they were about to signal to the waiter until they saw someone approach their table that wasn't their original waiter.

"Hello there and welcome to my restaurant. How are you both doing today?" the person welcomed them with a cheery smile.

"We are doing fine, thank you. So, you are the owner?" Issei thanked him for his greeting before inquiring about what he said. They both inspected the owner of the place. He was a man in his late 20's. Had spiky dark red hair with short bangs as well as yellow eyes. Both were quite rare features to possess but what truly caught your attention was the small scar aligned vertically on his eyebrow. If it weren't for his bright and cheery smile, one might accidently mistake him for a possible delinquent.

"Indeed I am. I thought to welcome you to my humble restaurant considering you are new customers. My name is Soma Yukihira and it's a pleasure to welcome you to Yukihira restaurant. I hope you will enjoy our food." Soma introduced himself as he welcomed them to his restaurant. Issei was surprised that the owner himself came to welcome them and also the fact how he immediately knew that they were new customers.

"How do you know we are new customers?" he asked. He received a grin from Soma.

"It's because I know all of my regulars. I always try to mingle with the customers whenever I can. I've been doing this since I was a boy. It's fun" he responded in a cheery way causing both of them to chuckle as they were swept by his charming personality.

"I see but is it alright for you to talk to us now? I'm assuming you are a chef based on your attire so I'm sure you would be busy."

"Nah, it's alright. It's true that my wife and I are the head chefs and she would probably kill me right now seeing me here when we have lots of orders to fill out but luckily she isn't here at the moment. Ah, but don't tell her that if you see her." He said clearly afraid of his wife. Issei and Grayfia couldn't help but laugh causing Soma laughs alongside them.

"Anyways, I know you haven't taken your orders yet so how about you tell me what you like. Otherwise, I can recommend you so.."

"Daddy" Soma was interrupted by his daughter. Issei and Grayfia turned their attention towards and noticed the little ball of sunshine. She looked to be around 5 years old. She had beautiful golden hair as well as her father's eyes. She was absolutely adorable and they weren't the only ones to think so as every customers couldn't help but whisper how cute she was. The regulars already knew her and greeted her.

"What is it Tamako? Can it wait just a bit. I'm about to serve some customers so can you wait just a bit?" Soma asked but Konami shook her head impatiently.

"I challenge you dad to a Sho… Shauko… Shoke" She stumbled trying to remember how that stupid word was pronounced. It was adorable to everyone watching. Soma smiled.

"I believe the word you are looking for is Shokugeki, sweetie" he corrected his daughter who pouted before shaking her head.

"it doesn't matter. I challenge you dad." She shouted. All around, as people began murmuring.

"Oh my god, it's starting."

"Here we go again."

"Tamako, make sure you win this time."

"I was waiting for this. I wonder what dish, Soma will create this time."

Everyone around them seemed to understand what was going on but Issei and Grayfia had no clue. Seeing this, one of their neighbors decided to enlighten them.

"This is something that happens very often in the restaurant. Most of the times, his kids always challenge him to a Shokugeki. You could say it has become the main attraction to the restaurant. Some people only come to witness this as well as to enjoy good food." The guy explained.

"I see but what's a Shokugeki?" Issei asked as he had no idea what the term meant.

"Ah, you see it's a term that comes from the culinary school that Soma graduated from, Totsuki Academy. Its probably the most prestigious culinary school that ever existed where thousands of chefs apply too and only a small handful ever graduate from that place. Yet, Soma not only managed to pass but graduated the first seed of that place. Anyways, Shokugeki is basically the term they used over there to challenge each other to a cooking match. There are judges and everything. However instead of friendly competition, it was a match with stakes there. You could even get someone expelled if you wanted to if the stakes were high enough. Truly a hellish place but what would you expect from a place that seeks to polish the diamonds in the rough into outstanding chefs. Those who graduate from the place are guaranteed a promising career wherever they choose to go. I heard that his wife is also the Headmistress of the place but she decided to leave. In any case, Soma simply uses this term here whenever his children challenge him to a cooking match. It is very entertaining to watch." He finished explaining.

"I see. Thank you" he thanked him for giving him a general explanation. It sounded interesting

"Alright, alright calm down Tamako. Fine, I accept your challenge my dear although we will need judges." Soma said before he looked towards Issei and Grayfia.

"Would the two of you like to be our judges for the challenge? You would get to taste some delicious dishes and if you are still hungry afterwards, I would be more than delighted to cook you something, free of charge." Soma suggested. Grayfia and issei looked at each other.

"What do you think? Do you want to" Issei asked Grayfia.

"I don't mind." She replied making Issei nod before he looked at Soma.

"Alright we will do it. Although we are not food critics so I hope you aren't expecting us to be able to distinguish ingredients and the like." Issei asked Soma.

"Don't worry, you don't need to do that. Simply choosing which dish you believe tastes the best will do. But don't be biased simply because my daughter is cute. She does not like to receive free wins. She gets that from me." He smirked.

"Alright" they both responded.

"Good. Now Tamako, you have 45 minutes to create the best dish you can for our two esteemed judges. You can use any ingredients you find in the kitchen as well as any you brought from home." He told his daughter who nodded showing she understood.

"Alright daddy. Prepare yourself because today is the day I beat you and be the first of all your kids to score a win from you" she boasted before making her way to the kitchen.

"I'm looking forward to it." Soma replied before he also made his way to the kitchen. The great thing about this restaurant is that the kitchen was placed directly in front of the dining room so everyone had a front view seat at the spectacle that is going on in the kitchen. Everyone could see the little Tamako prepare all her ingredients beforehand. She then mirrored her father and tied her headband around her head Definitely, her father's daughter. Both Soma and Tamako began cooking their dishes with everyone in the dining room cheering solely for Tamako. Soma got a bit annoyed that no one seems to cheer for him but then again, he understood why. It was the same thing when his other children challenged him. Even he silently cheered for them since what father doesn't support their children. Issei and Grayfia also cheered for her in their thoughts. She was just absolutely adorable and you could not help but cheer for her. More than that, as they witnessed her begin cooking, they could not believe the incredible amount of skill she seems to possess and she was only 5 years old. Even Grayfia couldn't help but admire her cooking skills. When she was 5 years old, she barely knew how to make eggs. Tamako was no doubt leagues above the children her age. Of course, what Issei and Grayfia didn't know was that Tamako had inherited a certain ability from her mother and that is the God's tongue. A superhuman ability that grants her an ultra-acute sense of taste. With it she is able to accurately identify any and all imperfections in her dish. With it, she can make sure that she will be able to present only the best dish possible. Truly an amazing ability to possess, especially in the culinary world. Forget kids her age, she is easily better than kids 3 times her age and possibly even a few cooks.

Eventually, the smell of both their dishes seem to be carried throughout the diner as it started to smell absolutely divine. Many of the customers started drooling. Issei's stomach couldn't help but growl in hunger once he smelled that. Now, he was glad he took up being a judge since he would get to eat very delicious food.

Eventually, the 45 minute mark had arrived and both Soma and Tamako brought forth their dishes. They each prepared 2 portions. One for Issei and one for Grayfia. First off was Tamako who presented her ravioli dish.

"Here is my dish. It's called Ravioli Di Aragosta. It's a dish inspired by my mom. I hope you enjoy it." She said with a precious smile. Everybody's heart couldn't help but melt at the sight. Grayfia and Issei looked at her dish and simply based on the smell, they knew it was going to be delicious.

"Well, let's dig in." Both of them took a bite and immediately a burst of flavor hit their tongue. It was absolutely delicious. The flavors were all harmonious with each other. The pasta was cooked perfectly. Even Grayfia, who had been to countless diner parties has never tasted such an amazing dish and this was from a 5-year-old. It just goes to show you that the Underworld still has much to learn from Humanity. She wished she could hire her services and train the Gremory cooks to cook like this.

"It's delicious. No two ways about it." Issei said as he continued devouring the dish.

"I couldn't agree more. You cooked the pasta to perfection. I dare say this is probably the best pasta dish I've ever eaten in my life" Grayfia complimented Tamako's dish. Tamako couldn't help but smile before taking off her headband.

"Happy to serve." She said before looking towards her father boastfully. Today was the day she was going to win. Soma smiled and then made his way towards the judges who had cleaned their plates.

"I believe now, it is my turn. Here is my dish. The Transforming Furigake Gohan" Soma presented his dish. It did look stunning. However, Issei and Grayfia couldn't help but notice that it doesn't really have the impact as his daughter's dish. Is there perhaps something more to the dish that they are not seeing? Also what does he mean by transforming?

"Um, why is it called transforming Furikage. Is something supposed to happen after we taste it?" Issei asked however he received a smirk from Soma.

"Who said that my dish was complete?" Soma then took out a bowl that contained what seemed to be yellow cubes. He then poured it on both their dishes and all of sudden, the magic began. The yellow cubes suddenly melted throughout the dish and was absorbed by the chicken and rice. Their senses were suddenly overwhelmed by a delectable smell. Issei couldn't help but drool and Grayfia couldn't help but wonder whether or not the man had cheated by using magic or not. All they knew is that they absolutely had to take a bite. They immediately started eating Soma's dish and they were absolutely blown away. (Lol, if this were the anime, their clothes would burst from the impact. You can imagine that yourself if you want :D :D)

The chicken was absolutely tender. The rice was cooked to perfection and yet they both seem to balance each other all thanks to those cubes that Soma had added. It was absolutely divine. In the blink of an eye, they had finished their bowls and seemed to look sad that their meal was gone.

Now it was time to declare a winner and as much as Issei and Grayfia wanted to declare Tamako the winner, there was no doubt that although her dish was absolutely amazing, Soma's dish took it to the next level and surpassed her's by a mile. The combination of flavors and ingredients were harmonized and the dish itself was absolutely stunning. That is why, they both immediately pointed towards Soma's dish thereby declaring Soma to be the winner of this little contest.

"It would seem that I win again my little angel" he smiled at Tamako who seemed to be pouting at her defeat. She may have lost the match but she had probably won everybody's hearts. With a sigh, she calmed down and took out a notepad. Her father did the same thing and they started scribbling something.

"I believe this is my 10th win Tamako." He stated as he finished writing in his notepad before putting it away. His daughter did the same. She looked annoyed that she lost but she wouldn't give up.

She looked up defiantly at her father "I swear I'll win next time. I'll make sure to one day surpass you" she stated before rushing off to ponder on new dishes. Soma simply smiled as he followed the form of his daughter. "I know you will, sweetie" he whispered before looking towards his esteemed judges.

"Well, let me thank you for going along with our little contest. I trust the food was satisfactory? Also, I promised that should you still remain hungry, I would cook you some more food. Free of charge as promised. What do you say?" he inquired but Issei and Grayfia shook their heads. They ate more than enough food to fill their bellies. Technically, Issei could eat more but he didn't want to take advantage of Soma's generous offer. His stomach was satisfied and it seems so was Grayfia's so there was no need for more food.

"It's alright. We both had more than enough food to satisfy us. It was absolutely delicious. Thank you very much." Issei thanked him for the delicious food they served.

This time, it was Soma's turn to remove his headband in the same way as his daughter and said his signature phrase. "Happy to serve. Now I better return to the kitchen before"

"Before what?" Soma felt a chill crawl down his spine as he heard a very familiar and frightening female voice behind him. He slowly turned around praying to any diety that was listening that the person behind him was not who he knew it was going to be. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be as he came face to face with the scariest women on the face of this planet… his wife. There she was in all her beauty, Erina Nakiri or Erina Yukihira. Despite the fierce glare she was giving him, it did not subtract anything from her beauty.

"H-Hey there Erina, I-I-I didn't expect you to-to be back this early. Did you finish your errands?" Soma was clearly sweating a lot after seeing his wife. Erina scoffed "I met your father on the way and with his help I was able to finish earlier than expected" Erina pointed behind her and sure enough, Soma saw his father waving at the poor boy. He remembered all the times he was in this situation with his late wife and boy was he scared.

"Hey dad. Fancy seeing you here." Soma tried desperately to shift the conversation around but Erina was having none of that.

"Oh no you don't mister. Stop looking towards Saiba-sama for help. How many times have I told you that you need to be in the kitchen 24/7 especially on busy nights like this? I understand you like to talk with the customers Soma but as the head chef, you need to be in the kitchen directing the other chefs so our food is cooked to perfection and especially when I'm not here. You know this and yet you keep doing it." Erina criticized her husband with her glare still present causing Soma to sweat. He turned to his father asking for help with his gaze but Joichirou shook his head.

"Sorry squirt, I can't help you. I know from experience not to get in the way of a woman's scorn from your mother. Now, where is my precious granddaughter at" Joichirou chuckled at his son's predicament before leaving his son to his fate and searching for Tamako.

Issei and Grayfia also laughed at the spectacle in front of them, the same can be said for all the customers around them. All in all, they both had a pleasant time but it was time for them to leave, especially Grayfia whose day off is about to end.

As they were about to leave, Soma came by alongside his wife to give his goodbyes.

"Once again, I would like to thank you both for participating as judges in our little cooking contest and I hope your experience has been satisfactory." Soma smiled.

"Indeed, the food has been nothing but delicious. You can bet that I will be coming by again next time." Issei gave him a thumbs up which Soma reciprocated. Erina, however sighed.

"I apologize that the two of you got caught up in my husbands shenanigans but I would also like to thank you for judging my daughters dishes fairly. She is a little too competitive. Something she got from her father." Erina stated.

"Hahaha, she sure did but I would say she also got that from her mother. Is that not, right?" Soma smirked at Erina causing her to smack the back of his head. There was also a blush on her cheeks as she couldn't really deny the accusation. She was as much competitive as her husband and still is.

"It was no issue what so ever. We had a great time and experienced great food. I have to say that I haven't had this much fun at a restaurant in years." Grayfia stated letting her know that it was no trouble at all.

"In that case, I won't take any more of your time. Besides, there are still a few customers to take care of so I will head back to the kitchen. Afterwards, you can close up Soma." Erina told her husband who nodded.

"Sure, no problem." He then gave her a quick kiss. Inside, you could hear Tamako going 'ew' when she spotted her parents kissing each other. This caused Joichiro to laugh as he remembered this exact scene when his boy used to see him and his wife kiss. Truly, like father like daughter. Erina then proceeded to return to her kitchen but not before waving goodbye to the two.

"Alright, I guess we should head back as well. Thank you for the food." Issei thanked Soma for the food.

"It was our pleasure. You can come by anytime with your girlfriend and we will be happy to serve you some more delicious food." Both Issei and Grayfia blushed a crimson red at the statement.

"W-Wait, um… she is not my girlfriend" Issei tried to correct him while stuttering. Soma raised a brow.

"Oh, is that so? Well, you certainly do make for a great couple so I assumed otherwise." Soma smirked. Even though they say they aren't a couple, he could tell that they both shared feelings with one another so it was probably only a matter of time until it happened. It was a similar situation between himself and his wife.

"Well, in any case, I bid you farewell and I look forward to the next time you come by. Have a pleasant evening, both of you." Soma waved the both of them goodbye before going back to his establishment. Issei and Grayfia bid their own farewell and left. Issei took her back to the Academy. By now it was closed so there was no one there except most likely the Student Council President as well as Rias and their peerages. As they arrived, Grayfia turned towards Issei.

"Thank you very much for showing me around Kuoh, Issei. I really appreciate it." Grayfia thanked him for spending the day with her and showing her around.

"Of course, it was my pleasure Grayfia. I hope I can take you out again for another time" Issei smiled towards Grayfia, not realizing that he had technically asked her out on a date. Something Grayfia clearly understood, if the blush on her cheeks were any indication. She decided to be bold.

"I would love that. Also, allow me to offer you a token of my appreciation." Grayfia approached Issei and gave him a kiss in the cheek. There was no way in hell that Issei did not appreciate the gesture. If his tail was out, it would no doubt be swinging wildly right about now. He also needed to calm down because his instincts started flaring again demanding him to claim the beauty in front of him. He could not deny that he felt affection towards the silver haired beauty in front of him. Dragons were simple creatures that way. They knew what and who they liked immediately. For now, he needed to calm down however that does not mean that he could not return the gesture which he assumed she wouldn't mind considering her recent actions. Which is why he decided to reciprocate her action with a kiss of his own on her cheek. They then slowly separated before glancing at one another. They seemed to be captivated by each others gaze unable to turn around. Before either of them knew, their faces started approaching until they both shared a kiss. The kiss lasted but a moment before Issei realized what he was doing and quickly separated himself before bowing in apology to Grayfia. His face flushed a bright crimson. Damn his instincts!

"I'm so sorry. I-I don't know what came over me. Please forgive me." Issei apologized. With his head lowered however, he could not see Grayfia crimson blush of her own. It would be a lie if she said she did not enjoy it. It has been a very long time since she had developed any kind of feeling for another man and it would seem that Issei Hyoudou is slowly making his way into her heart.

"It's alright. You do not need to worry about it. Believe me, I would have stopped you if I didn't want it Issei and to be truthful I enjoyed it" Grayfia revealed causing Issei to raise his head extremely fast and look at her in wonder.

"R-Really" Issei couldn't help but wonder if this meant that she may feel the same feelings as him.

"Indeed!" she answered with a smile that took his breath away. She looked absolutely divine. For a moment, he lost control of himself as his tail suddenly materialized behind him and starting wagging in joy like a puppy. Luckily, they were alone and no one was around. Grayfia say that and couldn't help but chuckle

'ufu despite being an almighty dragon, he has some adorable sides to him' she thought to herself. Despite the fact that she would have wanted to spend more time with the man in front of her, she noticed that it was about time for her to return to the Underworld and return to her maid duties. She slowly back away and bowed gracefully.

"Thank you very much for accompanying me throughout the day Issei. It has been quite a while since I was able to truly enjoy my time. For that, I thank you." Grayfia thanked Issei for today. She had an amazing time and to say anything otherwise would make her liar.

"It was my pleasure Grayfia-san" Issei lifted Grayfia hand and kissed the back of it like a gentleman despite the fact that his instincts were asking him to assault her but he remained in control… somewhat. "I also had a blast today and I am happy to hear you were also able to enjoy it. I hope we can do this again someday" Issei hoped he would be able to spend more time with her. Grayfia chuckled before answering

"I'm sure that could be arranged. Until then, have a pleasant evening and good night Issei-san" Grayfia bid him good night.

"Have a good night Grayfia" Issei waved her goodbye before she teleported back home to the Underworld. Issei could barely hold himself together as he couldn't believe how he was able to spend the day with Grayfia. Today was amazing and he couldn't wait to see her again next time.

"Time to head home I guess" he said out loud. Although thinking about home, that got his mind rolling. His parents and his mates will probably tease the crap out of him about his night out with the Silver haired beauty. Issei sighed and shrugged.

After looking around and making sure no one was around, he teleported to his home.

(In an abandoned building on the outskirts of Kouh)

Three people could be seen having a meeting with each other. One of which was covered in a cloak. The other was a priest based on his clothing and the last one was a fallen angel with 10 wings coming from his back.

"Is everything ready yet" said Kokabiel who is revealed to be the fallen angel.

"Patience Kokabiel, everything is moving along according to plan." Said Valper Galilei with a smirk.

"I have everything ready on my end. All my pawns are ready for deployment. All we need now is to wait for the pieces to come into place" said the cloaked person with a jowly attitude.

"Speaking of which, what are the movements of the remaining Excalibur pieces?" asked an impatient Kokabiel. He has been waiting a long time for this and he couldn't wait any longer.

"Good news on that front. I've learned from my sources that Michael is sending two exorcists that hold Excalibur Mimic and Destruction here to retrieve the ones we stole. Haha, how utterly foolish! I cannot believe he is only sending two weak exorcists against us yet also being kind enough to bring the other pieces with them. They must severely be underestimating us if they are sending those two. Does Michael not know by now that you are responsible for the theft?" Valper mocked the forces of Heaven. Kokabiel smirked.

"Michael is just as much as a fool then Azazel. He is to scared to send his forces here out of fear for starting another Great War. If anything, I am thankful that he is delivering me the missing pieces that we need. With this, we will have 6 fragments. Speaking of which, how goes the search for the final piece doctor." Kokabiel looked towards the cloaked figure who was responsible for the search. Unfortunately, he did not receive the answer he wanted as the doctor shook his head.

"My apologies, however I wasn't able to find a single trace of Excalibur Ruler anywhere despite searching literally everywhere. Either the final piece of Excalibur was truly destroyed or whoever has is doing an incredible job in hiding it. I can keep searching but I cannot make any promises as to whether I'll find it or not." The cloaked figure suggested however Kokabiel shook his head.

"No forget about it. The fact that we will hold 6 of the 7 pieces is more than enough for our plan to succeed. Spreading our forces thin for a search that will not bare any fruit is pointless. Call the search off and start gathering all our forces. When are the 2 exorcists arriving?" he inquired looking at Valper.

"They should arrive soon. Tomorrow or the day after at the latest based on my information." He answered earning a demonic grin from Kokabiel.

"Perfect, make sure to prepare by the time they arrive. How about you? how goes that little project of yours." Kokabiel shifted his attention to his other companion.

"It's going perfectly. Thanks to the materials that you have gifted me, I was able to create several magnificent specimens. Truly, only someone of my talents could have been able to achieve such a feat in a short amount of time. I should even be able to finish several others if you can spare a few men to help speed the process" the doctor stated.

"I can provide such assistance. I'll send a few of my men to help" Valper offered.

"Much appreciated."

"That's settled. However, we still have one glaring issue to deal with. What do we do about that dragon? He will prove to be a massive thorn in our plans" Valper asked his companions.

"Are you referring to the dragon we saw in the Phenex match?" his cloaked companion asked to which Valper nodded.


"Have you already grown cold feet, Valper?" mocked Kokabiel.

"Not at all. However, I would like for our plan to go through without a hitch and that dragon is a cause for concern considering that he seems to be a part of the Gremory group. His power is tremendous and no offense to you Kokabiel however he may hold even greater power than you." Valper explained his reasoning.

"You do not need to worry about that. I've already hired someone that will be able to deal with him. He seemed all too eager once I showed him his opponent." Smirked Kokabiel as he mentioned that he had everything under control. He understood a bit where Valper was coming from. Based on the video, this Issei Hyoudou holds tremendous power and even though he fancies him a battle junkie, he is no fool to not prepare.

"In any case, the preparations are in place. All we need now is to wait for these exorcists to arrive and we can begin the next phase. Make sure you both are ready." Both his companions nodded before they ended the meeting. They were all excited as their plan is finally coming into fruition. The Three Great Factions will not be able to stop this and Kokabiel will finally be able to reach his goal. Another Great War!

Chapter End

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