A/N: Penguins say gay rights. Norma Jean's heartsong uses female pronouns.

Norma Jean is surrounded by heartsongs, all around her, pinning her in and drowning her like ice. So many songs filling the air, but she's still so lonely. She cries out her heart to the throng, lonely, feeling so lonely until -

High above her, silhouetted on the ridge.

Memphis is not a nobody; they've met. Norma's never heard her sing is low, and smooth, and deep, her song fits with hers and twines to her bones, wraps around her heart and doesn't let go.

Through the long dark, they go to the sea together, and slip through the deep currents, and hunt on trails of silver.

They come back with enough fish in their bellies to sustain Buir, whose mate was caught by an elephant seal and his chick, who Maurice's newly hatched Gloria named Mumble.

They care for Mumble, their chick with eyes bluer than the deep ice, while his father sings his loneliness to the eternal sun until he joins Laar in song with the Great 'Guin.