People get heart disease,people get pacemakers,people get implanted defibrillators,but Batman was not one of those people,so how did this happen to him.

He first noticed the chest pains,when he was forty,by forty one he had suffered his first heart attack,and at forty three,he expirened his first shock.

It was out of know we're and it felt like a hammer exploded in his chest,but it saved his life from a dangerous why he is so nervous of another event.

Here in the Batmobile parked behind a grocery store,he became lightheaded,he knew the device in his chest was going to activate,and he hoped it was just a single shock.

When he woke,he knew he was in trouble,because he passed out,he knew his time in Gotham may be on its last minutes.

When he reached to call Alfred BOOM another shock,now he knew he was in Trouble,BOOM another.

Batman hit the emergency button for Superman this was bad,and he needed a hospital right away,BOOM another.

Superman responded Bruce what's the emergency.

Batman responded my defibrillator is goi BOOM

BATMAN SUPERMAN YELLED hold on I am on my way

Superman reached the Batman mobile and rip the roof off,he grabbed a passed out Bruce and flew him immediately to Gotham General hospital.

Landing he rushed in through the emergency doors and said he has heart problems and a internal defibrillator it's been going off


Bruce woke briefly and then closed his eyes again


Doctors and nurses rushed to his aid immediately

The head doctor turning to Superman,we have to remove the mask and armore exposing his identity,we won't

Superman raised his hand just save his life


Bruce once again awoke,this time to doctors and nurses removing his gear,he knew this event was bad,he just hoped Superman got him here in time.


A doctor turned to Superman,we can't wait for a ultra sound,or a catch lab,we need you to look in his chest and tell us what's wrong.

Superman looked at Bruce's chest and focused on his heart,cardiac arithmea very bad.

Alfred rushed into the room,I am Alfred he announced this is med list

I am Doctor Cho,we need to get him to the operating room now,and just like that he was wheeled away.

Superman turned to Alfred,I won't be able to handle it if he dies,Alfred if he lives he must retire.

Alfred held back tears,as the rest of the Justice league came storming in.

Flash asked how is he,and with that a tear rolled from Supermans eye,

Wonder women closed her eyes,and whispered,God please save him

And with that the fight to save Bruce Wayne/Batmans life began

To be continued