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Angel chased after Buffy, upset with himself for vamping-out in front of 'Lady Useless.' It was only luck that he'd run into Willow, who apparently had turned into a ghost of all things whereas Buffy had turned into a 16th century noble-woman. "Why couldn't she have dressed up as Cat Woman or something, like Xander did?" the ensouled vampire asked himself.

That was the other odd thing – Xander Harris had dressed up as Captain America and actually became the First Avenger, just like so many others had turned into their costumes. Angel didn't know or care how it happened, all he cared about was protecting Buffy.

Unfortunately it was at that moment that he spotted Spike grab Buffy and without so much as a preamble William the Bloody snapped the slayer's neck.

"No!" Angel screamed, pulling a stake and charging his grand-childe.

The pair fought it out for a while, but that was when a dark-haired woman dropped from the sky wearing gold and red armor and wielding a sword and shield straight out Greek history. She quickly decapitated Spike before turning on Angel.

"Foul demon-spawn, I'll send you back to Tartarus!" Wonder Woman cried as she swung her sword with inhuman speed. The mourning vampire had barely recognized that the Amazon was Buffy's mom before she took his head off as well.

"This is a problem. A big one," one of the robed figures said as they watched what was going on from a shimmering portal.

"The temporal backlash from the Key being turned into the Slayer's younger sister has already happened. I thought the spell wasn't supposed to affect the timeline that much?" a feminine voice demanded.

"That's the butterfly effect, Jasmine," an amused voice said as the owner entered the chambers. "Plus free-will. I know, you don't much care for it yourself – but if you want to throw someone's plans off, drop a rock in the water!"

"Janus!" the female member of the Powers-that-Be hissed. "Is this your doing?"

"Oh please!" The two-faced god protested. "My only involvement is allowing Ethan Rayne's spell to go off. Everything else is just the repercussions of the avalanche caused by the pebble thrown by the Order of Dagon. Amazing how having a younger sister threw things off so badly. Not only is the Slayer-Who-Lived dead, but so is your champion. My-my-my, what ever shall you do? And what will the fallout be? Let's take a look, shall we?"

Janus waved his hand and the images in the portal sped up, quickly showing the future – and none of it happened the way the Powers-that-Be would ever want.

"Hmmm," Janus hummed with a smirk. "Looks to me like this timeline isn't going to end well. I'm pretty sure the creator will just recycle this universe. I may have an idea as to how you might salvage things... if you allow me a free hand."

"Speak, Janus," another of the Powers demanded.

"Easy! We select certain individuals, and let them keep the powers and skills of their costumes. That should compensate for the loss of the Slayer as well as Angel," Janus answered with a grin.

"Who did you have in mind?" he replied. Janus just grinned.

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