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Chapter 4

A higher plane of existence

Jasmine sighed as she reviewed the terms of the treaty agreed upon by the Powers that Be and the various demonic factions over what was being referred to as 'The Halloween Incident.' It had taken years in a time-compression chamber to hammer out that deal, and while Jasmine was satisfied that her plans for The Mother and the Grandfather could be salvaged, concessions had to be made.

The biggest concession was that for each person who kept their powers, each of the thirteen factions got an equal champion. The worst was that Malebolgia got a Hell Spawn to counter Joyce Summers. Though fortunately for Jasmine's plans, Mammon had provided a list of Master-level vampires to act as his chosen champions – which included Angelus. The downside to that was The Ram demanding he be given immunity to the Gypsy Soul Curse for a Year and a Day.

"But there are ways around that," she said to herself. She'd already had Skip abduct Angelus shortly after he had appeared on the streets of Sunnydale the night after Halloween and take the Vampire to a Hell-Dimension where time flowed faster. By the Winter Solstice, the Soul Curse would be able to take effect. She'd already inspired Janna of the Kalderesh to research the Soul Curse so it could be cast.

Another Problem though was that Lilith had demanded access for Crossroads Demons - and while that would piss of D'Hoffryn something fierce, it did prove to be a problem as that would lead to even more souls being lost. And Malebolgia was up to something - he hadn't forced a concession allowing Hellspawn since Sir John of England eight centuries ago. And the Triad was up to something as well.

The Prison of the First Evil

The First was literally bouncing off of the walls of its prison as it raged and screamed during its week-long temper-tantrum. Without the Slayer line being split the First was fully trapped. What was worse, was that the witch needed for its plans of activating every potential to completely undo the Seal had died on the same night!

At least Caleb is creating my Bringers, it thought as it calmed down after feeling the pain of bashing its metaphysical head against the walls of its prison sunk in. Enough Bringers and I won't needthe stress caused by the existence of multiple Slayers being active to spread my influence.

Thanks to its own foresight, the First had empowered Caleb as much as it could get away with without the Powers that Be taking notice. That would allow Caleb the ability to show his power – allowing the fallen priest to recruit more followers. "Focus on Satanists and pagans who follow darker gods," he had instructed his lieutenant.

Giving the equivalent of a sigh, The First had to admit that time was on its side. While it would love to be free immediately, adding a decade or two wouldn't matter much now that it had a devout follower in Caleb. Besides, it had gleamed enough from the minds of the fallen to know that with Harris staying in the fight, the chances of another split in the Slayer line was likely.

Sunnydale Cemetery

Friday November 8th, 1997

10 PM

"Xander behind you!" Willow yelled, even as she focused her fear and anger at knocking a fledgling vampire on his butt. Xander performed a should roll John Wu would be proud of, scooping up the super-soaker that had been knocked out of his hands and blasting the vamp in the face and mouth – incapacitating it.

Pulling a stake even as he kicked another vamp right in the balls he dusted first that vamp, then the one he sprayed with the holy-water-filled toy. "Thanks, Wills!" he said with an easy grin before tossing his oldest (and now ghostliest) friend his stake so she could finish off the last one. Judging by the smile on Willow's face, Xander was willing to bet that she was enjoying herself just a smidgen since she couldn't be hurt.

This was the third group of fledglings they'd run across tonight. Apparently the vamps had been on a recruitment drive since word had gotten out that the Slayer had died. Xander had spent the past week getting used to his improved physique as well as getting used to Captain America's fighting style.

While Xander hadn't retained any of the emotional context of Steve Rodgers's life, he remembered everything else as if he'd lived it. Every fight, every conversation, it was as if Xander had been a passenger in Steve's body while the man lived his life. It was... an experience to say the least.

At least I kept Cap's muscle memory, even if he wasn't used to fighting vampires, Xander thought to himself. Luckily his own hard-earned skills fighting the undead blended pretty well with what he got from the first Avenger – but ye gods did he wish he had a shield! Still, Steve Rodgers had been a master of Akido, boxing, Judo, Karate, Kickboxing, as well as gymnastics. What's more, was Cap had blended those skills seamlessly into his own fighting style and Xander was capitalizing it.

"You move almost like Buffy, but more... professional?" Willow had commented after the second of the three groups they'd run across. Which made sense since the Slayer fought on pure instinct whereas Captain America had trained.

"So, make a quick appearance at the Bronze before checking in with G-man?" Xander suggested.

"Sounds good. Do you think Buffy's mom is back from picking up Mr. Zabuto and Kendra?" Willow asked.

"Dunno. Could be. I wonder what she's like, given that she was trained to be a Slayer since she was a kid?" Xander wondered aloud as they headed for the only club in town that they had access to.

The two friends debated whether or not Kendra would be more effective than Buffy, with Xander arguing that Buffy had a support group to draw on while Willow argued that Kendra had been basically raised to be a Slayer. They both agreed it was a little wigsome that the Council apparently went out of its way to acquire and train potentials – cutting them off from most human interaction.

"Really, if you don't have something to fight for, it's going to make you not survive very long," Xander pointed out. "I think that more than anything is what kept Buffy going."

"Wow, Xander, that's really insightful," Willow commented.

"I'm wounded you sound so surprised!" he said as he clutched his heart like he'd been stabbed. "Wounded!"

"Not yet you ain't," a voice said from the alley they'd just passed. "But let's see if I can fix that."

Turning, they spotted a quartet of vampires. Two were guys in regular clothes – if they were living in the 80's, one was a woman in bell-bottoms, and the last was wearing a tracksuit. Xander gave Willow a quick smile before bringing up his super-soaker and pulling the trigger, turning it back and forth so he got the four vamps in their eyes. Meanwhile, Willow pulled a stake from Xander's pocket and went for the woman – ducking her blind flailing and dusting her.

Pulling his own stake, Xander took out Tracksuit even as Willow went for one of the 80's rejects – though she missed his heart as he had turned and made a mad-dash for the alley. The other reject was already running.

"How much you wanna bet they left a manhole cover open and will be in the sewers before we can reach them?" Xander asked.

Willow just shook her head. "No bet. Let's just go scope the Bronze real quick and check in with Giles."

The Bronze itself was quiet – especially given that it was nearly closing time. Thankfully there didn't appear to be any vampires in attendance or even stalking the alleyways nearby – Xander had scouted inside while Willow had scoped the alleyways. That done, the two friends made their way to the school just in time to see a rather scary looking female demon ripping the doors off of the library.

"Oh for crying – come on!" Xander said as he ran inside after the demon, Willow hot on his heels.

Just outside the Sunnydale Library

10:30 PM

Eyghon grinned as she approached the Library. Since it had been a bit of a walk to get there from the cheap motel she'd gotten her current host from, she had taken the time to go through the girl's memories.

The girl was truly a lost child, changing her name at the drop of a hat. Joan Appleby had gotten involved with a cult when she was thirteen and was renamed Sister Sunshine. After the cult's leader had been arrested for abusing the girls he had lured in, she reinvented herself as Chantarelle and was a vampire groupie of all things. The foolish girl actually thought vampires were romantic and lonely souls just like her!

And apparently there was a club full of those fools, and 'Chantarelle' was supposed to be meeting her friends there when she had been drugged by Ethan Rayne. From there Eyghon could only guess what had happened – Ethan most likely created a new mark on the girl mixing his own blood in with the ink he used to make the tattoo. Even the most basic of obscuring spells would have kept Eyghon from noticing the 'transfer.'

Such a clever little mage. It'll be so much fun making his head burst like a pimple, Eyghon thought to herself. But to do that I need Rupert and Phillip in one piece.

Feeling her own power was limited by the fact that her host had been drugged, Eyghon regretted that she didn't have time to go on a recruitment drive. A physically stronger and willing host along with a large number of loyal marked followers would have provided the demon with the strength of a dozen men. As it was, she might be able to take on a master-level vampire and win.

Not that she'd need that level of strength once she dealt with those traitors. After all, it wasn't like there was a Slayer presently on the hellmouth – which was awfully irresponsible of the Watcher's Council now that she thought about it. That actually brought the demon up short and she paused and cocked her head in thought.

"Either their Slayer is dead and the new on is on the way, or she's been sent off of the hellmouth," Eyghon finally decided before continuing her walk. Grinning as she reached the library she didn't bother with opening the door normally – she just grabbed and pulled, ripping the whole door free of its frame and tossing it aside.

Completely disregarding the teenage boy and his ghostly companion running straight at her, Eyghon entered the library and smiled as she set her eyes on her two traitorous acolytes. "Hello boys, did you miss me? I so missed you."

Author's Notes:

I know, Cliffhangers are just a little bit evil. Sue me.

Eyghon is the gender of whomever it is possessing. So since its current host is a woman, Eyghon is referred to with feminine pronouns. Since Ethan Rayne knows his plan to get Buffy killed was successful, he chooses are random victim to move his tattoo to. I'm honestly surprised no one tried to guess who it was.

Yes there is a future Spawn crossover coming up. But first, Angelus will be showing up as well.

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