From someone named Maddy: 'Can white ink taste like marshmallows?'

No. No it can't. First, I need to explain some color theory.

Color is basically one light being bounced off an object while the rest goes through it, making the object the reflected color. White is all of the colors together, and that shows in the ink. Each color has its own flavor without rhyme or reason. What happens in white ink is that all those flavors get mixed up. The end result is so overpowering that Gail's tastebuds kinda just...give up. They tell her brain it tastes like nothing.

Anon: 'What are Gail's powers exactly?'

Gail doesn't have many powers, but the ones she does have stems from Bendy and from Henry's status as the Creator.

-Basic ink manipulation: She can manipulate the ink on people in order to help them look more on-model. She made Sammy what could decently pass for a face during one of his calm moments.

-Teleportation: She can go through ink puddles and reappear somewhere else in the studio. Most of the time however she prefers to do it with Bendy, since he can haul her out if something goes wrong.

-Telepathy: Psychic link with Bendy. Sends thoughts or emotions- they think either of them could probably see the other's memories, but they haven't bothered trying.

-Understanding: She can understand what everyone can say after a few days of practice.

Guest: 'What would happen if Bendy got covered in invisible ink? Would he turn invisible or something? Or does it not work like that?
Just a random thought.'

Gail and Bendy shared looks.

"Well, no to being covered. He- and to me now, to an extent- is made from black ink. It would just slid off. Like colored ink. We absorb black and acetone, although the latter hurts. Now, if we drank it..." The girl thought, not noticing her brother disappear through a wall portal. She looked up when he reappeared. A vial of invisible ink was in hand.

They shared looks.

Gail uncorked it with her thumb and took a gulp. She blinked before examining the bottle. "This doesn't taste like anything. Do I look any different?"

"Not really?"

They shrugged.