Chapter #1

Looking around King's Cross station in London, England was different for Ginny Weasley when she was actually going to Hogwarts, instead of the 8 times she had gone at start of year to drop off her brothers. The first time Ginny had been there, she could slightly remember. She had only been three. It was to drop off her oldest brother Bill, who now worked in Egypt, for Gringotts International Wizarding Bank. The second time, to drop off her brother Charlie, had been clearer, but she was still not sure what they were doing. She just remembered it was noisy, and now, as well as Bill, Charlie was going to be going to a school in which he would disappear for a year. Charlie now worked with dragons in Romania. Then, when she was seven, there was another special occasion. Percy was starting. She hated for her first proper memory of dropping off one of her older brothers to be an absolute nightmare. Charlie and Bill were excited to go back to Hogwarts, and Percy was talking very loudly to the whole station about how he was starting, and Fred and George, her twin brothers, were teasing her about how she had to wait the longest to go to Hogwarts, and how little she was. Then Fred and George started in 1989. They, like Percy, felt the need to tell everyone they were starting. They did it in a more ambitious way. And active. But now she was starting.

"Ginny, you next, after Fred and George." Said Molly Weasley.

''Yes, Mum.'' Ginny grasped her trolley, and ran at the barrier between platforms 9 and 10. She went right through, onto platform 9 and 3/4. She saw Fred and George, and walked toward them, even if they were with a boy with dreadlocks, that was named Lee Jordan. From all the letters her Mum had gotten about Fred, George, and Lee getting in trouble, she had a feeling that approaching them was not her best option. Then Percy appeared behind her, followed by her parents, and a jet-black haired boy.

''Now, Ginny, do you have all your things?'' Asked Molly.

''Yes, Mum.'' Said Ginny. ''I just don't have anyone to sit with.''

''Well, I'm sure you will find someone, dear. Listen to your teachers, don't listen to Fred and George, make some friends, do well in school, and don't get in to trouble. Alright, find a seat.'' Molly kissed her youngest child on her head, and left her to give Fred and George their termly warning not to get into trouble.

''Bye, Ginny. Have a good year. Send me lots of owls. Try not to get in trouble.''

''Yes, Dad. Bye. I hope I make friends.'' Said Ginny.

''You will. Don't worry. Try to get sorted into Gryffindor. Don't get sorted into Slytherin. Have fun.'' Ginny nodded. Then she picked up her trunk, and stepped onto the train.

Walking down the middle of the train pulling her trunk, she wondered if she should have gotten on the train so early. Looking out one of the windows, she heard Fred, George, and Percy talking loudly.

''I should be going. The prefects have 2 carriages to ourselves.''

''Oh, are you a prefect Percy? Why didn't you tell us?''

''Hold it, George. I remember him saying something once.'' Ginny giggled. Percy had been bragging ever since the Hogwarts letters were delivered.

''Oh! That's right, Fred. He said something about it once. Or was it twice?''

''Quite right. I think it was three times.''

''Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Hold your thestrals. You're going overboard, Freddie. It's all summer.'' Ginny laughed, then walked down the corridor to find an empty compartment. She looked in a couple, then saw the black-haired boy all by himself.

''May I sit here?'' she asked. The boy looked up and nodded. ''I'm Ginevra Molly Weasley. Most people call me Ginny.''

''I'm Harry. Harry James Potter.''

''Really? That's awesome. I've read all sorts of stories about you. How you defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named! I could have never done it. It's a pleasure to meet you.''

''You too, Ginny. I'm having fun away from my idiotic aunt, uncle, and cousin. Want to be friends?''

''Sure! I don't know anyone that goes here. Except 3 of my brothers. I have 5!''

''Wow. Are they all wizards?'' he asked. Ginny was enjoying this conversation.

''Yup.'' She said. Harry was enjoying the conversation too. Then the whistle blew, and the train began to move.

''Anything from the trolley! Anything from the trolley!'' Yelled a witch walking by with a treats trolley.

''No, thanks. I don't have any money.'' Said Ginny, while Harry stood up. A minute later, he came back with a bit of everything.

''Wow.'' Said Ginny.

''Have something.'' Said Harry, and Ginny picked up a chocolate frog. He then asked, ''Are those actual frogs?''

''Well, sort of. They're completely chocolate, but they jump like frogs. One time, Charlie's jumped out the window! He's my brother. He works with dragons in Romania.''

''Dragons? Like in books?''

''Yeah! They are not nice.''

''Like Smaug?''

''You've read The Hobbit? I have. My favorite character is Gandalf.''

''Mine too!''

"Are you talking about The Lord of the Rings?'' a brown-haired girl had appeared at the door. She went on without an answer, "I've-read-it-millions-of-times-also-I've-memorized-the-course-books-I'm-Hermione-Granger-by-the-way-who-are-you?"

"Well, we were talking about The Hobbit. I'm Harry Potter, and this is Ginny Weasley."

"You're Harry Potter?! Pleasure to meet you. May I sit here?" Hermione sat down, and the three of them talked all the way to Hogsmeade Station.