Chapter #4

Dear Ginny,

I don't think I like this Professor Snape. Our potions master was Professor Slughorn. He was very nice, but you could easily mistake him for an upholstered couch. I can do nothing but agree that Professor Binns is very boring. I want to hear all about Ravenclaw tower.



"Want to sit together?" asked Nora-Grace, as the two entered the great hall.

"Sure. I'm glad I met you, Nora-Grace."

'Me too, Ginny. Here's two empty seats. I'm having fun here."

"Me too." Said Ginny. "I also like being a Ravenclaw. Don't tell my brothers."

"Ooh, Freddie! It's our weeny, teeny, raven!" Said George Weasley.

"Eagle." Corrected Ginny, then wishing she had not (even if it was the mascot of Ravenclaw).

"Raven. Isn't that right, Georgie?" Said George's twin brother, Fred.

"I do believe so." Responded George. Ginny turned bright red and accidently put her elbow in some spilled tea. She wiped her elbow on a napkin. After dinner, Ginny and Nora-Grace, joined by Hermione and Harry, and left by Harry once they reached the passage to the dungeons, walked to Ravenclaw tower. After getting ready for bed, Ginny flopped on her bed and fell asleep.

"Ginny. Ginny. Ginny. Ginny! Ginny!" Nora-Grace was leaning over Ginny's headboard.

"Nice. That is a nice and not scary way to wake up." Said Ginny after recovering from her fright.

"Sorry, Gin. Good morning. It's Tuesday." Said Nora-Grace, "We have Transfiguration, Astronomy, Flying, and Defense today. Hermione, Lily, and I are going to walk to breakfast together. You want to come with us?"

"Sure. Lily is a bit loony, though." Said Ginny, "Sorry, Lily. But you are a bit over there."

"'Course I'm over there," said Lily dreamily, "Well to you I am. To me I'm here." Ginny sniggered. Lily was nice, Weird, yes, but in the 60 hours Ginny had known her, nice.

"Actually, you go on ahead. I'll catch up." Ginny got out of bed and into her school uniform. First, she put on underpants. Then, socks with blue stripes across top. Then, a boarding school gray skirt. Then, a white collared shirt. Then, a blue and bronze tie. Then a sweater, with a blue stripe at the bottom and one lining the neck line. Then a set of long, worn, second-hand, black robes. Finally, a pair of fancy black shoes. After that she ran out of the dormitory, grabbing her bag. On the way downstairs, she slammed into two girls.

"Oh, sorry." Said Ginny, tripping.

"Hi. You're Ginevra Weasley, right? I'm Bonnie Dolman." Said the younger of the two girls, who was called Bonnie.

"Yes, I am." Said Ginny, noticing a prefect badge glinting on the girl's shoulder, "But if you wouldn't mind, I prefer Ginny."

"Okay," said the older of the two girls, "I'm Alice Dolman. By the way, I'm this year's head girl, so don't make trouble in front of me. At least you're not a poltergeist. I've reported Peeves to the Bloody Baron 29 times already."

That month Ginny had fun (except in potions lesson). She could transfigure a needle into a toothpick, brew a drought to cure boils, levitate feathers, and was doing well in alchemy. Her best subjects were charms, flying, defense, and transfiguration. Her favorite professor was Professor McGonagall. The morning of October 31, Professor Quirrell came flying in to the hall during the Hallows Eve feast.

"Troll! In the dungeons!" he yelled, before crumpling on the floor in a faint. There was an instant uproar. Children were yelling. Prefects, head children, and teachers were yelling and trying to be heard over the din. It was just, so, loud. Finally, 2 firecrackers, one purple, one red, exploded out of Headmaster Albus Percival Wulfric Bryan Dumbledore's wand, and the noise cleared. Nora-Grace, Hermione, Lily, and Ginny froze, and stared at Headmaster Dumbledore.