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For those unfamiliar with them, they're these hilarious pitch meeting videos on youtube where a guy is basically pitching the meeting to himself as 2 different people back and forth, and its just hilarious XP Out of our love for the vids, we did our own pitch meetings back and forth to each other- thus far, all of us have done the first 2 seasons and given them to one another. And out of the 3 of us, Star had the best pitch meetings hands down X)

So for those familiar with them or unfamiliar with them, please enjoy his take on the first 2 seasons of Cat-Ra in the frame of a pitch meeting X)!





Cat-Ra Season 1 Pitch Meeting
Producer "So you have a fanfic for me?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yes sir I do. Its based off a popular netflix show called She-Ra."

Producer "What did she ra?"

Screenwriter Guy "What?"

Producer "You said she ra-ed something what was it?"

Screenwriter Guy "No sir, it's a reboot."

Producer "She rebooted? How does that work?"

Screenwriter Guy "Oh this pitch off to a bad start. No the fanfic is a AU where the Hero and Villain switch places."

Producer "Sounds exciting tell me More."

Screenwriter Guy "Well its set on the planet of Etheria, these two best friends called Catra and Adora. They grew up in a place called the Fright Zone, being trained to fight for the Horde to take over Etheria. Adoras like that kid in high school who works hard, gets good grades and is loved by everyone."

Producer "Okay."

Screenwriter Guy "But Catra more like the kid who smokes in the bathroom and is rude to teachers because growing up she was bullied and called a freak by everyone because shes part cat."

Producer "Oh so shes the only part animal person?"

Screenwriter Guy "oh no theres lots of different kinds of half animal people."

Producer "There are?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah there's half goat people, half scorpion people, heck one guy in Catras group is a lizard man."

Producer "And no one makes fun of him?"

Screenwriter Guy "Nope."

Producer "Okay then."

Screenwriter Guy "So what makes this story different to the show is that instead of Adora finding the sword of Protection, Catra finds it and becomes She-Ra Princess of Power."

Producer "Wow, wow, wow."

Screenwriter Guy "She meets with members of the the Rebellion who are fighting to save Etheria from the Horde. Theres Glimmer, the princess of Bright Moon, she teleports and blast people with magic sparkly light. And Bow an archer who uses trick arrows."

Producer "Oh like Hawkeye."

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah like Hawkeye."

Producer "You didn't say this was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

Screenwriter Guy "What?"

Producer "Could we have Spider-Man do a cameo?"

Screenwriter Guy "No its not in the MCU. Its not even a movie, it's a fanfic."

Producer "Oh… so no Spidey?"

Screenwriter Guy "No Spidey."

Producer "Well what else happens in this thing?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well after a struggle Catra gets the sword and transforms into She-Ra, but freaks out cause her pants disappear."

Producer "Disappear? So everyone can see-"

Screenwriter Guy "Oh no they are replaced by shorts."

Producer "Oh magic shorts are tight!"

Screenwriter Guy "Anyway Catra knows that the Horde are the bad guys but doesn't care, but when the Horde attack a village they stop at she saves a little girl from being crushed by a collapsing house. So she agrees to fight for the Rebellion."

Producer "Oh that sounds pretty caring."

Screenwriter Guy "in exchange for her own kingdom"

Producer "What?"

Screenwriter Guy "So then there's some shenanigans."

Producer "What kind of shenanigans?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well while trying to transform Catra ends up blasting a horse and turns it into a magic talking unicorn with wings called Swift Wind."

Producer "Wow, I bet hes gonna play a big part throughout this story huh?"

Screenwriter Guy "oh no he flies away and doesn't show up again till near the end."

Producer "What was he doing all that time?"

Screenwriter Guy "Coming to terms with his new self."

Producer "Sounds deep how does he do that?"

Screenwriter Guy "I don't know."

Producer "Okay then."

Screenwriter Guy "So we meet Glimmers mom, Queen Angella an immortal angelic being with wings."

Producer "Oh I bet shes super excited to have a She-Ra join them."

Screenwriter Guy "Actually she threatens Catra that if she betrays them or disappoints her daughter in anyway she'll make her most feared nightmare look like a paradise compared to what she'll do to her."

Producer "Oh my god. And this is the leader of the good guys?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah, yeah, yeah. So they set out to Rebuild the Princess Alliance, a group of magical princess from other kingdoms."

Producer "What are they like?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well there's there's Perfuma, shes a hippie with plant magic and everyone her kingdom pretty much worships She-ra. There's Mermista, shes like that one person that's always bored and has water magic and can breath under water. Shes also in this on again off again relationship with a sailor named Sea Hawk who sings santies and sets his boat of fire. Frosta who's a little kid but hates being treated like a kid and has ice magic. And then there's Entrapta whose like a mad scientist, she doesn't have magic but is crazy smart and can move her hair like with her mind."

Producer "Why doesn't Entrapta have magic?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well the princess's get their powers from these Runestones. Entrapta doesn't have one. But she builds lots of robots."

Producer "Sounds fair."

Screenwriter Guy "And while this is happening Adora is trying to bring Catra back to the Horde because she thinks that Catras under princess mind control, and Shadow Weaver encourages this so Adora keeps believing that the Horde are the good guys."

Producer "Shadow Weaver?"

Screenwriter Guy "An evil witch who raised Adora like she was her daughter, and Catra who she abused."

Producer "Is she like a wolf in sheep's clothing kinda villain, she seems good to others but behind the scenes she shows her true colors?"

Screenwriter Guy "Oh no, the moment you see her and hear her talk you know shes evil."

Producer "How long did it take Adora to realise the Horde was evil in the show?"

Screenwriter Guy "The second episode."

Producer "So Shadow Weaver, Fright Zone, the Horde, none of that sounded off to her?"

Screenwriter Guy "I guess not."

Producer "So how does this fanfic differ from the show?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well unlike Adora who automatically becomes friends with Bow and Glimmer, Catra doesn't want to be their friend at first because of her rough personality."

Producer "Boy shes gonna be a totally different She-Ra huh?"

Screenwriter Guy "Oh yeah… when actually becomes She-Ra."

Producer "What?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well a big part of the fanfic is that sword almost never works for Catra when she tries to transform. Shes only gonna transform like 5 times."

Producer "Are there at least really cool scenes when she does transform?"

Screenwriter Guy "Oh yeah. There one scene where she makes a big angry bug stop being angry for a few minutes. One where she tries on boots for the first time, one where she pulls a cart of supplies, one where she fights a sea monster-"

Producer "Oh!"

Screenwriter Guy "Underwater where we don't see anything or get any of the details."

Producer "… oh. Don't you think that's gonna frustrate and annoy fans?"

Screenwriter Guy "Oh no they'll love it."

Producer "if you say so. So what about Adora?"

Screenwriter Guy "She gets this magic headband from Shadow Weaver that lets her control Shadows, but it makes her emotions go crazy so she had to learn to shut them shut them off while she wears it."

Producer "I bet its gonna be hard to learn that kind of discipline."

Screenwriter Guy "Actually super easy, barley an inconvenience."

Producer "Oh really?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah it takes her like a day to perfectly master. She also gets partnered up with Scorpia, a force captain Catra was partnered with in the show. Only this time… actually Scorpias exactly like in the show, smiling comforting and gives great hugs."

Producer "Oh hugs are tight!"

Screenwriter Guy "Sometimes too tight. She doesn't really know her own strength."

Producer "So what else happens?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well Adora makes Catra look bad at a party Frosta was holding then kidnaps Glimmer and Bow, then steals her sword which she left with jackets cause the rules say she couldn't bring it with her."

Producer "Then isn't it Frosta responsibility because it was left with her staff?"

Screenwriter Guy "I don't know."

Producer "Fair Enough."

Screenwriter Guy "So Catra and other princesses try to rescue them and they succeed but Entrapta dies and the alliance disbands."

Producer "Oh my god."

Screenwriter Guy "But Entraptas actually alive and hiding in the Fright Zone."

Producer "Shes so smart I bet the Horde will never find her."

Screenwriter Guy "Actually she falls out of a vent right in front of Adora and Scorpia."

Producer "Oh."

Screenwriter Guy "So then Adora and Scorpia and nice to Entrapta so agrees to betray the Rebellion and join the Horde."

Producer "She betrays them just like that?"

Screenwriter Guy "Don't forgot sir, they were nice t her."

Producer "Was the Rebellion not nice to her?"

Screenwriter Guy "Oh they were, but with the Horde she can do more science. So she automatically forgets about all the bad stuff the Horde does and joins them."

Producer "I guess that's a reason."

Screenwriter Guy "So Catra goes to find away to help Glimmer who got messed up when she was held prisoner. She and Adora end up trapped a place called the Beacon, Built by the First Ones thousands of years ago. There they're attacked by robot spiders and see memories of their childhood together."

Producer "Oh a scary trip down memory lane. What happens then?"

Screenwriter Guy "After seeing a memory of Catra using Adoras name to make a bully leave her alone, Adora thinks Catra was never her friend and just used her."

Producer "Wait did Adora know Catra had such a hard time growing up?"

Screenwriter Guy "Oh definitely."

Producer "Kinda seems like its not a big deal if it stops her from getting beaten up."

Screenwriter Guy "Either way Adora ends her friendship with Catra and leaves her to be eaten by the spiders. In a scene that's gonna make anyone with a soul who reads it burst into tears."

Producer "Oh good thing I don't have one of those. Hail Satan."

Screenwriter Guy "Wait what?"

Producer "What happens next?"

Screenwriter Guy "Catra meets Light Hope, an artificial intelligence programmed by the First ones to train She-Ra, shes kinda like J.A.R.V.I.S. who runs Iron Mans systems."

Producer "Oh is Catra getting Iron Man armor?"

Screenwriter Guy "No Sir, once again this isn't in the MCU."

Producer "Aw dang it."

Screenwriter Guy "Anyway it turns out Catra was never meant to become She-Ra, Adora was."

Producer "Isn't that the whole point of the story?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah, but the sword was destined for Adora by the first ones."

Producer "Didn't you say the first Ones were around thousands of years ago?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah, yeah yeah."

Producer "How did they know Adora was going to go to where ever the sword was? Or how'd they know she was even going to be born? And how come during all that time no one else ever found the sword?"

Screenwriter Guy "Listen sir Im gonna need you to get all the way off my back about how the First Ones could somehow see the future."

Producer "Oh okay, let me get off of that thing."

Screenwriter Guy "This part is actually a big reveal for the story. Light Hope explains this thing called the Finders Protocol that lets someone who finds the sword get a portion of She-ras power and they're to use it to find the destined She-Ra. But she catra was bad person she didn't get the message properly. Luckily the she sword has a feature that stops it from working if its destined wielder is close by.

Producer "Wouldn't a super advanced race be able to come up with a better signal than nothing happening? Like maybe a holographic message telling them they're supposed to be She-Ra?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah that would've been a smart move."

Producer "Whoops."

Screenwriter Guy "Whoopsie. Anyway now Adora is too evil to use the sword and now Catra is She-Ra. But Catra doesn't want to be because she feels like shes does nothing but screw up even though shes saved like four separate kingdoms and a whole bunch of people. But then Glimmer, Bow come get her and they fly away on Swift Wind, who shocks everyone by talking."

Producer "Whats Adora up to?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well she finally realises Shadow Weaver is evil, destroys her powers and takes her place as Hordaks second in command. Entrapta then uses the Black Garnet to mess with the other rune stones and makes the weather go crazy. So Adora decides it's the perfect time to attack Bright Moon."

Producer "Wait Adora still thinks shes the good guy, doesn't she worry about all the people who could be harmed by this crazy weather?"

Screenwriter Guy "No."

Producer "Okay then."

Screenwriter Guy "So Catra decides its best she leaves because she cant fight Adora. This leaves only Angella, Glimmer, Bow, Netossa and Spinnerella to defend the castle."

Producer "Wait who were those last two?"

Screenwriter Guy "Netossa and Spinnerella. They're from the old princess alliance. Netossa can throw energy nets that can trap people, act as shields, even catch explosive energy and throw it back. Spinnerella can control the wind, even make tornadoes."

Producer "Wow they sound really powerful. Why weren't they out there helping others?"

Screenwriter Guy "Because."

Producer "That makes sense. But wait their princesses with magic powers like the others how come they don't have rune stones? Or kingdoms of their own?"

Screenwriter Guy "Unclear."

Producer "Do we learn anything about them?"

Screenwriter Guy "They're lesbians."

Producer "Oh lesbians are tight!"

Screenwriter Guy "Oh my,"

Producer "Oh man I really hope HR didn't hear me say that." he gets a text and reads it. "Nope they heard me. I am in big trouble."

Screenwriter Guy "Anyway because of the clouds blocking out the sun Adoras headband absorbs a whole bunch of shadows and she gets this shadow armor with tentacles on her back. But Catra comes back to help and finally admits Bow and Glimmer are her friends."

Producer "Oh that's nice."

Screenwriter Guy "So there's this huge fight but the Rebellion is beaten. So Catra challenges Adora to a won on one fight. If Catra wins, Adora hast to take her army and leave, but if Adora wins the Rebellion is finished."

Producer "But hes already beaten them, she can just have her army attack. Why would she accept that challenge?"

Screenwriter Guy "So we can have a cool fight scene."

Producer "makes total sense to me. So hows this fight go?"

Screenwriter Guy "Not great. Catra tries her best but gets beaten up pretty bad. But then she reaches out for the sword just wants to save everyone and her selfishness lets her unlock She-Ras full power."

Producer "Wasn't she already being selfless when she came back to help everyone, or when she tried to fight Adora one on one?"

Screenwriter Guy "My back sir, please get off of it."

Producer "Sorry."

Screenwriter Guy "So then all the other princesses show up to help and then Catra starts glowing, then they others glow healing the others and they all start fighting off the Horde army."

Producer "Oh bet Catra and Adora next fight is gonna be super exciting."

Screenwriter Guy nods "Yeah… Not really."

Producer "No?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well I already wrote a big intense fight scene for the two and I didnt feel like writing a second one."

Producer "But Catras finally got her full power, after all the struggle shes been through I think the fans are really looking forward to a fight where she dominates."

Screenwriter Guy "Yea but here's the thing, I don't wanna."

Producer "Fair enough."

Screenwriter Guy "So Catra and Adora are blasting magic at each other, and Catra starts losing but then Bow and Glimmer point out that their Catras friends again, so Catra finally severs her ties with Adora and is able to blast her so hard she destroys her headband, so the Horde army retreats."

Producer "Oh everyone most be super thrilled they won."

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah, yeah yeah, except for Catra she starts crying about losing her best friend. But then Bow, Glimmer and Angella give her a comforting hug. Then Bow and Glimmer throw Catra a slumber party to make her feel better with a big pillow fight."

Producer "Pillow fights solve every problem."

Screenwriter Guy "So what do you think?"

Producer "Well it seems kinda dark when compared to the show."

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah but there's gonna be some really funny moments. Like when Catra gets infected the the first ones virus, instead of acting drunk she acts like a cat."

Producer "Really?"

Screenwriter Guy "She licks Glimmers face and even eats a mouse."

Producer "Oh that is funny."

Screenwriter Guy "And afterwards we discover not only does Adora still have her shadow powers, but shes got Frosta acting as a spy for the Hode."

Producer "Oh my god that's terrible."

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah but it gets everyone excited for the next season."

Producer "Wait didn't Frosta save the Moon Stone when she arrived to the fight?"

Screenwriter Guy "That's right."

Producer "If shes actually with the Horde why help the rebellion and learn their secrets when they couldn't have just tried to destroy them once and for all?"

Screenwriter Guy "So there can be future season."

Producer "Well it all sounds interesting. But I gotta say all the struggle, heartache and hardships Catra ends up facing and her not being able to turn into She-Ra are gonna turn a lot of people away."

Cat-Ra Season 1
Final Review Count: 272

Final Favorite Count: 80

Final Follower Count: 72

Final Viewer Count: 25,811

And the delectable second season pitch meeting ^^

Cat-Ra Season 2 Pitch Meeting

Producer "So you've got a new season for that fanfic?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yes sir I do. It focuses on events of the second season of Cat-Ra."

Producer "Season 2 of the show was a lot less serious and more fun than the first. After all the trouble in season one it'll be nice to see some happier times."

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah… no."

Producer "No?"

Screenwriter Guy "No this seasons gonna be full hurt and dark moments."

Producer "Uh oh."

Producer "Anyway the princess alliance has been fighting off drones while the Whispering Woods recovers. They have a meeting in the War Room with everyone there. Catra, Glimmer, Bow, Perfuma, Mermista, Frosta, Angella, Netossa, Spinnerella and Castaspella."

Producer "Oh I bet we're gonna be seeing a lot more of those three this season."

Screenwriter Guy "Oh no this is last time we see them this season."

Producer "What? Why aren't they going on missions with the others?"

Screenwriter Guy "I don't know."

Producer "Okay then."

Screenwriter Guy "So Bow says if they can capture an intact droid he can rig up a droid kill switch so they don't have to keep fighting them."

Producer "Should be easy now that Catra has unlocked She-Ras full power."

Screenwriter Guy "Oh no she doesn't have that anymore."

Producer "What?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah turns out cause she wants to end the war for selfish reasons she lost most of the power and is back to a quarter strength and hasn't transformed during fights cause she doesn't want the others to find out."

Producer "What selfish reasons?"

Screenwriter Guy "She doesn't want to lose anything else in her life."

Producer "That don't sound selfish at all."

Screenwriter Guy "Maybe, So turns out the sword is kinda like Thors hammer, how you need to be worthy to wield it. But in Catras case the better a person she becomes, the stronger her bond with the sword gets and the more of She-Ras power she gets."

Producer "Thor VS She-Ra, I love it."

Screenwriter Guy "What?"

Producer "We could have this funny moment where the two of them are about to go into battle but grab each others weapons by mistake."

Screenwriter Guy "No sir we've talked about this. It's a fanfic, its not in the MCU."

Producer "Oh right I forgot. So what going on with Adora?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well now that shes Hordaks second in command, she has the Horde take a much more gentle approach."

Producer "How do you take over a planet gently?"

Screenwriter Guy "Don't forget she still thinks the Horde are the good guys so shes been making alliances with villages instead of conquering them. And you'll remember she still has her powers but if she over uses them she gets these black vains on her body and gets sick so she needs to restore herself using the black garnet. But she starts hearing voices."

Producer "Seems kind rude to listen in on other people talking."

Screenwriter Guy "Oh no shes hearing them in her head."

Producer "Oh that's also bad."

Screenwriter Guy "So in the show Entrapta builds three new drones that can repair themselves. But thanks to Adora recruiting Princess Frosta they have resources from the kingdom of snows, so she builds a robot called Orbko that can adapt itself against whoever its fighting."

Producer "Adapt how?"

Screenwriter Guy "If attacked by blasters, its armor becomes to reflective. If attacked by fire it can freeze stuff. If its arms are restrained it fires them like rockets"

Producer "Oh rocket fists! That sounds awesome."

Screenwriter Guy "Unfortunately its too awesome."

Producer "What do you mean?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well all the driods are programmed to recognise Frosta as ally so they don't attack her and let her destroy them. But when she attacks Orbko, it rewrites its own programming so it can attack her."

Producer "Oh hows it do that?"

Screenwriter Guy "Science."

Producer "Perfect explination."

Screenwriter Guy "Luckily Catra and Frosta a moment and they figure out they can pretend to fight each other, but their attacks hit the robot. But then Adora has it switch to attack mode where its stops adapting and just attacks any threats. Catra finally turns into She-Ra to save Frosta and they are then able to disable the droid, but first since she knows Adoras watching she says "Hey Adora."

Producer just stares at him.

Screenwriter Guy "You know, what she usually says."

Producer "I don't remember her saying that. When was the last time?"

Screenwriter Guy "Not since the very first episode. But she said it all the time in the show, so its gonna be a big deal for fans."

Producer "I doubt anyone's gonna get it. So what happened next?"

Screenwriter Guy "Catra finally opens up and tells the others the truth. This makes everyone glow and the Whispering Woods starts healing. It also strengthens her bond with the sword and she gets her cape back."

Producer "Wow, wow, wow…. Wow."

Screenwriter Guy "But when Bow examines the robot he finds First Ones tech inside and recognises Entraptas work, realising shes alive. So he and Glimmer set out to rescue her."

Producer "What about Catra?"

Screenwitrer Guy "Well Light Hope sends her on a mission to bond with Swift Wind by repairing this thing called the Watchtower that was damaged by Mara, the previous She-Ra. So that Light Hope will start running at 100%."

Producer "Oh what will she be able to do at 100%?"

Screenwriter Guy "Exactly what she can do now, but for longer."

Producer "I guess that's something."

Screenwriter Guy "But Catras worried because if someone who was chosen to be She-Ra could snap and attack Etheria, how did Catra who became She-Ra by accident have until she did the same."

Producer "That does sound concerning."

Screenwriter Guy "Meanwhile Bow and Glimmer go to the kingdom of Dryl which is now occupied by the Horde. After a scuffle with Adora and Scorpia, they teleport away with Adora who passes out after pushing her powers too far. She wakes to discover shes been tied up."

Producer "Oh its never good when you wake up and are tied up. I know this from experience."

Screenwriter Guy "Glimmer and Bow still think Entraptas being held prison so they decide to trade Adora for her. But Adora sees opportunity when Bow tells Glimmer to be so hard on her."

Producer "He thinks shes being too hard on the girl who not only kidnapped her but literally tortured her about a month ago?"

Screenwriter Guy "Exactly. So Adora sees that Bow is actually a good guy and decides to try and recruit him."

Producer "Hows she gonna do that?"

Screenwriter Guy "With her tongue."

Producer "Oh! The rating of this story just jumped up."

Screenwriter Guy "Oh no I mean shes gonna use her words to convince him to join. He thinks shes helpless because shes also feverish. She also makes Glimmer teleport so she'll use up her magic and makes her look bad."

Producer "Oh very sneaky."

Screenwriter Guy "Plus Entrapta makes something to help Adora and sends it by droid."

Producer "Sends it by drone? Oh maybe we could get some money from Amazon advertising."

Screenwriter Guy "Not drone sir, droid. Anyway after sleeping in a cave to wait out a storm they are found by Scopria, Lonnie, Kyle and Rogelio."

Producer "Oh hey since Adoras kinda deleaious with fever we could have funny scene here."

Screenwriter Guy "Like what?"

Producer "Well when Scorpia shows up Bow says "Horde soldiers!" He and Glimmer take a fighting stance but Adoras like "Where?" and looks behind them, then Bow turns her around, "Oh hey guys!"

Screenwriter Guy "That is funny."

Producer "I got more. Adora tries to set Bow and Scorpia up."

Screenwriter Guy "What?"

Producer "Yeah shes says "Hey Scorpia have you met Bow? I think you two would really hit it off."

Screenwriter Guy "Oh man that is funny stuff. I am definitely gonna use that."

Producer "You wanna write in down so you don't forget it?"

Screenwriter Guy "Nah I'll remember. So like in the show they have to give her back. Then Scorpia gives Adora the wristband Entrapta made and it made the black veins mostly go away and she feels better. Adora then asks Bow to join the Horde but turns Bow knew Adora was up to something."

Producer "How?"

Screenwriter Guy "When Adora fell asleep in the cave he put a listening device on her, letting him hear everything she said when he wasn't around."

Producer "Oh spy gadgets."

Screenwriter Guy "So he turns down the offer but still want to know Entrapta is okay, which is then the discover Entrata really joined the Horde willingly and that makes them sad. Then they fight and it ends with Scorpia accidentally stinging Adora."

Producer "Cool, your gonna remember that scene I came up with right?"

Screenwriter Guy "Absolutely. Meanwhile Catra and Swift Wind find the Watch Tower and its in pieces floating in the air. Catra tries to bring all the pieces together but it doesn't work and she gets real upset and angry. She finally admits that shes afraid of turning into Mara and doing more harm than good."

Producer "Its gonna be hard to get over those kind of fears."

Screenwriter Guy "Actually super easy, barely an inconvenience."

Producer "Oh really?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah Swift Wind tell her shes shouldn't worry about being the best She-Ra she can be, just work on being the best Catra she can be. That strengthens their bond and they fix the Watchtower. Then Catra gets more She-Ra power and has pants now which shes really happy about."

Producer "Oh magic pants are tight!"

Screenwriter Guy "But all this happiness disappears when she gets back to Bright Moon and the others tell her about Entrapta."

Producer "Oh really?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah and Adoras having problems two. Her hand ages like a hundred years in few seconds."

Producer "Eww old lady hand."

Screenwriter Guy "And then her reflection climbs out of the mirror."

Producer "Oh that's way scarier."

Screenwriter Guy "And she calls herself Aroda. Which is Adora spelled backwards."

Producer "Oh satanic backwards talking is tight!"

Screenwriter Guy "Wait what?"

Producers eyes glow red "Taog eht em hctef."

Screenwriter Guy "Oh my god."

Producer "So what about Catra?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well shes was feeling pretty bad about the whole Entrapta thing, so she decided the the best way to deal with those feelings was to you know, murder her."

Producer "Oh my."

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah she took off for the Fright Zone while literally dragging Glimmer, Bow and Swift Wind along as they tried to stop her. But she starts losing her She-Ra power. Shes already lost her cape and pants."

Producer "Lost her her pants? Did she lose them in a fun way like at a party?"

Screenwriter Guy "What? No. Remember the better person Catra becomes the more She-Ra power she gets. But when she does bad stuff, like go off to murder someone, she loses power.

Producer "I see, that not fun at all."

Screenwriter Guy "But they end up in a village they lost contact with but find it abandoned. Its all spooky and Catras starts telling scary stories to scare the others."

Producer "Very spooky."

Screenwriter Guy "Meanwhile Adora goes through the same Catra did in the show. But she has Frosta visit for a tour of the Fight Zone."

Producer "Oh that's an original idea."

Screenwriter Guy "Scorpia thinks Frostas so cute she automatically hugs her."

Producer "Sounds like Scorpia. Hows the tour go?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well Frosta tries the awful food, a bunch of children start crying in fear when they see her cause shes a princess. Runs into Entrapta who nearly suffocates her and reveals the main thing shes been doing is making weapons for the Horde. She wanders into a training course and gets attacked by cadets."

Producer "Boy its gonna be impossible for Adora to explain all of that."

Screenwriter Guy "Actually super easy, barely an inconvenience."

Producer "Oh really?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah she admit's the palce pretty bad. But says its like this cause they put everything they have into uniting Etheria and that the Horde is a family. So Frosta tell her about an attack on a Horde outpost the Rebellions planning."

Producer "Oh that's not good. So whats happening in the spooky village?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well Catras lost most of her power by the time they discover the ghosts they've been seeing are actually holograms of First Ones running in a loop that scared away the villagers. Catra deactivates the antennae and realises that even if she did sneak into the Fright Zone and took her revenge on Entrapta, she'd get captured then her friends would be put in danger trying to rescue her. So she puts off her revenge plans and gets her cape back."

Producer "Is the next episode as much fun as it was in the show?"

Screenwriter Guy "You bet it will… for the first half."

Producer "Grea- wait what?"

Screenwriter Guy "So Catra, Glimmer and Bow are trying to come up with a plan to take the outpost and the others come in with their funny plans and it drives Catra nuts."

Producer "Oh yeah?"

Screenwriter Guy "Glimmers plan has Catra dressed nerdy social worker while Adoras a James Bond like villain. Bows plan puts her in her clothes from the old She-Ra cartoon and shes mad about wearing make up. This time Adoras a vampire!"

Producer "Wait do vampires even exist in that universe?"

Screenwriter Guy "No idea. Perfumas plan puts them all in a Sailor Moon squad thing, which gets worse for Catra cause her tail keep lifting her skirt."

Producer "Oh lifting skirts is tight!"

Screenwriter Guy "Oh,"

Producer "Wow that sounded bad."

Screenwriter Guy "It really did."

Producer gets a text and looks at it. "Yeah HR thinks so two."

Screenwriter Guy "Anyway after listening to everyones plans Catra snaps and lists off all the bad things that will happen when they attack. But the others say they don't need a plan because they have Catra and the faith they have in her gives Catra more She-Ra power giving her longer orange hair."

Producer "Neat."

Screenwriter Guy "But Frosta leads Mermista and Perfuma away and the others get caught inside the a force field covering the entire outpost. Adora then reveals Frosta been a double agent for the Horde the whole time."

Producer "Oh that's gonna be awkward.

Screenwriter Guy "Oh big time. Catra becomes so mad she really bashes Adora around the outpost and nearly kills her, but then Catra loses her powers and her She-Ra costume disappears."

Producer "Oh my god shes naked?"

Screenwriter Guy "No shes back in her normal clothes."

Producer "Oh good, crisis averted."

Screenwriter Guy "But shes lost all her powers."

Producer "Oh different crisis."

Screenwriter Guy "While trying to survive Adoras attacks she falls into the lower levels of the outpost. There Lonnie saves her from being found by soldiers."

Producer "Why does she do that?"

Screenwriter Guy "She also believes in Catras ideal of paying back someone for helping. Plus she after Catra throws her into some crates she reveals the reason she picked on Catra was because Shadow Weaver made her."

Producer "Oh a surprise character development."

Screenwriter Guy "She shows Catra an exit but Catra won't leave without Bow and Glimmer she she goes back for them."

Producer "Bet its gonna be pretty hard to stop Adora without her powers."

Screenwriter Guy "Actually super easy, barely an inconvenience."

Producer "Oh really?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah Perfuma shows understanding and forgiveness to Frosta so she turns against Adora. Her armband is destroyed and she gets sick and the Horde is forced to retreat. So the day is won and Catra immediately tries to murder Frosta."

Producer "Oh my god."

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah shes kinda upset about the whole betrayal thing. The others stop her and they go back to Bright Moon and tell the Queen what happened. Its decided decided that Frostas punishment will be helping the Rebellion defeat the Horde."

Producer "Not much of a punishment. Aren't they mad?"

Screenwriter Guy "They are are but they can see that Frosta made her choice as a ruler doing what she thought was best for her kingdom."

Producer "Oh… so its because shes a child?"

Screenwriter Guy "Oh difficulty. But Catras not happy and is arguing with the Queen about letting Frosta stay with the Rebellion after she betrayed them."

Producer "Oh shes gonna point out the Queens being a hypocrite after how she threatened Catra about if she ever betrayed them."

Screenwriter Guy "Oh I had totally forgotten about that. That would have been a good line to use."

Producer "So what does happen?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well the queen says they're done talking about this and sends Catra to her room. Its all part of the mother daughter relationship they have."

Producer "Who has?"

Screenwriter Guy "Angella and Catra."

Producer "They have a mother daughter relationship? Since when?"

Screenwriter Guy "Since the beginning."

Producer "You mean when she gave Catra a terrifying threat. Then didn't say a single nice thing to her, not even a good job after she saved four kingdoms and rebuilt the princess alliance. Then only after she rescued her own daughter she invites Catra to join them for dinner, which isn't so much nice as it is a common courtesy since they live together?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

Producer "And now she brushes off Catras very real concerns and sends her to her room her room like a child, which is the worst possible thing you can do with teenagers?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah you know, parenting."

Producer "Do you have any kids?"

Screenwriter Guy "No."

Producer "Thank god."

Screenwriter Guy "What?"

Producer "Then what happens?"

Screenwriter Guy "Catra gets summoned by Light Hope, so she tries to sneak out but runs into the Queen and they have another heart warming moment."

Producer "I seriously doubt that."

Screenwriter Guy "Light Hope re-energizes the sword and Catra gets most of her power back. But warns her it's a one time thing and if it happens again she'll lose her bond to the sword completely."

Producer "How much power does she get back?"

Screenwriter Guy "Enough to get her cape and pants back."

Producer "I once wore pants and a cape but they asked me to leave the restaurant."

Screenwriter Guy "Why were only wearing pants and a cape?"

Producer "Because."

Screenwriter Guy "Fair enough. Wait that's what I normally say to you."

Producer "Yup."

Screenwriter Guy "Wow, shoes on the other foot."

Producer "Actually I was wearing roller blades on my feet. They are harder to use than people think."

Screenwriter Guy "I mean, okay."

Producer "So I'm guessing after all this the best course of action is to keep Catra and Frosta away from each other for awhile."

Screenwriter Guy "Actually Glimmer invites Frosta to join them on their next mission."

Producer "What?"

Screenwriter Guy "They're going to this North Pole like place called the Northern Reach on Sea Hawks ship, so she figures Frostas ice powers are perfect for it. But her plan is that by the end of the mission Catra will forgive Frosta."

Producer "That sounds like a bad idea."

Screenwriter Guy "That's what Bow tells her, and Catra is very vocal about how unhappy she is with the situation. They arrive at the Northern Reach and when they run into Adora, Scorpia and Entrapta. So catra then tries to murder Entrapta."

Producer "Oh so she gonna lose her powers again?"

Screenwriter Guy "Oh no, she doesn't lose any of it."

Producer "What? But when Catra was heading towards the Fright Zone to kill Entrapta she was constantly losing power. Now that shes in the process of trying to kill Entrapta, she doesn't lose any?"

Screenwriter Guy "Look sir I'm gonna need you to get all the way off my back about how the the sword judges how okay murder is."

Producer "Okay let me get off of that thing."

Screenwriter Guy "But then Adora infects Catra with the First Ones virus and she goes into a rage. She attacks her friends and they fall down a cliff, but then Catra attacks Adora and give her a brutal beating."

Producer "Oh yeah?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah she rips her shadow tentacles off her back and its like ripping real limbs off. Then she starts choking her and is about to kill her with her claws."

Producer "Loving this fight so far. But last time she tired to kill Adora she lost all her power."

Screenwriter Guy "My back sir, please get off of it."

Producer "You got it."

Screenwriter Guy "So Scopria save Adora and when Catra returns to normal, then boops Adoras nose."

Producer "Boops?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah see I asked some readers to vote for either Catra acting like a cat in season 1 or acting drunk like Adora did in the show. Drunk won."

Producer "So what kinda stuff does drunk Catra do?"

Screenwriter Guy "Lots of funny stuff. She bites Scorpia thinking shes a crab. Jumps off some crates thinking she can fly, she draws on the paperwork adora was working on and almost pees in a room she thought was the bathroom but wasn't."

Producer "Oh you never wanna pee outside of a bathroom. That's actually how I met the HR department."

Screenwriter Guy "… okay. Well Entrapta reveals a name she came up with for Catra back when she was in her cat like state, Cat-Ra!"

Producer "That's the name of the story."

Screenwriter Guy "That's right, and in Catras mind she heading for a mountain top while meeting younger versions of herself who ask her to forgive them. But at the end its revealed it was never about Catra forgiving Frosta, it was about forgiving herself."

Producer "Forgiving herself?"

Screenwriter Guy "Turns out Catra blames herself for Frosta joining the Horde. She fell for Adoras trick and it made the Rebellion look bad and allowed Adroa to manipulate Frosta."

Producer "I did not see that coming."

Screenwriter Guy "Then another version of Catra appears, one of her with She-ras full power and she offers make Catra forget all the bad things that happened to her in the Horde. That way she wont have such baggage and will be able to unlock She-Ra's power. But Catra refuses because all as much as she hated the terrible life she had, it made her what she is."

Producer "Oh tragic backstories are tight!"

Screenwriter Guy "Meanwhile in the real world everyone's attacked by these snow monsters that were driven crazy by the First Ones virus. There's a fight for the virus crystal in the end Scorpia breaks it to save Adora from getting eaten by the snow monsters. On the way back Scoprai and Adora comfort Adora whose afraid shes going to turn into a monster, which leads to a funny whose driving the boat moment. The good guys head back and Catra still hasn't forgiven Frosta and Glimmer realises sometimes people just don't change."

Producer "Don't change? But this entire story is about how Catra and Adora have changed and are still changing. Also if Catra blames herself for what Frosta did shouldn't she at least start being open to let Frosta make up for what shes done?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well the thing is… I don't wanna do that. But the chapter ends with Catra talking to Angella and the Queen finally sees growing up in the Horde is why Catras is both the toughest person to get through to and the mist sensitive. So make she makes a deal with Catra. She promises to stop giving Catra orders as the Queen if Catra realizes shes not in the Fright Zone anymore. Shes in Bright Moon where shes safe and surrounded by people who love her."

Producer "Aww."

Screenwriter Guy "She tells Catra is she agrees she can sit out there with her, and if not she can go back inside. At first it looks like she goes inside but then she sits down beside her and they look up at the planets together."

Producer "Its nice to finally see them have a nice moment."

Screenwriter Guy "I think you mean, another nice moment."

Producer "No I don't. What happens next?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well unlike the show which had flashbacks of Shadow Weaver when she was Light Spinner, its gonna have flashbacks fo Shadow Weaver raising Adora and at first Adora actually called Shadow Weaver mom.

Producer "Switching things up I see."

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah, yeah, yeah. So we see in less than two months, Adoras gone from bright eyed and bushy tailed, loving every moment of being in charge. To being a total mess, yelling at people and being almost literally crushed by all the paperwork. Then goes to Horaks inner Sanctum and sees him without his armor."

Producer "Oh my god."

Screenwriter Guy "He still had clothes on."

Producer "Oh good. Its really awkward and uncomfortable to see your boss naked."

Screenwriter Guy "Really wish you had locked your door sir, or at least not left it wide oen.

Producer "It was really hot that day."

Screenwriter Guy "Anyway like in the episode Hordak orders Shadow Weaver be sent to Beast island and gives Adora a couple of days to get any information out of her."

Producer "Hows that go?"

Screenwriter Guy "Well she sends her on errands. First is a secret compartment in her on desk where she finds a baby picture of Adora that Scorpia loves and a promotion badge. Then to geta framed photo of Shadow Weaver and Adora. Through out the episode there's flashbacks of Shadow Weaver reaching Adora to read. Introducing Catra who Shadow Weaver instantly mistreated the moment Adora left the room. Shadow Weaver being mad at a Adora for not being first in a race and for a prank the damaged a skiff."

Producer "Oh yeah?"

Screenwriter Guy "The point of the flashbacks is to show that even though she was Shadow Weavers favourite, growing up wasn't always easy for her."

Producer "Still sounds better than everyone else's lives in the Fright Zone."

Screenwriter Guy "After Adora nearly loses control of her powers and hurts Entrapta out of jealousy. She goes to Shadow Weaver and completely breaks down in tears."

Producer "uh oh."

Screenwriter Guy "Adora apologises for betraying her but Shadow Weaver says there's no need to apologise and shes proud of her for all shes accomplished. She agrees to help Adora later but then sees her old lady hand, but tells her Aroda is no big deal."

Producer "Is she lying?"

Screenwriter Guy "Oh big time. As soon as Adora leave, Shadow Weaver escapes just like she did in the show. When Adora finds Shadow Weaver left a magic hologram of herself, she trashes the cell in rage."

Producer "Hey using a magic hologram of yourself to trick people is Loki signature move."

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah I guess it is."

Producer "Did Shadow Weaver learn it from him?"

Screenwriter Guy "Not in the MCU sir."

Producer "Dang it. What happens next?"

Screenwriter Guy "Catras training with Swift Wind and complains to Light Hope that she doesn't know how else to change herself so she can get more She-Ra power. So Light Hope says Catra needs to give up on getting her own kingdom."

Producer "Her what?"

Screenwriter Guy "Remember in season one, she made a deal the Rebellion that in exchange for defeating the Horde she would get her own kingdom to rule."

Producer "Huh, I had totally forgotten about that."

Screenwriter Guy "So did the others, they thought she didn't want it anymore. But Catra feels like shes already sacrificed so much she shouldn't have to give up her dream."

Producer "So Glimmer has her mom tell Catra about how hard it is to rule a kingdom?"

Screenwriter Guy "No they just go looking for Bow and find him in a big house, terrified to see hes wearing a tucked in shirt."

Producer "Oh my god… for some reason."

Screenwriter Guy "He tries to get them to leave but Catra falls on top of Bow."

Producer "Oh people falling on other people is tight!"

Screenwriter Guy "Then George and Lance, Bows Dads show up and they say "Bow why didn't you tell us you had a girlfriend?"

Producers eyes widen "Girlfriend? They think Catra is Bows girlfriend?"

Screenwriter Guy "Bet you didn't see that coming."

Producer "That's amazing! Its gonna be so funny. This is the best idea you've ever come up with."

Screenwriter Guy "Well I don't know about that."

Producer "I do. That is hands down the best idea you 've ever had or will ever have."

Screenwriter Guy "Uh…"

Producer "You did come up with it right?"

Screenwriter Guy "Actually it was by another writer called Star Saber21"

Producer "Wow this guys good, you should try more of his ideas."

Screenwriter Guy "I won't though."

Producer "Shame."

Screenwriter Guy "Anyway Bow gets the girls alone and explains that his dads don't know hes in the rebellion, they think he'd been at boarding school. He also explains what a girlfriend is to Catra, who then turns her sword into a chainsaw."

Producer "Oh that escalated quickly."

Screenwriter Guy "But shes on board with playing the part after Bow tells her about all the information Lance and George have on She-Ra. Plus a bunch of explosive arrows."

Producer "You got some funny shenanigans planned?"

Screenwriter Guy "You bet. Bow tells his dads that Catras an accomplished archaeologist and she tells them about about their missions like they were archaeology expeditions. Catra makes Bow give her shoulder massage and makes up a story about that Glimmer having a crush on Bow and she has to say it was true. Then George and Lance mention grandkids, catra nearly chokes on a cookie and Glimmer happily hits her back so she'll cough it up."

Producer "Wow, wow,wow… wow."

Screenwriter Guy "Its all going great until George and Lance ask the question all parents ask when meeting their kids partners."

Producer "Hows reproduction gonna work since their partners part cat?"

Screenwriter Guy "What no. How did they meet."

Producer "Oh that makes more sense. Bet its gonna be really hard to come up with a way out of this one."

Screenwriter Guy "Actually super easy, barely an inconvenience."

Producer "Oh really?"

Screenwriter Guy "Catra uses the story of how she and Adora met but puts Bow in instead of Adora. But Catra gets emotional and leaves the room, finally realising the reason why she lost She-Ra's full power after the Battle of Bright Moon is cause she doesn't want to fight Adora."

Producer "Hasn't she fought Adora like twice since then?"

Screenwriter Guy "No she means whats gonna happen to Adora after, cause the Queens not gonna be happy about how Adora tortured Glimmer in season 1."

Producer "Yeah I can safely see a guillotine in her future."

Screenwriter Guy "Things go a lot like the episode, except after Catra awakens the that First Ones thing she gets separated from her sword. She keeps grabbing things to hit it with but George and Lance keep saying how archaeology important they are are and then she can't use them as weapons."

Producer "Very inconvenient. But wouldnt it be better to lure it outside so she'd have more room and it couldn't damage anything?"

Screenwriter Guy "Oh whoops."

Producer "Whoopise."

Screenwriter Guy "So once they stop the thing and Bow tells his dads the truth, they hug accepting him and apologising for making him feel he had to hide who he is. This causes Catra to cry tears of pure happiness as she and Glimmer are brought into the hug cause they're Bow's family two."

Producer "Aww that's sweet."

Screenwriter Guy "So after finding out the message is actually coordinates to the Crimson Wastes, Catra flies back to Bright Moon and has the Queen rescind their deal. So now even if they beat th Horde, no kingdom for Catra."

Producer "Really?"

Screenwriter Guy "Yeah she realises that she needs to be become stronger so she can protect her friends. Everybodies really touched by it. Then Catra transforms to find out how much more power she has."

Producer "How much?"

Screenwriter Guy "We'll find out next season."

Producer "Wait what?"

Screenwriter Guy "Back in the Fright Zone, Adora ignores Arodas warnings and tells Hordak that Shadow Weaver escaped. He seems okay with it but he goes "Is there anything else?" She says nothen the Imp plays what she said to Scorpia."

Producer "How is it able to do that?"

Screenwriter Guy "No idea. But he gets mad, traps her in that no air thing and she passes out. In our final scene Catras sleeping peacefully in her bed, when Shadow Weaver appears in the room and standing over her."

Producer "Super spooky note to end on."

Screenwriter Guy "So what do you think?"

Producer "Well you really went back and forth from the upbeat fun of season 2 to dark and hurting moments."

Screenwriter Guy "Its what the people want."

Producer "Very debatable."

Screenwriter Guy "Now that I've finished season 2, I can watch season 3 of She-Ra."

Producer "You havent watched season 3 yet? But its been out for months. Infact season 4 is gonna start soon."

Screenwriter Guy "Well I have a rule that I won't watch the next season of She-Ra until I finish writing the current season of Cat-Ra."

Producer "So your saying you wrote season 1 and that whole Frostas a spy plot, with no idea what was gonna happen with her in season 2?"

Screenwriter Guy "Her personality was very different to what I was expecting but it all worked out in the end."

Producer "Yeah I think that's gonna cause major problems."

Cat-Ra Season 2

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