The great behemoth approached the city. Kei and Yuri watched in horror as its

immensity became more and more apparent. They stopped firing on the rabid

Puuchuus out of forgetfulness. Maybe it was priorities or maybe it was the fact

that Excel was killing them all with a flamethrower, no telling where she got

that from.

The enormous ship finally stopped. A door opened and a mobile suit with a

funny looking head flew from it and landed near by. The cockpit within the

chest opened up and a man with long black hair got out of it. He soon made

his way to the roof top where Hyatt laid dead amongst dead puuchus, Excel

ran around with a flame thrower and both Kei and Yuri stood completely in

love with the sight of the newcomer.

"Hello, my name is Doubletree, please don't take it literally," he grinned with

a sparkle from his teeth.

"I'm Kei!"

"I'm Yuri!" they spoke at the same time and then stared at each other for a

second and looked back at the new guy.

"AH, yes the 3WA's finest, I understand you were acquired to stop a dictator

here," he grinned again and threw his hair over his shoulder. He was dressed

in some sort of funky chain mail, flat panel armor and frills from neck to toe.

"Yes, Mr. Doubletree," Kei smiled and got elbowed by Yuri.

"Don't tell him our mission!" she blinked with her usual manner of strong


"Oh, heh, sorry," Kei closed her eyes and laugh half heartedly with a hand on

her head. She adjusted her hair band and checked the charge on her blaster.

She then aimed it at Mr. Doubletree. "What is your business here?"

"I've come to take back my younger sister, Hyatt, have you seen her?" he

looked around.

Excel caught wind of the conversation once she ran out of gas. She grabbed

Hyatt and leapt off the building to the ground below. "Ha-chan! Wake up!

Ressurect! Dinners ready!"

"Wha? Oh, sempai, how long was I out?" Hyatt yawned.

"Not long enough, listen, Ha-chan, your brother's here and he wants you to

come home with him. I say he's an impostor! He wants the world for himself!

That's not good, because Lord Il palazzo-sama wants the world!"

Excel grabbed a hand puppet that by some drunken stupor looked like Il

palazzo. She made it talk, "I, Il- Palazzo, will cleanse the world of its

corruption! Worship me, praise me make love to me!"

"He wouldn't say that, sempai. Sempai? What are you doing?"

"Sock tastes bad, must use a better tasting marker next time. Or cleaner

sock," she looked around curiously at the alley they were standing in.

Everything was happening too fast. Ha-chan would not be taken away from


"There they are!" Kei pointed down to the ground below.

"Kyaa!" Excel ran away forgetting her head. She then ran back grabbed it and

ran away again. She then ran back and grabbed Hyatt. Then she was gone at

an amazing speed.

"Get in my hard suit, ladies," Mr. Doubletree grinned again and sparkled. They

then got in the puuchuu gundam and lifted off into the sky.

"No fair, they have a giant robot!" Excel panicked.

"IT'S NOT A ROBOT, IT'S A SUIT!" all of a sudden Doubletree's hair changed to

a reddish color. His were eyes the color of eh red too. He gripped the controls

and went into firing position.

"Eh, Mr. Doubletree," Kei pointed to the screen corresponding to the cameras

in the suit's head.

"What!?" he looked up. As soon as he did the Suit rammed into a building

head first and got stuck there. "Damnit!" he tried to unstuck himself without

much luck.

"Still think this guy is hot?" Kei asked Yuri.

Yuri shrugged, "One date couldn't hurt."


"Lord Il Palazzo-sama!" Excel shouted with a hand in the air.

"What? You finish doing nothing yet?" he asked.

"No! Something had come up, put it on the view screen!"

"We have a view screen?"

"Here," the author handed him a remote and quickly vanished.

"Who was that?" Il palazzo thought for a moment.

"Put it on the screen!" Excel pointed.

Screen appeared showing a hoard of puuchuus talking over the city and a

giant mech walking around searching for Hyatt.

"What does it want?" Il palazzo asked meekly.

"It wants to uh, to uh," Excel fumbled around and watched as Hyatt fell over

on the ground. A pool of blood soon formed. "Ah, Ha-chan's dead again!" she

announced and realized that no one was surprised by it but her. She then

laughed to herself.

"It wants to take over the city! I must have that, get me that giant robot!" Il

Palazzo stood up and spread his arms out wide in dramatic fashion.

On the screen – "IT'S A SUIT NOT A ROBOT!!!"

Both sweat dropped. A moment of silence ensued.

"Yes! Lord Il-palazzo-sama! I Excel Excel of the secret ideal realization

organization will,"

"Go!" he pulled a rope and a giant boot knocked her out the far side door.

Hyatt got up and trudged off after her. "I should really hire new members," he