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The Saiyan race once held the strongest warriors that the galaxy had to offer until one day the entirety of its race and planet were wiped from the galaxy from a tyrannical ruler known as Lord Frieza.

"My Lord, all of the Saiyans have been exterminated just as you planned for." Zarbon said.

"Indeed, but it seems that a couple of the Saiyans have escaped the blast. I was hoping to kill off all those dirty monkeys, but I guess you can't have everything." Frieza said as he smiled sinisterly.

"What should we do with the remaining Saiyans then?" Dodoria asked.

"We will find them eventually. I don't have time to look for children. This universe will be mine to rule and I will do it with an iron fist." Frieza said as he clenched his fist and started to laugh.

"The Saiyans were one of our most useful people to use for our gain to capture planets and destroying cities." Captain Ginyu said.

"It doesn't matter now, I was only following the God of Destruction's orders. Besides, I hated those disgusting apes the moment my father introduced me to them, but I failed to kill them all off and I hope that Lord Beerus doesn't find out about those remaining Saiyans." Frieza honestly spoke.

"What should we tell the remaining Saiyans that work for us?" Jeice asked.

"We will just tell them a meteor collided with the planet and it destroyed it entirely and do not speak to anyone else about what happened here," Frieza said as he smiled.

(Yes sir!) all of the Frieza force yelled.

Thirty minutes ago

"Sire, what is going on? Why have all the Saiyans been ordered to come back to planet Vegeta?" A Saiyan asked.

King Vegeta didn't like where this was going. "I don't know, but I think that Frieza might be planning something big if he is summoning us all." King Vegeta said as he clenched his teeth. Everyone in the throne room was shocked to hear that from their King.

Paragus didn't like this news, so he decided that he should steal a pod and send Broly away if something were to happen.

"Should we do something then? We shouldn't just stand here and wait if something happens." A Saiyan guard said.

"I'm going to send my son the Prince away. Nappa, I want you to take my son and three other Saiyans with you. I don't care where just somewhere where Frieza can't find you." He ordered him.

Nappa bowed and did as he was instructed.

Paragus left in a hurry while King Vegeta was distracted with Nappa.

"Where is Colonel Paragus?" The King asked.

"I-I don't know sir, I think he left the moment you were distracted."

King Vegeta slammed his fist against his chair and he stood up. "Find that traitor and bring him to me. He has abandoned his post and is trying to flee the planet, I want him brought back alive." The King ordered his troops.

"What about Frieza?"

"I will deal with him alone, so hurry up and find that traitor."

The Saiyan guards saluted the King and left in a hurry.

Paragus retrieved his son and were headed towards the pod. "Where are we going, dad?" Broly asked.

Paragus didn't say anything and he kept on going towards one of the pods that haven't taken off yet. They reached the pod and he put Broly in it. "Listen to me son, You're going away for a while, but I will come to find you once this is all over."

Paragus programmed the pod to head towards Earth. "I heard that the King wanted to send you away to a remote planet because of your battle power, but I didn't have that, so I spoke to King directly about it. That doesn't matter now because I have a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen."

Broly was trying to fight off what his dad was trying to put around his neck, but he failed in the end. Paragus put a metal mind controlling piece around his neck, so he wouldn't lose control.

"Listen Broly, I can't come with you, so you're going to have to have to try and survive on your own. Don't trust Frieza or even any of his men, I will find a way to reach you my son, but I don't know if I will be able to do so. I also forgot to tell you that don't look up at a full moon for too long or you will become a great ape."

Paragus pressed a few buttons and the pod door started to close.

The pod door closed and it was starting up to take off towards Earth. Two Saiyan elites captured Paragus and held him by his arms. "Get the other one before the pod takes off." He ordered his partner.

The Saiyan was about to go after the pod, but it took off.

Paragus smiled that his son was able to get away.

"Damn it, let's just take Paragus back to the King and he wi-" He stopped midway and saw an enormous shadow over them. He looked up and saw an enormous looking sun coming towards the planet.

The guards let go of Paragus and were too shocked to do anything. "The King was right about his suspicion. We're all going to die!" He yelled.

Paragus blasted the two Saiyans and he started to run off.

"Hahahahahahahahaha, goodbye you monkeys." Frieza moved his finger downwards and the enormous ball of energy headed towards the planet and it made contact with it and it started to slowly blow up.

Frieza's scouter started to go off and he saw that the Saiyan population started to go down drastically until it hit zero.

Broly saw what happened to his planet and his father and he started to get angry, but the collar held back his power. All he could do was get angrier and angrier until he just past out. The pod kept its course for a while until it reached Earth's solar system.

Scene Break

Azazel was in his office trying to figure out a plan to capture his traitors who went rogue. He couldn't believe that Raynare, Kalawarner, Dohnaseek, and even Mittelt betray him and the Grigori.

He had to think that they probably joined up with Kokabiel since all he spoke or even knew about was war and nothing but war.

Azazel sighed and he rubbed the bridge of his nose in frustration and even sighed. He leaned back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling. "It seems that you're always filled with trouble, sir," Baraqiel said as he walked in with more paperwork.

"I told you to just call me Azazel. I don't want any intense respect from a friend. Besides, no matter what I do, I'm always being betrayed or even worse." Azazel honestly said.

"What seems to be the problem now?" Baraqiel asked.

"You remember Raynare's team? They went rogue and probably joined up with Kokabiel to start up another war or something." Azazel said as he got back to his paperwork.

Baraqiel smiled at him and put the stack of papers on his desk. "That reminds me, how is Akeno by the way if you don't me asking? You don't have to answer since I know it's a hard subject to talk about." Azazel said with a frown.

Baraqiel scratched the back of his head. "No... It's alright, I just haven't been able to remove her words from my head ever since Shuri died. I don't know if I will ever move on because in my heart it feels as if it's slowly tearing apart since Akeno was right." Baraqiel said with a sad look.

"Hey, don't blame yourself over that, I should be the one at fault since I was the one that told you that I have a special mission for you. And like you said, it just seems that I'm filled with trouble." Azazel said as he dropped his pen on his desk.

Baraqiel smiled again and he turned around to leave but stopped in the middle of the room. "Azazel, you shouldn't beat yourself up too much. You may have the worst luck in the world, but you're an honest man and that's why I respect you a lot." Baraqiel started to leave again, but Azazel stopped him.

"Where is Akeno anyway? Is she doing fine?" Azazel asked.

"Yea... She is doing fine. Last I heard was that she joined Rias Gremory's peerage. And Azazel, I think you should take a short break. You deserve it and besides, we will find Raynare's group and bring them in." Baraqiel said as he left the room.

Azazel chuckled and shook his head. "Damn you, Baraqiel. You know how to cheer someone up even in the worse of positions."

Azazel stood up from his seat and he grabbed his coat and headed outside to clear his mind. He walked around the silent and dark town of Kuoh. He breathed in the air and he exhaled out his mouth.

'I think Baraqiel was right, I think I needed a break.' He said to himself.

He looked up at the sky and saw multiple stars. He kept on looking at the sky until he saw something coming towards him at an intense speed. "Is that a... Meteor?" He asked.

The object kept coming closer and closer towards him until it flew past him and landed in the park. Azazel and his mind of exploration went to go see what that was, so he let his wings out and he flew towards the crash site.

He reached the area and brought his wings back in and saw a big looking rock in the middle of the park. There were lot's of trees and bushes around it, so it really couldn't be seen.

Azazel walked up to it and saw it had a small window. "This isn't space rock, it's a ship." He looked around to see if there was anyone around, but it was just him.

He walked up to the window and looked through it to see if anyone was in it. When he looked through it, he saw a kid inside of it, but he was asleep. "What the hell? What is a child doing inside of a ship?" He asked as tried to find a way to open up the ship.

Azazel couldn't figure out how to open up the ship, so he just punched out the glass and pressed the most important button and it opened up the door.

As the doors opened up, Broly's eyes shot wide open and he flew out of the ship and tried to punch the strange man in the face, but Azazel luckily moved out of the way. "Hey, calm down kid. I'm not gonna hurt you." He tried to reason with him.

Broly didn't listen to him and he started to get angry, but the collar restrained him and he wasn't able to fight anymore.

"Hey, I'm not gonna hurt you, I'm trying to he-" Azazel stopped talking when he saw a monkey tail.

"This can't be... How is this possible? Are you a descendant of Sun Wukong?" He asked.

Broly didn't respond to him and he kept his distance. He looked around to see where he was and he saw that he was at Earth just like his father said. "Who are you and what do you want?" Broly asked.

Azazel put his hands up. "My name is Azazel and I'm not going to hurt you."

Broly was still on edge and he kept his guard up. Azazel reached into his pocket and pulled out a chocolate bar and he was handing it over to him. "Here, take it."

Broly walked up slowly to him and he sniffed the food before doing anything. "It's food, take it." He said again. Broly grabbed the bar of chocolate and he threw the whole thing in his mouth and he started to eat it.

"I think you were supposed to take off the wrapper before eating it." He said as he laughed nervously.

'Ok, this doesn't make any sense. His he a descendant of Sun Wukong because if not, then who in the hell is this kid? He is only a kid and he arrived in a ship. But where did even come from?' He asked himself.

"You got a name kid?" he asked.

Broly was still eating the chocolate bar and the wrapper until he just swallowed it whole. "Broly. My name is Broly." He said as he kept looking around until he looked up and saw the moon. As he did that, he remembered his father's words and he quickly looked away.

"Alright, Broly, where are you from?"

Broly didn't answer that and he ignored him again.

Azazel held off the questioning for later, so he decided to bring the kid back to his home. "Hey, Broly, I got more chocolate at home if you want some more."

Broly looked up at the man and walked up to him. Azazel smiled and they headed back to his home. He was still shocked to see a kid in a ship, but with a monkey tail. He still couldn't decide that the kid is a descendant of Sun Wukong.

They reached his home and they entered it. "Did you enjoy your walk Azazel?" Baraqiel asked and he saw a kid beside him.

"Who is that?"

"This is Broly, he may look small and fragile, but he is something else." He responded.

Broly saw another man and he had his guard up again. "Hey, don't worry about him, he's with me. Calm down Broly." He said.

Broly calmed down and his collar didn't go off. Baraqiel looked at the kid more carefully and he saw that he had a tail. "Azazel, do you see that?! This kid has a monkey tail!" Baraqiel said as he backed up.

"I know, but I get this feeling as if he isn't a descendant of Sun Wukong. I can sense that he has some strange power within him, but it isn't demonic or holy." Azazel said as he grabbed a box out of a cabinet and handed it over to Broly.

Broly sniffed it and he smelled the chocolate inside and he started to eat all of it. Both of them were surprised to see a kid chow down chocolate as if his life depended on it.

"What do we do with him?" Baraqiel asked.

"I don't know, but I don't think this kid is human."

Baraqiel was confused by his words. "What do you mean?"

Azazel sighed and tried to compose himself. "Listen, when I was taking a stroll in the town, this meteor was coming towards me until it flew past me and landed in the park. The kid was inside the ship when I found him." He whispered the last part.

Baraqiel's eyes widened.

Broly finished eating the chocolate and jumped off the couch. "Broly, what are you even wearing anyway?"

Broly wore the standard Saiyan armor with light-colored outward-pointing pads on his shoulders and at the hips that hang over his upper legs. He also wore blue skin-tight pants with white boots that have a yellow striping at the toes.

"This was given to me by my father. It's our standard armor we wear I think." He said as he had an angry look.

"You look like a mess kid," Baraqiel said. Broly's hair was messy and overgrown.

"Where are your parents?" Azazel asked.


Azazel and Baraqiel didn't ask any more emotional questions. "Baraqiel, I might not know who or where this kid came from, but I think I'm going to raise him up since he seems... Lost." Azazel honestly spoke.

Broly sensed someone coming and he picked up the couch and he threw it at the door as it opened up. Penemue quickly dodged out the way and her eyes were wide at what just happened. She came in with a light spear in her hands.

Azazel and Baraqiel calmed Broly down and Penemue was looking at the two with an angry expression.

Both of them were too shocked to focus on Penemue after what Broly just did. They couldn't believe a kid was able to pick up a couch with ease and throw it.

"What the hell do you think you're doing Azazel?"

Azazel looked up at her. "That wasn't me or Baraqiel. That was the kid."

Penemue looked down at the kid and she looked back at Azazel and had an expression that said you have to be kidding me.

Penemue looked back down at the kid and saw he had a monkey tail. "W-What? I-Is he a descendant of Sun Wu-"

"No, that is what I believe so far," Azazel responded.

"Why is everyone getting surprised because I have a tail? That's what every Saiyan had the moment we were born." He said as he sat down.

"A Saiyan? What is that?" Baraqiel asked.

"It's a warrior race. That's what I am, a Saiyan Mr. Azazel." He said.

"You don't have to call me Mr. You can just call me Azazel. And that woman you nearly killed her name is Penemue, she's with me. But I have to ask, how old are you even? I have never seen a kid pick up a couch without breaking a sweat?" Azazel asked.

"I'm only five."

Everyone in the room went wide-eyed at hearing his response. "Ok then, listen up the two of you. I don't want anyone to find out what we found alright? Broly is only a kid and he could handle himself, but if the Devil's or even the Angel's found out, then I think they will try to get there hands on him."

"What are you going to do with him? Are you going to experiment on him?" Penemue asked.

"No... I'm going to raise him like he is one of my own. Just don't tell Shemhazai or anyone else."

"Alright, alright. We won't tell anyone Boss." Baraqiel said.

Azazel wiped the sweat from his forehead and he walked up to Broly and tried to see what this metal collar is around his neck. He has never seen anything so high tech before, there were no screws or anything that could be popped open to see what this device is.

"You mind if I take a look at that thing around your neck?" He asked.

Broly stood up and had a serious expression. He barely knew anyone in the room and if anyone was to try and mess with his shock collar, then he could probably die.

Azazel backed off and he put his hands up. "I won't touch it, kid, so don't worry."

"I'm hungry," Broly stated as he wanted to change the topic.

Azazel stayed quiet for a bit until he busted out laughing. Baraqiel couldn't take it any more of this kid, so he left the house and Penemue went to her room and started to work on some paperwork.

"Alright, kid, I will make you a feast that you will never forget," Azazel said as he gave him a cheerful smile.

Broly smiled back and he sat back down and waited for his new possible friend to make him some food.

"I haven't really had anyone like you in my life or even someone that even has a monkey tail come into my house and eats an entire box of chocolate and still be hungry afterward," Azazel said as he started to make some spaghetti.

Azazel poured some of the noodles in the pot and looked at the box for a couple seconds. "Oh, what the hell." He poured the rest of the noodles in the pot and waited.

"Hey, kid. Have you ever heard of Devil's, Angel's, and Fallen Angel's?"

Broly looked up and had a confused look. Azazel saw his expression and he saw that he has never heard of them before. "What about dragons?"

Broly was still confused.

"This is gonna be harder than I thought, so you're not a Devil or an Angel or even a dragon. Wait... Do you have any magic power?"

Broly wasn't confused anymore and he stood back up. "You mean this?" Broly raised his arm up and shot a ki blast at the wall and it exploded, making a huge hole in the wall.

Azazel had to process what just happened. He has never seen such magic before and he hasn't seen a kid to use extremely powerful magic before. Penemue ran out of her own room and went to go see what that explosion was.

She saw an enormous hole in the wall and she looked over at Azazel for answers. "Don't look at me, it was the kid."

Penemue looked down at the kid and was thinking that there was no way a child could do such a thing. "Ok, I had enough of this. Just who is this kid anyway? If you say he isn't the descendant of Sun Wukong, then who or what is he?" Penemue ranted.

"Penemue, trust me on this. I don't know and I only asked him if he had any magic power and he just shot at the wall." Azazel defended himself.

Penemue walked up to Azazel and started to whisper. "Are you going to raise him up as a war machine or something?"

"No, of course not. I told you already, I'm going to just raise him up as if he is one of my own."

Penemue turned around and looked at Broly and saw he was fast asleep. "I hope so Azazel because if you don't, then I don't want to see just how powerful he is when he is grown up."

"Yea... But I want to help him remove that collar around his neck and learn more about him and where he came from."

Penemue was about to leave, but Azazel said something to her before she left. "Don't let him sleep on the floor at least. Bring him with you at least."

She sighed and she picked him up and carried him to her bed. She kept looking at his face and saw how cute he was. She put him in her bed and covered him up. "I hope Azazel did the right thing here because I don't I want this to come back and bite me." She said as she looked at Broly.

Scene Break

"My Lord, it seems that Frieza has done what you have told him to do. The Saiyan race has been wiped out and it seems that there are still a few Saiyans alive." Whis said as he looked at his staff.

Beerus was resting on his chair and he had his feet on the table. "Well, I guess those annoying Saiyans finally have been put in their place for once. All they ever did was fight, fight, and fight. I did tell Frieza to kill them all, but I see he is too blinded by killing them that he forgot to kill the Saiyans that are still alive." He said.

"What about that prophecy you wondered about? It was something like Super Saiyan God or something?" Whis asked.

Beerus yawned and he put his hands behind his head. "It doesn't matter anymore. You said that there were only a few Saiyans alive, so I think that prophecy doesn't matter anymore since Frieza just blew up their homeworld."

"So you're just giving up on that prophecy?"

"Yep, that doesn't matter to me anymore, so I'm just gonna move on from that and focus on one thing only," Beerus said.

"And that would be my Lord?" Whis asked.

"I'm going to take a big nap. Frieza did what he was told and mission accomplished, but something has been troubling me lately." Beerus said as he looked serious.

"What's been bothering you, my Lord? Do you think someone is stronger than you?" Whis asked as he laughed.

Beerus pointed his fingers at him and his eyes narrowed. "Anyone stronger than the God of Destruction doesn't exist." He said seriously.

Whis continued to laugh and he waved him off.

Beerus scratched his ear and he stood up. "Forget about that! What I'm trying to say is that I felt raw untapped power come from three Saiyans that were born on the same day. Their power was different from any other Saiyan."

"Do you want me to find them?"

Beerus gave up on thinking and headed towards his bed. "It doesn't matter at this point. Whis, wake me up in fifteen years alright." Beerus said as he got dressed in his PJs.

"Very well then."

Beerus fell asleep and Whis left his sleeping chambers to let him rest. "I have a feeling that prophecy you spoke about is true Lord Beerus and it might come someday."

Whis went outside and looked through the sphere of his staff. "Great evil will soon come and destroy innocents of lives,"

"How's it going Whis?" The Oracle Fish asked.

"Ahhh, how has it been?"

"Good, where is Lord Beerus?"

"He's asleep, he told me to wake him in fifteen years time." He said.

"Of course, but make sure to tell him to be careful of the Legendary Super Saiyan. A mysterious power clouds him and if he was to fight him, then I would fear that Beerus could be in trouble. That is all I wanted to say and that is my prophecy for him."

Whis put a finger to his lips and he looked out towards space. "Legendary Super Saiyan you say? How interesting."