Mr. Schuester sighed as he entered the choir room, seeing the students all sitting waiting for instructions for Diva week. Instantly everyone saw from his expression something was wrong.

"What's the matter?"

Artie asked, as everyone stared. Will stood before them and shook his head.

"I was just informed from the office that Blaine has been hospitalized."

Instantly gasps spread throughout the room. Tina sat forward, all color draining from her face. Sam shook his head.

"Whoa, is it because of his cold? I know he was sick but..."

Will shrugged.

"His mother called the school earlier. I guess an ambulance was called and he's not allowed any visitors. I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop. Now worrying won't help Blaine. I'm sure he'll be fine. I'll keep you guys posted, and Emma and I might try to swing by after school. But unfortunately Diva week has to be canceled. I'll allow you guys to use this free period to study songs, or use it as a chance to catch up on homework."

With that, he walked by, leaving the class stunned. Instantly Tina noticed everyone leaning forward, texting like madmen trying to reach Blaine. Instantly, panic started to settle in. What if she gave him too much medicine? She had looked up what ingredients off line and had doctored the cough syrup herself. What if it had made him sick? Her mind started to race to the hour or so she had been alone with him. She was almost certian she hadn't left any marks on him. Instantly her heart started to pound in her chest. She sat there, feeling her palms tingle, as she thought back on exactly what happened. He had woken up at one point. He had spoken to her, even tried to get her to stop. What if he remembered? What if was going to tell? She was certain she could get herself out of this, but right away she nervously twisted her hands together, and figured the best thing to do was keep her mouth shut.


Rachel and Blaine silently walked in side by side as Will brought them in holding a paper cup of instant coffee from down the hall. It was a little after eight, and Rachel and Blaine had been the only ones who hadn't left the hospital waiting room besides Kurt. Most of the members of Glee club had come and sat waiting, really not knowing what to say or do. Sue had even swung by and for once didn't give any hateful crude remarks. Instead when Will came out, she had given him a strong hug and went down the hall to see Emma. Everyone else hadn't been allowed. Finally, as the sun set, and Blaine noticed Emma's parents walk down the hall, he sensed whatever was happening was going to be finished soon. He had quickly called his parents, keeping his brief, and since then had shut his phone off. He sat between Kurt and Rachel, barley speaking, just staring ahead. He still remembered when Will and Emma had approached Rachel and him over donating her egg, and his sperm to have a baby. They had waited until he was eighteen, and right up front had offered the money right up front. They had laid everything out on the table, explaining that after months of trying, and testing they had discovered both were unable to have a baby. Emma could carry one, but her eggs weren't fertile. Will's sperm count was too low, and the doctors had been extremely up front with them over their changes of ever conceiving. They wanted the parents to have strong genes.

They wanted not only an intelligent child, but a healthy, and talented one as well. They told them there wouldn't be any hard feelings whatsoever if they didn't want to. In fact, both promised Blaine and Rachel this would have absolutely no commitment, nor ties to the child. Emma would carry it, and they would on paper legally be the child's parents. All they needed was a healthy sperm and egg. At first Blaine and Rachel were taken aback. They were stunned to of anyone, they were the ones to have gotten chosen. Why not Sam? Or Finn? Quinn? Or Santana? They laid the ten thousand dollar checks out before them, and said they could think it over, no rush, and no hard feelings over whatever they decided. They just knew, if they did agree to this, it had to be kept under wraps. In the end, despite what everyone thought, they agreed to help out their friends. So on the same day Rachel went into the clinic as did Blaine. Rachel was taken into a different room, and Blaine was accompanied by Kurt. Lately things had been so tense between the two of them, and Kurt had been very upfront about his feelings on Blaine doing this, most of all with Rachel. As much as Blaine tried to explain that his parents were behind him on his decision, as well as being proud of him, Kurt didn't seem to buy it.

"But this is going to be your child Blaine. A child that's both yours and Rachel's. You're going to see it and...what are you going to feel in a couple of years? This isn't just helping a friend out, this is huge."

"I always figured if we got married someday we would maybe ask one of our friends to donate an egg to have a baby. Isn't that the same thing?"

Kurt, seeing he wasn't getting anywhere simply shot Blaine a look, before Blaine felt annoyed and got up heading towards the desk where the nurse was waiting. He had his clipboard he had filled out earlier tucked underneath one arm.

"I really figured you were going to be different. I want to help my friends out and actually do something decent. I have a whole future planned, and this little bit of money could at the end of the day I'll know Rachel and me helped two great friends of ours that believed in us even when things were at it's worse."

Kurt just stared up before Blaine rolled his eyes and muttered.

"Fine, go home if you want..."

Ignoring him, he headed to the front desk wondering if Rachel was having this hard enough time with Finn. Sighing, he placed the clipboard down on the counter before the friendly young nurse with glasses.

"Um, hi...Blaine Anderson."

The woman smiled, taking the clipboard, and scanning it over before nodding.

"Ah yes, please follow me."

She got up, and Blaine followed her down the hallway through a set of swinging doors. He never looked back to see if Kurt was still there. Following the nurse, they reached the end of the hallway where she opened a room door, and led him inside. It was a small room, with an examining table, a chair, counter, and sink. The walls were a light gray, and there was a fake plant near the trash bin. It smelled like cleaning supplies, and looked like any other doctor's room in America. The nurse smiled and motioned to the counter.

"Here's you're cup, make sure you ejaculate inside it. Just enough to fill the bottom line. Place the plastic cup on and just leave it there. I'll be in afterwards to collect it."

Blaine felt his cheeks burn as he shifted his feet.

" I like...have?"

The nurse warmly smiled.

"As long as you want. No pressure. Take as much time as you need. Trust me, nerves get the best out of people and it takes awhile. Nobody will knock or disturb you. The door locks and I'll be down the hall. As soon as you're finished just leave the cup with the cap on right there and shut the door behind you and as you walk out just let me know."

Blaine kept eyeing the plastic cup, unable to believe this. At least all Rachel had to do was lay on some table. She had joked earlier that he had the easier, and more fun job between the two of them, but after his exchange with Kurt he was left feeling a terrible twisting in the pit in his stomach. He suddenly felt very embarrassed. The nurse smiled before she motioned over to a cabinet above the sink.

"There is a tablet and magazines..."

Instantly Blaine knew where she was getting at and gulped, knowing for a fact his face was bright red. Nodding, he muttered a thank you, before the nurse warmly smiled, showing absolutely no judgement, and wished him luck before leaving. Blaine stood there, before hurrying over and locking the door. Feeling his palms sweat, he checked the lock two more times before sighing loudly. Feeling the room spin, he ran his hands over his perfectly gelled combed back hair, before turning and looking at the cup. Walking over, he scooped it up and held it in his hands. The line at the bottom was tiny, and he knew it would probably only take one time. At least he hoped so. Sighing, he placed the cup down, before heading to the cabinet. Opening it, he had to laugh. One side was stacked magazines clearly for straight men. Playboy, Hustler, and Maxium. He smirked, uninterested, before seeing the other stack.

He turned them over, and smiled. This was more like it. Sighing, he figured he would probably just use his phone. God knows how often these magazines were used. He flipped through one, raising an eyebrow, before laughing to himself, and putting it back and closing the cabinet. Sighing, he reached into his back pocket and took his cell phone out. Clicking the home button, he went into a private folder of his, where he kept his old photos of Kurt. He scrolled back, before finding his favorite. Taken shortly after Kurt's senior prom. They had gone back to his place while his parents were visiting friends, and had taken a nice long hot shower together. Blaine's curly puffed up hair was finally combed and slicked back by the water, and the two had stumbled back to his bed dressed only in towels. Here Blaine asked if he could snap a few photos for his own private use. Kurt, forever the showman, and laid back on the bed before opening the towel that had been tightly wrapped around his waist and posed. Enjoying what he was seeing, Blaine aimed his phone and snapped several. Now, this seemed like a lifetime ago, but one of his favorite photos oof Kurt. It was sexy, and just shared between the two of them. Smiling sadly at the photo, he knew it was now or never.

In a few hours, hopefully this cup would be injected into Rachel's egg, and then put into Emma. Then, God willing...nine or so months later a healthy baby would be born to two wonderful people who deserved to be parents. The actual thought of there being a child of his...half him, half Rachel existing had seemed overwhelming, but he knew the second this egg was put into Emma it would no longer be his or Rachel's. It would be Will and Emma's. Two people who wanted and deserved this. Sighing, he pushed any overwhelming feelings out of his thoughts, and unbuckled his belt. Seconds later, he unzipped his fly, and lowered them slightly.

There, he reached in, and pushed down his boxer briefs, taking hold of his penis. Eyeing the door, he nervously stared at it, feeling as if the entire hospital knew what he was doing. After a few minutes, he took the cup and placed it right beside him, before he laid his phone down with the photo of Kurt. How badly he wished Kurt would carry a baby like a woman. The very thought of him getting him pregnant turned him off. Instantly he began to tug on his penis, getting turned on, and feeling it stiffen as he continued this rapid motion. This went on for less than ten minutes, he figured it was because he was so nervous. Sweating slightly, he continued staring at the photo of Kurt as his hand raced up and down his shaft. Finally, he felt himself coming close. He grabbed hold of the cup, making sure he could aim it directly, before, he felt the building tingling, as he bit down on his bottom lip, and stiffened a cry as he emptied everything out from his balls into the cup. The hot spurt went right into the cup as he emptied, and sighed, hanging his head down low. After a few seconds, he looked down and was pleasantly surprised enough that he had filled past the line and took the cup away.

Careful, he clicked the cap on, before using the sink quickly to clean himself up. Tucking himself away, he zipped his pants, fixed his belt, and tried to fix his hair a little bit. Smoothing his pants out, he stood back and stared at the cup. Suddenly he felt very embarrassed. Sighing, he glanced down at that private photo of Kurt and clicked it away, before putting his phone back in his back pocket. Looking at the cup one last time, he sighed, and walked out. By the time he reached the waiting room, he discovered Kurt was still waiting for him.

Now nearly nine months later, Blaine walked in with Rachel and saw poor scared exhausted Rachel, and saw the result of that day now being forced out of this poor woman, born lifeless before it even got a chance to take it's first breath...

One month later...

"Blaine, I'm Nelson. I'm a councilor...your parents are very concerned. You were brought in after having an extreme panic attack. Your blood pressure is still very high, and you are running a high fever. When you were brought in there were very concerning marks on your body, as well the results from a blood test that we ran. There's Rohypnol in your system which has raised a few eyebrows. What we need you to do is be honest and let us know what's happened...we all care about you Blaine, and you know you can trust us..."

Blaine continued sitting in the hospital bed. His hair not gelled and sticking up. Dark circles underneath his eyes, and an IV put into one of his hands. He hadn't stopped crying for what seemed like a lifetime, and he was just given something to calm his nerves. Now his reactions and words seemed slow and sluggish, as if he was trapped underwater.




"I want Kurt..."

"Who's Kurt? Was he with you last night?"

Blaine slowly shook his head.

"No...he's my ex-boyfriend. I don't...have my phone. Can you tell my mom I want him to be called. He lives in New York. I want to see him."

Nelson holding his clipboard nodded, his eyes kind, and calm.

"I can do that, but it's very important that you tell me if you remember what happened to you."

Blaine stared forward and flashes went before his eyes like faint echoes.

Tina was straddling him, she was having sex with him. Her hips were pumping away, and she was working on top of his penis. He could feel himself buried deeply up inside of her, and the feeling was sickening. He remembered staring up at her, frozen, unable to move.


She stared down at him stunned, but wouldn't stop.

"Shhhh...close your eyes. Relax baby. It's okay..."

She had her palms planted firmly on his chest, pinning him down. Blaine weakly tried to push her off.

"Stop...please get off...Tina...stop..."

But she wouldn't stop...she didn't until he finished.

Blaine lowered his head humiliated, shoulders sagging, as he broke down completely, wanting Kurt more than anything in the world.