That was the only word to describe what Clary felt as she was slowly taken apart by the two men she was currently dangling between.

Literally and figuratively.

Simon and Jace had been rivals for Clary's affection since they met. When Jace was thought to be Clary's brother, it was assumed that the matter was settled: Jace and Clary could never be together. Life had gone on and Clary started dating Simon, but the spark between her and Jace had never gone away. She'd felt relief and fear in equal measures when it was discovered that Jace was not Valentine and Jocelyn's son. She'd never been able to view him as her brother, not really, but now she wasn't sure where her relationship with Simon stood.

Clary wasn't exactly sure how it had happened, but one thing led to another and now she had her legs wrapped around Jace's neck and her arms wrapped around Simon's. She sighed happily when Simon's hands reached around to pull at her nipples, arching her back against him and craning her neck in search of his lips. He kissed her deeply, swallowing her cries as two sets of hands roamed her body, setting her already heated skin on fire. She gasped as Jace's tongue suddenly slipped into her, pulling her mouth away from Simon's and letting her head drop back against his shoulder, writhing and panting heavily.

"More," she moaned. "I need more..." She twisted her fingers into Simon's hair and brought one hand down to do the same to Jace, tugging insistently. They both groaned, Jace gripping her hips and shifting them further down so he had more room to work while Simon found and lingered on a particularly sensitive spot on her neck with his teeth. In no time, she was a trembling mess, thighs shaking and hips twitching as they pushed her right up to the edge...

Clary gasped as she suddenly jerked awake, huffing forcefully as she remembered the dream before settling back against the pillow with a groan, her face buried in her hands. This wasn't the first time, she'd been plagued with dreams like this for weeks now, ever since Jace told her he wasn't her brother. She wanted to ignore her feelings for Jace, she knew it wasn't fair to Simon, but even he understood she couldn't help how she felt. Even so, she ignored the throbbing ache still present in her core, closing her eyes and trying to go back to sleep.

But she couldn't turn her mind off, images from her dream coming back to her as she whimpered and squeezed her thighs together. Unbidden, the thought of Jace roughly pushing her thighs apart came to her and she bit her lip, tossing her head as the image was joined by one of Simon holding her legs apart for Jace and it was that thought that broke her; she hastily pushed her hand down the front of her underwear and began rubbing two fingers in circles over her clit. She was so wet her fingers kept slipping but the friction was so good she didn't care. Her cheeks were bright red as she thought of Simon and Jace as her hand brought her closer to the edge, toes curling and back arching as she panted and groaned. God, she wanted them both...

And with that last thought, she was coming, fisting the sheets as unintelligible curses fell from her lips. Her chest heaved and her fingers slowed as she came down from her high, stilling completely only when Clary was twitching at the oversensitive glide. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, not bothering to remove her hand from her underwear before falling back into a fitful sleep.