"I'm back! oh and I have news for all of you." Shouted Kagome. Inuyasha and the gang ran to the well to help her with her backpack. Inuyasha instantly smelt a male scent on her; he could also smell saliva and that Kagome was excited.

"Feh, what could possibly happen to you that I would want to know about, wench?" actually Inuyasha was curiuos about who's scent was on her and he also cared to find out why she was so excited.

"Well then you don't have to come if you don't want to, although I'd really love it if you came." The idea of Kagome wanting him near her made him blush but he had to quickly shove the thought away to hear what she wanted him to attend.

" I'm having my sweet sixteen next month and you are all invited!". They all started to celebrate when they noticed that they didn't know what a "sweet sixteen" was. The look of curiosity quickly told Kagome that they clearly didn't know.

"It's when a girl turns into a woman. Well its sort of just a tradition, but everyone makes a big deal out of it and get all dressed up in their best kimonos. Anyway I would love it if you all came in fact I was thinking of making you all the court."

"What's a "court?" asked Sango.

"Well it's the best friends of the girl who's having the sweet sixteen. Oh and you all have to be "courted " by someone. Of course this will require practice. That means that you all will have to go back in my time and practice because I want some friends from school to attend and they cant come back here in the Fuedal Japan because they cant go through the well."

Ummmm Miroku can court Sango...Shippo and my little cousin Sarah Kagome was thinking of who the "partners could be in her head." Well Inuyasha if you want then can court one of my friends or I can invite Kikyo."

"Feh, I dot want to go to this stupid party of yours I just hope you don't use it as an excuse to get out of hunting for shards." This instantly made kagome cry.

"If you didn't want to go you could have just said so you didn't have to change it into an awful event in my life" she turned to Sango for comfort.

"Yah Inuyasha this was clearly important to Kagome."

"I just don't understand you Inuyasha if you care for Kagome so much why do you insist on hurting her? " asked Miroku. "Sit!" Kagome was really ticked now. "sango do you mind if we go to the hot spring now?" asked Kagome between sobs. "oh of course Kagome." If going to the hot springs was gonna make Kagome happy she would deffinetly go.

-----------------------------------------at the hot springs----------------- ------------------------------------ kagome and sango had been having a full heart conversation when sango thought about the "courting" at the sweet sixteen "kagome why did you put me and miroku together for your sweet sixteen?" she blushed at the thought of miroku courting her. "oh that's easy, I know that you like him and I figured that this would be a perfect excuse for you two the get to know each other given the fact that his hands don't start to wander." "one more thing kagome." "yah?" "listen I know how much you like Inuyasha and I was kind of curios as to why you didn't ask him if he wanted to court you?". Kagome started to blush. "well I kind of already have one." "what! Are you to going out?" "yeah"

"since when?, how, why,who? I want to know all the details." Hehehehehe. The two girls started to giggle. "well his name is Hojo and he's been asking me out for the longest time and I figured that Inuyasha only likes me as a shard detector so..... I asked him if he would want to be my court for it. Hehehe he gladly said yes." "when did you ask him?" "right before I came through the well. He started to hug me real hard then he just kissed me. I did it because it's stupid to wait for Inuyasha to forget about his dead girlfriend". Little did the girls know that a certain dog-demon was listening from his branch in a nearby tree.

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