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"No Inuyasha don't." Kagome told him. "I'm going to listen to what he has to say first." Inuyasha reluctantly put his fists down and stopped baring his teeth. However he continued to growl quite loudly I might add.

"Ok first I would like to apologize for last night and I really am" Inuyasha just got a little angrier how dare he ask for forgiveness, knowing Kagome she would accept though. " I came here for that and I would like for you to let me continue to be in your sweet sixteen." Ho-jo looked up at her with pleading eyes. Kagome was shocked that he would still ask to be in it. They stayed there in silence for what seemed like forever. Only Inuyasha making noises.

"Fine Ho-jo you can remain in the Sweet sixteen however after my sweet sixteen you never talk to me again! Got it?!" Ho-jo could only nod his head yes. He knew he was lucky that Kagome was forgiving him and he was super lucky for her letting him remain in the sweet sixteen. So he decided to leave it at that. He was thinking when Kagome broke the silence "One more thing Ho-jo , why do you still want to be in my sweet sixteen?" Ho-jo was alarmed at the question. He really hadn't thought why he just had a feeling that he needed to be in it.

"Because Kagome you still mean a lot to me and I would still like to be a part of this chapter in your life. I know that this is something that you will never forget and I would like to be part of it." Ho-jo finished with a sort of sad smile. Kagome blushed she knew he cared a lot for her but this was amazing! Unfortunately Inuyasha saw this he couldn't believe that she would blush due to someone who just cheated on her. He wasn't gonna stand there and let her fall for him again just so that she can get hurt again.

"NOO! KAGOME I WON'T ALLOW HIM TO BE IN IT. HE CAN'T! HE JUST CHEATED ON YOU AND YOU BLUSH...FOR HIM! NO I WONT LET YOU GET HURT AGAIN! NO! IT'S JUST NOT GOING TO WORK1 I WON'T LET HIM! JUST.... NO! Inuyasha was in hysterics. I think it's pretty obvious he didn't like the idea of Ho-bo being in her sweet sixteen...again.

"Well than Inuyasha what do you propose we do instead?" Kagome had been tapping her foot slowly in annoyance when Inuyasha had an idea. Ho-jo could be in her sweet sixteen but he could not be her escort.

" O.K. Ho-bo can be in the sweet sixteen but he won't be your escort that's absolutely forbidden even if I have to be your escort then so be it just as long as it's not him!" Inuyasha was very proud of himself for thinking of such a diplomatic solution, however he forgot he mentioned that he would be her escort. So of course Kagome having the huge crush on Inuyasha that she does just jumped on Inuyasha and hugged him.

"O.K then it's settled! Inuyasha will be my escort and Ho-jo will still be in my court! Wow Inuyasha I had no idea that you were so smart!" she said as she let go of Inuyasha (to his dismay). He had barely got the joke when he was about to scold Kagome for being so mean when Kagome had already started to whisper in his ear. " Don't worry about it. I'm sure Ho- bo didn't get the joke. So you don't look weak compared to him ok? Besides if I liked Hobo more than you wouldn't I do this to him instead of you?" She finished with a little tickle on his ear and pecked him on the cheek and then whispered again in his ear "you seem a little stiff right now after we are done talking to him we can get a little more relaxed in my room. Ok? " He could only nod. Kagome just hit on him. The only real girl that he wasn't sure if she liked him the way that he liked her was hitting on him! He was struck with confusion, joy, excitement and above all he just felt plain out dazed! There was no way to explain it except he felt like he could float.

--------------------------- After the meaningless conversation with Ho-jo--- ------------------------------------------

Kagome had been flirting like crazy over the past half hour. It was driving Inuyasha insane! Her scent had a little bit more of her arousal in it and that little bit was threatining to send him over the edge. As they were walking up the stairs Kagome had lead the way with Inuyasha's hand in hers which wasn't helping Inuyasha any. The fact was that her being 'leader' and everything was strangely attractive to him. He had known that she was very outspoken but this was a completely different.

Well in the room wasn't any better it was completely filled with her scent. Then she sat him on her bed and asked him to relax. Well like I said he was strangely attracted to her aggressiveness so he obeyed

"Inuyasha I would like to thank you for outside just now. I actually liked it. It was cute the way you tried to protect me. The fact that ...Inuyasha the whole time outside you were growling was so sweet. Oh and I love it when you act like a dog. It makes me go all fluffy inside!" she giggled. He blushed.

"I didn't want to look cute. I wanted to look scary and angry" he of course didn't mind that he looked cute to Kagome but he still wanted Hobo to wet his pants.

"Oh but I like you cute much better." Then Kagome took off his hoari and layed down against him. She was tired. She was surprised that seeing Ho-jo had made her tired immeadiatly. "Inuyasha?"

He had been blushing since she took of his shirt "yeah?"

"can we just lay like this for a while? You make me feel safe and I'm not feeling to good right now. His only response was his arm around her waist. "mmmmm I wish I could stay like this forever" Kagome had managed to mumble before falling asleep.

"Me too Kagome. Me too" Inuyasha stayed awake and watched her for another five minutes before he too joined her in her slumber.

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