It takes someone either smart or stupid to pull something like this off and make some bloody sense of it. The only person that represented both was the immortal Master of Death, Harry James Potter and his wife, Ada Aulion, a sexy Altantian from about 5 Million Years ago he had married during one of his previous lives. Of course, she was also his mistress and now looked around 19 to 20 years old while he was around 15 to 16 years old now. But he was busy merging both the more battle harden city ship called "Olympus Mons" and the City ship of Atlantis. Of course, Ada was busy working with a whole building a massive fleet of ships for her husband, all in the Imperial style.

Ada frowned at that thought, Imperial style...that made her shudder but she knew that Harry was into Star Wars so he wanted a proper Empire Fleet that merged the power of the fictional Empire and the Lantean Race. Right now, she had one Imperial I Class ISD and two Victory I Class ISDs, but her husband was busy with the new design of what would be his pride and joy. Of course, Ada was told that these three alone could easily save and impress the Asgard.

"Dear? You realize that your "Supergate" is based on the Ori design, correct?" She asked softly as he looked over her terminal.

"Yeah but you had it upgraded and easier to take around. So it should be at the homeworld of the Asgard right" Harry Potter smiled as the Supergate in orbit activated and the three ISDs moved in towards the gate.

"I hope you know that these are controlled by your Replicators…" She sighed as the three powerful ships vanished through the Supergate.

The Replicators were in full force as they swarmed the Asgard Homeworld, wanting to destroy them entirely. However, they had noticed a strange circle like device as they were attacking the planet but then froze as the circle erupted in a blue familiar eruption of a stargate. The robotic species rushed the gate but were destroyed due to physics. A massive triangular ship smashed into them and they were squashed as the ship opened fired, green energy like beam hit the Replicator ships, which ships promptly exploded in fiery balls of heated gas and metal.

With the new threat found, the Replicators swarmed the new ship but were taken care of the the larger ships tried to get troop carriers onto the top ship but the shields activated and metaled them upon contact. Two other smaller ships followed the first and opened metal panels. The Asgard watched as the two ships let loose a full slavo of Ancient Drones, of two variations. Big and small, the drones tearing through and exploding on the Replicator ships. The Replicators tried to run but since there was none left, it was kind of pointless since they were only now floating blocks of dying tech.

The ships entered orbit and sat there, simply orbiting the planet. The Asgard were unwilling to answer any coms until Thor took it up.

"This is Commander Thor of the Asgard...Who are you?" He asked.

"Hello Thor! Nice to see you not dead again!" A young male voice said over the channel, wait, did he say again?

"How do you know my name?" The Asgardian asked.

"Oh, we met before a lot!" The voice said in return, "Anyway, like my new Lantean ISD I and Victory class ISDs?"

Thor was floored to say the least.

Harry was grinning from ear to ear at the properly field tested ISDs, as he hugged Ada happily.

"They did so well! I'm so proud of your help, love!" He was so giddy that it was infectious.

"I know," Ada smiled, "But you have to finish the plans for the new Executor done yet?"

"No...I'll get right on them!" With that, he ran off to get the plans finished.

Ada smiled as she talked with the Asgard into an alliance but not one that was done before. This alliance would allow her and Harry to interfere as they saw fit and wouldn't be stopped by anyone. Of course, when she got the blueprints for her husband's new and pretty much indestructible Executor class SSD, they couldn't be stopped anyway. But those plans needed Tauri, Asgard and Goa'uld weapons to be completed and a lot of research into the armor and shields themselves.

Ground forces would also be a good thing since the Ori, Goa'uld and Wraith had them. Still, a variety was better than just the standard AT-AT and AT-ST. As she concluded talks with Asgard, with an alliance somewhat formed, Ada smiled as she heard Harry yelp and start cursing in Ancient, having invented the Ancient words for Tauri curse words.

Word of the Replicators defeat was quick to spread across the protected Asgard planets, as the Replicators were unable to truly understand how badly they had been defeated, they were computers bent on eating everything in sight after all. The Asgard now had an ally that was able to tear apart their dreaded enemy and now was able to protect the planets in the protected planets treaty. However, they were using the Supergate that their new ally had and was being more willing to send ships over to handle the robotic threats.

As the next trio of Ships came through the Supergate, Two ISD II's and one ISD Venator class ship. The Venator headed for the planet as the two ISD II's took guarding positions on either side of the Supergate. As the Venator went down into orbiting position and took in cargo from the Asgard planet as the ship was the first of a line of new cargo ships and medical vessels that would help the Asgard in moving due to their planet being close to death already.

Would it help that they even said thank you for the healing of their race? Nope, they didn't even say thanks for that.

Even so, it was better now since Harry now had some foothold in this part of the Galaxy, at least in his eyes. Ada had whacked him for even suggesting that they make an empire, since they were now working on conquering the Asurans and turning them into a planet sized ship building plant so that was the plan for them, the Wraith were now still in statis so they are not a real threat. For now anyway, he knew that in this universe, the Wraith were more technologically advanced in their biotech technology.

Meaning...they were able to grow and develop more advanced ships depending on the need.

"Just great," He had snarked as he and Ada laid in bed one night, "The Wraith are more of a threat than the Yuuzhan Vong were in that other universe…"

"So? They still have the major defections of imperfect ships, hyperspace travel and other issues."

That had been her counter but one could only really imagine a really bad time if the Wraith took over.