Aye! Were you expecting that?!

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There was only four of them left when they released the mutts.

They had let three days pass before they started the grand finale, while the citizens would be growing eager with anticipation her two poor excuses for partners grew weaker by the hour. She'd grown irrevocably attached to her companions. She knew that it was nothing more then camaraderie that coursed through her veins and that once the 74th games concluded it would take little more than a months pass for the fleeting feeling to vanish all together. Both for the districtee she would take with her as well as the ones that would haunt this ground and, on occasion, her dreams.

Haymitch didn't send them shit.

The mutts pushed them towards the cornucopia. She had instructed Rue to run ahead while Peeta hobbled his way after. She took the flank and gave curtesy swipes at any mutt that got too close.

"Go around back the cornucopia when you get there! There is a ridge that you can use to boost yourself up!"

They are only a few yards away when the mutts grow thicker. Peeta gets too far away from her and she has to barrel herself into the side of a mutt about to take out his throat. She's both above Peeta and below the mutt.

She sees Madge's eyes looking back at her and she knows that Heavensbee is controlling the mutt himself. He's pieced this mutt together with the DNA of the fallen district twelve flower child. The mutt is dead set on Peeta and is doing its best to avoid the royal bloodline, as is programmed into its ancestral development. Something Heavensbee is also not privy too. Her saving grace.

She rolls the fluffy beast and takes two quick jabs into its ribs.

With encouragement Peeta is up and moving once again. And the beast doesn't attempt to pass her as she stares it down. "I promise I'll take care of you this time."

Peeta has made it to the gold statue and is attempting to climb up with his one good leg and the help of Rue's one good arm.

Katniss on the other hand is blindsided by Clove launching herself out from the underside of the cornucopia.

She doesn't bother with the other two tributes.

The mutts pull back but do not leave. The fight quickly becomes hands on. She's not got the upper hand and the longer the fight drags out the more noticeable that becomes. Strangely enough something that she never expected happens. Madge's mutt lets out a snarl and all at once the mutts pounce on them both.

Mutts are biting and clawing her. Blood oozes into her eye. Something lands on her hair and it forces her bodily into the earth. Clove isn't fairing much better. Rather than fighting each other they are hitting and swatting at the mutts.

The strange turn of events is what leads to her victory. For all of Cloves cunning, clever, skill, and pure natural talent, she has never come face to face with a mutt and she is scared. When a human body is truly and inexplicable scared there is no knowing what they will do, and Clove panics.

Katniss on the other hand was feeling more calm than she had in a long time despite the random flurries of pain she was receiving from the animals. Although she couldn't say she wasn't miffed by the circumstances. Just moments ago the mutts had been predictable, protecting royalty to the highest degree, now they were nearing on turning against their masters. Madge's mutts muzzle makes its way to the underside of her belly and flips her up in the air. When she makes impacts she's flat against earth and looking strait at the face of her enemy.

The mutts are toying with them but they won't finish the job. That would be too dissatisfying. She army crawls through paws and legs to Clove and makes quick work of her from behind. All the mutts settle instantly.

They had known she was losing and by attacking her had saved her. Loyal beasts.

The cannon sounds.

Peeta and Rue stand off behind her, both looking more nervous than ever before.

She'd sworn to Rue that she would leave the arena alive. Just the night before last she'd told her that if it came to the three of them in the end, she would need to leave while Katniss disposed of Peeta. With his bad leg he would not be putting up much of a fight. Once the last cannon sounded they would become a bonded pair themselves.

She was tired. She wanted a good night sleep and then to wake up to a good breakfast. Something she did not catch. Something that was not fish.

They're all standing together in a small circle. The blimp takes away cloves body.

She's staring into Peeta's eyes. "Rue go into the tree line." She hesitates quickly looking to Peeta. "Rue, I promised i'll take care of you."

As the girl turns and takes her first step Katniss drops her knife onto the hard ground. She wraps her hands around Rues neck.

They tumble until they're face to face with one another in the grass, Rue's hand pulling against her two before slapping at her face in sluggish movements.

It takes nearly two minutes for the life to leave her eyes completely.

Katniss gets to her feet and counts the moments until the final cannon sounds. The games are over.