In next few days, Penelope and Josie tried to work on their relationship. Penelope suggested something that Josie accepted with a small reserve. She suggested they make box of questions they had for one another in these few years and every night before they go to bed, each of them would answer two questions the other pulled out of the box. Some nights were good because they got questions that let them gush about one another. Some nights were hell because they got questions about some very painful moments in their relationship and many of them were ''Lizzie related''. Each girl had a lot of ''Lizzie related'' questions.

Hope pretended that she didn't hear their arguments and the initial conversation. She was there for both of them but she never tried to get involved in their things. She tried to keep things light and fun with the girls. Every night they had chats about some girly things and she made them stay positive and they were grateful for it.

At school things were starting to be messy. It was time for the spring dance and this year spring dance was duty of the polo team. Hope knew them organizing the dance would raise few issues in the school. They were very elitist and posh crew and it was clear that some issues would be raised from the both sides. Penelope got into the office and saw Hope's not so happy face.

''What is it Michaelson?''

''This years dance….''

''Oh, I forgot about it.''

''I didn't.''

She gave Penelope the paper where it was written who is in charge and Penelope's face soon turned into same frown as Hope's.

''Well, we are fucked.''

''But not in a nice way.''

''Hope, that is not a thing a girl wants to hear.''

''I am sorry Penelope if it hurts your delicate soul…but we are screwed… And you are not getting out of this..''

''Out of what?''

''Meeting with the kids and some of the parents.''

To say that Penelope was not happy about that was an understatement. Josie got into the office and she was surprised to see their sad faces.

''What happened?''

They just gave her the paper and she gave them confused look.

''You still hate the dances?''

''Yes, but that's not the point. This year it's going to me war.''


''Because of the polo team organizing it… They are very elitist and very…conservative…. Their demands for the dance would be very specific…so they include… pretty much themselves and very few others.''

''That could be messy…''

''Yes, that will cause riot with some students that are a bit alternative in any way.''

''Oh… I can imagine the war it will turn into.''

''Oh, and it's getting better Jojo.''

''What more?''

''One of the parents coming to the meeting is Carla Pan…formally known as Carla Fox…''

''The Carla Fox?! She tried to make our school years hell…''

''Yes, she did… And her sister Holly is captain of the polo team… Carla is taking over the role of a parent since their parents are somewhere abroad.''

''I see why you are pissed about this.''

''Oh, you have no idea Jojo.''

''Is there something I could do to make it better?''

''Yes, but I don't want to talk about it in front of Hope… She will get huge envy….''

Josie blushed and Hope just rolled her eyes at them.

''You are disgusting Penelope.''

''And I love you too..''

''Your sex life is getting in the way of you being normal at school.''

''I just want to point out that there is no sex life at school…''

Josie came to her girlfriend and took her hand.

''Please stop talking babe.''


They shared a short kiss and Josie got her stuff.

''I have to go now… I have a class… See you later…''

''See you Jojo…''

''Oh, and good luck with the bitch.''

''Don't worry Saltzman… She could never be bigger bitch that Penelope…Every game she might bring, Park has her ass..''

Penelope winked at two other women.

'' She can only hope to reach my level!''

''I know… But behave love.''

''Oh, I will…not…''

''I know.''

Josie left and Penelope took a bottle of water from the fridge.

''I hate her…''

''Who? Josie? I was sure you were good now.''

''NO! Carla…''

''I am sure she feels the same…about both of us.''

''And that makes me feel better.''

In few minutes Carla showed up with her sister and some more members of the team. Her perfect blond hair was in the very neat bun. She was dressed in pink Chanel dress and diamond on her finger could feed third world country. Holly was her sister's clone but she was dressed in the school uniform and she had bunch of papers in her hand. She had evil smirk when she saw Penelope and Hope. Holly was sure her sister will finally get her what she wanted and get very liberal views two other women in the room out of school for at least one night. In her mind, it was supposed to be perfect night without other things and students to ruin it. It was important fundraiser for the polo team. It was clear that Carla had same things in mind. She had plan in her head to do all that she couldn't as a student at school. She was not pleased with Penelope and Josie dating, she hated Hope for always saving the day an she never got over the fact that she came from a powerful coven but had third of the powers average witch from that coven had. Both Penelope and Hope knew why, but kept their mouth shut. It was none of their business but it was fun to hold something like that over Carla's head.

''Oh, Park and Michaelson… Still stuck at school.''

''What can we say… Some of us were worthy to stay and now run this place...''

She lost her smirk and took a seat.

''That is not the way to talk to a parent.''

''Or to members of staff Carla…''

''Let's get to the point. This party… We have all the requirements and all that we need.''

She gave papers to Penelope and smirked waiting for her to read that there will be no same sex couples allowed to come to the dance. All couples had to be boy/ girl. Entrance fee was supposed to be $50, and it was black tie event. She didn't get the reaction from Penelope she expected so she continued her jabs.

''As you see… We want to make this dance nice and NORMAL and formal. These kids deserve good examples and morals showed to them.''

Hope looked the list and then she looked at Penelope expecting her to say something.

''Is this all you require?''

Carla gave her a bit evil smile.

''Well, I think it's enough…''

Penelope did the spell to copy those papers in five more sets and got up from her place.

''Good. Follow me… They are waiting for us.''

Carla and Holly looked at her in surprise.

''They? What are you talking about?''

Penelope turned to them and gave them a very serious look that made Hope wish to kiss her in front of entire school. She realized what was Penelope's game.

''Well, we have to give it to the school council and they have to vote on this.''


''Yes, every year when plan for the party is presented council has to vote.''

Holly was not happy about this and it was clear that Carl was not either. She felt played. Holly turned to Penelope and raised her voice at her.

''But it's our year…It's not fair Miss Park! We get to pick everything.''

''Actually, you get to pitch the suggestion and then the council votes on every point relevant for the party… Like dress code, food choice…and things like that. They have to make sure all is according to the school policies and all the rules implied. And most importantly… it's important to make sure none of the groups from school are discriminated against with something that is on the list for the party. If something discriminatory shows up on the list, you may lose your privileges to host the party this year.''

Carla and her sister Holly were changing colors. They were not happy about this in any way. They hoped to push their agenda.

''What?! You never mentioned any of this!''

Penelope turned to Holly.

''Miss Fox, I was not aware I had to mention anything to you. It's all in the manual all of you have. Every year host who is in charge of the party has to make their presentation to me and Miss Michaelson and then have student council read their suggestion and vote on it. It's the same every year… I was not aware that this year I would have to chew the rule book to you and feed you like mommy bird.''

They got into the room where the meeting would take place. Penelope gave everyone copies of the party suggestions and they thanked her.

''Well, now we will leave you to study it all and in an hour we will see you again to hear your deliberation.''

Penelope escorted Fox sisters out of the room and back to her and Hope's office. They sat in awkward silence waiting for deliberation. Carla and Holly were pissed at Penelope for not telling Holly about deliberation that has to take place. She believed that after meeting with Hope and Penelope it was all done deal. Now they had to wait for the end of the meeting and the final vote.

Josie noticed that some of the students were missing from her class. She knew that they had session and now she wondered how would things turn out and what did Carla and Holly want. She knew it was nothing good and she hoped that Penelope and Hope wouldn't get themselves in trouble. After the class she went to find Penelope and Hope. She met Carla in the hallway and the other woan had that poisenus smile she always sported.

''Josie Saltzman… Oh, I had no idea you were back.''

''Yes, I came back to teach.''

''Oh, I am sorry for your divorce… I saw Lizzie at some dinner and she told me that your marriage ended.''

''Thank you for your concern.''

''How are you feeling?''

''I am feeling amazing and very happy.''

''Oh, really?''

''Yes, I am finally free and finally living the life I wanted.''

Before the conversation could go any further, representative of the witches got out with a paper.

''After some deliberation, we decided to alow the dance without any alterations to the suggestion.''

Carla and Holly saw it as a victory. Other students were very pissed. Two of them smirked at Penelope and Hope and with triumph left the hallway. Hope was beyond angry and Penelope had her evil smile that Josie knew too well. Penelope counted on this.

''What is it Penelope? What is on your mind?''

''They are in for a surprise.''

''Oh, and how?''

Before Penelope could talk to Josei their students who were same sex couples came to them.

''It's not fair Miss Park…. They will not let us attend. It's against the school rules to force us to go with girls or boys…''

''Well, you can always make alternative dance at the old mill where you can dress as you want and come with who you want.…there is nothing in the rule book about it….''

She winked at them and they all gad huge smiles.

''And what about chaperones?''

''I know three people who would chaperone…''

She looked at Hope and Josie who started to get what Penelope was doing. She knew that no one would attend the other party and they would lose their funding because of what Carla and Holly did. They excluded many people so they would definitely attend the other party… And some who fit their wanted profile would maybe also go to the alternative dance.

''Now it's up to you girls to organize everything… See you in class…''

Kids went to their classes and three of them stood in the hallway.

''You knew all along how this would play out? That's why you were so cool in the meeting with those two.''

''Hope… In the words of wise Tyrion Lannister… I drink and I know things…''

Josie took her hand and smiled at her.

''You are evil Penny… Holly and Carla will lose their shit over this when the time comes and the gym is empty.''

''It's their fault Jojo… I did nothing.''

''Oh, you never do Penny.''

''You are finally learning love.''