Intro: soz dudes! I kinda forgot to write the intro b4 so.... Hmm well wots happened so far is the girls at the BSC got this phone call b4 sayin how they were all dead, angels if they didn't discontinue the BSC. Stacey was the one with the phone so she was really scared. She had also just tried out for cheerleading. U might be able to find the other chapters sumwhere?! I don't know.

Disclaimer: please don't sue me! I'm just a bored little ozzie kid from down under who's kangaroo ran away so now I have to walk to skool! I own none of the characters in my book that Anne. M. Martin uses in her books/ shows...whatever! They ain't mine.
"Sam!" I cried, as Kristy's older brother crashed down into me.
I was lying flat on my back on the concrete, I wasn't hurt at all just slightly take back, "Sam what the hell are you doing? Were you following me?" I asked.
"Uh...yeah. I was wondering if you'd go to the Halloween dance with me?" he looked slightly uncomfortable, and I didn't help when I so tactfully said
"Sam the Halloween dance isn't for another three months! Why are you asking me now?!" I asked, feeling a bit weird about this whole thing.
"I don't know, so will you?" he said, sounding more like (idunnosowillu)
"Yeah sure, just next time don't scare me like that!" I exclaimed, remembering the chilling phone call earlier that evening.
"K thanks Stace! I'll see you round!" he said and jogged off in the other direction.
I turned to walk away but something wasn't right...I was still lying down on the road! God I'm such I fool! I thought. I propped my self up and got ready to stand up when I saw two bright lights coming my way. I squinted as they came closer and I was unable to figure out what they were...HEAD LIGHTS!
The car didn't seem to see me because it sped up as it got closer. I scrambled up to my feet and as the car was only about two metres away I through myself to the left and rolled out of the way. I landed hard on my shoulder and groaned with pain. The car turned around to face me. I the headlights dazzled me and the horn was going, as if someone was holding it down.
"Who are you?!" I screamed, "What do you want?!"
the car reversed and screeched down the road and rounded the corner so fast I could smell the rubber burning. I was shaking so had I thought I was going to shake into Washington. I picked up my bag I had dropped. I noticed there was an envelope where the car had been. I picked it up and opened it. A note fell out. I bent down to pick it up, it read,

Once there were five
All alive
They were healthy and strong
But that's where things went wrong
There are soon to be four
Not long after that there will be no more
They were five angles
Soon to be dead
They will be gone, out of mind out of sight,
Out of ones head.