Miracles Do Happen
Author's Note: Hey everyone. I'm back! Yes it is I, Dale. This is my sequel to Unexpected Happenings. If you haven't read that yet, I suggest you read that one first. Anyway, this is my second fic. I also know that sequels usually aren't as good as the original but I'm going to try and make this one worth reading also. It will again be mostly Claire/Leon but this time their will be more Chris/Jill and especially more Rebecca/Carlos. If you read the epilouge to the last story you'll know why. Okay, this is it. The sequel. Miracles Do Happen.
Chapter One- Life is Good
" Leon, we have to be at Chris and Jill's in twenty minutes. And we still have to go pick up Becca and Carlos. So hurry up!" Claire Redfield shouted down the hallway towards her and Leon's room. Leon poked his head out the down. He was still wet from his shower and his only item of "clothing" was a green towel. Claire smirked at him.

" Coming Claire. So how many days left does Rebecca have to go?" Leon asked as he retreated back inside the room to put on some clothes. The door was cracked so he could talk to Claire.

" About 4 days, I think. The doctor said sometime around Thanksgiving. That reminds me, isn't Sherry coming to spend Thanksgiving with us." Claire wondered. She heard the sound of zipping and saw Leon step out of the room, shirt in hand. Everything else was on. She secretly wished they weren't.

" I think so. Didn't she call yesterday?" Leon asked as he put on his t- shirt. Claire got up to give him a kiss. Leon returned the favor. Claire pushed herself into him, making him lose his balance and fall into the sofa. Leon chuckled a bit while still holding on to her. Claire pulled away and looked at him slyly.

" Yeah, she did. You have no idea how bad I want you." Claire told him in husky seductive voice. Leon smiled as he put both his hands around her waist. She was straddling him. Leon gave her a teasing smile.

" After we come back, Claire you can do whatever you want with me. But right now, we do have to get going." With that, Leon gave her one more kiss to satisfy her til later. He picked her up and went to grab his keys.

" Let's go." He said as he stepped out the door. Claire took one last look at the picture of her and Leon on the table. They had taken it a few days after Leon came back.

' God, that feels like ages ago' She thought. With one last smile, she followed Leon.
Knock Knock Knock
" Carlos, could you get that please? I can't get up for the life of me." Rebecca Chambers, soon to be Oliviera said as she laid back in Carlos' lazy boy. She had been carrying Carlos' child for 8 and a half months now and her due date was nearing. She remembered when she and Carlos had found out she was pregnant.

Claire and the others had gone to pick up Leon from the airport. She had wanted to come but she had an appointment with the doctor because of her morning sickness. Jill assumed she was expecting. Carlos fainted at that moment. Becca herself couldn't believe it. Anyway, she went and got the tests taken and she found out she was expecting. That's when she had started crying. Carlos was outside eating a foot long sub from Subway when Becca had come out and told him. Carlos eyes bulged open and he tried to tell her something but started to choke on his sub. Afterwards, Carlos was rushed to the ER after he passed out from the lack of air to his brain. Sooner or later, when he became conscious again Rebecca gave him the news and he was ecstatic. He had always wanted to be a father and the fact that Rebecca was the mother made it even better. Everytime Rebecca would get sad or lonely she would think about that moment. She knew that she would tell that story to her daughter.

Rebecca was awakened from her daydream when Leon and Claire walked in after Carlos. Leon acknowledged Rebecca with a hello and asked Carlos to speak with him outside. Claire went to sit with Rebecca.

" You're looking pretty round there, Becky." Claire said simply. She put her hand on Rebecca bulging stomach. Rebecca sighed.

" I want this thing out of me now. Claire, I get cravings for the nastiest stuff. For some ungodly reason, I crave peanut butter and jelly with hot sauce." Claire laughed.

" PB&J with hot sauce. That's a new one." Claire went to help Rebecca up, seeing that she was straining by herself. Rebecca laughed.

" I'm telling you Claire, getting engaged is fine, hell, even the sex is fine, but being pregnant is a one time thing for me. Speaking of engagements, is Leon gonna pop the question anytime soon. I mean, 5 years. Plus you two are more in love with each other than anyone else I know. Excluding Jill and your brother." Claire smiled a bit.

" I think he's thinking about it. He's been talking to Chris and Carlos a lot lately. I'll be waiting." She admitted. Rebecca smiled at her long time friend. She knew that Claire and Leon belonged together. Now if Leon would stop stalling.

" Carlos, Leon we're going to get the car. Meet us outside all right?" Rebecca yelled.

" Yeah!" The men yelled back. Claire and Rebecca walked out the door joking with each other.
Leon and Carlos
" I haven't the slightest idea how to tell her, Carlos. I mean, you and Chris did it with no problem. I don't think she would say no, but what if she's not ready." Leon sat in the lounging chair bombarding Carlos with millions of nervous questions. Carlos scoffed.

"Leon, trust me you'll know what to do when the time comes. You just get that ring okay." Leon stood up out the chair and nodded. The two prepared to leave.

" I just wish I could see it like that." Leon said as he and Carlos stepped out the door." Carlos got a little angry and shouted out.

" You love her damn it and she loves you. Now stop stalling and marry her!" Leon chuckled at him causing Carlos to raise an eyebrow confused.

" What?" Carlos asked.

" Nothing. Nothing at all." With that, the two men, walked over to waiting car with their women inside.
Chris and Jill
" Chris, get off of your ass and help me set up this table."

" But the game is almost over. In 1 minute." Chris whined to his wife from the sofa in the living room. Jill gave him a hard stare. Chris gave one last look to the t.v before getting up to help Jill.

The two of them had been married for 3 months and still loved each other to death but they were experiencing minor confrontations like in all marriages. Jill expected this though so she wasn't too angry. She really just liked to see Chris surrender like a little boy obeying his mother. It humored her.

Chris walked into the kitchen and started taking food out to the table. Jill put the finishing touches on her steak.

" You love me, Chris?" Jill asked out of the blue. It was her way of letting him now she had something in store for him.

Chris knew what was coming. Jill wanted him to do something. So he cracked his knuckles and stretched a bit.

" Yes, Jill. What do you want me to do?" Jill gave him a sweet look.

" Throw away all of your alcoholic beverages." She said plainly, leaving no room for argument. Chris walked over to her and pleaded.

" Why, Jill why? Just because Becca's pregnant, that means I can't drink either. She's practically finished." Jill placed the cutting board she was using in the sink.

" No, Carlos can't afford to get drunk the next few weeks and you know that this is first place he's headed to. Besides, Becca's trying to get him to stop."

" What about Leon? He gets drunk easier than all of us. Why won't you stop him." Chris shot back.

" Leon's quit drinking for the past 6 months." Chris looked Jill in the eye and surrender.

" Okay, okay. I'll throw it away. But you owe me big time, Jill." Chris told her as he opened the refrigerator and started to throw the beers and wines into the trashcan.

Jill smiled and bent down to give him a kiss. She figured she had taken advantage of her husband enough for the day. And she did owe him big time.

" Okay, lover. I'll let you have your way with me. After Rebecca's party." Chris felt a grin pinch his face before going into a full fledged smile.

Ding Dong!

" God, I love you Jill. You know that right?' Chris told her as he got up. Jill gave him one more kiss before going to get the door.

" More than you'll ever know." Jill replied as she opened the door to greet her guest.
Author's note: I finished. How did you all like that? Was it good first chapter for the sequel. I respect all author's that attempt to write a sequel and it comes out good. This stuff is hard. I just hope that you enjoy it just the same. Well, Rebecca's pregnant, Leon has a question plaguing his mind. Carlos is engaged to Rebecca. Sherry's coming. Chris and Jill are married. That's all in the first chapter. Okay, I ask you please review and let me know how you like it so far. And if you have any fics that you've written feel free to tell me. I'm always looking for a good story. Until next time.