Miracles Do Happen

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Chapter 23- Life Has Gotten Better

" Chris, can't you move any faster! I mean, we gotta be there like right now." Carlos told him irritation pretty evident in his voice. He had been complaining since 7 that morning when they woke up. Leon just groaned while Chris tightened the grip on the steering wheel. Carlos continued to complain.

" My God Carlos shut up. You're gonna make it." Leon sighed equally pissed. Carlos gave him a look of irritaion. Aledjandro and Adam just snickered in the back of the car.

" You're just pissed because Claire's gonna make you sleep on the couch. Stop acting like a pushover." At that Leon leaned over and attempted to strangle him.

" Why you little.."

Chris who was already ranking high on the pisstivity meter was now at boiling point. First of all, he wasn't a morning person. Second, he was stressed and tired of Carlos' and Leon's nonsense. Finally he just wanted to take get the tickets, get Jill and get the hell out of here. All thoughts were thrown aside when Carlos and Leon hit the back of Chris' seat. At that moment they both became motionless. Chris chuckled humorlessly.

" Leon. Carlos. I will not take this situation any further. But it would be best if you two stayed quiet and still the rest of the ride okay?' His tone was deathly calm. Leon and Carlos nodded.

Meanwhile at the church

Sherry and Claire were waiting outside for Barry and his family so he could be ready to escort Rebecca down the isle. It was getting closer and closer to 2:00 and Claire was getting anxious.

" Claire, is that them?" Sherry asked as a Black Surburban parked in front of them. Claire covered her eyes from the afternoon sun and looked to see the familiar faces of Barry and his wife, Kathy.

" Barry! Boy, am I glad to see you. Hello Kathy." Claire told him sincerely as she and Sherry went to greet them. Barry just smiled and hugged the both of them.

" So am I Claire. Now where exactly is everybody." He asked as they proceeded into the church hall. Claire sighed.

" Well, for starters, the guys aren't here yet. Jill's having another one of her moods trying to keep this thing in order, and Carlos' mom is comforting Rebecca who seems ready to have a nervous breakdown." Kathy chuckled silently.

" She's having second thoughts huh? It happens to all of us" She said as she rolled her eyes at Barry. He stopped and looked at her with a questioning expression. It was a bit humorous if not weird to see from him. Kathy stopped and looked at him.

" How could you have second thoughts about marrying me?" He asked with a grin. Sherry smirked and Claire tried to stifle a laugh. Kathy simply told him.

" I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the rest of my days with a big oaf like you." Barry faked a hurt expression.

" Do you women always have to be this blunt?" Barry questioned.

" Yes." Claire, Sherry, and Kathy replied simultaneously as if there was no room for arguments. Barry just grunted and continued to look around for Rebecca.

One Hour until...

Carlos jumped out of the car and hauled tail into the church fearing he may have missed something. Besides he needed to talk to his mom. Adam got out after him and the others followed. Adam straightened his self out before turning to Leon.

" Um, what do we do now? The guest are starting to arrive." Leon looked to see cars beginning to fill the empty street curb.

" Well, being as I don't have a clue, I suggest we find the girls. They know more about this stuff than we do. What do you think Chris?' Chris?" There was no reply. Leon, Adam, and Alejandro looked to see Chris walking into the church. Alejandro shrugged.

" Or we could just follow him." With that the three confused men walked inside with the growing crowd.

Once inside, Leon automatically spotted Chris next to the ladies. He was helping Jill out with some kind of errand. Adam saw Sherry and smiled to himself as he proceeded to see what she was up too. Alejandro started to wander around the church like he always does. Wander.

" Whatcha up to there?" Leon heard a voice say from behind. He turned to see Claire's beautiful face smiling back at him. She had her hair done in her infamous ponytail but there was something about it. Something that made her look different. She looked even more stunning than usual. Her bridesmaid dress also attributed to this. Rebecca had made a fine choice by going red. Leon felt his mouth drop and felt the breath leave his body.

" My God Claire. You look gorgeous." Leon barely got the words out. Claire blushed something similar to the shade of dark red on her dress.

" Thank you Leon. Come on and help me with seat these guest. And you look very handsome by the way. But next time let's leave the crazy hairstyles up to me." She joked as she took his hand and led him to the front door.

" Jill." Chris called as she continued to straighten herself up in the mirror. Her hair had gotten wet in some way she didn't even know and she was trying to fix it. Chris called her name out again.

" Jilly." At that Jill turned to him and sighed to him stress heavy in her voice.

" What Chris? I want Becca's big day to go by without any events like ours." Chris chuckled. At their wedding, as Jill walked down the isle, the material of her dress continued to become undone as she walked. Soon, Jill was standing at the altar at what looked like a wedding skirt. Jill was so embarrassed but Sherry said that it had been very stylish. And Jill knew for a fact that Sherry had excellent fashion sense. Chris' laughter brought her thoughts back the present.

" What?" She asked having a pretty good idea all ready.

" You looked so sexy in that wedding dress." Jill smirked at his mischevious smile.

" You would think something like that was sexy wouldn't you." Jill spat jokingly. Chris just walked behind her and placed his hands on her hips from behind. He let his hands reach lower and lower until they found her hand. Jill looked at the mirror with the two of them. She smiled.

" Chris, are you becoming a nympho or something cause everything you do is suggestive in some way." Chris kissed her earlobe.

" If I am, the only person I want to be with is you." At that Jill shuddered in delight but the sounds of the people outside calmed her down.

" Come on, this is Carlos and Becca's day. We'll fulfill ours later." Chris nodded and followed Jill out of the prep room.

" Mama, I am so scared but I'm so happy at the same time." Rebecca said as she let Juliana brush her hair like a little child. Baby Juliana was in Rebecca's arms.

" Don't worry child. My Carlos is a good boy. A little different from most but still a good boy." Juliana added with a chuckle. Rebecca smiled.

" I know. I'm ready. I'm so ready to join your family." As Juliana attempted to reply there was a knock at the door. Juliana walked up to get it.

" Who is it?"

" Carlos. Mama can I speak with you for a minute?" Juliana opened the door slightly.

" What is it that you have to say? You know it's bad luck to see the bride before." Carlos nodded.

" Mama, I wanted your best wishes for this. I know we all ready have them but I wanted to make sure that this was all okay with you." Juliana smiled.

" Miho, you know I want you to be happy and trust me Rebecca makes you happy and you make her happy. This is all you need. Now get!" With that Juliana shooed him away and closed the door. Carlos smiled to himself.

" That's my mama."


All of the gang except for Juliana was on stage waiting for the ceremony to begin. Carlos was obvious nervous fidgeting around and such. The minister put a hand on his should and told him to calm down and laughed. Leon and Claire passed knowing glances at each other and Chris and Jill smiled at the sight before them. And due to circumstances at the last minute, of all people, Alejandro was playing the processional.

As the music began, the sanctuary became quite. Sherry and Adam's playful banter ceased and baby Juliana let out a smile cry as Rebecca began to walk down the isle with his arm around Rebeccas.

So many things were going through her head right now. What would have happened if she didn't walk in on him that day. Would she be here right now. And if wasn't for some unexpected events in the Bahamas, her daughter wouldn't be right her right now. She probably wouldn't have met Carlos' family until later and she definitely wouldn't be feeling as happy as she was at this moment.

As she walked to the altar and turned to face Carlos all of her doubts melted away. Yes, this was the man she was destined to be with. Who else would make her feel this special. Make her feel so calm. Who else would have accepted her for who she was. Carlos just grinned. Yet Rebecca know by this one act that he was letting her know he was hers and she was his.


" And now you may kiss the bride."

With that said, Carlos pulled up the veil and kissed Rebecca long and good. The feeling was quite mutual and no fighting was involved. Applauds echoed throughout the hall and Alejandro began to play the recessional music piece. Rebecca and Carlos turned to Chris and Jill and Barry and Kathy before walking back down the aisle.

" Now that was definitely something worth traveling for." Adam said as he turned to Sherry who was crying tears of joy. She laughed and latched on to him causing him to fall over. Claire looked over and saw the situation. She smirked. Leon too noticed and grinned.

" Adam's gonna score." Sherry's eyes popped out similar to a cartoon character.

' Leon!"

2 Hours Later. Reception

" Hey, I have an annoucement to make." Carlos said signaling quiet." At that everyone became quiet.

" Me and Becca wanna thank all of you for coming. We can't begin to tell you how much this means to us. But I'm afraid that we're going to be leaving now. We have a plane to catch. Yes, if you must know we're going back to the islands. Hehe, before we leave we just wanna give a special thanks to this people right here. We love you guys." Everyone applauded and sent their congrats to the former Umbrella renegades.

As Carlos stepped down, he went to his mom and kissed her on the cheek.

" Are you sure you don't mind watching Juliana? I'm sure Leon and Claire would watch her." Juliana scoffed.

" Nonsense. She is my granddaughter. Go ahead and have fun. I'll be here when you get back." With that she pushed Carlos and Rebecca outside the doors and escorted them on their way.

After all the clean up

" Hey me and Sherry are going with Barry. He's going to drop us of to the movies. Later." Adam called as he and Sherry got in the car with Barry. Barry beeped the horn as he waved and drove off. The other's waved back at him. Both Juliana's were sleeping and waiting to leave.

" Oh, I'm so happy for those two." Jill sighed as she and Chris stood outside the church doors. Chris nodded.

" Me too. I wish we would go on another vacation." Chris smiled broadly as she said this.

" You know. We've never been down under before." Chris said as he showed her the pair of tickets in his hand. Jill gasped and looked at them before looking back at him and grinning. She kissed him all over the face. A peck here a peck there.

" Oh, Chris. I love you I love you I love you." She said really fast as she kissed him gleefully. Chris chuckled.

" I know. I know."

" Know What?" Claire and Leon said at the same time with their eyes suggesting something else. Chris rolled his eyes.

" That you two have got to be the nosiest pair I have ever seen. Haven't you got anything else to do?" Leon thought for a moment. Claire finished.

" Hell no." Chris and Jill smirked.

" Come on, let's get Juliana. I'm beat and ready to go. And I'm only telling you guys once. If I catch any undergarments in the backseat I'll kill you both." Chris warned. Jill just laughed as she went inside. Claire and Leon looked at each other and ran to the car. Chris could see the two of them jump in and start making out in the back seat. He slapped his forehead.

" You ready?" Jill asked as she and Juliana(both of them) and Alejandro followed her outsided. Chris walked up to her and kissed her taking in all of her.

" Been ready. From here my life can only get better."

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