"Why did you do it, Selina?" Bruce asked from the other side of the impenetrable glass of his (now former) lover's cell. "Why did you betray the me?"

"Betray you?" Selina scoffed, arms crossed and refusing to meet his gaze. "I didn't realise saving the lives of your friends was a betrayal, Bruce." Her tone, normally so jovial and playful, was now as venomous as Bane's bloodstream.

"If you hadn't helped Diana and the others escape, I could have captured them and put an end to this conflict." His tone, as well, was devoid of any of the warmth he typically held for her.

"You think that would change anything, Bruce!?" Selina was on her feet now, finally meeting his gaze, her emerald eyes now ablaze. "Do you honestly believe that capturing the leaders of the Insurgency, even if you managed to turn them to your side, would bring an end to any of this? You think no one else would rise up to put an end to your Regime? You would, if the roles were reversed. And despite what you like to believe, everyone else in the League has just as much strength of will as you do."

"No, but having more heavy-hitters on my side would act as a deterrent against anyone who would try to disrupt the peace I offer."

"Again, that wouldn't stop you."

Bruce sighed, removing his armoured bat cowl - a rare sight these days. Selina was a little taken aback by how sorrowful his sigh was. She expected it to be a sigh of frustration, but it seemed that he wasn't really angry that she had helped Diana's group escape his trap; but rather, he was sorrowful.

"You should have come to me first, Selina. If you have a problem with how I do things, I'd rather you have talked to me about it. You know I value your opinion over anyone else's."

Selina shook her head, averting her gaze once more, unable to look at what this new crusade had done to the man she loved. "I'm not the one who has a problem with your new methods, Bruce. You are. You think I don't see the way you look at your enemies, your allies? You hate that you have to work with Slade and Lawton, and that you have to fight Diana, Barry and the rest. You're only doing this because you feel like you have to. Even in the beginning, you never felt that Batman was something you had to be, not really. You did it because you wanted to. There were a million other ways you could have helped Gotham as Bruce Wayne, but you chose to be Batman. And you enjoyed it. Back then, you'd chase me across Gotham's rooftops and you'd catch me and take back what I'd stolen, then let me off with a playful warning. But now, you think you have to work with killers and 'reeducate' your friends to the way the world works. I know you've always put others before your own happiness, but please, Bruce. Please, stop this now, while you still can."

"I... I can't, Selina. I'm sorry."

"Why? Why, goddammit!?"

"Because of Jefferson. Ralph. Oliver. If I stop now, their deaths will have been for nothing." Bruce's hand was pressed up against the glass to steady himself. Selina placed her hand over his on the other side of the glass.

"Bruce... Do you think this is what they would want? Even Oliver, despite sharing your ideals, wouldn't have wanted this to continue. At this rate, the only way this will end is if you and Diana kill each other. We've lost enough heroes, Bruce. Stop now, before we lose any more."

"I'm... sorry, Selina," Bruce replied, slowly removing his hand from the glass. He placed the cowl back into place on his head and fixed her with a steely gaze, intense enough to cause Selina to recoil away from the glass. "This battle is about more than me or Diana. I have to create a world where another Gotham will never happen. A world where no one else ever needs to risk their lives as superheroes."

With that, he turn away from Selina and walked away, not even sparing a glance at the practically anorexic Clark's red sun-laden cell, nor those of any of the other imprisoned heroes or villains.

"Bruce, wait!" Selina cried out, ramming up against the glass as her senses finally returned to her. "Bruce! Goddammit, listen to me!"

But, he didn't hear a word, his mind too focused on the task at hand. He still had one more plan prepared: one that even Diana and her Insurgency couldn't escape. Before he could lure them in, however, he'd need to finish work on the centrepiece of the plot - the Omega Batsuit, the last piece of bat tech he would ever need to design, as it would finally bring an end to this conflict and ensure a crime-free world.

There would never be another Gotham, nor another Joker. Batman would see to that.

Sometimes, I think up some dialogue exchanges as I'm waking up and feel the need to write them out, based on what little I remember by the time I reach a computer.