Chapter 1: Mission Time

Hey guys, welcome to my Blinx fan-fiction. For this story, it's you who will join Blinx in your next adventure. It will be in first person, and have you in the story. You all know what that means, let's get going!

Edit: Okay, I walked into this blind. I had no idea what a reader insert was like. Now I have read a few. Going to make this better though. Now, onto the story!

"Wake up. Y/n, we're going to be late," a voice said. I distantly felt someone shaking my shoulder, and I groaned, wanting to stay in bed. The voice gave an exasperated sigh. "We have to sweep the Dual Season World today. We can't be late." I finally opened my eyes and looked up to see Blinx looking down at me.

"Alright, I'm up," I said as I got out of bed. I grabbed a f/f and a milk carton from our mini fridge while Blinx pulled his goggles over his striped orange fur that formed a v on his forehead and tannish white face. I also grabbed my f/c jacket, and put it on, stuffing the food into my pockets. I grabbed my sf/c goggles and hung them around my neck. I reached under my bed and pulled out my sweeper, a TS-16000. Placing my sweeper on my back, I grabbed my boots, white as a base color with f/c steel on the toes. I tucked my sf/c pant legs into the boot so it wouldn't flop around. I grabbed my gloves from the stand, both white in color. I grabbed my communicator from the drawer in the stand and put it on my nd/h (nondominant hand) wrist. I walked over as I started eating my f/f to where Blinx was waiting by the door. We exited to the dorm common. I rang the bell under the neckband on Blinx's jacket, which earned me a playful punch on the shoulder. As we passed a mirror, his bright green eyes met my e/c ones. I also noticed the fur/hair on my head was a mess, and I tried to fix it. As soon as I was satisfied, Blinx messed up my work. I huffed as him.

"So where're we meeting the rest of the team?" I asked Blinx.

"It's just us."

I looked at him in surprise as we hopped onto the moving pathways. "But the Dual Season World is a very dangerous world even for high ranked sweepers like you."

"I guess it's a simple mission," Blinx said. I went with this when we came to the gate room door for the world. We entered and found the technician keeping Sweepers from the gate. When he saw us, he came over.

"I hope you two are ready for this. We have a big time disruption in between the border. You guys just have to do reconnaissance," he said. "Report what you find to the CEO directly." With that, he walked over to the controls to open the gate for us.

"This must be big. I hope the Tom-Toms didn't cause another B1Q64 incident," Blinx sighed.

"I don't think anything like a Chronohorn will spawn," I said. He didn't look convinced. We walked up the stairs and onto the platform, and a second later the light of the goal gate flared up. We raced at the light and jumped off the platform. While trying to outdo the other with flips while we were falling, I didn't notice the rainbow tints to the normally pure white light until we were in the goal gate.

"Did you notice the light of the gate?" I asked Blinx as we landed in a snow drift.

"Yeah, but why did we have to land here?" I snickered at his annoyance, as I just remembered he hates cold places more than anything else.

"Well, the border is right over there," as I pointed to our right at the field of grass about ten meters away. We walked over to the grass, and I paused for a split second when a warm breeze crossed my face.

"So we walk along the border until we see the disturbance and then report back," I said. With that, we started walking through the waist high grass along the snow banks. It took half an hour until we saw any type of activity.

"Get down," I whispered as I pulled Blinx down. We peered through the grass at a pig wearing a red and white striped shirt and black leather jacket with no sleeves. He had on blue pants and gray boots, and a pair of black gloves. He also had a bushy beard and blacks goggles over his eyes. We watched as he tread through the grass in a perpendicular line to us, pacing back and forth. I tired to move so we could move around him, but Blinx stopped me. Just then, another pig, this one wearing a similar outfit but no beard walked up to the first pig.

"Are all the preparations in place?" Beardy asked.

"Yes sir. We almost have everything set up. Once it's done, we can grind all the time crystals we want," Shaven said excitedly.

"Boss will be happy about that," Beardy said as they walked away.

"I guess we know what the disruption is. Let's follow them," I said as I crouched stood and started to follow them. Blinx followed me and we crept behind the pigs. More than once they stopped and we had to as well and duck down to avoid being seen. We went like this for another half hour until we came up to a strange domed arena, filled with time monsters.

"Woah. That's one crazy machine," Blinx said in a low voice.

"Let's get a closer look," I said. We snuck closer to the strange arena. When we got a better look, the dome seemed to be supported by steel beams leading to the center, with seats for observation. The arena was made of steel and had a pair of guards at every entrance. Tom-Toms were entering and exiting with bags over their shoulders, some empty and some full. Due to the sounds from some of the bags, we guessed the contents were time monsters. How the managed to capture them we don't know. We could also see some holes in the floor of the arena, just big enough for time crystals to fit in.

"No wonder there were no reported time monsters in this world," I whispered. "The Tom-Toms are capturing them all and sticking them here."

"But why?" Blinx asked with a fearful and questioning face. "They don't do anything without reason. If they're going to this amount of extremes to collect time crystals, they're planning something big. Like another B1Q64. I don't want another one of those, and neither does anyone at the Time Factory." A visible shiver ran down his spine as I looked at him questionably. He closed his eyes. "We need to stop this soon," he said opening his eyes, face set in determination.

"Well you two aren't going to be going anywhere," said a gruff voice behind us. We turned to face Beardy from earlier and his pal.

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