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kisses, Misstee

Chapter 1: At First Sight

Standing there by the broken tree,

Her hands were all twisted, she was pointing at me.

I was damned by the light coming out of her eyes.

She spoke with a voice that disrupted the sky.

She said 'Walk on over yeah to the bit of shade,

I will wrap you in my arms and you'll know you've been saved'

Let me sign, let me sign, can't fight the devil so just let me sign.

Let Me Sign by Robert Pattinson

It's early morning and I am packing the rest of my things into my suitcase. Mom's downstairs getting her things ready and I can hear the excitement in her voice as she laughs with Phil over what her first outfit will be for their trip. I smile slightly because, despite my irritation, I am happy that she's happy. She may be a lovesick fool, but that's what I love most about her. It's just who she is and I've always admired that about her.

"Bella," she calls and I close my suitcase on that note, effectively snapping out of my haze. "Let's go, honey! We don't want to be late for your flight."

I turn towards her as she makes her way upstairs.

"I'm ready, let's go." But it's a lie. Forks is not my favourite place, and Renee knows this. Despite this, I can't complain. I know how much this trip means to her, so I'd suck it up and put on my big girl pants.

The drive to the airport is like any other drive. Renee is extremely bubbly and chatty and singing to the beat of the music on the radio. She encourages me to sing every now and then and I humour her most times but otherwise, I'm stuck in my mind as usual. Phil is getting the rest of their things sorted back home so he's not with us. Mom's very happy-go-lucky. She's got the spirit of a teenager and the looks to pull it off.

"Bella, you promise me you'll take good care of yourself, okay?" she says and she's pouting like a little girl. I smile in chagrin.

"You first, Mother," I tease and she nudges me before hugging me tightly in her warm embrace.

"I love you, hun, you call me every day, okay?" she demands and I nod in agreement, although I'm sure she'll be too busy to answer.

"I promise. Love you too." She fusses with my hair some more, and before I know it she's waving me off – with tears in her eyes because she's such a huge sap sometimes, and I'm on the plane leaving.

Charlie is unsurprisingly waiting for me when I land, on time as always and I'm pleased to note that he hasn't picked me up in the cruiser this time. Charlie's the chief of police in good ol' Forks, he's great at his job but it's not really 'cool' to be the chief of police's daughter.

"New wheels, Dad?" It's a large orange truck and it's rusted but beautiful in my opinion. I have always had a thing for older modelled cars, and tended to stray away from flashy things. Blame it on my shy nature if you must.

His mustache twitched in humour. "Mhm. What do you think about an early homecoming present?"

I gasp in surprise. "Are you serious?! Dad, it's perfect!"

He smiles, awkward but pleased by my reaction I assume and nods his head. "Jacob, you remember Jacob right? He fixed it up, put in a new motor and gave it a bit of a buff."

I nod slowly, attempting to recollect my memories of Jacob. "From the reservation?" I barely remember Jacob. I hadn't been to my dad in years. Usually, I'd visit often. Almost once a week in summer. Then things changed and we became distant.

"Yeah, Billy Black's son. He'll be pleased to see you. It's been too long, Bells," he says sadly. I look out the window and try and figure out just why I stopped visiting my dad.

Oh, right, this town is morbid that's why. Dull and morbid.

We pull into the driveway and the house is just as I remember — plain, white and dull.

My bedroom is the same as I'd left it last, teal blue walls lined by shelves with all my 'creations' as a kid, posters and drawings and my old dressing table. Although, a few things stood out; Charlie had changed the curtains to a light blue and the comforter to purple bedding. I couldn't help but feel depressed to be back.

"I assumed you don't like Hannah Montana anymore," he jokes and I laugh at this.

"Yeah, thanks Dad, this is great." He nods, hesitating but then leaves. That's what I like about Charlie; he doesn't hover.

Charlie fries us some fish for dinner while I get acquainted with my 'new' bedroom but I'm not that hungry. I'm not quite ready to pack my things into my closet, but I do decide to pick out an outfit for tomorrow. All my clothes are plain and simple, all items that I had to dig out of my closet to adapt to the cold days Forks would bring. By nightfall, I'm homesick and uncomfortable in my bed.

My mind keeps me up until 3 AM but the downpour of the rain eventually mutes my thoughts just a little and I fall asleep to the sound.

The next morning I'm just a little bit miffed. Perhaps it's the exhaustion or just how foreboding the town is. However, the fact that I don't have to show up in a police cruiser is a bit relieving. Charlie's in the kitchen as I make my way downstairs and he's frying fish, not surprisingly.

"Hey, kiddo. Gotta have some protein before you head to school."

I resist the urge to gag. "I'm good, thanks."

Just by my reaction he gets the picture and promises that we don't have to eat fish for dinner. He also mentions the diner in Port Angeles and I'm not going to lie, I'm looking forward to not eating fish again.

The drive to school is dull just like the town. There is nothing much to stare at aside from the many trees and clouds in sight. I wonder if I'll ever make friends here. I decide it's pointless though. I'll be leaving as soon as Renee gets back from her trip so I shouldn't even bother. A few months aren't that long, right?

Despite my hopeful thoughts, I'm already the school freak as I pull into the parking lot of the school, my orange truck sticking out like a sore thumb compared to the other flashy cars and I'm quite surprised considering how plain this town is. I didn't peg Forks to have people who cared about materialism but it seemed I had high expectations already and they wouldn't fail to disappoint.

At least I had an activity in the morning to distract me from the burning stares of curiosity and judgement emitting from the crowd – I only had one thing to and that was too receive my class schedule and year plan.I decided that if I focus on that instead, perhaps I wouldn't trip my way throughout the day.

Of course, I speak way too soon, much to my dismay – and quite literally bump into someone on my way to the office. He's a tall, lanky guy with jet-black hair and pearly white teeth and I only notice this first because I'm drawn to it due how alarming his smile is. He's chatty and sweet at first but soon I'm put off by his flirty remarks as he follows me through the corridors failing to mention his name

"I'm Eric. Eric Yorkie. But my friends call me Ric," he introduces finally and smiles suggestively.

I roll my eyes internally. "I'm-" But he cuts me off.

"Isabella Swan, right?"

I frown, not surprised that he knows my name though. Just a bit taken aback.

"It's a small town. Word travels fast. You're Chief Swan's daughter. Would you like a tour? Perhaps you'd like to feature in the school newspaper?"

I blink at how insanely fast he speaks. "Uh, yeah. Sure that's okay. No, sorry. I'm not big on school newspapers..."

He chuckles. "Okay, no problem."

I hastily go receive my schedule from the secretary, Mrs. Cope, and as she chatters on about how great my dad is, I blur her out and my mind trails off.

As soon as she dismisses me, I rush out in relief and head towards my first class — a double period of Algebra.

Perhaps it'll go better than my morning.

Unfortunately, Mike Newton bothers me the entire time with his endless Xbox stories and I'm suddenly frustrated, unable to catch a break.

Mike identifies as a cliched high-school Jock – he's boyishly handsome with dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes – but something about him tells me he isn't bright in other departments. Of course, I do not tell him this. Instead, I force myself to pay attention to the lesson while he makes jokes about Call of Duty and the latest gaming technology.

I urge the bell to ring as I glare insistently at the clock to relieve of this torture, and finally it sings to me oh-so-beautifully and I escape conspicuously. English isn't too bad and fortunately, I don't have anyone to bother me so I'm able focus on the lesson based on my favorite book; Wuthering Heights.

As the dreadful bell signals the end of class and the beginning of lunch, I enter the cafeteria. My appetite vanishes at the onslaught of glares. Luckily, Eric saves me and ushers me to his table and I sigh gratefully.

"How do you know Isabella?" Mike asks, but Eric just shrugs indicating I should take a sit next to him. I opt for the seat opposite him, politely rejecting his invitation, and seat myself next to two girls whose names I learn are Jessica Stanley and Angela Weber.

"You're really pretty, Isabella," Angela speaks.

Angela seems like the quiet type – she's pale with dark brown hair that is neatly tied in a partly down up-do. She's quite pretty, but her posture is awkward and insecure as she speaks to me timidly.

"Uh, thank you," I stammer. "So are you but it's just 'Bella' though."

She nods and smiles shyly in return. Meanwhile, Jessica, the girl next to her interrogates me the first chance she gets. "So just Bella, aren't you supposed to be like tan or something?" she wonders and I pause to observe her.

She's your typical high school teenager, a redhead with a pedicure and way too much makeup.

"Yeah, maybe that's why they kicked me out," I deadpan and they laugh but Jessica isn't amused.

"Funny," she states blankly before turning towards Mike in conversation and I can already tell she and I won't get along.

A few moments have passed and so far nothing has grabbed my attention until the cafeteria doors swing open and it's not disruptive or anything but the fact that everyone turns to stare interrupts my thoughts, immediately directing my gaze to the group entering.

"Who are they?" I murmur.

"They're the Cullens," Angela says mysteriously.

"They're Dr. Cullen's adoptive kids," Jessica pipes in, rolling her eyes at Angela's vague answer. "It's, like, weird... because they're all together-together," she says suggestively and I already know what she means just by her tone.

"It's not that weird!" Angela disagrees and Jessica arches an eyebrow.

"They live together! It's incest!" she whisper yells.

"Well, maybe Dr. Cullen will adopt me next," Angela teases, fixing her glasses and Jessica sticks out her tongue playfully before answering my lingering question. "He's a matchmaker or something!"

"That's Emmett the big bulky guy; he's pretty sweet, quite the humorous one. That's Rosalie, the beautiful blonde, although she's actually a bitch, and I know what you are thinking but they're together surprisingly. The pixie is Alice, she's weird and she's with Jasper the one who looks as though he's in pain all the time," Jessica adds, and I stare at the group in silent curiosity, a little taken aback at the obvious beauty.

The bulky guy Emmett seems very intimidating, but the goofy smile he sports reminds me of a teddy bear – which gives me the feeling that he's not as scary as he appears. His hair is dark and it's odd against his pale complexion.

Meanwhile, Rosalie is a gorgeous blonde who seems too perfect to be real; her appearance must leave any girl feeling insecure. She reminds me of a supermodel on those popular magazine articles – her hair is long and luscious, eyes bold just as her smile that I'm sure dazzled many men, with a tall, supermodel figure.

However, the shortest one Alice is a stark contrast to Rosalie – her hair is jet black, with petite features donning her face; she reminds me of a pixie, and she's very tiny next to Rosalie. A fashionable-pixie.

On the other hand, Jasper looks very much like Rosalie, so I figure they must be siblings or even twins – he has blond hair which sits on his shoulders but not in an odd way – it suits him quite well – in fact, it complements the look he's going for. Like the rest, he's very pale too. One thing stands out and it's his arms that are covered with a long-sleeved sweater, but it does not hide his defined arms underneath and the way in which he flexes them uncomfortably at my stare.

Angela nudges Jessica for something she said, and Jessica laughs. "What? It's true!"

Despite my focus on Jessica and Angela, it quickly shifts as soon as I feel an overwhelming pull towards the entrance of the cafeteria where my gaze lingers on a guy entering.

"Who's he?" I manage to get out, dumbfounded as he passes.

His hair is the first thing about him that captures my attention – it's bright and bronzed – as if he is shooting a commercial for hair gel – although it is way too messy almost like he has woken up like that and just decided to come to school, but even so it suited him very well.

His eyes are dark, and he sports a crooked smile, a reaction to something Emmett said. He's tall, but lean compared to Emmett. Despite this, his body seems quite defined as if he is not to be messed with. The brooding glance he shoots my way leaves me feeling uncomfortable. His clothing is different from the others though. It's nothing casual – more formal – too formal for high school. I figure Alice must have picked out his outfit.

"That's Edward Cullen, or as I like to call him 'The Hair'," Jessica comments dreamily. "He's the only single one out of the bunch. Nobody, and I mean nobody in this school is good enough for him," she spits and I realize he must have rejected her. I can't help but feel a sense of relief at the thought and I wonder why that is. I notice him smirk as he passes and I wonder if he overheard her but he's twelve feet away from us so it's highly unlikely. I can't help but stare as he takes a seat.

"Don't bother, Bella. I think he's gay," Jessica tries to reason, with herself I assume, and Mike just rolls his eyes at her comment. I get the feeling that something unspoken is between Jessica and Mike based on their behaviour towards one another but I don't linger on the thought, my attention otherwise.

"He does look as though he has a stick up his ass," Mike adds and Jessica shoots him a glare. Suddenly, some guy runs up to our table and tosses Mike out of his chair. Not surprisingly, the entire cafeteria roars with laughter.

"Wow, real mature, Tyler," Mike grumbles and sits back onto his chair. I just shake my head before standing up.

"Where you going, Bellie?" Mike asks and I resist the urge to murder him at his new nickname for me.

"I'm going to head to class a bit early. I've got Bio..." With that, I take my leave and somehow I end up in the girl's bathroom instead.

"I just can't stand her... She's human. What does Edward see in her?" I overhear two girls deep in conversation as I step into the bathroom.

"Shurrup, it's just a vision. We don't know for certain if it'll go as planned. I've seen two... outcomes..." the pixie trails off as she spots me and she looks frustrated towards... me? For some unknown reason.

"Did you not hear her coming?!" The blonde one whispers quite loudly before storming out. The pixie just shrugs.

"As if you did!" But the blond one is already gone so she turns to me. "Forgive her. I'm Alice," she says apologetically.

"It's okay. I'm used to it. Call me Bella. Who's Edward?" I ask feigning confusion and her lip twitches into a smile as if she knows I know.

"That's my brother. He's quite the loner. Rosalie is just worried about him... He doesn't do well around girls or... around people... as a matter of fact..."

I nod but I'm confused as to why this is important to me. "I don't actually know him. I'm sure she has nothing to worry about."

"But you will..." she says suspiciously and noticing my questioning glance, she explains further. "In Biology! You both are in the same class," she elaborates and I nod in understanding.

"Speaking of Biology, I'm late!" I realise and she takes that as her cue to leave. I'm a blur as I enter the classroom and the teacher doesn't say anything about my late attendance instead he just moves to hand me my class year plan and I'm thankful for the wait as the fan cools me down.

I notice Edward in the corner front seat and he looks displeased at my appearance... She wasn't kidding.

"Take a seat next to Mr. Cullen," Mr. Banner says and just when I think it can't get any worse he tenses up and turns toward the window. I briefly wonder if I smell, and shrink into my seat with embarrassment.

The entire period is tense. Edward keeps ignoring me and I don't mean to be a bother really, but we are Biology partners, it is kind of vital that both of us do the work.

Mr. Banner chatters on and on about the phases of Meiosis but as much as I attempt to focus on the lesson, I just can't.

I can't ignore the staggering pull I feel towards him as cheesy as it sounds or the odd electricity I feel bouncing between us.

His scent burns my nostrils as I shift in my seat. He smells of something I can't quite describe, I only know that it smells amazing and that I have to resist the urge to move closer to him. As soon as the bell signals, he jumps out of his seat and hastily walks out of the class as if I burned him.

Somehow, Alice knew this would happen.

"Isabella, yours and Mr. Cullen's biology report for the investigation is due next week. Ensure you two get acquainted. You'll have to do the investigation after school," Mr. Banner says and I frown. Well, this is quite a dilemma.

How in the world am I going to do that?