"How boring! My life is too boring! Give me a life of adventure!"

Danielle screamed aloud in the very busy city. This gained multiple strange looks but ignored them all as she complained even more.

"Why can't my life be interesting for once…?" She said sullenly while crossing the road.


Danielle's phone dropped and the traffic lights just turned green. She picked her phone up and saw a huge truck speeding down the street right towards her! She ran as fast as she could to get to the other side of the street.

'No way is Truck-kun killing me today! I can't be reincarnated in such an overused way!'

Her breath was rough and rapid. And it seemed to her as if the truck was aiming right for her! The truck seemed to lose its original direction of the road and was heading for the sidewalk she was aiming for. Danielle, luckily, managed to noticed the path Truck-kun was headed and jumped back into the middle of the street.


The truck crashed into the side of a large building and exploded. The crosswalk she passed by every day has suddenly turned into place of mayhem, tragedy, and death. Her body started to shake at the sight of the dead bodies and heavily injured people. Standing still in the middle of the road as if she was a lost soul. When she came back to reality, she found some masked man on top of her attempting to remove her clothes in the middle of this big accident. She screamed for help until she saw the man pull out a knife. She quickly shut up and watched as the man slowly sliced her school uniform apart.

'No! No! No! I can't let this disgusting piece of garbage touch my body! The man that I choose will have to be the king of the universe before I even let him think about holding my hand!'

"I like my victims quiet and scared. Your beautiful, shaking, chocolate skin has my cock the hardest its ever been. I will enjoy taking you, you gorgeous, lovely, brown princess." He whispered to her with an obvious bulge in his pants.

Danielle raised her knee abruptly and kneed the would-be rapist. Taking away one of his precious objects as a male. Tears were flowing down like a raging river. The man doubled over and held his groin. Nothing but hatred and violence was in her eyes while the city block devolved into pandemonium all around her. She stomped the attacker in the face repeatedly.

Blood ran down his face on the second stomp.

His nose broke when his face impacted against her foot for the 3rd time.

By the 5th stomp he was weeping and pleading.

He lost consciousness on the 7th stomp.

But she didn't stop until she was pulled out of her rage by a local police officer. He tried to put handcuffs on her but this reminded Danielle of her last recent experience with a man touching her.

"No! Don't touch me!" She screamed.

"Ma'am please don't resist! Keep your hands at your side and—" The officer was pushed away.

She flipped out. She grabbed the rapist's knife and stabbed the police officer in the gut. She looked at his shocked eyes as he fell over.

"What… What have I done….? I didn't mean to... I was just... I have to leave!"

She ran into empty alleyway and disappeared as a strange portal appeared in front of her.


Danielle appeared in some sort of dark blue space. Cubes filled the entire sky. They sort of reminded her of the cubes that made up the Nintendo Gamecube start-up screen.

"Ah. I must have made it to school and that whole incident was just a freaky dream. This must be part 2 to that dream and I'm still sleeping in class." She told herself despite the blood splatter on her half-ruined uniform.

"You stupid mortal woman! I gave you chance after chance to finally be transported to one of those fantasy worlds you wished so much about and you fled from them at every turn! "Truck-kun" was suppose to get you here faster! The attacker wouldn't have actually finished his assault, the police officer would've stopped him but not before he stabbed you in a panic and got shot down. You forced me to use my powers on that world!" A voice shouted at her.

Danielle was processing all this and thought it would be safer for her mental state to keep believing this is a dream.

"Screw off dickhead! I'm Danielle Grimes and if you think you can take me away to some fantasy land by force, you got another thing coming!" She held the middle finger to the sky.

"You unbelievable stubborn idiot! Do you know how much trouble I could get in if I got caught by Earth's God?! I'm not even suppose to be in it's realm! But I went through all this trouble for this troublesome girl! Why is Fate so cruel to me…?" The voice seemed to be on the verge of crying.

Danielle felt a little sympathetic for the voiceless loser. Although she was a nerd in a class of her own, she would never let anyone know about it. It would ruin her image.

"Alright voice. What did you want from me?"

"No! This is all wrong! I was suppose to have a big grand awe-inspiring entrance and you were suppose to be amazed and question your being here!" The voice whined even more.

By this point Danielle was getting slightly annoyed.

"Sorry but with the last dream, my head's still kind of foggy. Can you explain what you need now?"

"Fine. Annoying mortal. You have been chosen by my realm's Goddess of Fate to be my champion. I came and risked my godhood just so you could represent me in my realm's next upcoming Destiny Battle."

'This dream is turning out to be quite exciting. I wonder what he has to offer me for going. He can't possibly think I'll just up and leave my friends and family without any sort of gain right?'

"Now let's go." The voice said without shame.

It was at this moment Danielle's anger almost peaked. Any normal person could tell she was holding back her anger and urge to snap but it seems this "god" had no common sense. It even manipulated the purple cubes to guide her into a swirling mass of black and blue. She guessed it was a portal.

"Please explain to me what I gain from going with you Mr. God."

"Uh… Isn't it the world of adventure and amazement and excitement that you've been wishing for?"

"And you expect me to go into that world like this?! You don't even offer a sort of system or cheat for me to have while going into such a dangerous world?!"

With that outburst, the voice was silent for a while. Danielle's anger slowly lowered as well.

'Did I hurt their feelings? Surely a god can't be so sensitive right?'

"You're right. I almost nearly forgot to gift my champion with a skill! Haha I'm so forgetful sometimes. Thankfully you reminded me." The voice said in an oopsie- I nearly made a mistake haha I'm so silly, voice.

Danielle got a different aura from that phrase though. It felt as if the cubes were getting closer to her. Almost as if they wanted to strangle her, crush her for the outburst earlier.

'This dream is scarily realistic.'

"Which skill would you like to have my champion? Or "wish" as they say sometimes in your world."

"Give me a moment!" She requested in a much nicer manner.

'Okay okay. Which anime power do I want to take with me.. umm. Dragon Ball Z! uhm uhm saiyan?! No. Saiyan's are so overused and boring. But what about the androids? Unlimited energy and immortality! The unlimited energy could help me in this fantasy world maybe it'll transfer into magic! Unlimited magic would be awesome! But maybe it won't… Okay okay what about Cell? Nah.. There are no androids to absorb to reach my perfect form and I don't want to turn into first form Cell.. Oh I know!'

Danielle excited decided on her choice after spending much time deliberating whose powers she wanted and the voice seemed to be slightly irritated.

"Have you chosen yet?" It asked after waiting on Danielle for at least 10 minutes.

"Yep! I want the powers of Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z!" She stated.

"I don't know what that is but get out of my personal realm already. You will be gifted it once you step through the portal."

Danielle ran through the portal with visible joyfulness on her face. She leapt through the portal and blacked out.

"Such an annoying champion… If she decided to waste any more time, I would have definitely been caught by Earth's God. Maybe I should have searched through her memories a bit more to find out what skills this "Majin Boo" had, but I'm out of time as it is…" The voice said to itself before vanishing from Earth's realm and returning to his own.


Danielle found herself in the middle of a desert. She stood up and almost stared into the sun. She blocked it with her hand and noticed her pink hand?

"What the..?"

She looked down at herself and saw that her entire body has turned pink! She had small holes in various position on her body like that ones Buu used to blow steam from.

"So cooooooool!" She shouted while jumping into the air.

But Danielle didn't know how to control her new body's power. She jumped so high, she could easily reach buildings from the ground in her old world.

"Not cool! Not Cool! How do I fly?! How do I use ki or magic?! Anything!?" She freaked out while trying to use some sort of energy to save her.


She crashed into the sandy ground and sand quickly sunk after her. With a whip of her pink antenna, she surfaced above the sand.

"Hahahaha I didn't feel a thing!" Danielle started to manipulate her body however she wanted and decided to add a few changes. Right now, she totally looked like Kid Buu.

But with her changes she added a more feminine allure to herself. She added petite and shapely bosoms with nice firm tips. She added more substance to her behind and grew slightly taller.

"Although I need to find some type of clothes for my chest, this is perfect! It sucks I can't use energy yet but in this world, I'm sure I just got to find the right place."

Danielle continued talking to herself before running along the desert. She was fast enough to cause the sand to rise behind her as she ran.

"Hahahahaahha!" She laughed while exploring her body's potential even more.

She found out that she even had the Majin's unlimited stamina. She has been running for at least a couple of hours and still doesn't feel tired. To keep herself from being bored, she did a number of strange things. She tried rolling across the desert like a ball, since Majin's bones were also capable of being malleable. She tried spinning like a cartwheel across the desert. She even tried jumping in the sky and changing her body into an air balloon. But it was at this point she heard a voice that nearly startled her out of the sky.

"DEMON! ATTACK!" A voice yelled.

"Demon?! Where?!" Danielle looked around for this "demon" they shouted for to test her new abilities on but only received multiple arrows piercing through her balloonish figure.

"Ah! Hey?! Stop shooting at me you jerks!" Danielle shouted as she reformed back into her normal form.

Her body healed in seconds from the arrows and she got a better look at her attackers.

"Whoa! Humans! Finally. You know I was almost starting to get bored in this desert. I don't know how many more ways I could have thought of how to travel across this desert." Danielle said almost excitedly.

"Silence Demon! Get ready to face purification!" A tall kind of handsome rugged man shouted.

'Am I the demon?'

"I swear it's just a skin disease! I was born this way!" Danielle shouted.

"You cannot trick me demon! We saw how our arrows had no effects on you! Only a wicked being such as yourself could possibly remain unharmed against our specially crafted arrows!"

Danielle picked up one of the many metal arrows and looked at it with a hardened gaze.

"What's so special about it? Looks like a normal arrow to me."

"If you can so much as hold that arrow without even feeling a thing proves your demonic nature!" He shouted.

Danielle looked at the small group of no larger than 20 men shaking slightly.

'So demons are really scary in this world huh.. Should I become a demon and terrorize the humans of this world? Or be a goody goody? I mean I'm going to absorb this entire planet once I get strong enough and then try and rip through the dimensional walls of this universe like Super Buu did in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to find more worlds but I should start small for now. And enjoy this simple world. Hopefully I'll be surprised and see many fun things! I'm excited now."

The group of men wearing nothing more than desert rags and such continued to stare at her while she was deep in thought.

"I'm not a demon! I don't plan on hurting you guys."


"Prove it!" The captain said while still slightly shaking in fear.

'Hmm… Now how the heck can I prove to this little wuss that I'm harmless? I can't do my naturally attuned majin magic quite yet, but I'm getting some feeling for it. I can't use any ki. I can sense something in the air but I can't control it, much less use it to my own whims. Ah man.. I'll just ask him how he wants me to do that.'

"What do you want me to do?" Danielle asked.

"If you can remain unhurt after being touched by light magic, we will believe you." He said before looking back at his men and receiving multiple nods.

The captain and a small figure with a hood slowly walked towards her.

'At least he's nice enough to stand by his men. I won't try and harm you guy, thanks to that.'

Danielle saw the hooded figure's features. It was some nerdy kid holding a brown book with a cross stitched onto the cover. He had glasses and an all-around pathetic look about him. She kind of felt pissed off looking at him, but she didn't know why. He held his finger towards her forehead while muttering something.

"Please don't eat me… Please don't eat me…. Please don't eat me…."

'I haven't figured out how to use my candy beam yet boy, so shut up and stop mocking me.' Danielle thought about the boy that was most likely near her age.

Danielle suddenly was engulfed in a bright light and felt the light magic coursing through her. The experience was so magical and exhilerating, she barely noticed the lewd looks the men were giving her.

'You guys keep looking at me like that, I'll have to take your eyes out.'

While Danielle was thinking this she was also taking in the experience of how the magic felt and the strange thing she felt in the air earlier. Once the boy was finished, the men looked at her with a relieved expression instead.

"Did you see that look on her face..?" One of the soldiers tried to whisper.

Danielle caught that comment and felt like blushing out of embarrassment. But she contained herself and looked at the captain.

He coughed before speaking.

"It seems you aren't a demon after all. My apologizes, little girl. Although you are of strange origin, you are not part of humanity enemies." He took a knee to apologize.

"I'm not a child. I'm 17. But to make it up to me, you should take me back to your town. I've been in this desert for who knows how long and I haven't seen anything in it."

"Did she just say she traveled through Death Desert and escaped without harm?"

"That's impossible.. Beasts swarm anyone who enters her desert. We encountered at the very least 10 creatures in the last 2 days."

'The desert had monsters!? Why didn't any of them attack me?! I could have absorbed one of them and taken their abilities!' Danielle thought in confusion.

"I can not take you along with us because we are on a quest currently. But I can point you to the nearest settlement." The captain told her.

He then gave her a set of directions and left on his way with his group. As they left, Danielle's body was covered in a white light.

"Heheheheh Magic! I learned how to do it just by seeing that nerdy kid perform it! Now how do I exploit this with my Majin talents?"

Danielle followed the handsome captain's instructions and along the way practiced with the new magic she learned. She knew that the light magic that boy performed couldn't be limited in just ways of healing. At one point in her journey she finally found a beast. She decided to use it for practice after experimenting with her light magic. It was giant sand snake. The only reason she saw the beast was because it was taking a drink from an oasis and not hiding in the sand. She stood far away from the beast and slowly her body vanished. She used her light magic to shift the light particles away from her and slowly walked towards the beast.

The beast flicked it's tongue in the air once Danielle got in a certain range.

'Uh…. I really hope it can't smell invisible….'

The snake hissed in Danielle's direction and lunged where she was standing.


Danielle was caught off guard by the snake's speed and it almost managed to take off her upper body. She ducked her upper body into her lower body just in time and cuffed her hands in an all too familiar stance.


The snake however didn't care what she was trying to do. It lunged immediately after it's failed attempt and disrupted her.

"Hey quit it ya jerk! I really want to do this move and your ruining it for me."

The snake tail whipped Danielle in the face across the desert and rose it's body as if threatening her.

"Fine… I'll just use this move instead."

Danielle raised her hand and a disc made of pink light formed above her. It had razor-sharp edges and spun rapidly as it hovered over her hand.

"Destructo Disk!"

The attack flew towards the snake and the snake dodged it.

"Hey… you can't… you can't dodge you stupid snake! You were suppose to stand there and get cut in half!"

Danielle realized the stupidity of her actions and face palmed. She took off a piece of herself and flicked it at the snake. Unlike how it dodged the very dangerous light magic, it stood still and let the pink ball the size of a booger hit its scales. Danielle smirked and the ball engulfed the snake in a pink goo. The snake hissed and struggled but nothing escapes Buu's absorption technique. It splattered on her chest and soon got absorbed by her. But she felt hardly different except for one thing. The snake had diamond-shaped gem inside it. She had no idea about the value or abilities of the item that held a strange magic within it but decided to put it into her pocket. The snake had a different type of mana inside of it.

It felt very different from her light magic. It was as if it was barely had a feeling at all, but it too was absorbed by her. She gained control over the magic she had no idea about and was excited about finding out all the things she didn't know about in the town not too far away from here. She pointed at one of the trees near the oasis as if she was holding finger guns.


A pink beam left her finger tips and impacted the tree. Changing it into a chocolate bar.

"Hehehehehehe." A disturbing laugh left her lips as she picked up the chocolate bar and ate it.

"Sweet and delicious..… I can see how the Buu's got addicted to sweets if they taste this frigging good."

She licked her lips and left to the town with her Majin magical abilities finally unlocked, for absorbing the strange magic in the snake.