AN: This story is rated M for a reason. Trigger warnings too many things are present in this story.

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I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



Forks High School: Midnight

Eric Yorkie had spent the last few hours on the internet in the computer lab at school. The school had the fastest internet in town and he had a history report due the following morning. The fact that he was on the yearbook staff is the only reason he was able to stay this late. No one else was around and the silence in the normally loud halls was wearing on his nerves. He glanced over his shoulder at the closed door and frowned.

Was it locked?

He shrugged unable to remember if it was, and refocused on the screen in front of him. A news article appeared on the monitor and he leaned forward in his seat. A young girl had been murdered in Port Angelus a week ago and two days before that a young teenage boy had been found brutally murdered. He frowned, how could this not have been around the school yet.

He felt like he was being watched and quickly checked over his shoulder at the door. Finding nothing he shook his head, 'Calm down man. You're getting paranoid over nothing.'

He stood and shoved his history book into his backpack before slinging it over his left shoulder. He shut the computer down and headed to the door, hesitating for a moment before reaching for the knob. He took a deep breath and chuckled at himself. Why was he worried?

Nothing out of the ordinary had happened to him except feeling like someone was watching him for the past week. Ever since he learned of the two murders from his mother something about it didn't feel right to him. It was like there was something that the police was missing, although he didn't know why that should bother him. He had nothing to do with it and he didn't even know either of the victims.

He had always been fascinated with crime. Crime shows and reading about it on the internet or in the newspaper. In fact he wanted to either be a Crime Scene Tech so he could photograph the scenes or a journalist so he could do the digging, much like he was doing now.

He flipped the lights off and stepped into the dark hallway. Panic gripped his chest as he stared down the long hallway towards the exit. A shadow stood facing him, casting the person in darkness. Fear rolled down his spine and his legs began to shake uncontrollably. The shadow person took a step forward and Eric gasped.

He spun around dropping his bag and ran in a full sprint in the opposite direction. There was another way out but it would put him on the far side of the building, away from the parking lot and his currently waiting car. He could hear the pounding of his heart in his chest as his blood rushed through his ears. Footsteps behind him had another wave of panic rushing through his veins as adrenaline and he pushed his legs harder.

He spotted a slightly open door just ahead of him and ran for it. Once inside he spun and slammed the door as hard as he could, turning the small deadbolt like lock near the top. He tried to slow his breathing as he turned back to the room but he froze, forgetting to breathe altogether.

In the center of the cleared out room was a pentagram on the floor in what looked like red paint. Black candles were positioned at the point of each of the five tips of the upside down star. All were lit and the flames seemed to be blowing in an invisible breeze.

He couldn't move, fear was finally winning.

"You are too nosey Yorkie."

He jerked his head towards the low voice on the opposite side of the room. The shadow person stood in a door way that he hadn't realized was there. His voice cracked as he spoke, "Wh-wh-who are you?"

The person stepped forward as he recognized the voice, "Someone you shouldn't mess with."

The persons arm jerked out in front of it and a rope wrapped around his neck tightly. He recognized the bullwhip as it locked tight around his throat and he began to struggle for air. His eyes widened as the very familiar person stepped into the light with an evil grin.

"Shame it had to be you but then you always were an over achiever."

He watched in horror as the person tossed the other end of the whip up over a beam and then jerked with all its strength. He was yanked off his feet and his body swung over the center of the pentagram. He struggled as hard as he could as his vision began to darken and his lungs screamed in protest, trying to gain air again.

"Sorry Eric but I need your blood while you're alive and you won't be for much longer."

The person slid the blade of a dagger across his abdomen and a sharp burning pain began as a warm liquid covered his lower half. This person he knew was the last thing he saw before his vision went black.