AN: I'm back! After about two months of recovery (I was just going though some things including moving from home to hopefully a place I have dreamed of living and working), I am finally back with an all new WildeHopps Tails chapter! I'll do what I can to do weekly updates as I still have plenty of ideas still bouncing around the old noggin. I know this is about a month late but I would like to thank ZNN for featuring WildeHopps Tails on their site. It has certainly helped me gain followers and I look forward to the support! I'm glad to have more followers and readers aboard the WildeHopps ship. Please do enjoy this piece of WildeHopps Tails. This story is actually based off of a method I use to get into Nick and Judy's mindset and get feel for what they would say to each other if they were to lay close together exchanging sweet nothings.

The night was late but not too late. Nick and Judy lay in bed together for hours, just enjoying each other's company, regaining lost time to them both. Starting out, they lay silent while Judy stroked Nick's bare, fluffy chest. Nick, petting Judy's bare back as he hugged her close, kissed her every now and then and stared into her gorgeous purple eyes which invited him into a whole galaxy of purples and stars. Her stars.

They didn't have much to say but neither cared. They were just more than happy to be in each other's presence. Months of being away from each other and this was their first night back together again. Nick was getting sick of his old apartment but that wasn't what was on his mind all day, it was Judy. He already had planned that someday he'll move out of here and find a nicer place and maybe…maybe share it with Judy. They were partners in the ZPD after all. Partners and yet he hadn't even had his first day on the force yet. All of this waiting was well worth it, seeing her smiling face again and her eyes, and her…well…just…everything about her!

Judy nuzzled Nick's muzzle and finally said:

"Oh, Nick…" She held out her paw and gently stroked his cheek.

The fox just smiled and kissed his little bunny.

"I've been waiting for this moment…this moment of us laying down together like this for a very long time…" Nick said.

"Me too, Nick." Judy said, as she lightly kissed her fox and butted his head with her own.

"Before I drifted to sleep each night. I would just stare at pictures of you on my phone. They sure aren't like the real thing."

Judy smiled at this.

"I…I didn't go a single day without thinking about you, Judy. You…you mean the world to me."

There was a pause between them. Then Judy finally spoke after she twirled Nick's fur on his chest, as if she was uncertain of how to respond until now:

"I missed you too, Nick. The next few weeks sure weren't the same without you. I almost stopped by a time or two, thinking I'd stop by your place or something whenever I needed help with something like tracking down certain mammals but…I had to constantly remind myself that you weren't there. I'll…I'll finally have someone by my side besides the other larger mammals on the force and really…ever since I developed feelings for you…it's been my wish for you to join the ZPD."

"And so here we are!"

"Here we are…"

Silence fell upon them once again and Judy looked down at Nick's chest fur and again she played with it with her fingers, twirling it, petting it…

Nick just kissed her between the ears and held her closer.

"So soft…"Judy said after awhile and then buried her face in Nick's fur.

Nick just put his paw behind her head and stroked her head, gently, slowly from behind.

After rubbing her face in Nick's fur, she finally emerged from his chest, looking up at him.

"I couldn't live with myself…"


"I couldn't live with myself knowing that I hurt you during that press conference and to see the type of response and reaction the city went through after the conference…I hurt you and others all because of the things I said…

I spent some lonely days back on my family's farm after I walked away from the one job I ever wanted…

I realized…just how much…I really liked you, Nick. I didn't have feelings for you then just yet, but I did at least care about you."

"It's okay, Judy. That's all behind us. Your heartfelt and tearful apology was enough. It's brought us back together and that's good enough for me. I am…eternally grateful for what you did for me during the missing mammal and night howler cases. You helped me realize that I don't have to be a shifty, untrustworthy fox. I can be whoever I choose to be and in this life…I choose to be Nichols Piberius Wilde, forever partner, best friend and lover to one Judith Laverne Hopps. With my con-artist background, I'll use that to my advantage upon helping my little bunny out with anything we tackle and it's a life I wouldn't trade for anything. Your all I need, Judy." He said with another kiss they shared.

Judy looked up into his eyes and asked:

"How did you get to be so sweet?"

"Well…I met this bunny…who had big dreams and came into my life quite unexpectedly. She dragged me along on a case I didn't even care about until I found it was much bigger than just a missing mammal at play. She…saved my life through the case more than once and I returned the favor after I saw she was in a similar situation I was once in as a kit. We…grew to like each other even after she came back months later to apologize over something she said in front of a bunch of reporters and we solved the case that same day. Maybe she had something to do with it."

After Nick's response, silence dominated the air for at least 15 seconds.

"I wonder who the lucky bunny is." Judy responded with a sly but knowing smile.

Nick responded by kissing the very bunny he was talking about, Judy herself.

"Mmmmm." She responded, savoring the passionate kiss, Nick gave her.

They pressed their lips harder, deeper with passion and finally broke away after about 35 seconds.

"Oh right, I guess that would be me!" Judy said with a giggle.

"Yes, my sly little bunny." Nick said, as he nuzzled Judy's face and butted heads with her own.

"Nick, your my new dream. My dream come true. It's like…I never knew I needed you until I found out what night howlers were."

"I never knew I needed you either, Judy. And now more than ever since your a very by the books cop."

"Well lets just remember to keep things professional in the workplace, Wilde."

"I can't make any promises. Seeing as Wilde is my last name, you could say that I'm wild about you!"

Judy gave Nick a light, playful punch towards Nick side in response to Nick's sweet but kind of corny joke but kissed him anyway.

After she broke away from the kiss, Nick just held her closer and rested his chin on top of her head as Judy shifted herself closer to Nick's chest and pulled the covers up just a little. She closed her eyes and sighed, taking in this very moment and hugged Nick tighter.

"I'm never going to let you go, Nick."

Another pause then:

"Me either, Judy. I won't ever leave your side. We're partners for life from now on and…I don't ever want to see you cry or hurt you. We belong to each other and nothing or no one will ever come between us."

Nick kissed the top of Judy's head.

"My perfect little bunny…"

One last pause.

"My dumb but also sly, sweet fox…"

Nick hugged Judy tighter in his arms and finally said:

"I love you, Judy."

"I love you too, Nick."

They both said as their final words before drifting off to a peaceful sleep.

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