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"During the fight Against Kawaki in a destroyed Konoha, Boruto unknowingly gets himself sent back in time along with his little sister and Uchiha Teammate. Now, They find themselves in a world that is so familiar yet different

Story 2: Sports Festival Part 3

The crowd roared with cheers as the obstacle race had finally come to an end. Everybody was satisfied on how the whole race had turned out. It was probably one of the most entertaining races in recent sport festival times.

As the competitors, shook hands with each other and moving on from there, Sarada was still in the midst of her confusion. She felt like a lost puppy as she kept moving her eyes around her surroundings. She was still in shocked as there were so many people around her that she didn't knew except for Cho-Cho and Wasabi.

Sarada then observed the trophy that she was holding right now. She began to wonder on why or how she managed to get a hold this thing. She had no idea that the race was already over and she suddenly had found herself in the middle of the prize giving presentation.

She also didn't or had no idea that she had won first place in the race! Even though she doesn't have the skills or confidence to carry herself throughout. It must've been a miracle for her to achieved this feat! Although, why she can't remember everything about it?

She also noticed that she was wearing these boyish clothes that she can't recall wearing or bringing, she remembered that she brought her own clothes which were house clothes to be exact and where the heck that she did get this outfit, that caused some of the girls to crazy love struck at her. As her onyx eyes gazed over the stands, she can cleary see her parents, who were cheering for her.

She gave a smile and waved at them. "Looks like I did it!" She exclaimed inside her mind. Whoever gave her the confidence, she would really be thankful to that person.

Then she immediately thought of Boruto. The last person that she was able to talk to before the race. She suspected that he must've done something for her to win this race but she wasn't sure. But to all of that, She was definitely going to thank him for his help. He was indeed a true friend.

As the competitors, along with Sarada were being guided to the proper exit, Cho-Cho, who was with her took the remaining time to converse with her.

"I never really knew you would be this prepared for the obstacle, Sarada." Cho-Cho commented.

Sarada raised both eyebrows." Really? I was?" She asked.

Cho cho sighed." Yeah, you were like a girl possessed!." She pin pointed out. She would then explained that the raven haired girl strangely was energetic and burning with passion during the whole race. She also managed to surprisingly beat everybody including the former sixth Hokage.

An amazed but a bewilderment Sarada just stared at her friend. She also can't remember being like what she had told her just now. She was in disbelief that she managed to outclass the former sixth hokage in a duel!

"I guess, I really trained for this hehe." Sarada gave a nervous smile. She just kept nodding at any comment so far. She really had no idea of the things her friend was talking about.

While walking along the sidelines, Sarada was secretly and suddenly grabbed by someone from the sideline, while no one had noticed.

Sarada was startled and was on the verge of screaming when her mouth was suddenly covered by none other than her teammate Boruto, who is along with Inojin.

Sarada widened her eyes in suprised." Boruto?" She mentioned his name.

Meanwhile, Boruto just sighed as he let go of his raven haired teammate." Hey Sarada-chan are you alright?" He said.

"Y-Yeah I'm fine, I just don't really know what is going on right now, I suddenly got this trophy, being mobbed by girls and wearing this weird clothes." Sarada explained. She was a bit scared on what was happening right now.

On the other hand, Boruto sighed yet again. He also gave a glance at Inojin who in turn nodded at him. He then looked back at the Uchiha girl.

They're really have some long explaining to do.


The loud cheers of the crowd had faded away, it signalled the arrival of lunch time as the most of attendees were leaving to have their lunch somewhere before the second part of the sports festival starts. The sports festival was a one week thing so there are two games held per day through the week.

Naruto observed the rest of crowd as everyone slowly left. He then darted his towards his wife, who was strangely silent the whole time.

"Hinata-chan are you alright?" Naruto asked.

Hinata was on deep thoughts, snapped back to reality as she immediately turned to her husband with a slight nervous look." Y-Yes Naruto?" She stuttered.

Naruto blinked a couple of times in confusion." Hey are you alright? Is there something wrong?" He asked once again.

On the other hand, Hinata just gave a nervous smile, She was going to tell her husband that the second part of the festival revolves around the family version of the Track and Field race, which she had participated on and she was really nervous about it.

As she was about to open her mouth let out the words, she was suddenly cut.

"Attention: The Track and Field Race Family edition will start after lunch break, Have nice day!

The announcer spoke as his voice could heard all around the stadium.

Hinata just sighed as all of her concerns were finally addressed through the announcer. She then gave her husband a serious looked in the eye telling him that the storm was about to come.

Naruto, on the other hand gave his wife a hopeful smile. He knew that at some point today, He would be finally executing his plan on helping her in this race.

As He was about to open his mouth to say something, He was suddenly cut by a familiar voice.

"Hey Naruto, Hinata!" The familiar voice of Sakura called both of the couple's names.

Both of them turned around to face Sakura, who was waving at them and Sasuke, who was just his usual bored self, coming towards them.

"Aunt Sakura! Uncle Sasuke!" Himawari greeted the pink haired woman and raven haired man, who were in their civilian outfits.

"Hello Himawari!" Sakura greeted the little girl as she gave her a cute high five.

Meanwhile, Naruto gave a smile." What's up guys! What brings you here?" He asked while trying to avoid eye contact on Sakura. He still won't forget on what happened a few days ago.

Sasuke just sighed." Duh! To cheer for our daughter, Dobe." He sarcastically said.

"Oh! You're right there teme hehe" Naruto fired back as he scratched the back of his head.

"We just wanted to say that thank you for supporting Sarada in the race." Sakura said as she gave a smile.

"Oh it's no big deal! We are very glad to see her participating in the race and even winning the Championship!" Naruto replied.

"By the way Dobe, I noticed that Sarada wore clothes that suspiciously belong to Boruto in this race?" Sasuke asked, in a half worried and half curious manner.

Naruto raised both eyerbrows." Oh, I really have no idea about that teme, But I guess she wanted to look more confident?" He explained. Although, the whole truth was that it was actually his son inside Sarada's body that wore those type of clothing.

Sasuke sighed." You got a point, I guess this whole thing made her stressed about it and I guess Boruto has something do with this on giving her confidence." He explained.

"Well I guess so." Naruto said, his knucklehead son was really one of a kind.

"By the way, I heard you will be participating in Track and Field race?" Sakura asked as she gave a smile towards her friend.

Hinata gave small smile and nodded." Yes, and I am really nervous about it Sakura." She said.

"Oh don't worry, everything will be alright, you just gotta believed in yourself! That's all!" Sakura gave her words of motivation and encouragement.

As for Hinata, she just nodded and gave a smile." Thank you Sakura!" She said. Although, deep down inside, the nervousness was still there.

As for Naruto, He darted his eyes towards his wife as He can sensed that the time was finally nearing and its only a matter of time when He will finally used that scroll to help her.

He really has to carefully plan this.


"You did what!?"

Sarada exclaimed as she confronted both of the two boys. They were currently at quiet spot somewhere in the stadium.

Both Boruto and Inojin were giving theie guilty faces as they could only stand straight and looked down on the ground while the raven haired girl scolded them.

As for Sarada, she was having mixed emotions right now. She was furious because her blonde teammate hadn't asked for proper permission to used her body in the race, she also has not been informed about a scroll that has the ability to transfer a person's soul to another's body. That's why she is pissed right now.

"We're very sorry Sarada-chan." Boruto was the first one to speak up and apologized.

"W-We just wanted to help you on this race and this is the best thing that we can do." Inojin spoke this time and explained.

Sarada narrowed her eyes, She was still wearing the clothes, that her blonde teammate used while He was in her body. She was really going to beat the two boys out for what they've done but that was not the case.

Even though, despite all that and at the same time she was also glad that they helped her on this race and they even made her reached the first place and won the championship.

As for Boruto and Inojin, they thought they were getting it today. They fully expected to get beaten up once the raven haired girl knew about their schemes and plans for today. Although, they assured her that all of these were for all good intentions.

Despite, Sarada tirades and rants against them, the two boys were spared this time because of friendship and that they helped her on the race.

Sarada sighed." So why this clothes?" She asked as she examined the outfit that she was currently wearing.

Boruto slightly gulped." Well, to be honest, the clothes that you brought were not qualified for the race, so I brought one of mines and suprisingly, it fits you!" He explained.

For a moment, Sarada was in her thoughts before realizing something. She then covered her chest area with her arms as she lightly blushed." Perverts!" She exclaimed.

As for Boruto and Inojin, they could give her a face of embarrassment and apology. Both of them were very guilty especially Boruto as he was the one that dressed up his teammate while inside her body.

Sarada, who was on the verge of punching the blonde on the face, was able to control herself and instead slapped him in the cheek.

"Oh that really hurts dattebassa!" Boruto commented. He really deserved this.

"Hey Boruto are you al-(Slapped)" Inojin wasn't able to finish his sentence as he too was slapped by Sarada on the cheek.

Sarada watched as both of the boys rubbed their cheeks in pain. She was glad that she was able to let go her anger but at the same time she was very thankful of them.

The girl smiled." Well, as much as I want to beat up you two, I'm really glad that you helped me so Thank you!" She said as she headed to the two boys who just recovered, and hugged them.

Both Boruto and Inojin widened theie eyes in surprised. They never expected this but they were glad that this ended in a very good note.

After the heartwarming moments and apologizes, the three then had a meeting.

"So looks like you still have the track and field going Sarada-chan?" Boruto asked they sat down on the quiet grassy fields of the stadium.

Sarada sighed." Yup, and I think it's around this week too." She explained. She can't believed that she will be competing on another event this week.

"By the way, so what's your next plan right now?" Sarada asked.

Inojin took a deep breath." Well, the Track and Field race (Family edition) will be held later and Boruto's Mom is competing in that race." He explained.

Sarada widened her eyes in surprised." Really?"

Boruto nodded." Yup, and just like you, Mom is really nervous and can't bring herself to compete in the race." He explained.

Sarada nodded in understanding." So what are you gonna do? Use the scroll on her?" She asked.

"Well, Not actually me but Dad will probably handle this one." Boruto replied.

"So the Seventh is on to this too!?" Sarada asked. She really can't believed that the seventh Hokage was involved in this too.

As the conversation continued, a voice was suddenly heard from Inojin's walkie talkie.

"Hey guys! are you there?" The voice of Naruto was heard speaking through the walkie.

Inojin immediately drew the walkie talkie out and placed it on the middle so that the other two could hear him.

"Yes Dad! We are here!" Boruro spoke this time.

"Oh Boruto! Looks like you're back in your body! Good to hear that you're alright son!" The voice of Naruto said.

"Yeah dad, so how's it going with mom?" He asked.

"Well, The Track and Field is going to start in an hour so I'll have to prepare myself first and your mom is on her way to the dressing room." The voice explained.

"Oh okay! So what about Himawari?" Boruto asked.

"Well, she's here with me and I actually told her that I will be participating in the race but I didn't told her that I would be joining as your mom" He explained.

"Oh I see, so do you need the scroll now? Boruto asked.

"Yes! Absolutely Dattebayo!" The voice of Naruto exclaimed.

Boruto then turned his eyes towarda Inojin and gave him a nod beckoning him to head towards his dad so that He can give the scroll to him execute the second leg of the plan.

Inojin simply nodded as He left the scene, carrying the scroll with him.

"Inojin is on his way Dad!" Boruto informed.

"Great, I guess I'll see you guys later!" The voice of Naruto said as he also bid goodbye through the walkie.

Silence had took charged yet again. Only that was left was Sarada and Boruto at the scene.

"Hey Sarada-chan, I'm sorry again for using you just now." Boruto apologized yet again.

Sarada sighed but smiled." It's alright Bolt, I moved on from that, But to be honest, It felt actually good when you were inside of me, it's really weird!" She explained. It was the first time that there was a boy inside her body and that that boy happens to be her knucklehead teammate.

Meanwhile, a certain Sasuke Uchiha, who decided to investigate more, was secretly listening from the shadows, his sharingan blazing in anger, 'Boruto... using... my daughter?! I'll kill him!'

Sasuke was about to attack the dobe's son out of rage when he heard...

Boruto sighed in relief." Well, Thank you for forgiving me Sarada-chan, Now I'll just have to worry about Dad being in Mom's body." He said, expecting things to get more crazy later on.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that." Sarada said, while scratching her head.

Back with Sasuke, he was past out in the shadows, his soul coming out of his mouth, muttering, "M-My daughter is a pervert... with the dobe's son no less... is this Karma for becoming a nuke-nin back in my teenage years


It was a very quiet scene at the dressing room. A certain short lavender haired woman was all alone in that very room. Hinata sat down on her chair as she had been staring at her reflection on the mirror for awhile.

Apparently, she still haven't been dressed up in her sports attire yet. She was still wearing her light purple short-sleeved jacket, a long-sleeved white shirt with a two pink colored strips underneath it, light brown shorts and purple open-toed boots.

Hinata sighed as she didn't know what to do right now, She was very nervous and couldn't bring herself to compete in the race. She began to wonder on why she was doing this. She had already had done this last year, which she went last place because of a wardrobe malfunction. If she participated this year, she might end up getting the last place once again.

Apparently, she had an hour and a half to prepare before the Track and Field race starts and she was still here sitting and wondering if it was a good thing to just withdraw from the race. If only there was a way to for her to gain her confidence back, then she might reconsider on joining the race fully.

As time passed by, the door to the dressing room suddenly opened.

Hinata immediately turned around to face a very familiar blonde right in front of her which was none other her husband, the one and only Naruto Uzumaki, who was carrying a brown paper bag.

"Hey Hinata!" Naruto greeted as He gave a smile.

Hinata smiled as she immediately went to her husband and pulled him into a very tight embrace." Naruto! I'm so glad you're here!" She said.

Naruto cringed as He immediately forgot that his wife was a monster hugger. He almost felt as if his ribs were being crush by the hug, but luckily it was not.

"I really don't know what to do right now, I'm really never been this so nervous before." Hinata explained as she let all the pressure that was building up inside her.

"What about Himawari?" She also added.

"Well, I had Kurama to watched over Himawari for awhile, so don't worry she is alright and cheering for you later when the race starts." Naruto gave his wife a grin.

Hinata smiled but that smile quickly disappeared as it was immediately replaced with worry and nervousness

Naruto gave a small smile. He then placed a hand on his wife's shoulder." So, did you brought your sports attire for the race?" He asked.

Hinata sighed.' Well, I guess so, but I'm not really sure if they are considered for the race." She said as she revealed the clothes that she brought which were actually just casual clothes.

Naruto widened his eyes surprised." Uhmm, Hinata so these are the clothes that you brought for the race?" He explained.

Hinata smiled and nodded." Yes, Naruto but as for the sports bra, it's still in the laundry, I can't forgot to wash them." She explained while giving a chuckle.

Naruto sighed as he scratched the back of his head. Hinata was really forgetful sometimes. Looks like He will be using the chest binder in the near future.

As the conversation continued, Hinata also expressed her desire to compete in the race but the only problem is that she doesn't have te confidence to do so at this very moment.

"If I only had your determination and energy, then I might be able to compete Honey." Hinata explained. Of course her husband was the most energetic and determined person that she had met in her lifetime.

"Attention! To all competitors, the race will begin in an hour!

The announcer's voice was suddenly heard via the speakers inside the dressing the room.

Naruto kept quiet for a few moments before taking a deep breath. He decided that it was time to execute his plan but first he has to let his wife know his whole plan.

"Hinata, I think there's only one way to fix all of this." Naruto gave his wife a serious face.

Hinata blinked a couple of times in confusion." What do you mean Naruto-kun?" She asked.

Naruto smiled as He drew a scroll from his pocket." Well, Here it is Hinata." He said as he presented the only thing that can helped his wife.

"A scroll? What does it do?" Hinata asked she examined the scroll.

Naruto took another deep breath yet again. He had some very long explaining to do.

"Well, to start off, since you don't have the enough confidence, Maybe It can give you the determination and passion that you really want! And with this scroll it will be possible! Dattebayo!" Naruto said. He would go on to explained that the scroll has the abilty to transfer a person's soul into another person's body.

"So if you can allow me to use your body for awhile, I will guarantee that I will take care of everything for you in this race, So please Hinata-chan!" Naruto explained as he pleaded to his wife.

Hinata, who was absorbing all the information that her husband had told her, just kept silent. In fact, she was blushing because she would be sharing her body with her husband's spirit.

She wasn't really sure on how to react to this. She never really had done this before plus Naruto will be literally inside her body, in terms of his spirit or essence. She really wasn't sure on how would it feel but she really needed the confidence right now and this was also an opportunity for them to be closer as Husband and Wife.

"So when you use this scroll on me, what will happen?" Hinata asked as she was still blushing.

Naruto scratched his chin." Well, I guess just like how the Mind Transfer Jutsu works, My spirit will enter your body while my original body will stay unconscious." He explained.

Hinata nodded in understading. She then took a deep breath." Okay, then I guess we could this." She said.

Naruto widened his eyes in surprised." So you're allowing me to use your body for awhile for this race?" He asked.

Hinata nodded with a smile." Yes, I think you're the only person that I knew would give me the confidence that I need." She simply explained. She was taking the opportunity to be together with her husband for awhile.

Naruto sighed in relief. He thought his wife was not going to agree with him but surprisingly, she does.

"Okay, this is how it works, once I enter your body, I will take care of the race for you, it will also give you the confidence that you need if I'm correct." He explained.

Hinata nodded in understanding she prepared herself for the big moment, but before that she gave her husband a kiss and a hug.

As there was a moment of silence that took over, both husband and wife took the time to share their thoughts as they hugged each other.

"Thank you Naruto-kun." Hinata smiled and said.

Naruto smiled." Don't worry Hinata-chan, We'll be facing this challenge together! Dattebayo!" He said.

However, as time passed by, footsteps was suddenly heard from outside of the room. Both Husband and Wife widened their eyes in surprised as they immediately let go and turned towards the door.

"Oh no someone is coming!" Hinata exclaimed as she hid behind her husband.

Naruto took a deep breath as it was now finally the time to execute his plan." Alright, Hinata let's do this!" He said as beckoned his wife to turned around.

Naruto then opened the scroll, followed by reading the incantations in order. As for Hinata, she just closed her eyes and wait for the moment to happen, she was also bracing herself if anything happens.

As the footsteps was getting closer, Naruto finally finished readin the important parts of the scroll followed by:

"Ninja Art: Soul Transfer Jutsu!"

Naruto finally exclaimed the final words of the scroll, He was sure that he aimed at the correct target spot which was Hinata's upper back. Although, unbeknownst to him, He was so fast on what he was doing that He unknowingly aimed at his wife's butt.

His soul or spirit, which was in the form of a blue chakra-like energy, came out from his body via the chest and in towards his wife's butt, but instead of coming out like a speeding bullet, it came out slowly like a smoke or cloud which slowly directed towards the said butt.

If anyone was watching the whole scene unfold, Naruto's spirit in the form of a smoke or cloud floated towards Hinata. The blue spirit hovered around in circles for a few moments as it looked for the right passage way to enter. By the time, it reached the lower level, the blue spirit then proceeded to enter her body via her butt.

Hinata suddenly felt this sensation as she slightly bended backwards while Naruto's spirit slowly entered her body. It felt like as if they were in bed having fun but they weren't. She began to cringed as there was some little struggle as her husband's spirit had a bit of difficulty squeezing inside.

Hinata then started moaning her husband's name." N-Naruto-kun" She said while held she held her private part and her butt. She could've wished that her husband would handle it gently when entering her body. She also wasn't sure on why He entered her body via her butt, He must've been really excited

Hinata then felt an energy surging upwards. Her body began to slowly shaking from downwards to the upwards, followed by a few moments of slight twitching through out. She also began to slowly breath heavily as if she was having a slight climax.

"N-Naruto." Hinata mentioned her husband's name yet again. This time her voice was changing as if it was slowly going deeper by every moment.

There was a faint human image of Naruto that can be seen standing closely behind the lavender haired woman indicating that the take over process was nearing to completion. As for Hinata, she could feel herself slowly bonding together with her husband's spirit. She gave a smile as she can feel her confidence and energy rising up.

A few moments later, there was "Woo" sound that can heard throughout the room for a few seconds. Silence then took charged as Hinata suddenly straightened her body and looked up.

The shaking, twitching and the climax was now gone. After a few moments, Hinata move her head and looked down.

As for Naruto, He slumped down on the floor unconscious.

After the few moments of silence, she finally regained her senses as she slowly opened her eyes, while still feeling the effects of the jutsu.

"Man, that was one heck of a ride! Dattebayo!" Hinata(Naruto) exclaimed as she stretched her arms freely in the air. Her voice had noticeably became deeper.

It really felt like roller coaster ride just now. Sure, Naruto had little bit of difficulty squeezing inside Hinata's butt, but He considered it as being alright.

Hinata( Naruto) blinked a couple of times before darting her eyes around the room. It was really quiet right now, she was feeling a little bit dizzy but after a few moments, her vision became clearer.

Hinata (Naruto) then tried to take a step to make sure she wouldn't lose her balance. By the time she took the step, something bounce around her chest and she felt it.

She then looked down to see two good round lumps on her chest. She then grabbed those two lumps and examined it.

"These are really round and soft!" Hinata( Naruto) commented as she began to squeeze her breast and play with them.

Naruto then gazed at the mirror only to see a reflection of his wife groping her own breast.

"Hinata-chan!" Naruto exclaimed. He also saw the reflection of his original body which was on the ground sleeping.

Naruto immediately turned around to see his original body in a unconscious-like state. The memories finally came back as He then remembered everything.

He then turned and looked back at the mirror to see that the Soul Transfee Jutsu had worked! Now, He found himself inside his wife's body.

Naruto's face then turned to amazement as He unconsciously and immediately took off the upper part of his clothes. First, the short purple jacket, and then the purple shirt and the white T-shirt with pink stripes on it, which threw on the seats.

After a few seconds, Naruto found himself staring at the beautiful upper body of his wife. The perfect curves, the smooth skin and the enticing breast.

"Oh my Kami! It worked! for the second time It worked Dattebayo!" Naruto, through Hinata's voice, exclaimed as He celebrated.

"Looks like we'll be together for awhile Hinata-chan." Naruto said as he then gave his trademark Uzumaki smile while gently groping the breast.

Naruto also tried to do some poses as mostly he tried flexing Hinata's body while looking at the mirror. He also closed his chest just to see the wonderful cleavage of his wife."Man, this never ceases to amazed me!" He commented.

Although, At the same time, the foot steps had stopped and the door finally opened to reveal none other than Boruto himself, who was carrying some snacks.

"Hey Dad, Inojin told me that you were so I brought some snacks and-" Boruto was about to finished his sentence when he suddenly saw something unexpected.

Hinata(Naruto) had also turned around to face the person who had just entered the door but the problem was that She(He) was topless.

Boruto eyes widened in shocked as He immediately saw his mom, who was actually his dad inside her body, topless and was doing some flexy poses.

"What the heck is going on here!?" Boruto said as he immediately covered his nose, which had shown some hints of nosebleeding.

As for Hinata (Naruto), She just gave a grin, scratched the back of her head and wave her hand at the newcomer.

"Hey Son! It's me! Looks like I'm finally inside your Mom Dattebayo!"


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