Walking around with Asia in the amusement park was fun, Issei thought as they stepped out of their first ride, her trembling legs not entirely due to the adrenaline she felt from the movement. A part of was the sheer joy she felt from finally playing around in an amusement park after spending years locked in the church, used as a healing dispenser with no respect to her emotional needs.

But her excitement wasn't just childlike. It was impossible when she was wearing a thin white top loose enough to create a cleavage if she was being careless, and a short skirt with an even stronger tendency toward potential accidents. And considering the bright pink underwear she was wearing was, despite their bright coloring, could hardly be classified as modest. Any wardrobe accident, however small, had the risk of reaching amusingly catastrophic levels.

"So, Asia-chan? How was it?" Issei said even as he tightened his grip around her waist, enjoying the way she leaned against his chest in response, though he even had a smile before that. The ride had been strangely amusing. Since his sacred gear was awakened as a child, he never had proper time to do such childish activities unless it was required for his cover or a mission, far too occupied by finding a way to bring out the true potential of his trump card before his possession of a sacred gear was discovered.

The world was not kind to lonely children without a faction but carrying strong sacred gears, a problem that was intensified significantly by the overwhelming reputation of his sacred gear as a part of the select group famous for their ability to take down gods. But as Asia started answering his question with magical wonder, he decided to focus on the present. After all, his identity as the peerage member of Lucifer's sister gave him the time he needed to fully adapt to his new constitution.

And after that, he would have preciously little to fear.

"It was so fun, Issei-kun," Asia exclaimed as she pressed her body against his in a way that wasn't completely innocent. "All those colors, spinning, and the food… It's magical. Thank you for bringing me here," she said.

"Don't worry about it, we're just starting," Issei consoled her even as he placed his hand on the small of her back, directing her toward the next ride. Asia giggled as she picked up speed, forcing Issei to follow her. What he picked was one of the smaller rides, but that was intentional. He wanted her to get used to adrenaline before they could start enjoying the proper big gun rides, such as the scary roller coaster. He considered bringing her to the house of horrors for a moment, but then he changed his mind. As devils, he had no doubt that Asia would get exposed to darkness sooner or later, and there was no point to treat a fake version as entertainment.

Asia's laughter intensified as they experienced ride after ride. He let her enjoy the amusement park without intervention no matter how tempting was the sight of her cute legs peeking through her short skirt. He wanted Asia to have a proper amusement park date before he launched the adult part of their entertainment package. However, just as they were stepping into a ride called Fun Splash, his sixth sense tingled, warning him that he was being watched.

It didn't take long to notice the presence of two exorcists. Normally, it would have been a bit more troubling, but being a devil increased his sensitivity toward the holy energy quite a bit, enough to pick his two observers in a glance, no doubt trying to get Asia after he kidnapped her from their claws.

Too bad for them that he was a dragon, and a dragon would never give back his virgin princess after kidnapping her.

Still, he didn't care much about them. Why would he, even if the fallen angels and their third-rate exorcist friends suddenly got crazy and attacked the amusement park with their full power, he was confident in killing all of them. Even if he wanted to keep his power hidden, he could just disappear with Asia, leaving their search hopeless. He waited until one of them suddenly turned his back and dashed away, his steps suggesting that he was moving away with a purpose.

There were some other perks of being a devil, Issei thought even as he gathered his mana. Increased mana flexibility was one of the perks, allowing him to easily track the exorcist without leaving Asia alone. With that handled, turned to Asia. "It's time for some real excitement, are you ready for a roller-coaster?"

"I don't know," she murmured as she watched the roller coaster speeding and twisting, accompanied by the cries of its occupants.

"Come on, you have wings now, even if the worst happened, you can simply fly away," Issei said even as he grabbed her hand and started walking toward the line. She just blushed as her fingers tightened, obediently following Issei toward the roller coaster. A simple confusion spell later, they were on the front of the line.

"That's not a nice thing to do, Issei-kun," Asia said, her little fists on her waist, admonishing him cutely.

Issei chuckled even as he touched her nose. "We're devils now, Asia-chan. The big evil actions are out of the question, of course, but we should at least make sure to do small evils to not to lose our admission."

"We can lose it," she whispered in shock, easily taking Issei's teasing as the gospel truth.

"Maybe," Issei said with a straight face. "We better not risk it, just in case." Distracted by the implications of his words, Asia didn't pay much attention to the fact that they were the only ones on the roller coaster, courtesy of another simple spell.

She only realized it after the roller coaster started to move, and she threw a glance behind. "Why are we alone, Issei-kun?"

Issei smirked. It was the smirk of a dragon, preparing to teach his princess a lesson. "I thought you wouldn't appreciate an observer, Asia-chan," he said playfully even as he slipped his hand under her shirt, caressing softly as it traveled upward, until it touched the bottom of her bra.

"Issei-kun, we can't do that," she said, and when he threw a playful glance to remind her that they had already done much more than a little touch. "We can't do that here," she quickly corrected, her voice strained with the weight of their public display.

But her apparent objection didn't make her try to push his hand away even as his fingers started to dance over her new pink bra, not with both of her hands clamped around the handle in front of her as the roller coaster started to pick speed. "Don't worry, Asia-chan," he said as he caressed her nipple, assisting adrenaline to make her shiver. "We're alone in the roller coaster, and it's far too fast for others to notice anything.

"I don't-" she tried to counter, but as the roller coaster reached the first drop, robbing her of her words, leaving a loud, panicked cry. Issei started playing with her nipples under her shirt —which her new bra failed to cover in the first place— adding a sexual undertone to her voice.

"Issei-kun," she gasped in protest, but that didn't distract Issei from his task.

What distracted him was the sudden appearance of a fallen angel next to the exorcist he had been magically observing. After a quick talk, the fallen angel started flying toward the roller coaster without a fear, a simple diversion field around him enough to hide his presence, no doubt assuming that as a pair of newly-resurrected devils, they were easy targets.

His ideal strategy was simple. He should have grabbed Asia before jumping down, using his winds to land painfully, then dashing away, maybe allowing the fallen angel to attack a couple of times during their escape, only to push him away while receiving a few valiant wounds. It was the lowest risk strategy.

The problem, Issei was getting seriously fed up with the necessity to follow these low-risk strategies. He wasted a significant part of his youth hiding like a rat as he tried to control the overwhelming power of his sacred gear without revealing his identity. Playing possum in front of a shitty fallen angel that he could have destroyed when he was nine years old stretched the limits of his nerves.

So, instead of escaping, he evoked his sacred gear, which appeared in his free hand. He waited until the next drop, using the time to boost his capacity a couple of times. Instant Asia closed her eyes in excitement, he flew, as fast as a bullet, aiming at the fallen angel.

The fallen angel noticed his presence too late, just enough to for his eyes to widen before Issei eviscerated him with one blow, before repeating the same action twice, one for each exorcist that was spying on him. He hoped that fallen angels would assume he was being protected by a guard from the Gremory family. But even if the worst happened and what he had displayed to get rid of the fallen angel revealed, it wasn't exactly a big problem. Having a Longinus was a good excuse for his sudden power-up.

Moreover, what he used was just a fraction of his real power, so it wasn't exactly a big issue to reveal it.

After he dealt with the exorcists, he returned to Asia-chan's side, with less than a couple of seconds expired, her eyes still closed due to excitement as the roller coaster traveled down. "It's too scary," she exclaimed once the roller coaster reached the lowest point, but despite her words, her face was alight with a pink excitement.

"Don't worry, I'm holding you," Issei answered even as he unlatched the security pins holding her in place, and pulled her to his lap before she could even react. It would have been a deadly trick if they were still mortals, but considering Issei could lift the roller coaster and the tracks together if he was determined, it was hard to argue that the risk applied to them as well.

"Issei-kun!" Asia exclaimed again, this timeless about the fear, and more about the shock as her short skirt barely covered her ass, allowing his shaft to lodge between her cheeks in a rather noticeable manner.

"Don't worry, I'm keeping you secure," Issei answered, playing the fool in terms of understanding her concerns. "Trust me," he whispered, just like he had whispered to her the last night, just before making her close her eyes and started exploring her body, awakening the instincts that had been forcefully suppressed due to outdated church dogma.

Just like the night before, Issei started caressing her body gently, tracing her thighs and caressing her stomach, making her purr like a naughty kitten despite her glowing blush. Her reaction was even more spectacular than the night before, the public nature of the location triggering her even more spectacularly.

He chuckled as her eyes continuously opened and closed, like she couldn't determine how to handle the situation under his caressed, overwhelmed by the public nature of their situation. He would have liked to take it slow, but despite the excitement it provided, they barely had few minutes on the roller coaster before the ride ended.

So, instead, he let his hands slip under her shirt, and started caressing her wet core over her panties. The thin fabric of her new panties barely created a barrier. "So, what's your verdict about the first half of our amusement park trip," Issei asked mockingly.

"I feel … warm," she murmured between her panicked cries.

"Don't worry, it's natural," he said even as he slipped his fingers into her panties, gently caressing her to add the excitement. He had a dozen of things he could have done if Akeno or Rias was in Asia's place, from undressing them completely naked to making them deep throat him while letting their feet dangle from the side, but unlike them, Asia didn't deserve his hostility, not even the playful version.

So, even as his fingers caressed her soft core, he captured her lips, delivering a soft, lingering kiss that left her a moaning mess. She was inexperienced with her own physical reactions enough to make that subtle touch true torture.

"People can see us," she gasped even as her back arched, burying his shaft even deeper into her cheeks.

"Don't worry, your skirt is long enough to hide it," Issei answered, which was rather inaccurate considering the limited protective capabilities under the best of circumstances. And a roller coaster ride while being fingered certainly didn't qualify as one of the better ones. Though, from the way her back arched as his fingers disappeared deeper into her nakedness, she didn't seem to be as concerned as her words might imply.

As the ride neared its end, Issei slipped a digit into her softness while simultaneously kissing her neck, which managed to trigger a familiar trembling in her body, making him smile in satisfaction.

"So, what's the verdict about the roller coasters?" Issei said even as the ride came to a stop. Asia didn't answer immediately, sliding back to her seat, furiously trying to fix her clothing after her latest climax.

"It was … fun," she murmured as she kept her gaze on the floor, dashing forward to avoid the curious gaze of the onlookers, failing to notice the exaggerated nature of their lack of reaction, which revealed Issei's magical trick to hide her.

After all, Issei just wanted to push Asia's boundaries, not display her body to the masses. They didn't deserve such a holy experience, not even close. "How about a quick snack break," Issei offered even as he grabbed a cotton candy. Asia's expression brightened immediately, once again showing her sheltered background, her blue eyes sparkling like a six-year-old.

Issei grabbed her hand as they continued to walk around, sampling various snacks the amusement park was offering… He was already planning the next trip…

Notes: And Issei enjoys a cute -and relatively uneventful- date with Asia. There were advantages of having enough strength to destroy the enemies in less than a moment.

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