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She was running, not knowing where she just had to leave. Go somewhere, anywhere but the final battle with Naraku. Yes, they did win. Naraku was dead, the jewel complete, and Kagome.. well.


Inu Yasha handed the Shikon No Tama was now complete. Naraku was dead with the help of Sesshouamru with Rin attached to his leg, Jaken right beside him, and Kikyou oddly. They were staring at Kagome waiting to see what she would wish for.

"Go ahead Kagome, make a pure wish." Shippou voice came from her back.

"But, I don't know what to wish for." Kagome said uneasily she glared at the Shikon No Tama glittering in her hand.

"You'll know." he got off her back and ran over to Sango's arms. Kagome thought 'what do I wish for? I got it.' She smiled at everyone around her. She looked and Sesshouamru and Kikyou. Then to Miroku, Inu Yasha, Shippou, and Sango.

As Kagome lifted the Shikon No Tama it began to glow a bright blue, The light, you could see through it and wasn't blinding at all, began to consume Kagome's body. Lifting her up in the air, Kagome's vision went black then a bright golden figure came into her vision. She could see it was a young women, about in here 20's , wearing a blue kimono. The young woman had a staff, brightly colored golden.

"Kagome, protector of the Shikon No Tama, future child, you have completed the task of getting the Shikon No Tama in one piece. Now make your wish young one."

~~~~The others~~~

"What's happening to her. KAGOME!" Shippou ran toward the bright light surrounding Kagome, but only to be stopped by Kikyou.

"She's making the wish. She will be okay." Kikyou staring at Kagome, said with a hint of fear in her voice. 'What are you waiting for? Get rid of me and take Inu Yasha as yours.'

"What do you think she is wishing for?" asked the thoughtful monk.

"Please come back alive, mommy." Shippou whispered.

"She'll be fine. Please come back Shippou and watch what's happening." Sango opened her arms to the crying fox.


"I do understand your wish, but you are to weak to make it happen." The young woman now know as Raven, the first guardian of the Shikon No Tama. Inside the jewel was where she lived, living of years, never knowing about the outside life.

"How else can I make it happen?" Kagome as she tightened her hold on the jewel. Looking the woman in the eyes.

"The only way is to become what you fear the most."

What does she fear? What was the wish? Why is Sesshouamru still there?

Find out laterz. Next Chapter: 'The Wish Made Fear Came.'