Quick A/N: Thanks WolfKomoki for the name suggestion. Also, thank you to Ladyawesome45321 for deciding to be my beta. She's a good writer.

Sometime during the summer of 1973…

The first thing that Richard noticed as he stepped into the terminal of the airport with the remainder of his brothers in tow was the yelling and shouting of protesters on his left side. He could hear them shouting crude remarks at the soldiers, and a burning rage ignited inside of him. Richard grunted, as he tried to push the emotions down and attempted not to pay any mind. As long as they didn't lash out at any of his men, or him… Despite this, was he excited to see his fiance? Yes, yes he was. He looked ahead and spotted her among the group of other women standing there waiting for their partners. Upon the sight of her, the rage inside Richard's gut was instantly replaced with a light, feathery sensation, as though he were floating in mid-air, the way simply seeing her always did to him. That was love, he supposed.

Three pm in the afternoon, Charlotte stood in the airport terminal with a handful of other women as they waited for their husbands to return home. Despite the group of soldiers that seemed to blend together, in one glance, she was able to spot her fiance, and her heart immediately began fluttering inside her rib cage. They had not laid eyes on each other for ages, and her body desperately yearned for him. Although, even though he didn't show it, she could tell that the war had affected him something awful. She could tell by the way that he carried himself, that he wasn't the same man that had left her. He was angrier, more violent and hostile. It frightened her slightly. Still, she found herself excited by his presence and hurrying to meet him. However, before she was able to hug him, a protester ran over and tried to shove him, only to get shoved to the ground himself.

"Get off me!" Richard shouted.

Charlotte watched, her mouth opening and closing as Richard had to be held back by one of the other soldiers.

"Hey! Come on! It's not worth it! It's not worth it!" he shouted.

Richard growled and shoved passed him to go to Charlotte. When he finally got to her, he held her in his arms tightly and didn't let go for literally two minutes. Tears started rolling down his face, he didn't know he could still cry. He missed her so much.