Finally, another chapter. I know it's not much but at least it's something. Again, I thank my beta, she's a great help. And I thank Woflkomoki for the name suggestion of Charlotte.

-March 13 1974, Wednesday sometime in the late afternoon-

Richard stared at the crib in the nursery among the others.

Mick Rory the tag had said.

Richard smiled proudly. He was actually a father, he was also scared too. The months had not been kind to him as he suffered through many many nights where he would wake up screaming because one of his brothers had died or was near death. He had married Charlotte though, half of him hoping that would give him some hope that being away from the war would make him less scared, less terrified. No, that only intensified the emotions and nightmares. He started drinking more, and distancing himself from his wife, especially the last few months. He hoped that his child would change that. He hoped that if he knew that he would have to take care of another human being that he would get better.

"Can I see him?" he asked the doctor that walked by him.

The man looked to Richard. "Which one's yours?" he asked.

"Mick Rory," Richard answered.

The man nodded. "Okay, I'll have one of the nurses bring him out to you."

Richard nodded. He then remembered what he was going to say. (He'd been forgetting a lot lately).

" he okay? I mean…"

"Yes sir, your baby is perfectly fine. Healthy."

Richard nodded relief flooding over him. "Thank you doctor."

He watched as the doctor left. Minutes later, a nurse came back out with Mick in her arms, he was fussing a bit, until he got into his dad's arms.

"Here you go sir," she said handing him over to Richard.

"Thank you ma'am," Richard said out of habit as he nodded to her slightly and took his son in his arms.

The nurse nodded and handed him a bottle that was already full.

"I think he's hungry," she said.

Richard nodded and took the bottle from her, thanking her again. As he walked with his son in his arms to the cafeteria to get something to eat himself, he glanced down at him and forced a smile. Why was it that his own son seems foreign to him? It felt as if this was not his child that his wife had given birth to.