For those who haven't seen the show Gone here is a small summary. However, it is not necessary to have seen the series to understand and appreciate the story.

Kit "Kick" Lannigan is a survivor of a kidnapping particularly covered. She was abducted at 5 years old by a network of sexual predators and found 6 years later by an FBI agent Frank Novak. Determined to never be a victim again, Kick trains in martial arts and firearms. Today, aged 26 years old, she finds her vocation when Franck persuades her to join a special team in charge of resolving to kidnap and missing persons cases. Kick brings to the team her unique skills of this type of predator. During this captivating mission, she is accompanied by John Bishop, a former army intelligence officer, whose twin brother was kidnapped at the age of seven, James who was a victim of the same network as the young woman, Franck Novak and, Maya Kennedy who was also present during her rescue.