Tell Me You Love Me

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"Damn you... damn you... damn you!"

Duo cursed and pounded his fist against the codepad of the cell, all his attempts at opening the door hadn't worked and he was currently working on picking the lock. There was no way on earth he was going to let WuFei and whoever else it was he had heard inside the cell die.

While Duo worked against the clock to open the door, Heero kept an eye out for any OZ soldiers who might be coming after them. He scanned the area with expert vision and kept his gun cocked just in case of any interruptions.

"Aha!" the American finally unlocked the door and pulled it open, grunting at the sheer weight of the iron door. He took a step back and yanked at the door with all his might, accidentally falling backwards on top of Heero in the process. Both boys took a moment to blush before getting back to the task at hand, saving those kinds of mental images for another time.

Duo quickly jumped back to his feet as Heero did the same. The both of them quickly pulled the door back and scanned the room for the trapped people inside. Upon finding a huddled shape near the corner of the room, Duo called out to it.


"WuFei?" his voice rang throughout the dead silence in the cell, echoing almost eerily. "Yo... WuFei? You in here?" Duo stepped into the cell lightly, almost hesitant to do so but knowing he had to find WuFei.

"I'll keep guard." Heero stated from somewhere behind the iron door. The sound of a gun clicking was heard.


One violet eye opened slowly and reluctantly in timing with two onyx eyes opening as well. Silence drifted between Tara and WuFei for a few moments.

"Are we dead yet?" she whispered quietly, suspicion clearly present in her voice.

WuFei turned his head to the right and blinked at her. "You sure have a positive outlook on life." he said sarcastically. The Chinese pilot paused before speaking again when he heard what seemed like Duo's voice echoing throughout the prison-like cell he and Tara were currently situated in. He stood slowly, rising to his feet with caution. Tara lifted her head from his shoulder and inched her way into standing up straight against the wall. WuFei motioned for her to remain stationary as he stepped around a barely visible corner. With a slight glare, she nodded and remained where she was against the wall.


Duo turned around and face Heero somewhat nervously. "I don't think this is the right cell... You sure this is the right one, Heero?"

"Yes, I'm sure." Heero said monotonously, glancing back at Duo. "This is where they're supposed to be."

"They?" Duo blinked.

01 nodded. "That girl is supposedly with him. Tara."

Duo made a slight sound of understanding as he turned back to the cell. "I just hope we made it in time..." he muttered as this time, he went further inside the cell than before.


WuFei held his gun out to his side as he walked in the pitch-black darkness. He was sure it was Duo's voice he kept on hearing, but he had to be careful nonetheless. As he walked, he failed to see the figure approaching him, braid swinging from side to side with each step.


Instantly, two guns were pointed directly infront of each pilot, aiming into the darkness. Apparently the cell was arranged so that no light could reach the insides. Thick silence reigned in the cell while each boy froze, hardly daring to breathe.

'Wait a second...' Duo glared into the eyes he couldn't see. "...WuFei?"


Both boys stood up and faced eachother, guns tucked away in their owner's pockets. "WUFEI!" Duo launched himself onto WuFei and bear-hugged him. "Dude, we all thought you were dead until what's-her-name showed up!"

Tara watched from the shadows as the two pilots conversed. A flick of emotion crossed her eyes as she was indirectly mentioned.

"You mean Tara," WuFei said, prying himself away from Duo's death-grip hug. He smiled slightly at the braided American and turned his gaze back behind him. "...who is standing right over there." WuFei motioned for Tara to come out from her roost in the darkest corner of the cell.

Almost reluctantly, she stepped forward and stood behind WuFei, keeping her gaze on the walls of the cell. "Okay, we'll do the fancy reunion with party favors and all that good stuff later, can we go now? I really don't like this place."

From his standpoint in the threshold, Heero allowed the smallest of small smiles possible to cross his face momentarily as he nodded. "Yeah. Let's go find the others."

* * *

Quatre sighed and jogged back to where he was supposed to meet Trowa an hour and a half after they had originally departed in order to search the OZ grounds for WuFei. His hair constantly poked at his eyes while he ran, annoying him until eventually he glared and shoved his blonde bangs behind his ears.

Once he reached the front of the OZ base, he scanned the area for the familiar face of Trowa. For a few moments he saw nothing, and frowned; he wanted to find WuFei as soon as was possible and then head home, where all would be well again and hopefully another mission wouldn't surface for quite the while. Something in the reck of metal to his left behind him shifted, and Quatre turned around, instantly cautious.

His shoulders relaxed considerably when a familiar grey shoe appeared from behind the scrap metal. Glancing up from the shoe to the person who had their foot in the shoe, Quatre smiled to find himself gazing into Trowa's eyes. "Did you find WuFei?"

Trowa remained silent until he had crossed the space between himself and Quatre. "No..." he muttered in an undertone. `This whole mission is a failure. Headquarters must have it in for us if they sent us on this mission without our gundams. A foolish miscalculation on their part which almost cost one of us our lives. Heero's sure to mention that detail in the mission report...` Trowa gathered his thoughts and aimed them in a different direction for the sake of seeing things from all points of view. `Then again, this might have been a test to see if our skills alone without our mobile suits are efficient... Although I still can't understand what they wanted to achieve by possibly killing off a pilot.` Quatre's soft voice drew Trowa back to reality from the endless depths of his thoughts.

"Trowa? What are you thinking about?" Quatre asked, tapping Trowa's shoulder lightly. "It seems like there's a lot on your mind."

The pilot of Heavyarms gazed into Quatre's turquoise eyes, finding concern and slight frustration swirling in a mix of emotions. Trowa supposed the frustration was spawning from not finding WuFei. Silently, Trowa slid his arm around Quatre's shoulders and held him tight to his chest. "Let's see if we can find the others."

Quatre nodded silently.


Duo, Heero, WuFei, and Tara walked silently and quickly through the halls of the OZ base, which was now pretty much deserted. Heero and Duo walked slightly ahead of Tara and WuFei, both eager to get back into the safehouse and relax. None of the pilots had ever wanted to go on the mission in the first place, and for sure none of them were all too pleased when the complication of a presumably dead WuFei showed up. All was silent between the four as Tara and WuFei repeatedly snuck glances at eachother when they thought the other wasn't looking.

Duo was the first to reach the main door to the OZ building, and he grinned widely, sprinting the last twenty or so yards to coming one step closer to home. Heero couldn't help but allow a pleasant smirk to cross his face as Duo pulled the door back, the pale rays of sunlight from the outside world flooding onto his figure. Heero and the others quickly caught up, relishing the sun and the warmth it brought, a drastic but gracious change from the cold and dingy insides of the mostly demolished OZ base. The only part of the base that hadn't fully been demolished were the underground cells, which had been forgotten in the panic induced by Quatre escaping and telling the others about WuFei.

The four of them stepped outside and let the doors close behind them noiselessly, pausing for the briefest of moments before the three pilots let their soldier natures take over. They scanned the surrounding area with expert percision, only breathing audibly and relaxing their tense shoulders once none of then had found anything. Tara stood behind WuFei, letting her eyes adjust to the sudden bursts of light.


Just as Trowa was about to start towards the area surrounding the base, Quatre caught sight of an all too familiar braid, and immediately a wide and happy smile formed on his face. "Trowa! It's Duo!" Quatre smiled and waved energetically in Duo's direction, hoping for all the world the 02 pilot had found WuFei safe and sound.

Duo caught Quatre's eye and he waved back.

Once the three pilots and colonist-supporter had reached Quatre and Trowa, a smile bright enough to light the entire planet appeared on Quatre's face. "WuFei! You're allright!" the blonde threw himself at WuFei and hugged him tight, tears of joy building in his eyes. "I was worried about you..."

WuFei blinked momentarily, then return Quatre's hug, a light smile playing its way across his face. "I'm glad to be back, Quatre. Glad to be back."

For the first time in a long time, the six of them smiled in unison, the sunlight pouring individual rays on Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, WuFei, and Tara. Inside, WuFei smiled to himself as he and Quatre parted from their embrace, and he slid an arm around Tara's shoulders. Finally, there was the 'WuFei-and-someone' he had hoped for back before the mission had even begun.

And he couldn't have been happier.


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