AN: Sorry I disappeared. Life got in my way. Here is a new story. I will update whenever I can. Enjoy!

"I have always loved you Spencer," said JJ.

Spencer jolted awake. He found himself back in his own house, not in the jewelry store. His mind flashed back to him and JJ being held captive, JJ proclaiming her love for him. Jump forward to Rossi's wedding JJ saying it was all a distraction. Spencer says it is okay. But really he wishes she would have told him sooner. Spencer's phone rings in the other room. He picks it up and answers it by saying, "This is Dr. Spencer Reid speaking."

"Spence, please come," said JJ in a frantic tone, "Hospital, Will, Car."

Spencer said, " JJ want me to come to the hospital?"

" Yes," JJ said.

"Okay stay calm I will be right there"

Spencer hung up the phone.