Chapter 1- Prelude


"Chara, please, you don't have to do this!"

Chara scoffed and snarled at the 13 year old before him "Yes i do! why can't you see that!" he screamed, charred fingers clawing into his matted brown locks and red orbs hallowing into dark abyss's "Why! why can't you see!" he chanted, each scream he let out impacted across the dark space and like glass, cracked and creaked as if threatening to snap and shatter before his very feet.

The impact of the shriek caused Frisk to stagger back and grunt as they carefully stumbled across the delicate glass known as the void, it wasn't long before the shaking subsided, but keeping their arms out in cautiousness, they glanced up at Chara once more.

The 13 year old poltergeist heaved as he clawed at his hallowed eye sockets, single red pin point shakily glaring as it sporadically flickered on and off from the continuous gushing of black tar. The gooey substance clung to his hands and pooled down his face, staining his clothing. Sizzling and hissing as it tried to burn what it touched.

"Chara please." the tone was anxious, caution in spite of the fact that they weren't afraid of the angry child before them, and instead, unlike most who would have turned away and ran for their lives, they took a step forward, red SOUL glowing with their dominant emotion of DETERMINATION "Please, we could find another way, we could all be together, up on the surface, just please. . let them go."

They weren't afraid of the child before them, the anxiousness and caution not for the 13 year old boy, but for the friends Frisk had made while traversing through the Underground, tied and knotted with what could be Flowey's vines if not for the tar that was eating away at the surface, gushing and burning holes inside out like pipes to lava.

"I. . I can't! can't you see!" Chara cried out, fortuitously tightening the burning coils around the 7 monsters he had in his grasp.

Frisk shook as each SOUL creaked under the strain, the monsters attached to each individual SOUL groaning in tune with their organ's cracking, "Chara. . your hurting them, please, we could-we could find another way, please."

Chara hissed and snapped, black tar completely shadowing over his red pin point and burning through the void "You don't get it! we've been over this a thousand times! the same week over and over again without pause! why can't you see!. . that i. . that i. . that i just want. . "

The coils tightened around the SOULS and each one of them gave a shriek of protest at the tight show of contact, groaning Asgore, Undyne, Toriel, Sans, Alphys, Papyrus and-

"Please Chara! your hurting them! just please. . . " Frisk begged, the familiar golden plaques of 'MERCY' and 'FIGHT' shimmered before them at the situation at hand, *Spare Chara and Try to Reason with Him (Even though it's a pointless mercy after thousands of clicked mercies that had failed in the end) or *Fight Him and Save Your Friends (Even though you'll be killing a friend in the process and bound to restart anyway), Frisk's hands shook over both buttons, conflicted on what to choose.

"Chara i. . "

"I just. . can't you see-" Chara sobbed, golden buttercup petals flying out of his mouth with each rasp and shriek, falling to the ground only to sizzle on contact with the tar.


Everything seemed to freeze, world stood still as if the very sound of the voice commanded it to do so.

Every pair of eyes, hallowed, tear stained and the likes turned in indication to the voice, like bees to honey, as if the very sound was a miracle in on itself.

Chara hadn't followed suit, the only one that didn't turn to the voice as if afraid to do so, but he wasn't afraid, how could he, the skeleton he had in his grasp had never lifted a finger to him, not in the thousands of times they had gone through this, nor had the years before.

But he wasn't afraid, not with him, the Babybones he had known since the small skeleton was 5, no, the feeling that Chara was feeling now, wasn't fright. . .


The poltergeist gritted his teeth, fisted his hands and looked down, unwilling to look into the eyes he's known for over 6 years.

"Chara. . please."

Because how could he. . . .

"Chara. . look . . please."

how could he when he wasn't feeling fear. . .

"Chara. . please. . .look . . at me."

Chara gripped the sleeves of his green cardigan before finally, finally glancing up, with eyes leaking tar and golden buttercup petals falling out of his mouth, he met the two too large eyes of Mykal, dim pin points staring into his eyeless sockets as if assessing his soul.

"Chara . . "

Because what he was feeling wasn't fright. . .

It was guilt.


How could he not feel guilt, having had the 11 year old tight in their burning coils, wrapped and tightened around his SOUL and squeezing as if his life depended on it. The babybones didn't deserve this and yet, Chara was squeezing and squeezing and squeezing on his delicate SOUL.

And then he spoke, his voice was small, delicate, and so so so so so understanding, Chara sobbed "Mykal. . i. . "

"I. . I understand. . . please. . . Chara. . . trust Frisk. . . trust us. . . there's another way."

And the world broke.

Chara shrieked, sobbed, and snapped "You don't understand! you don't understand! you don't understand!" the void cracked and shivered, glass alike spider webs cascading over the void with every stomp.

Frisk shook and stumbled, jumping and leaping over cracks as if it would help to not break the world around them more, they yelped as they hit the ground, small shards digging into their skin.

"Chara please."/"Trust us. . . Chara."

Chara let out a heart wrenching sob, tar burning at his face, and clothes, and hands, and so much pain so muchpain!somuchpain!somuchpain!

Chara choked, either by the clumped remnants of the golden petals and black tar or just fear, but Chara couldn't feel fear, right?.

The world seemed to slow down, Frisk glanced up from their position on the floor and what they saw made their own SOUL break.

Chara stared down at the ebony tier with a broken look on his face, hands raised up as if to keep the tar from leaving his eyes and mouth, hundreds of golden buttercup petals spilled out of his mouth, clumped together with tar and sticking to him like honey.

He shrieked no more, but when he spoke, he might as well have been screaming "Please. . " the sound that left him was both heart-wrenching and pitiful.

"You don't understand." he begged.

Each word that left his mouth felt like needles going through his SOUL, it cracked him, shattered him to the point that he couldn't feel the world no more, all self control lost in his minds chaos as he tried, tried to translate what his conscious, his SOUL, was trying to say, trying to show.

The coils tightened.

The void shook, like an earthquake, tremors raking the space and cracking the void further, shards of void rained down on the 9 like fine grain.

Chara's voice shook "I just. . "



And moreandmore.

Andmoreandmoreandmore. .



"Want. . -"

Chara's face darkened, frame shaking and world shaking with him as if they where one, his red SOUL alike Frisk's glowed, brighter and brighter and brighter as if fueled by his emotions.

"To. . -"


It's too much

"Chara please-"

Frozen, that's how everyone felt when Chara ceased his shaking, a darkness fell over them, shrouding them in an aura of evil, when he looked up, a smile was spread across his face, empty, manic, and a heavy weight fell over everyone, that wasn't Chara.

And so 'it' roared.


". . C-Chara. . "














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